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Butterfly Lip – Ichinose Kei Short Story

buterfly kiss1
Before I get my B’s LOG February Issue this week, I thought I would go back to my December issue. Then, I saw this article on Butterfly Lip. I totally forgot about this series. When I first heard about it, there wasn’t much info. on it so…I just forgot about it. (○`ε´○) Butterfly Lip is from this ドウセイカレシ series by Black Butterfly that is going to be released in late March. Basically, the heroine has a boyfriend and they decide to live together. However, stuff happens and she cheats on her boyfriend with another guy…

(ಠ_ಠ)…I like the art and all, but the content…Well, I guess a lot of stuff can happen to a couple after they move-in…BUT STILL~ (´・д・`) Well, I don’t know the whole story exactly since it’s not up on the official site yet. Regardless, I think that’s pretty meh…I got to admit…it’s an eye-catch bc it’s new. I don’t think I’ve heard about those kind of games. Well, those kinds that are heart-warming. I have this impression that once there’s cheating involved…it’s not so sweet after all. I hope this series won’t turn out like that… Well, enough of that, let me get to the “actual” content  of this post.

buterfly kiss2For the December issue, it was on Ichinose Kei (C.V. Kishio Daisuke). This instantly made me wanna play  the game bc I absolutely enjoy listening to Daisaku’s voice (*´ω`*) Maybe that’s why I’m like kinda meh about this game. It’s like, “WHY THE F WOULD YOU CHEAT ON DAISAKUUUU~” щ(ಥДಥщ) Yes…as you might have guessed by me saying that, he is the bf position. He and the heroine attend the same college and club. He’s a hearty person, and is popular from both men and women. He is currently aiming to become an actor, and in a theater group.

On the other hand,  Himeno Kazuhi ( C.V. Hirakawa Daisuke) is the guy you can cheat with. HEY I just noticed they’re both Daisuke ahaha (゚ω゚) Himeno is the reliable alumni of their club. He’s popular with women from his cool appearance and how he takes care of people. In addition, it seems that you can change all the characters to megane appearance in this series. Now…to the translation/summary of the short story~ (>ω<)/

buterfly kiss3Translation/Summary:
It seems that the season of winter had faded― as if the move-in…―us living together is congratulated, a weather like that.

“Good thing it’s sunny today. We were able to finish early.”

The one that spoke up was Himeno Kazuhi, a senpai that is planning to graduate this March. He came to help me move into the heroine’s place. I thanked Hime-chan senpai for today’s help. For some reason, Kei calls his senpai Hime-chan, so I thought it was a girl at first HAHA! (※థэథ)∵.*.∵Himeno tells Kei not to worry about that, there wasn’t much stuff anyways. As he says this, Hime-chan senpai takes a glimpse around the room. Until yesterday, she was living by herself, but from today, it’s our room.
“I didn’t realize that you guys were dating…” says Himeno.
“Sorry for the late announcement.”
“It’s not that I wanted you to report it to me. If I look back now, you guys were rather close…it wouldn’t be odd if you guys were dating.” She and Kei  look at each other as Himeno showed somewhat of a sad smile.
“Since we finished early, let’s celebrate for the couple’s new start.” Himeno gathers the other club members to the room.

Kei thanks everyone for helping him today. As if that was the cue, the other people start cheering and drinking.
“Kei” I look back as Hime-chan senpai calls for me. I walked towards him, and grabs my shoulder.
“Kei, living together means that you’ll see each other’s bad side, and you may be irritated at times. Therefore, you must not forget the times when you felt that you want to be by her side. Take good care of her.”
“Senpai…Of course I will!” Kei nods largely, and looks at her. Cuter,earnest, nicer than anyone, my girlfriend, Kei thought at that moment.
“Please take care of me for many years to come!” Kei says loudly as he lowers his head. The other members were surprised by Kei’s action, but soon start teasing him.
Perhaps, she was embarrassed by Kei’s action. She was somewhat panicking, but stood up straight as if she was ready. Just like Kei, she says “Take care of me as well” with her nervousness mixed in her words and lowered her head.

