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Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Est

It’s been three years now, and Lulu has obtained her top class level degree. Therefore, she can actually graduate Mills Claire anytime now, but she chooses to stay. She still has many things to learn, but the main reason is bc Est is still a student of Mills Claire. However, they don’t live in the dorms anymore. Instead, Lulu and Est live together now.


~Another Tale 2~
Why does every character start with a bed scene? I guess it’s because it’s a direct sequel to the CG that you obtain in WOF2. You get this extra CG after finishing a charcter’s route in the gallery section of the game. wth haha Well, it’s still a Cero C (15 & up), so it doesn’t have explicit stuff. It’s just Lulu and Est waking up in the morning and…in bed (w/a CG).  The route starts with Est grabbing Lulu to bed as she’s trying to get out of bed. He asks why she’s running away when they agreed to relax today. He claims that he likes her when she’s still half-asleep because she’s more honest about her feelings. She argues that whenever she’s like that, he always wakes her up by taking her blanket off. He tells her that he only does that when she asks him to wake her up. It seems that Lulu doesn’t remember what Est is talking about, but let’s it be bc it’s more fun that way. He’s such a ドS now. (゚ω゚) Same as Alvaro’s route, they go on a date afterwards. I assume all routes go on a date in the beginning. Bed Scene →date? (・ω・)

They go eat lunch, but get into this serious mood all of a sudden. Est feels sorry for leaving her alone longer than usual and he’ll feel relieved if this date will make up for it. He started going back to his hometown (狂信派) one year ago. He’s been going back to change the organization in order to prevent them from repeating the same mistake again. Lulu tells him that he should talk to her more about the bad and the sad things that happen. Is his parents doing well? Did he eat well? sleep well? Say goodnight to her every night? He suggests the last one is a bit off, but Lulu says good morning and good night everyday. Est goes tomato face. (*´д`) She asks if it he’s really okay. He wouldn’t say it’s fun, but it has gotten better than before. No matter what happens, he chose his future with her, and that still haven’t changed ’til this day. Therefore, he tells her that it’s okay and trust him.

The last place they go is to see Per-sona at his store. They don’t buy anything…Lulu gets the tea ready regardless of Per’s permission. It’s practically her home haha. It seems like Est and Per were talking about something, but don’t tell her. When they leave, Lulu is all happy how fun she had, but Est is kinda staring into space… (・ω・) ?

That night, Lulu brings out a letter set to write to Amy. Est tells Lulu that he’s gonna head to bed first because he has some business at school the next day. He warns her not to oversleep since he won’t be there in the morning. Therefore, he gives her a charm, so she can wake up. He gives her a kiss on her forehead and asks for another. Lulu is all like NOOOOO bc she’s shy. When he leaves for bed, she’s like where did he learn that!? I KNOW RIGHT!? He used to be sooo cute! Where did that Est GOOOOO??? He’s such a ドS 魔王. Pooo…(´・д・`) In the letter, she mentions how she is really happy. She complains how Est is reliable, but not so cute anymore. Lulu wants him to rely on her more. He’s too perfect that she feels uneasy as well. She wishes her best. Lulu heads for bed after writing the letter. Then, she notices that Est always fully conceal himself in the blankets when he sleeps alone.

FLASHBACK~ ヽ(。_゜)ノ  Man…this game must loooove flashbacks. Lulu asks why he does that. Apparently, it’s a habit that he can’t fix it. Est tells her that he’ll try to fix it if it bothers her. END OF FLASHBACK~ ヽ(。_゜)ノ Damnnn that was fast. Lulu suspects that it’s probably bc of his past, as if he’s protecting himself. It probably makes him feel more secure, which makes Lulu sad. So she says, “It’s okay. I’ll be by your side. I’m going to make Est happy.” And says Good Night. D’awwww Lulu is sooo sweet… YESH! Make Est happy~ (ノ-ヮ-)ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*

Next morning, Est isn’t there like he said. When Lulu went to the living room, her breakfast was prepared. D’awwww (*´∀`*) Lulu goes to Mills Claire and see Elbert-sensei. She…I MEAN HE’s so pretty~ Is it just me? He looks female ahaha He suggest her that she becomes a teacher. He believes she can be helpful to those who have special circumstances, just like her. So she’ll understand their troubles, and might be more approachable. Elbert tells her that he’ll give her a recommendation if she does decide to become a teacher. Lulu tells him that she’s not sure what she should do, and tells her that she can think about it. Lulu wonders what Est will think, so she goes to the library to find him.

