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Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai! – Asagiri Atsushi


Asagiri  is the treasurer of the student council. He’s the weirdest of them all out of the student council members. He doesn’t talk much, and looks like he’s spaced out all the time. According to him, he has this “My Boom” phase that he follows. The “My Boom” comes from no where, with no foretell. One day, you would see him standing in line during lunch will all the people who wants to buy lunch. When his turn came, he didn’t order anything. Then, he would go back to the end of the line without ordering anything… Apparently, his “My Boom” was to stand in line… Such a weirdo he is… (ಠ_ಠ)

Asagiri doesn’t really have a dramatic route I guess. (・ω・) Compared to the others, his plot is rather…dull.  Like I assumed that maybe there’s like this “truth” in why he has  a “My Boom,” but it doesn’t really go in depth about it.【※ Read My Thoughts】 Well, before I go further into his plot, let me start with the prelude. Basically, Aya would find Asagiri doing weird things, following his “My Boom,” like the lunch line event. Aya finds him sleeping in class as well. When he wakes up,  he tells Aya that he was counting animals. You know how sometimes adults would tell kids to count sheeps to help them sleep? Except Asagiri DOES NOT count sheeps. He counts rabbits instead. ( ゚д゚)・・ Well, I guess that works too. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Also, he tries to understand a hamster’s feeling, so he fills up his mouth with food.  When Aya tells him that he probably can’t mimic them because humans don’t have cheek pouches, he quits that “My Boom.”Asagiri’s “My Booms” come according to whatever he finds interesting? Just a little thing can trigger a new “My Boom” and end it as well.

KOISHIBA_0088 One day after school, Aya is on the way to the school library to borrow a book. Asa (Asagiri=Asa おk? haha) sees her, and decides to tag along because there’s a book he wants to borrow as well. All of a sudden, Aya hears voices, and so happens that they encounter a confession. Aya tells Asa to go out the library with her. Asa thinks that it’s a ninja boom…that weirdo… (。-∀-) Asa asks if love confession = “love,” but Aya tells him that’s a bit off. She tells him that love confession does not equal “love,” but people “love.” Therefore, people confess to one another. Aya explains to Asa that when people think about those they like, their hearts go “ドキドキ,” feel suffocated and unable to sleep. Asa then asks if this is an illness. Therefore, she explains further about how love makes people want to do something for one another, and it makes them happy when they are together. Then, he is further confused about the matter. Aya finds Asa in the field this one day. He’s like hyperventilating, so Aya is worried that something might be wrong with him. He mumbles, “My heart…” so Aya tries to take him to the nurse’s office. Instead, he tells Aya that he might just understand how it feels to fall in love now since his heart is going doki doki. However, his heart is actually like that because he was exercising. ε=ε=ヾ(*゚ー゚)シ

It so happens that other people heard about his new boom, “love,” so they decided to help him. Therefore, they planned a 合コン, where a group of  girls and guys go hang out to trigger an opportunity to get a girlfriend/boyfriend in that group. Thus, Asa was invited by these girly people. Aya stops him because she’s worried about him. She tells him that it doesn’t mean he’ll understand what love is by going to one. He decides not to go, but instead asks Aya to teach him about “love.” Aya feels responsible for his curiosity, she probably didn’t explain it well enough for Asa at the library.  Therefore, she agrees to help him.

KOISHIBA_0089She plans a love fair in the library. After reading the books for a while, Asa suddenly starts reading out the lines from the book. He asks what the scene means, but Aya is having trouble trying to explain to him. He grabs her hand all of a sudden, and asks if his action establishes love. Aya turns all red, and tells him that it doesn’t. Also, stop looking at her too much. Obviously, Asa doesn’t understand what it means to fall  in love. There’s still a long way to go… (>ω<)  Aya tells him that they should call it a day, but Asa claims that he has come to understand what “love” is. He asks if he can borrow her name, and thanks her that he will be able to fall in love now. For some reason, Aya is taken to the rooftop, and tells her that he’s ready. All of a sudden he yells, “I like Aya-senpai!! I need Aya-senpai no matter what! I won’t hand her to anyone! Aya-san I love you~!” He asks Aya if he was able to fall in love this time, but obviously we all know the answer to that question~ (´-_-`) She asks Asa what’s going on because his action was so unexpected. He tells Aya that it’s a sudden confession, and that it’s a sign of his gratitude.

