I’ve decided to make a page especially for discussions about games. It can be about any games. I don’t mind talking about the older otome games as well since I have been playing some otome games before I started blogging on wordpress. You can also talk about other genres, if it it’s something I posted on this blog, such as otome magazines, Drama CDs, light novels, and etc. However, please don’t ask me where you can get downloads, if I would review a certain game, or if I’m going to play a certain game. If you do…I’ll be sad and will most likely delete that comment (>_<。) If you REALLY REALLY want me to play a certain game, convince me WITHOUT actually saying it. Don’t be so obvious about your motive, if you know what I mean. However, there won’t be any guarantees that I’ll do it. (´・д・`) In fact, some comments from readers have actually grasped my attention to some games already and I don’t even think they were trying either. (>ω<)

Well, that’s about it? I don’t really know how this discussion will work out since I’m still a newbie as an otome game blogger. I was wondering if there was a better way in making a discussion board, but this was the best I can do with my tiny brain (*´-ω-`) aha. If there’s a better idea, please do share. I hope this discussion board will help me get to know my readers more, unless you guys don’t wanna…lol I’m totally fine with that too. I’m not forcing anyone haha. You don’t have to be following me or anything either. If you have something you want to share or talk about, just go for it~ ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و



27 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. First off! Have you guys played Jyuuzaengi? I’m interested in this game, but I get this historical vibe from it? I’m afraid that it might get kind of dull in the middle, so haven’t decided yet. Does anyone know any good/bad points of the game? (You don’t have to talk about this topic. I’m just starting it. so people might find it more easier to comment. (*´ー`)ノ)


    1. How interesting, thanks for the info! Do you usually research before you play? I usually just read the overall summary, look at the art and the CVs. If I like what I see, I play it. lol xD


      1. Most of the time I just look at the plot and stuff before the seiyuus but seiyuus do play a factor in my suggestions :3 I docresearch so I know what I’m dealing with in the game before I go into ?_? mode.


        1. This is random, but what is your icon pic? Is it from Diabolik? It looks like the guy that Daisaku voices for Diabolik. I don’t follow that series, so I’m not sure aha xD


          1. ahh yep it is. The character’s from the fandisk and I really like the guy cuz Daisuke Kishiou :3 Actually I’m getting rather fond of the series, but there ARE still some problems with it to XD


  2. How did you finish Butterfly Lip…?! I started with the prologue and even though I understand the sentences without fail, Kei’s sprites are putting me off so badly!!! ;w; I love Daisaku, but Kei just looks so YANdere, that it’s creepy. And his Megane mode is not as good as I thought…….. orz orz

    I kind of want to play the game, because of Daisaku, but then again… THE ART is just… meh…. /cries in a corner


    1. LOL! yeah, he doesn’t look great in glasses. I didn’t find him to be yandere-ish, but I found him a bit too childish and annoying sometimes? I actually feel that Himeno was more yandere-ish since he gets kinda emo here and there. I guess the art makes it seem that way lols. I was looking forward to the art like in the beginning, so I was disappointed when I actually played the game. I don’t know if its bc the artist changed or something? I forgot what happened, but yeah.

      Did you see the topless CG yet, where he pushes Hina down on the bed or something? I think they have those CGs in all three from this series and yeah those look awkward too. Well, I was really meh, but the game isn’t long. Once you get through one route, everything else goes by real fast. Soooo…I think it was pretty manageable. Good Luck! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


      1. Okay… I’ll try to motivate myself. UwU I need more sexy Daisaku… *bricked*

        Well yeah, Kei is not by any means Yandere, but his EYES ARE SCARY!!! ;w; I wonder if the artwork got worse after the artist said goodbye to the Dousei Kareshi series or if it was just bad to begin with. LOL Well, no help thinking about it… It can’t be helped now… Awkward art is awkward, huh? ^^

        I need to focus on one game and finish it before moving on to others. LOL Maybe this short game will is a good choice to start with otome gaming again… wwww I’ve been playing trials and enjoyed them, because they were kind of short, but real games just take soooooooo long and my attention span is totally useless right now. Hahaha… Why?! ;w;


