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[PSVita] Variable Barricade Common Route

I am having soo much fun with this game that I can’t keep the post short, so I thought I would make the common route separate. Those who are interested, here’s a tl;dr post of how things went down before Hibari started falling for one particular guy. Everyone has their quirks, but they’re so fun and adorable bunny_004.

Includes overall story flow, interview with the hubbies, episodes with each hubby (which makes Hibari open up to them a bit), and episodes with Hibari’s friends.

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Otome Games · Variable Barricade

[PSVita] Variable Barricade Prologue

I totally forgot that I had this game pre-ordered ahaha. One day, Amazon suddenly emailed me that they just shipped a package to me. I thought I got hacked for a second there. Anyways, I think this game was originally supposed to be released back in October…? Well, I don’t regret it based on my gameplay so far. Sooo…that’s good!

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Train of Thoughts

Happy Anniversary + New Year!

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I don’t remember when I started blogging… 5 years… It’s been 5 years since I started blogging. I know, I know, I haven’t been doing SHIT. I’m staring at my full of nothingness stats as of this moment. I don’t even know why I’m staring at it for so long even though there’s nothing HAH! Okay, I don’t know what I’m proudly rambling about…

Have you guys noticed… MY EFFORT THESE PAST FEW DAYS!? There I go again. I always ramble about my early bird effort… Then, I trip somehow…and won’t get up until the last minute the year ends. Must have been quite a fall(s) hahah. Anyways…

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Arcana Famiglia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia- Ancora · Otome Games

[PSVita] Arcana Famiglia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia- Ancora Prologue

I actually played the game before, but it was a long time ago so I don’t really remember… All I remember is that I enjoyed it and that’s all that matters aha. Well, anyways, the PSVita version was pretty cheap, so I decided to buy it. Back when I played it, I think my favorites were Pace, Luca, and maybe Jolly (?). Idk, I think Jolly was a douche in this game, but I might have had a Yusa Kouji phase during that time haha. Let’s see how my likings have changed this time around. Continue reading “[PSVita] Arcana Famiglia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia- Ancora Prologue”