Asa amd Aya meet up on Sunday to go to the movie theater to watch a romance movie, so Asa can study more on “love.” He claims that he didn’t really understand where the romance began. All of a sudden the characters in the movie were holding hands ⇒ confusion ヽ(。_゜)ノ Therefore, Aya thinks that maybe a movie was too fast for him. Hence, they decide to copy the movie and go on a date. They choose the park as their date spot. However, they start and end their date with a しりとる rally. ( ゚д゚)・・・

KOISHIBA_0090One afternoon, Aya finds Asa on the rooftop. She mentions how they have a culture festival coming up. Asa remembers that some people were talking about the after party dance. Asa wonders if there is any good in participating in it. Aya is a bit troubled from answering such a question, but suggest that it may be fun if people were able to dance with the person they like. Asa asks Aya if she has a partner, but ofc she has none.  I, on the other hand, personally want Eiji-senpai~ (´ω`*) He’s still my fave at this point, and probably will stay my fave… (o´艸`) Aya tells her not to be hasty about it because there’s still time, so maybe he’ll find a date by that time. If not, they can go together. They talk for a while more, and Aya is about to leave. UH-OH, but the door is locked. SO, they got locked out… (´O`) Aya is panicking inside while Asa is all chill about it.

It’s September now, so it’s cold outside. Asa offers Aya his scarf, but tells him to keep them on or he’ll get cold as well. Then, Aya realizes that she can just call someone with her phone, but turns out the battery is dead. Asa says he can call instead, but remembered that he’s on a “My Boom” to not carry his phone. It’s night time, so they look at the stars. Asa tells her all these info. on astronomy from his past “My Boom.” Luckily, they were soon found by Gondou.

After the incident, they talk more about love/romance. It seems that Asa has opened up to her more, so they get along more as well. Aya and Asa talk about his horoscope on romance. The other student council members hear about their situation, how Aya is trying to teach Asa about love. Therefore, the other members decide to join Aya in helping Asa. Student council president, Naru-senpai decides that the student council will assist on full throttle, so they can focus on actual student council affairs afterwards. Thus, the student council plans to hold a 合コン for Asa. Naru-senpai mentions how it would be troublesome to put cameras and etc, so all the student council members will be participating. Of course, Aya is told to participate as well. It’s settled for the guy members for the 合コン, which is five people in all. Therefore, they need five girls in all, so they need four more people excluding Aya. The members ask Aya if there are any people in mind for the girl’s side. She plans to invite two of her best friends and the school nurse. However, that’s only four people, so they need one more person. Then, Eiji-senpai mentions that he has one person in mind, so that’s settled. Everyone except Naru-senpai is surprised. Naru-senpai has a bad feeling about this.  Btw…I have a good feeling about this (*´∀`)b

KOISHIBA_0091On the same day, Aya leaves early because she feels real sick. It turns out that she got a fever and skipped school the next day. Eiji-senpai and Naru-senpai check on how she’s doing after school that day. She feels bad about how she collapsed when she’s chairman of the school board; she should be taking care of her well-being. She tells them that she will go to school tomorrow, and that she have troubled them. HOWEVER (important), Eiji-senpai tells her not to worry since she’s human too. Therefore, it’s normal for these things to happen. (/ω\*) He’s such a sweetie even on other people’s route (。・ω・。) Afterwards, Habasaki and Midou visit her too. Lastly, the main guy in this route appears. She asks Asa if he wants to eat some snacks with her, but falls asleep bc of the medicine is starting to work on her. The next morning, Aya wakes up to see Asa still there. She was surprised because it turns out that Asa didn’t go home since she mentioned how happy she was just for him to be by her side when he asked if there was anything he can do for her yesterday. Aya was surprised, but still happy, so she thanks him.