        1. I know how that feels about games being long. I guess that’s why I’m somewhat careful when I choose games now b/c I don’t want to die and lag even more on reviews. I have another review in mind besides Gloss, but I’m still test playing aha. I’m trying to figure out if I’m actually willing to finish the game in a good pace. I don’t wanna disappear in the middle of a game, so yahh ><


          1. Yep. Once you stall a game… You’ll never touch it again for at least months… That’s the experience I had.

            If you stall it at the end of one route it’s okay, but if you ever stall in the middle of a route… You’ll horribly regret it, when you decide to pick up the game again someday…. Because you have NO FRIGGIN’ idea, where you left off, what’s going on and your review is totally screwed, if you hadn’t written one until now… LOL

            But then again… Why am I forcing myself through all routes of a game, when I don’t like some characters…? I should just complete the guys I like, like I did in the apps, I played. ^^

            Oh yeah… I got until after the prologue of Butterfly Lip…. The sprites are well… weird, but the CG’s are somewhat cute. And Kei is adorable for now… www


          2. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to find a game where you like all the characters. But since I’m doing reviews, I feel like I should finish everyone. I don’t like to keep it incomplete since once I start a review on a game, it’s like a project to me ahah. It feels like I’m just throwing little bits and pieces everywhere if I don’t finish, which bothers me I guess lols ><

            As for apps I'm okay with just one character b/c some take forever. Some also cost money, so it's kinda hard to finish everyone. Like for this one mobile game, it was hell finishing without using money, so I was already prepared not to finish the other dudes. I was considering to review it, but I was like FORGET IT since I didn't take notes and it took months I think. Other game apps, I wish they would make the games compatible for all phones. I mean you can play them on your phone, you just can't dl from the store b/c of compatibility issues. The part I don't get is why it's not compatible when you can play it on the phone. I know this b/c I've tried. Meh. (。•́︿•̀。)

            Ahaha at least you got further with Lip. After like 10 mins of Gloss, I haven't played ever since. I'm like distracted by this other game right now…( ´བ` )


  3. What are you currently playing? 8D I’m pretty hooked up with Butterfly Lip. I really, really like Kei! He’s so adorbs. And I’m using every possible moment to make it clear, that I DO NOT LIKE Himeno-Senpai. LMAO Because dammit, he’s such a creep. Pops out convieniently and now asking for impossible things like spending his birthday with Kei’s gf… THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ANOTHER MAN’S GIRLFRIEND.

    I’m always afraid, that my girl will do something bad to Kei, so I’m always like “NONONONONONONONO. GO AWAY HIMECREEP. GO THE F*** AWAY!!!!” when he tries to hit on her… My poor nerves. I’m getting wrinkles after playing this game. LOL But I enjoy it, even though the sprites are scary… Hahaha. The CG’s are okay though, but the body proportions are a bit off. LOL

    If I end up liking the first game, I hope Himeno’s route won’t be too bad for my heart, because I LOVE Kei, I might consider getting the other two games too. Or at least the last game.


    1. Okay… No, I won’t EVER GET THE OTHER GAMES. THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE!!!!! ;w; I DON’T WANNA PLAY IT ANYMORE. WHY IS HIMECREEP SO AGGRESSIVE NOW? HE KISSED HER!!! HE FORCED A KISS ON HER!!! THIS IS NOT OKAY. *cries and screams in a corner* I will not play his route. Because I can’t deal with all my feelings. I just want my heroine to end up with Kei. Happily ever after. GDI. I JUST CAN’T.