Three hours later, the club member’s celebration continued until one hour before the date was going to change. She and Kei was left alone in the room, just the two of them. Kei thought, “Her room that I’ve been going to several times. Now… This is going to be my home as well.”
“-yawn-…We should sleep now because of all the move-in work.” She nods to Kei’s suggestion as her ears are turning red. He realizes that she’s shy, but he is thinking that it’s okay because he’s also shy. They get into their double bed that they chose together in the small room…
“H-Hey! Let’s decide on rules for living together!” Kei raises his voice in order to erase the shyness out of the atmosphere.
“First of all, cooking…you’ll be in charge. I’m not good at cooking. So, I will do the dishes afterwards….What? What’s with that face. You’re suspecting me?”
Our rules…We both bring up ideas on what we should do. It is something important, so we seriously, and make the rules as we laugh together.
As they laugh, the ticking on the clock notifies the two that the date has changed.
“So, let’s throw the trash together. Also…” She looks at Kei with a soothing smile. He nods at her, and continue to speak.
“No cheating allowed. If our feelings change, or feel that we don’t “like” each other anymore, he/she must tell the other without any forethought. Kei looks at her as if he’s asking her if that’s okay. She nods largely back at him.
This is the most important rule from all the rules we have decided to keep. We’re living together now, so it would be wrong to live with each other once their feelings change for each other. Of course, I would never come to dislike her.

” Let’s keep these promises as we live together.”
Kei takes her hand, and tangle their fingers together. They kissed as they tangled their fingers stronger.
“I feel really happy when I’m with you like this.” She replies that she feels the same way and nods to Kei. 『痘痕も笑窪』, people may say that. ※痘痕も笑窪 (abata mo ekubo) – It’s an old saying. When people fall in love with someone, even their bad parts may look good. However. she’s the cutest girlfriend than anybody else. That’s why it makes me want to kiss her and hug her as much I can.

“Let’s be together forever. For many years yet to come…” He told her the rest of his feeling by kisses. They entwine their tongues, exchange their heat, …you feel it right? My feelings. Let’s come closer to each other, so that our feelings will travel to each other more.
“From now on, I can make love to you on this bed.” Kei whispers her into her ears, and kisses her on the back of her ears as well. She shakes a bit, and exhales. He brings her closer to him.

Living together isn’t the end. To us, this is just the beginning. I’ll take good care of you a lot. So, let’s be together for many years to come―…

I thought this short story was really cute, until it got エロ, but romantic near the end. I GUESS it’s kinda sad if you think about Himeno’s side. He liked the heroine, but didn’t find out about it until the move-in day. Basically, it caught him by surprise. Still, I would be real sad that there is a route where she cheats on Kei with Himeno. ESPECIALLY when she has a boyfriend…(ಠ_ಠ) It’s like why didn’t you keep the promise that they agreed on that night. The promise that they won’t hold back telling the other that they don’t like them anymore when it happens. It makes it even more sad because they specifically made that promise. (´-_-`) Like I guess stuff can happen, but it’s a promiseee….щ(ಥДಥщ) ok…enough of that. Promises are there for breaking, not keeping…Just kidding. (・ェ・)

Yeah, I’m most likely am going to play this game since the idea is new. Depending on Butterfly Lip and the other C.V.s, I might play the 2nd & 3rd game for this series. One more thing, I am thinking  of posting the short stories or new updates for this series from now on if I encounter them or find them interesting. However…sadly…I can’t post the January issue short story, which was for Himeno since I didn’t buy that issue. It’s just that I wasn’t interested in Butterfly Lip until recently…and because I usually choose which issue to buy by looking at the B’s log upcoming issue preview. This is another reason how I don’t really have an insight on Himeno since I know nothing about him, just that he liked the heroine as well. I thought about buying the issue for a second, but decided not to because I didn’t want to buy the issue just for that article. The question is… Will I not post the short stories about the series if I don’t want to buy a certain issue?Answer: It depends? If there are readers who are actually looking forward to my post on this series, THEN it may be likely for me to buy the issue with the short stories. However, I am probably going to make a decision depending on the comments and likes on this post. I can’t really decide this on just by the view stats on wordpress because some people might just be browsing. If you would really want me to continue with these posts, please comment or like! (´ω`*)ノシ