KOISHIBA_0092Ever since then, Aya gradually becomes really embarrassed in front of Asa. On the day of the 合コン, they have it at this fancy place due to Naru-senpai’s choice of place, which doesn’t give off a 合コン atmosphere at all. The mystery person that Eiji-senpai brought was Mayu-chan.  Yayy~ (*’▽’*)♪ It’s kinda fun how Eiji-senpai invites his own sister. I don’t think he would do that normally. This is probably because he KNOWS that the other members won’t go after her. ahaha Since in his route, it bothered him when Mayu-chan walked to his school with this dude from her class. (o´艸`) Haha Enough of Eiji-senpai (^q^) Anyways, they decide to pair up because they practically know each other already. They tell Aya to choose the arrangements, so she suggest that they should pair up with the person next to them.

One day, Aya has a question on her classic literature problem, so she goes to the teacher’s office to ask Gondou. There, she meets Asagiri, who is there to pick up a print from the office. Aya asks Gondou for help, and Asa is just watching them as if he has something to say. Aya tells Gondou as if she is learning a different language. Therefore, Asa starts saying that he knows all these languages from his “My Booms.” Therefore, Gondou tells him that she’s not praising him, so he doesn’t need to be competitive. He got jealous (゚ω゚) ahaha During one of the meetings, Midou mentions how he saw Asa’s name on the nominee list for the fresh mister/miss contest, in which one girl and guy is chosen in the freshman class as the winner. Asa wonders why he was chosen, so Aya suggest that it’s probably because he’s popular. There is tradition that the mister and miss winners would dance with each other. Aya is kinda sad since if he does win, their promise will be gone. Btw last last year (when Eiji-senpai and Naru-senpai was a freshie), Naru-senpai won. However, it was actually a close match between Eiji-senpai and Naru-senpai. The year after, Midou won, but the dance was rejected by Aya’s friend. (≧m≦)ぷっ!

KOISHIBA_0093The day of the culture festival, the student council decides to do a pet cafe. When Aya goes there, she finds Asa holding a bunny with bunny ears. Aya and Asa decide go look around the booths together during his break. However, these girls eventually interrupt them because Asa needs to get ready for the contest. Asa shows this attitude that he doesn’t wanna go, but Aya tells him to go. She feels kinda meh, but yah… (´・д・`) The time of the contest starts, and Asa wins. Aya leaves because she doesn’t want to see him dance with another girl. Aya is all sighing, and suddenly Asa appears. She asks why he’s here; He should be participating in the after festival. However, he only participated until he came looking for her. Aya tells him that other people will be worried, but he says he was looking for her so he’s glad he found her. Asa tells her that there’s this place he wants to take her. Asa takes her to the rooftop. He talks about how the moon is pretty, and ask for a dance like they promised. She thought he forgot, but apparently he didn’t. He tells Aya that he didn’t want to dance with just anyone. He wanted to dance with Aya. It’s almost Christmas, but Asa doesn’t really know what the holiday is about. According to Midou, Christmas is a holiday for couples to get all lovey dovey. (/ω\*) Asa mentions how he wants to spend that say with Aya then. ∑(〃ω〃) They have a deliberation on whether Aya and Asa can go on a date on Christmas. They have the weirdest deliberations I swear… It’s like um…I don’t think it’s the student council to decide on that… ahah (ಠ_ಠ) OH WELL~ (´O`) Anyways, they decide that they can go on a date. Also, the student council will fully support and back up their date. Σ(`・Д・ノ)ノ

OK sorry, but I just had to add this part. (>_<。) There’s this event where Aya asks the student council members what they do on x’mas. It’s the part of the game where you are limited in where you can go to see a student council member or find deliberation topics. Normally, I would only go see one character and the rest for topics. Like in Asa’s route,  I would just go see him. The rest will be for the topics. When Aya went to see Asa, it’s just him reading all these documents on “love” from Naru-senpai. He still doesn’t understand, so he borrows some more books at the school library. I could have just stop there, BUUUUT I didn’t…_(._.)_ I think it’s pretty obvious who else I’m trying to see for this event ahaha YESH it’s Eiji-senpai. I JUST HAD TO KNOW what he does for x’mas… Apparently, he has nothing planned .O. BUT is planning to eat some meat. Last year, he just went home, eat, and went to sleep. Very simple indeed, what a waste. (´・д・`) I would be gladly to join you for x’mas. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ Aya asks him if he got any presents, but says he’s not a kid. But he gave everyone in his family presents D’AWWWW…. 。* ゚ + 。・゚・。・ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