      1. Actually, I’m not playing anything anymore at the moment. I’ve actually been taking another break after replying to your last comment since this time I’m sick, like actually have high fevers. I’m starting to get better I THINK and HOPEFULLY, but until I’m completely better I can’t do much. I rarely go on my laptop b/c staring at the screen wears me out really fast, so I don’t like going on my laptop recently. It’s sad since my whole life is practically on this precious baby (。•́︿•̀。) lols So right now, my phone is the only thing that is keeping me company ahaha. And for that reason, I have been playing some otome game apps. Maybe I’ll write a review on them when I recover…( ◔ д ◔ ) Well, I better recover soon since the ones I’m playing aren’t free, so…I never would have thought the day will come when I would buy them…It’s just, I get sooo bored when I’m in bed for too long…orz

        Regarding Lip, YEAH I like that name, HIMECREEP lol. Yeah I think I was commenting on how he’s like a stalker in my review too. That’s why I was saying how the storyline was kinda crap b/c Hime’s part seems so forced that I didn’t really even feel sorry for him and was just like, “What is up with this dude ( ಠ_ಠ ).” Well, it might be good to play Hime’s route since I think Hime and Michiru has a semi-standoff. I forgot which route that was in, but I think it was his? Well, I didn’t think emphasizing Michiru’s character was necessary, but they did anyways. ┐(・へ・ )┌

        On the other hand, I played Gloss for 10mins-ish? and I was already like Arata don’t come near the heroine even before he appeared. Actually, I didn’t even get to see Arata yet, so I guess I will save the heartbreaks until after I’m better. As of Rouge, nothing has interested me yet? I guess it will depend on the other guy’s short story? lol It seems like you were more interested in the 3rd game than the 2nd, what attracted your attention?


        1. I hope you’ll get better soon!! (^w^)/

          And thank you for talking to me. wwww There aren’t many people, who played this game, so I just don’t know how and who to vent on all my feels. IDEK. I’ve been spamming Tumblr with my feels too. But no one understands my pain. LOL

          Well, aside from the fact, that Himecreep was kind of a stalker, his approach might have been planned as you said. Because he knows where she works and when she’s coming home, so he’s just “coincidently” taking the way home, where he MIGHT meet her. I kind of understand that Hime was just desperate, because he always regretted not confessing to Hina before Kei. As he regrets it, he always hoped that she might give him a chance and persistently tried to win her over. He just clinged to every strand of hope he had. Not that unrealistic, if you ask me, but really unfair. Making her feel bad like that. Like with that forced KISS. Hina was even sick. THAT’S REALLY UNFAIR.

          Hina on the other hand was just really confused, because she does like Hime, even though she had Kei. She was attracted to Hime, so she wasn’t sure if her feelings are changing or not. I can relate to that, but it’s wrong to not tell Kei about meeting Hime. I know it’s really hard to talk about things like that, but keeping it to yourself makes you suffer a lot, as we saw in the game. It’s easier to keep up the lie, once you told one, but it will hurt each time you tell another one.

          Hina didn’t want to drag Kei down with her insecurity, which is not apparently wrong, but I think that you should talk about things like this in a relationship. Just to let your partner know, what it going on in your mind and so on. Because even though Kei was sensing that something was wrong with Hina, he was still smacked with the cruel reality in some endings. That made me really sad. Because it was so sudden and just cruel. Well, actually all three of them suffered a lot, because Hina was taking so long to make up her mind, but that’s something you can’t avoid, I guess.

          What bothered me though, was how Kei and Hina had this really fluffly life after all this. Not that I didn’t like it… But it’s kind of unrealistic, how they never fought again. At least on-screen. It would have been nice, if Hina narrated it like: “Kei and I are living happily together, we still fight sometimes, but…” Because there is no relationship without fights or arguments. ^^

          I don’t judge Hina for being attracted to another man, god we are human, that happens, even if our boyfriend is a sweetheart. But you need to be fair to both of them. Tell them your feelings, reject one properly or reject both, if you can’t decide.


          1. Thanks! (*´ω`*) And no worries, i like discussing about stuff like this since I don’t have people to discuss with in daily life.

