Arcana Famiglia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia- Ancora · Otome Games

[PSVita] Arcana Famiglia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia- Ancora Prologue

I actually played the game before, but it was a long time ago so I don’t really remember… All I remember is that I enjoyed it and that’s all that matters aha. Well, anyways, the PSVita version was pretty cheap, so I decided to buy it. Back when I played it, I think my favorites were Pace, Luca, and maybe Jolly (?). Idk, I think Jolly was a douche in this game, but I might have had a Yusa Kouji phase during that time haha. Let’s see how my likings have changed this time around.

Felicita is the daughter of a mafia boss. She has been living away from the mafia life until recently. On her 16th birthday, she earns the right to finally become a member of the Arcana Famiglia. In the family, there are members who have tied a contract to gain special abilities from these tarot cards. Three months after Felicita’s recruitment, her father, Mondo makes a surprising announcement. He states that he will be stepping down and giving his position to whoever wins in a duel that he’ll be holding. Also, the winner will be marrying his only daughter, Felicita. Of course, Felicita is not okay with this, so she trains to win in the duel herself.

The playable characters are Liberta (cv. Fukuyama Jun), Nova (cv. Yonaga Tsubasa), Pace (cv. Sugita Tomokazu), Debito (cv. Yoshino Hiroyuki), Luca (cv. Nakamura Yuuichi), Jolly (cv. Yusa Kouji), and Dante (cv. Kosugi Juurouta).

I guess I’m originally not so into the main guy character of these games. I’m never really interested in them. While I was starting my gameplay, I thought Liberta was the most considerate towards Felicita. He would be all up in people’s faces when something happened to her. I respect that, but something just doesn’t get to me. Nova is a mama’s boy PERIOD. I feel like he had some sad past, but still… For some reason, I didn’t realize that it was Yonaga Tsubasa. It just didn’t connect. Pace eats way too much, but his character is soo cute. Luca is cute too. Debito is…idk, I don’t really like how he talks. It bothers me. Still, I like the Luca – Pace – Debito trio though. My Yusa Kouji fever has been long gone, so Jolly will most likely be just a douche. I still like the seiyuu, but not enough to overcome that part? Dante is just an ojisan. He will be the perfect uncle for Felicita, nothing more please.


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