Meanwhile, Est encounters Ivan-sensei at the library. He asks him about his motives, what he’s planning to do in the future since he can’t be a student forever. Est takes it as if he’s implying that he wants him out of the school. However, that’s not it since it’s actually advantageous to Mills Claire to have him under their care rather than some unknown organization. Est admits that he understands that as long as he has a home to return, he can’t extend it any longer. However, Est claims that he doesn’t want to take Lulu there no matter what.

FLASHBACK~ ヽ(。_゜)ノ He remembers the last time he went back to his hometown. His parents welcomed him back, but Est was actually thinking how good it will be if he didn’t have to go back at all. He was rather stiff and awkward in front of his parents. In fact, it was only half a year ago that he started seeing his parents. His parents ask if Est was able to persuade the ancient specimens (Ivan & Vania). His parents suspect that they may even be threatening Est due to his abilities. He claims that he’s not that foolish, and that there is a lot more things to learn for the organization now that he has access to the restricted parts of the library when he was still in the lower class levels. However, they suggest he should at least bring Lulu there in order to protect her. It seems that the elders are trying to get their hands on Lulu as the other all element user. Obviously, Est is no where near agreeing with what the elders are thinking. He knows that his parents do not have any bad intentions. They honestly wish for his happiness, and want to protect Lulu. Therefore, he wasn’t able to say anything back to them. END OF FLASHBACK~ ヽ(。_゜)ノ

Est claims that he thought he wouldn’t be affected by the words of his parents that he barely met. His parent’s love is unconditional, therefore he couldn’t say anything. Ivan suggest that was probably the elders’ aim to convince him to side with them. They would even go as far as using their parent’s feelings to keep Est there. However, he believes he can stall time a bit more. There’s this pause between them, then Ivan tells him how he tries so hard to be an adult. Est doesn’t understand what Ivan is implying because he claims that he had already passed adult age. ※Est is 17 years old. Rly? So young…I always thought adult age is like 18 or 20-21…I guess people grow up real fast in their world? Ivan tells him that Lulu is more grown up since she knows where she stands unlike the dummy in front of him haha. Est changes the subject that, therefore, he’s gonna be in Mills Claire’s care for a bit longer. In addition, he asks him to take care of Lulu in case something happens. Ivan asks if that’s it, but Est doesn’t know what he’s implying. Therefore, Ivan just sighs with this dissatisfied expression. Suddenly, they hear Lulu’s voice. When Est looks down, he sees Lulu waving with a big smile on her face. He tells Ivan that he’s gonna go, now that she’s here now. Ivan doesn’t mind since the Est now wouldn’t understand what he’s trying to get at anyways. Est hears Ivan sighing about how un-cute he is as student, but pretends that he didn’t hear anything.

They walk back home, Lulu talks about how Elbert-sensei suggested she becomes a teacher. Est pauses, and asks what she in return to his suggestion. When Lulu told him that she said she didn’t know yet, he was just in deep thought. Then, he tells her that sensei has a good eye for people, and probably suggested her to become a teacher because she does have the potential. Est tells her to take her time in making a decision if she can’t decide. That night,  Lulu wants to spend some time tomorrow with Est, but is busy. Therefore, Lulu suggest that they can at least go home together instead. However, ever since the whole Lulu being suggested to become a teacher, Est has been unable to spend time with her.

Clearly, Est is acting weird these days, more like avoiding Lulu. She complains to Elbert-sensei about it. She claims that he is definitely hiding something because he’s been avoiding her. She suspects the cause of him acting weird is the suggestion sensei. Lulu claims that Est asked what she wants to do, but never told her what he thought about it. She felt that it seemed as if he had something to say, but couldn’t. Elbert agrees that Est is exactly the type of person that would keep things to himself. However, there’s one thing that had changed. In the past, Est had closed his heart toward other people in order to protect himself. If he is really closing his heart right now, it would be for Lulu. Nevertheless, she is the only person that can make Est open up, so he wishes her good luck.