9 thoughts on “Butterfly Lip – Ichinose Kei Short Story

  1. I find the idea for this game really new and interesting though, I don’t like the fact that the heroine can cheat on her boyfriend (even when they made the promise together) >o<; That's just terrible! If a character cheats and tries to redeem themselves, its still unredeemable to me. I'm interested in knowing more about the game! I believe it's coming out soon! 😀


    1. Welcome! You’re my first comment!! (*’▽’*)♪ hehe
      I felt the same exact way. I was like what the…THAT’S HORRIBLE.(ಠ_ಠ) And yes, especially after making the promise. It’s like you guys made a promise…If you’re (to the heroine) gonna get with someone else, at least break up, not cheat. Also, since the boyfriend is voiced by Daisaku, I’m even more meh about it. However, I find it interesting, so I’ll probably play it. I’ll just be in pain while I go into the other dude’s route.(´・д・`)

      Yes, it’s coming out soon. According to B’s LOG March issue, it’s coming out on March 29th~♪ I’m planning to post some info. on February and this month’s issue soon~


  2. Fufu… So you are one of those, who are excited for this game too! I practically waiting for it to come out, because the concept is new and MEGANE!!! 8D 8D I hope there will be also a route, where you can break up officially before going after Hime… If not… I’ll feel pretty bad about it, because I’m NOT the person, who could cheat on her boyfriend! orz orz


    1. Yes indeed! I’m looking forward to this game for the same reason. I know right, she should break up with Kei before going after Hime-chan… Even Hirakawa Daisuke said (interview) that he would advise his character to be more of an adult as a senpai, but then again that wouldn’t be a game. After all, the theme of this game is “cheating.” What’s even sadder is that there’s two more after Butterfly Lip! Think about how guilty and regretful we’ll feel by the last one. ahaha I already have a feeling that I’m gonna feel worse when I get to Butterfly Gloss bc of the guy’s character descriptions. eek ><


      1. I guess this game will throw me back into the dilemma I had 2 years ago… I had a boyfriend and someone else (thinking of it, he is my senpai) tried to make me fall for him and I was really attracted to him, but I decided to stay with my bf, because I couldn’t stand seeing him sad and thought that I can’t risk my 2 year relationship, just because someone interesting popped up… orz orz

        Oh, so you want to buy all games? I think I’ll only get Butterfly Lip, because hmm… don’t know… the other characters haven’t convinced me. Yet. xD But let’s see what kind of scenarios will be released as teasers…


  3. thank you for this short story! It’s lovely and yes i agree who would cheat on Kishio, I wouldn’t ; but then again another guy i can cheat is hirarin which is
    (⊙ω⊙)/✿ hold my flower i got this lmfao.

    Did you know that they delayed the game and rumors had that (i dont think its just a mere rumors) Kirshima isn’t going to be the main illustrator for this game any longer _(:’3 / <)_ oh hell, the main attraction for me to play this is because of the art now they're going to change that asghlasa ;; /cries a river

    oh by the way, I WOULD LOOOOVE TO SEE MORE OF THIS! 😀 I think you should continue translating stuff of Dousei Kareshi, it's a huge hit and you'll get tremendous amount of hits trust me ❤


    1. Yeah, I found out that they delayed the game later on. I did memo it on my side bar a while ago. but was too lazy to edit my posts ><
      Oh I didn't know about the illustrator change issue though…Yeah one of the biggest reason that I was going to play this was the art. Isn't the game being released soon, or do you mean they're gonna change illustrators for the others,for Gloss and Rouge?


  4. Thanks so much for the translation, really looking forward to this game too!
    BTW, do you know whether this game will be for PSP or PC?? I tried looking online but I couldn’t get the answer, I really want to know ><


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