            Are you going to play the append disc, there’s like these extra stories. I think your guy of choice turns chibi or something? I actually only played the main story bc i was lazy. (´-_ゝ-`) lol


          2. Ahahaha. Append disc? My game version only came with the game CD and the 2 Tokuten CD’s. Or do you mean the SS special’s? I haven’t played Kei’s SS special yet, (only his is unlocked for now), but I will tonight. I’m waiting for chibi’s, because they have a chibi artist listed in the staff, but I haven’t seen any yet. LOL

            Oh, regarding the 2 other games of this series… I made a mistake! I’m actually interested in the 2nd game, as I really like Hinocchi and childhood friends. But seeing how the first game already tore my heart in so many pieces… I just can’t do that thing with a childhood friend. I WON’T SURVIVE. AS MUCH AS I LIKE HINOCCHI. JUST NO MORE HEARTBREAK PLS!


  4. Do you have any recommendation on otome games for NDS or PSP? \(-w-)/ and in english maybe because I don’t really understand japanese, just a lil bit hehe :p


    1. Sorry about the trouble. Anyways… the problem with otome games is that there aren’t many that are released in English. All of the otome games I play are in Japanese. The only game that I’m informed of that is in english is Hakuouki. If you want to play other english otome games, the other option is to play on your phone? I’ve played voltage’s otome game apps, which are both released in japanese and english.

      Regarding NDS, I’m assuming those are the DS games? I don’t play otome games on DS, so I’m not sure about that. Well, I did play Hiiro no Kakera like a million years ago, but I wouldn’t recommend the game since it had a lot of repetition in the routes. However, you can play Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS, which has somewhat of an otome game experience since you get to choose your marriage partner as you play.

      Regarding PSP games, I would recommend the Wand of Fortune series, Seishun Hajimemashita, Glass Heart Princess, Clock Zero, and the Black Wolves Saga series. The bad news is that they’re in Japanese. How much do you understand Japanese? I’m thinking Seishun Hajimemashita and Glass Heart Princess won’t be too hard to understand if you can follow basic daily conversations? since they’re placed in modern setting. The rest of the games I listed may be a bit harder since their time settings are not so modern and tend to use terms that may be hard to understand.
      Have you ever played any Japanese otome games?


      1. Thank you for the info~ (*´∇`*) I only know Japanese from watching animes so it’s not really much I guess but I’ll try (*^^)v Thanks again!


        1. Oh yeah, I recently heard that Code:Realize is going to be released in English. If you have a Vita, maybe you can play that one. In my opinion, it’s like finally they’re releasing something other than Hakuouki ahaha. I thought I would just give you a heads up since it seems a lot of people is excited about this. I don’t have a vita, so I won’t be able to tell you if it was good or not though. Hope this helps ><


  5. hey there if you dont mind i got some questions.i want to play this game but im not sure if i can undrestand is the language difficult?how did you learn japanese?and how long does it take to be like semi fluent?i am self studying it right now but for some reason i feel like theres no point to it think you can give me some tips?


      1. I’m always open for questions (◕ω◕✿). How long has it been since you started learning Japanese? The thing is I might not be the right person to ask since I went to Japanese school when I was a kid. However, I only went until 4th grade, so I can tell you how I taught myself after?

        What i did was read A LOT of manga. As long as you’re not reading mature manga, the kanji would have hiragana next to it, so I would eventually recognize and learn them. Because of that, my manga collection is kinda crazy…lol. If you can recognize kanji, you can basically type. I’m not good at writing them though. As of how I first learned, I’m not sure b/c that was too long ago. Also, I used to watch anime and regular tv shows, so I picked it up from that too.


        1. well i guess 6 months ago but i too watched a lot of anime so that kinda helped.right now i didnt have much problem with honeybee games so i guess if i learn till jlpt n4 or n3 i should get by easily thanks for the reply btw


          1. No problem! I don’t think Wand of Fortune has too many difficult words. If you know the basics, you shouldn’t have too much problems? It might be just a little more difficult than Honeybee games since I think they mainly release modern themed games. The really difficult games are the legit historical themed games. I kinda avoid those b/c even I would have trouble translating them. It’s like, I kinda abandon my English speaking brain when I play them lol.


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