Lulu decides to have a talk with Est, but can’t find him anywhere. Then, she receives a message from Est that he is unable to have dinner with her because he’s at the black tower with Julius. The black tower is usually for researchers only, like Julius. Even if Lulu wants to go talk to Est, she wouldn’t be allowed inside. Lulu suspected that he went there on purpose, knowing this fact. Just when she thinks that, she’s sees Julius and finds out he’s going home. Hence, Lulu discovers that Est is lying to her. Lulu sends Est a message, “I met Julius- So be a good boy and come home.”  Lulu thinks that he might be mad that she is treating him like a kid, but is determined that she won’t lose to him this time. Meanwhile, Est receives the message, and sense that Lulu is mad.

WOFortune2FD_0014Lulu is at home ready for battle while reading Amy’s response to her letter, which gives her an idea. When Est comes home,  he’s all ready for Lulu to get mad. Instead, she welcomes him home with a smile. Est attempts to make an excuse, but Lulu asks him if he’s hungry just before he can. Est is all confused, but Lulu continues. She asks if he wants to bathe instead. Just when she was gonna ask if he wants her (/ω\*) instead, Est quickly requests to bathe. She tells him that the hot water is ready for him and to take his time. Lulu is trying to wait for the right moment…Then, ATTACKK~  (=゚Д゚=)  She comes in the bathroom and hugs him from behind.  (•⊙ω⊙•) Ofc, Est is panicking here and tries to tell her to get out. She claims that it’s okay since she has a towel wrapped around her. He tells her that, that’s not the problem here. Lulu then asks if he wants her to take it off then. Ofc he refuses. Est is sooo cute when he panicks. (*´ω`*) However, Lulu has no plan of letting go of him because she knows that if she doesn’t go as far as this, he’ll just avoid the topic again. Lulu is completely on to him that there’s something he’s worried about. She claims that he probably wouldn’t be like this if she was more reliable. Est tries to retort that it’s not true. Lulu then says, “If that’s not true, then please talk to me. I’m more lonely when you keep your worries to yourself than actually being alone.” Est claims that she already has his all, what is she talking about. Lulu then answers that it’s not enough because she like him so much; she gets selfish. ヽ(*´д`*)ノ

Lulu is waiting for him in the living room because she got kicked out of the bathroom after all. Too bad~ No randy stuff guys (・ε・)ムー She asks why he didn’t talk to her before. He talked about the time when he returned to the 狂信派, his home. He plans to seize the 狂信派 one day, so they will never create a child like him. He tells her that it’s not like there was no progress at all, but also didn’t see an end to it either.  The path was harder than he thought it would be and was irritated by his helplessness. Lulu suggest that he tells them what the ancient specimen, ウィオラケウス had said while they were in the past world. However, there’s no chance that the organization will listen to something like that since it’s highly unbelievable that Lulu & co. warped to the 350 years past. At the end of every trip, he is reminded how helpless he is. As it repeats, he starts thinking, “How troublesome…” and wishes to throw everything away. Then, feel disgusted for having such a thought. He didn’t want to tell Lulu because he thought such a person is so pitiful. Lulu tells him that she would never think that way of him. There are times when a person may feel weak. She suggest that these things can be done slowly and asks if he’s rushing things. Est raises his voice, “It’s bc I want you to be happy ofc!” Basically, Est is rushing in resolving the problem with the 狂信派, so he can move ahead with their relationship/life. He believes that the resolution to the problem=their future. Lulu already believes that they will be together. Est tells her that she’s not wrong about that, but… Lulu just laughs and calls him cute.