The day of the date, they meet up, but it seems that Asa has come early. Aya is worried because he was waiting out in the cold for an hour. Then, he suggests that they hold hands, so they can both be warm. However, he takes back what he says, telling her that he lied since the truth is that he just wanted to hold her hand. (*´ー`)ノ He asks Aya if she remembers the time when she told him that people hold hands because they are in love, not that people fall in love from holding hands. He adds that love makes people sly. It’s more troublesome than he thought it would be. They hold hands, and that makes Asa really happy. He tells Aya that she is turning red, so tells him not to point it out because she knows. Therefore, Asa asks if love established this time. At the end of the date, they talk about how nice it would have been if it would snow (White Christmas). Aya tells him that they have to ask God then. Therefore, Asa asks if she believes in them, like if they exist. Asa remembers how he read this one line in a manga, “I thank God that they were able to meet because of God.” He didn’t understand at first, but he does now. He mentions that he’s glad that he was able to meet Aya. He gets all warm inside when he’s with her. When she praises him, he’s happy. On the other hand, he gets all jealous when he sees her praising someone else (just like the time with Gondou). When he sees Aya laugh or blush, it feels like someone is grabbing his heart. He feels happy, but painful at the same time. He says that he knows what this feeling is because he’s been studying with Aya all this time. He tells her that he has fallen in love with her.  Nice confession~ GJ! (゚ω゚)b

KOISHIBA_0097In return, he asks how she feels about him. Aya tells him that she likes him too. ok….. oK. OK! UHHHHH… The thing is…I kinda started this review BEFORE I finished the game. There is nothing dramatic MY…Well, I guess it’s not too dramatic, but this route is probably the most bizarre route in this game. (´・д・`) There was actually a reason for Asa not knowing anything about well, EVERYTHING. After the confession, all of a sudden he grows wings ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ブーン ….NO. Where did that come from…ヾ(-д-;)ぉぃぉぃ He remembers just NOW that he’s an angel. He puts away his wings for now bc it’s in the way. ヮ(゚д゚)ォ! He’s not human, and it seems that his memory was erased. He was born as an angel, but didn’t know what “love” is. Therefore, God gave him a task to go to the human world and learn how to love. He promised that he’s not allowed to return until he does. He asks for Aya’s hand, so he can give her a x’mas present that he just bought. Aya tells him that she didn’t buy him anything. He says it’s a surprise and he doesn’t need anything because he already received a present from her. He got her gloves because her hands are cold. He was thinking of not giving her the present because it would take away his excuse for holding her hands. Then, why did he buy gloves in the first place? It’s so that her hands will be warm even after he’s gone. Since he completed his task, he probably will be sent back. He tells her that it’s fine because everyone’s memory of him will probably disappear. Aww man… (´; ω ;`)ウッ… Aya tells him that she won’t forget, but Asa tells her that she will because God is actually a meanie hehe. He actually feels that it would’ve been better if he didn’t come to understand “love” after all, so he would be allowed to stay by her side. However, if he didn’t, he would have never fallen in love with her, so that’s no good either. He says that if… if… she is able to remember him, he will one day come to see her again. Then, he would confess to her for the third time. He says his goodbyes, and tells her that he’s glad that it was her that taught him what love is.

KOISHIBA_0098It’s been one week since Asa disappeared. However, it so happens that no one has forgotten about him yet. Therefore, everyone is worried about him because they don’t even know where he lives. The address that was received by the school is just a vacant place. Naru-senpai suggest that if it’s necessary, maybe they should send a search request to the police. Aya tells them thet Asa is probably fine, so they don’t need to to worry too much. On the day of the graduation for the 3rd years, such as Naru-senpai and Eiji-senpai. Oh wow, it seems like they still remember Asa. Gondou comes in to talk to the student council members about tomorrow’s graduation. Aya offers to help, but is told that it’s fine because she has some of her school board chairman duties. Aya is on the rooftop thinking about tomorrow, and Asa. She’s about to leave the rooftop, and notices a white message on the field. She rushes downstairs to the student council room.When she reaches the room, Aya finds Asa, and hugs him right at that moment. He asks if she saw his confession, which is probably the writing on the field. The other members come to see Asa as well since they had all noticed the writing on the field because she ran pass all the student council members when rushing toward the student council office. He wrote, “Board chairman LOVE,” so everyone expected that it was Asa. (n‘∀‘)η