WOFortune2FD_0020Lulu tells him to come over to her and sit down. She gives him a hug as she sits on his lap. She even pats his head (*´∀`*) Lulu tells him that he’s not very good at showing his weak side. However, Est doesn’t like being treated like a kid. Therefore, she asks if that’s why he tries so hard to be an adult. She tells him how he was an adult since before, but it doesn’t meant that he can do anything. Even if some one is an adult, it doesn’t mean they can do everything on their own. Lulu doesn’t want a happiness earned by Est carrying all the burden by himself. She claims that, that’s not what true happiness is. Lulu tells him how much she likes him, but Est isn’t all that happy bc he feels as if he lost to her. Lulu tells him that he’s misunderstanding. It doesn’t matter that if she’s older. It doesn’t matter if he’s younger or older. They should be able to see each other’s weak side. She mentions how her dad is older than her mom, but still shows his weak side to her. She believes that it’s because her mom is her dad’s most loving and special person that he’s like that with her. She asks whether if he doesn’t think of her that way. Est responds that he doesn’t know how. To him, it just seems like he would be acting like a kid. So, Lulu tells him all these things she would want to or want him to do, such as listening to his voice, patted by him, and receive sweet kisses from him. Est then asks how is that different from seducing him. Lulu didn’t care as long as Est does those things, she’ll be happy. He says she’s being unfair. Est thinks it’s getting ridiculous that he’s acting strong in front of Lulu. Yay he finally becomes デレ. He tells her that he likes her more than anyone else. He tells her that he loves her, and want her more than anything that it may drive him insane.

The next day, they go to Ivan’s office. Ivan yells at Est for taking so long to come to him. He calls Est a fool for believing that he can do anything and everything on his own. It’s easy to annihilate; they would have done so a long time ago. However, that’s not the resolution Est aims for, and Ivan knows that. There’s no meaning if one were to worry and rush things, to eventually destroy one’s self. He suggest that they would need to think of some remedy for their problem. Suddenly, Solo comes in and they’re all surprised. The next morning, Est goes to see Solo at Per’s store. It turns out that Solo is going with Est to the 狂信派 to help convince them. However, Est has this expression as if he’s worried about something. Solo sensed what he was worried about. He tells him how he’s seen many bad people. Per adds that it’s not something that just began. Solo tells him that he’ll try his best, so don’t make such a face. Solo mentions that Ivan mentioned how the elders will die in another 10 years or so, so they have to work hard until then. You know passing on to the next generation? Then Est just need to become a 大魔王 (゚ω゚)

WOFortune2FD_0021A few weeks later, Est is going to his hometown with Solo. Lulu is about to cry, so Est tells her to raise her head. When she does, he gives her a ring. He tells her he’s wearing a matching pair. He tells her that he should have given it to her earlier. It’s just that he believed that he didn’t have a right unless he solved the 狂信派 problem, but decides to stop thinking in such a way. He tells her that his priority is Lulu, to make her happy. The other things he’ll try his best. He wants to think about his happiness from now on as well. Lulu doesn’t know what she should do because she’s all overwhelmed with happiness. Est grabs her close for a kiss and tells her to wait for him. When he comes back, he’ll greet her parents, so get ready to become the 魔王’s bride. In addition, he also mentions that the ring is a cursed ring. It won’t come off as long as she continues to love him. It would also prevent her from losing it. Lulu tells him that there’s nothing to worry about then, the spell would be an insoluble spell, in which will never be erased.

~Mills Claire 500th Anniversary~
Like Alvaro’s route, Lulu tries to ask Est to the ball. Whenever Lulu tries to go to Est, he runs away before she can ask him to the ball. Est makes an excuse that he needs to see Ivan. Lulu and Amy sees Noel, he’s surprised that Est isn’t with them. Lulu tells him he has some business with Ivan. However, Noel tells him how Ivan should be caught by Julius. It seems that Ivan is planning to use a special spell for the ball. Therefore, Julius has been at Ivan’s since early in the morning. Lulu then realizes that Est is definitely avoiding her. Lulu decides to catch Est, but Amy suggest not to jump him because last time, he got a bump on his head. Lulu tells them to try to be careful, but Noel and Amy are worried. After class, Lulu waits for Est, but quickly turns back and run when he sees her.

WOFortune2FD_0024Lulu is sulking now and shouts that she doesn’t care about Est anymore. Lulu is at the lake all sad, laying on the grass. She’s all like there’s no point in going if Est isn’t. He won’t see her pretty dress or dance with her. She goes back to saying he’s a meanie. She starts raising her voice that Est is a bully, etc. Suddenly, she hears a voice. Est tells her to stop laying on the ground defenseless. He tells Lulu she’s gonna be cold, but she ignores him. Est tells her to answer him, but she’s still quiet. When Lulu finally responds to him, she tells him that it’s his fault that she’s lying there. Est tells her to go back to the dorm, or she’ll miss dinner. However, she just says that she has no appetite because Est is a meanieee. (○`ε´○) Then Est tells her that they should head back, or she’ll catch a cold. However, she just tells him she’s not cold. Lulu is determined to not forgive Est. Therefore, Est apologizes about how he was running away from her. She ALMOST forgave him, but held on. ( ̄^ ̄)

Suddenly, Est lays on the grass with her, so Lulu asks what he’s doing. He simply tells her that he’s doing the same thing as her. If he doesn’t, she won’t talk to him properly. He starts talking about how he wasn’t planning to run away from the start. He just didn’t want to get hurt from her pounce attack again, so he ran away. His bump from last time still hurts. He tells her to fix her mood because he is in fact planning to attend the ball. He mentions how usually he will refuse to participate in such an event, but is going for Lulu. She asks him why, but Est just brushes the question off. However, Lulu wants to hear the reason, so doesn’t let it go. He tells her that she should know already, but Lulu wants to hear it from his mouth. She tries to make him by asking like 4 times, and ended up saying it for him, that Est likes her. After a long pause, Est finally tells he that ofc he does or he won’t even bother coming for her like he is now.

The night of the ball, Est calls for Lulu. When she sees him, she’s like, “かっ…” about to say かわいい (cute) instead of かっこいい (handsome). Est sense that Lulu was about to say the taboo word, so he tells her that she made a good choice or he would’ve left. Est tells Lulu that they should get going, but Lulu is sad that he’s not commenting on her appearance/outfit. Lulu notices Est getting red, so she’s embarrassed now. He’s all, “Why are you turning red.” When Lulu tells him it’s bc he’s red, Est denies. However, he gets even more embarrassed when she tells him to look at a mirror if he doesn’t believe her. Then, finally admits that and tells her that she is indeed pretty (・ω<)

Lulu is all excited about the food there. She tells Est to wait for her, so she can go get some food for him. When she does, this random dude talks to Lulu. He tells her how pretty she is, and tries to get along with her. She’s kinda slow in realizing what he meant, but thanks him when she does. The dude asks Lulu for a dance, but then comes Est to the rescue. Lulu was wondering why he was hurrying up to her, but assumed he was hungry. No Lulu…he’s not…(。-_-。) He tells her this is why he didn’t wanna leave her by herself, but Lulu is still clueless.

He tells her how people of Mills Claire know about their relationship, but that’s a different story with outsiders. He expected that they may try to hit on her her, which are the people who don’t know about their relationship. And that’s exactly the situation they’re in right now. The dude finally opens his mouth, and asks if Est is her brother… UH-OH FUTURE 魔王 is super angry now… Σ(゚Д゚;)ギクッ You’re dead mister…(´・_・`) May you rest in peace… (´-人-`) The dude tells him not to worry too much and assumes that he isn’t able to let go of his sis yet (シスコン). Lulu can totally sense he’s angry, why can’t he!? He has this I’m gonna kill you aura. Dude the BGM even sound really scary. It’s like what kind of game is this? When did it turn into a suspense games. Regardless, the KY dude (空気読めない男) is still blabbering about his family… Therefore, Lulu claims that Est isn’t her bro, but her bf. The dude is like huh, and Est tells Lulu to stay out of it. Stop the BGMMMM, so scary. Est is gonna kill himm! q(゚д゚ ) Est is like glaring a hole into him. Luckily Bilal passed by, and understands the situation. He takes care of the situation for Lulu. He winks at her as if he’s wishing her good luck with Est. Lulu feels thankful toward Bilal the SAVIOR. Lulu takes Est to the balcony, but Est seems to be in a bad mood. Lulu is worried that perhaps, she had said something wrong, and made the situation awkward. Est tells her that’s not it…