KOISHIBA_0094Aya and the others forget Asa’s existence. Since Asa used to be the treasurer, they are thinking why they don’t have a treasurer in their council. Satoshi curious why he has always been wondering why Aya has a feather bookmarked in her agenda. However, even Aya doesn’t remember because she lost all the memories with Asa. She says that it doesn’t feel like she found it. Instead, it was more like she always had it. She feels like it’s real important to her, so she can throw it away either. This one day, she’s with her friends and the feather flies away from the wind. She tries to catch it, but almost get run over by a car. Her friends were really relieved that she was able to dodge the car in time, and that she has good reflexes. However, she tells them she didn’t because she was so scared that she couldn’t move. On the other hand, her friend tells her that she did dodge it. Aya says that it was because someone pushed her back. The friend tells her that there’s no one there but them. The other friend tells them not to worry since all that matters is that Aya was okay. Then. one of her friend notices something by Aya’s feet. The feather that Aya was trying to catch was there, but also another feather in addition. There was two feather by her feet, so her friend says it’s as if it’s an angel’s feather. This comment triggers her memory, and YAYYY she remembers!! 。+゚(゚´Д`゚)゚+

KOISHIBA_0104MY THOUGHTS ( ゚д゚)ポカーン… Since when did this game contain fantasy elements… (ಠ_ಠ) Nonetheless, I enjoyed the route still. It’s just that things started happening so fast near the end. By the time I finished the route, I was more like (・д・)…than (´ω`*) I started typing up this review before I even finished the route, so yes it may have been misleading. I DID NOT see this coming. The other characters I played so far, their problems/issues were revealed throughout the game. On the other hand, Asa…Well, the issue in his route was that he didn’t understand “love.” It’s predictable that he’s gonna eventually learn by actually falling in love himself, with Aya. Still…who would have thought he was an angel. It’s like the other character routes came from some kind of drama. You know those regular school life dramas? So, I was like that’s possible…kinda… ahaha Since I was considering this game as a drama, I was thinking Asa would be somewhere along that line. BUT NOOOOOooo… He suddenly grew WINGS in December (Game starts from April) and says he’s an angel. I mean what the hell is that . ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ)アヒャ I thought it was suspicious that he didn’t know anything even though he’s in high school. BUT AN ANGEL?… AN ANGEL!? ok enough of that, but yeah that’s how I felt basically.

I was totally planning to post this up earlier… Fail…(´・ω・`)ショボーン I’m actually surprised how long this post turned out to be. I think it’s because of the unnecessary things I added about a certain other character. (/ω・\)チラッ On the other hand, I didn’t start on the last character yet. Therefore, it may take a bit more, but I’ll be done with this series before February ends. I’ll probably post up the upcoming game that I will review on before then as well. I really enjoyed this game, so I recommend this game. One thing difficult about this game is to collect all the CGs, but surprisingly it’s not that bad. However, I recommend using a walkthrough for completing the missing CGs because timing matters. Nonetheless, it’s fun and I might as well fully complete this game.


5 thoughts on “Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai! – Asagiri Atsushi

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. There’s nowhere else that describes him in English, but the way you described him is just as I would have expected based on short descriptions and images alone, well except for the angel part.
    I really wish they’d make this game(and others) in English.


  2. PS: Do they explain if there’s any reason that he always wears a scarf and gloves? Just something I’ve been curious about.


    1. ohhh, it was one of his “My Booms.” You know the stuff he does when he’s into a trend except his are odd trends. He would like count rabbits instead of sheeps, and tried to eat like a hamster by stuffing his mouth (cheeks) with food. His scarf & glove was one of those. He just continued it because Aya said it looked good on him haha (* ´艸`)クスッ♪


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