WOFortune2FD_0028Suddenly, the fireworks start, and Lulu forgets for a moment about their current situation. She mentions how beautiful the fireworks are, but quickly shuts her mouth, remembering the situation they’re in. The awkward silence come forward again. Lulu is about to cry, telling him that she wants him to smile. She doesn’t want it to turn out like this since they’re together. She tells him that she’ll do anything to turn his frown upside down…  (´・д・`) Est tells her that he didn’t wanna it to turn out like this either. She doesn’t want her to make that face either. Mixed with irritation, he grabs Lulu’s hand. He tells her how his hands are bigger than hers, his feet and height should be as well. From the outside, it may not be noticeable, but he should be bigger. And in the future, he’ll be even bigger. Lulu tries to say that she will too, but Est tells her that she will soon stop growing. He might as well want her growth to stop right now, or stop it himself. Lulu is about to call him a meanie bc she wants to grow too, but raises his voice that, that’s not the point! Poor Est, Lulu can be so dense sometimes… (o´Д`)=з and here, he’s like to pouring his soul out there…and Lulu…sigh (´Д`) He claims that he’ll soon grow up to the point where people won’t be able to say what that KY dude was saying to him that night, so wait for him. He wants her to sense how embarrassing it is to say these things. Lulu tells hims that they must be together forever then. Est is surprised… Lulu claims that it must mean that since he told her to wait for him until that time comes. Therefore, it must also mean that he’s gonna be with her even after the day comes. Est tell her that she’s not wrong, but… ahaha they all smiley smiley now. (´∇`) Est then mentions that if she would just stay still, they wouldn’t have to trouble Bilal. Lulu tells him how scary he looked. It didn’t seem like he was gonna let the dude off that easily. He admits that he may have punished him a bit. Such a 魔王 trait. He tells her that there is no man that can leave it be when someone is trying to hit on their precious lover. Est suggest to have a dance because he knows how much she was looking forward to it. She’s so happy that she jumps him, and ofc…he falls over, and now he’s all angry AGAIN. He tells her that he won’t dance with her anymore. He soon stops being mean to her, and dances with her.

WOFortune2FD_0022I get this feeling that Est can’t show his weakness partly because of Lulu. I feel that he’s traumatized how dense Lulu is, so he closes his true intentions even more haha. I felt so bad when he was like pouring his soul into admitting his shota complex, and was telling her to wait for him. It was really cute when he did and I was like LULU! USE YOUR SENSES!!! He’s trying to be SUPER DUPER デレ here, DON’T RUIN IT! ahaha  (。・ω・。) I felt that the Mills Claire anniversary route was cuter because Est was more irritating in his another tale story. It’s not like an OMG what the F are you doing  щ(ಠ益ಠщ) kind of feeling like in Alvaro’s route. It’s more like awww  (○`ε´○) ムー if only Est was able to admit his feelings more kind of irritating? That ended faster in the anniversary route, so maybe that’s why it was more 萌え~ ahaha Also, I was a bit disturbed in that route because most of the time, he looks shota…except the CGs, there’s still a bit more manliness in it. Besides that point, that story was really nice. I don’t know why they keep bringing up curses at the end of the another tale route though lol. Alvaro’s curse seal with Lulu, which she changed into a spell that will prove their love instead. (cuz dummy Alvaro tried to give her his life to her instead of a ring. that jerky..(○`ε´○) ムー) Then, in Est’s route they brought up a cursed ring…Well, maybe it’s bc they’re like the emo guys AHAHA Well, to me they are since they’re pretty much introverted… I’m starting to doubt myself for going after those two first… Don’t judge meee _(._.)_

Still have five more characters to go… I feel that there’s still a long way bc the WOF series are pretty long in terms of length or maybe it feels long bc there’s so  many conflicts and info. since I believe every character has their own unique “issue.” Next up, it’s actually really surprising for me to be interested in this character because I don’t really go for this C.V.’s characters. However, I find his character really adorable. He’s a tsundere too! I think… haha He reminds me of Lulu since they both like eating. I hope I see his chibi form too (*’▽’*)♪

I don’t know when I’ll finish this series, but it’ll probably take a bit more since I haven’t been able to type up the reviews recently. Well, one thing I plan to do is try to finish Koishiba as soon as possible. I’m almost done with the second to the last character’s route, so the review will probably be up soon. HOPEFULLY, within a week. After I finish Koishiba, I’ll probably start something new while I work on WOF. I don’t know what yet, but I’ll probably post up an intro. post before I post a review on the routes. ( >д<)ノシ


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