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Wand of Fortune 2 – Est


Est is basically the tsundere of the game. He usually tries not to get involved with Lulu, but sometime has this デレ side towards Lulu. When they first arrived to the 350 years ago Mills Claire, Lulu was feeling insecure during the night time. Est notices that she is sitting by herself, so he turns on the fire place for her and ask whats wrong. Est is amazed how she always talks about the useless things, but always keep the important stuff to herself. Therefore, he tells her to say something when she feels lonely. He mentions how everyone unconsciously yearn for her, so she should admit her effect on other people. So then, Lulu asks if Est feels that way about her. However, he’s just like “No comment…” Obviously, he does too hehe  (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

WOFortune2_0014Lulu looks for Est, and finds him with Solo-Mon. Est is the cautious type, so he feels suspicious of Solo that it’s actually not a coincidence that Solo appeared in front of them. Est asks him one thing, why he decided to join Lulu and co. since he doesn’t have anything to do with them after all. He helped because they seemed unnatural, like odd I guess? Lulu’s magic got weaker from the whole time traveling thing. On the other hand, he claims that Est is unbalanced. He’s hiding something he originally has, but pretends he doesn’t. Solo releases Est’s “actual” ability, which reveals his engraved seals all over his body. Now, according to Solo, it’s much more natural than the Est before he released his true self.

Est decides to tell Lulu the truth behind his seals. There are three groups involved: ウェオラケウス, the Origin, and the 狂信派. ウェオラケウス is the ancient specimen that had powers. He opposed when Morgana gave power to humans and believed that people should not gain powers such as magic. The Origin consisted those who believed that people should not desire more than what they’re given. Therefore, ウェオラケウス supported the Origin and became their mentor.  Lulu retort that magic is suppose to bring happiness to people. Both ideas aren’t wrong; if not used wrong, magic can be helpful. However, in reality, magic was already used in war. Even if magic was still weak at this time, it was enough to cause harm to the people.

WOFortune2_0016Ratt was also part of Origin. He started acting weird due to their power and even a curse had put out upon his being because of his betrayal. Ratt wasn’t against magic like the others. Therefore, he ran away from the Origin to Mills Claire, where Morgana accepted him. According to him, the current Origin extremely hate magic, and plan to annihilate those who use magic. Perhaps, it may have been better if things stayed that way. However in the present where Lulu & co. belong, this organization is going to become a group that seek for a power stronger than those of ancient powers. It’s ridiculous how they once denied magic. But soon become those who are most attach to such powers, which are the 狂信派. Est was from this organization. Lulu asks what happened to them. The answer was simple, power changed the organization. In order to deny, annihilate magic, they researched magic. As magic changed the thoughts of people, it changed the Origin as well.

The 狂信派 believed that if people don’t abuse the power of magic, it can be useful. Therefore, only the chosen one should use them. It may sound right, but they’re not speaking of choosing that “one” from the organization. They are implying that the organization itself should be the only ones to use such powers. They will do anything to obtain power. Thus, Est was created. He says that he and Lulu are similar. Gender, personality, and actions are complete opposites, but are the same…Est admits that he also has the ability to use all elements, or should I say no elements. Basically, it means that he had nothing in the beginning. Therefore, the 狂信派 used that in order to carve all element seals on Est in order to get closer to the ancient specimen, Morgana. If fate were to cause mischief, their positions may haven the opposite. Est may have been someone who can give happiness to those around him. On the other hand, Lulu may have been a lonely girl with sad eyes. As Est was saying those things, Lulu then became afraid that Est may have cursed her in the past. She just felt sorry…but…

WOFortune2_0017Instead, Est feels relieved that he was born in the organization. If he wasn’t born, they might have gotten their hands on Lulu. He somewhat felt that he was saved that even a person like him was able to protect her. Est mentions about the time that Lulu had said that their well-being is in their futures. However, he tells her that the future that awaits him is not the same as her. There are no futures in which they can be together even if their beginnings were the same. Therefore, he is going to do everything in his power to help her for the rest of the time he has left with her. He believed that they may walk the same path now, but they will eventually part their ways. Thus, he tells her to be happy for him too. Lulu doesn’t want him to give up, and suggests to run away like Ratt. Est reminds her that even though Ratt ran away, the Origin still chased him. He tells her not to speak of it anymore…

Est decides to go have a little chit-chat with ウィオラケラス. It turns out that he only supported the Origin in order for the people to gain deterrence. However, from the talk with Est, ウィオラケラス sees that, that may have been a mistake too. He believed that Morgana’s views were clouded, but maybe he wasn’t the only one. However, Est realizes something while talking to ウィオラケラス.  He reminds Lulu what a man was saying when the war started. There were people who didn’t evacuate because they believed in Morgana’s powers, that they will be protected. Then, what would happen to the people who are not under Morgana’s power? Therefore, ウィオラケラス wanted to help those people. (´・д・`)

One night, Lulu goes look for Solo, but finds Lagi instead. She insists that she continues to look for him, but Lagi stops her since it’s dangerous. He tells her that he’s gonna take her to where he is staying for the time being. Lulu suddenly asks if he ever felt a “despair that can make you give up the future.” Of course Lagi realizes that she’s talking about emo Est. There is only one thing he can say, “He’s not in despair, he’s just restraining himself.” There’s this pause, seems that he has noticed something. (゚ω゚) Then, continues on what he was about to say. Lagi mentions how Est always has this expression as if he doesn’t have anything he wants. However, he has actually has this acquisitive eyes especially when he’s with Lulu. Whenever Lagi saw those eyes, he yells what he had always thought,”A kid like you shouldn’t be restraining themselves!! If you want something, just say it!” And aks, “Right Est?” And tells Lulu to do her best. So that pause  meant that he realized Est was there. Oh geez LAGI, YOU’RE SOOO COOL~ (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Here, he says that he’s a kid. I’m thinking that it was because he’s the youngest one, 14 years old? Dude I was like のぉおおおお~ щ(ಥДಥщ) when I remembered he was only 14…I’m not into shotas…ahaha

WOFortune2_0020Est is kinda angry angry~ bc Lulu went out by herself late at night. He goes RAAAGE and yells at her that he’s had enough. He obtained something he never wanted, unable to obtain the things he really want, and just endures. He doesn’t know what to do and what to wish fore because of that. He scared to dream, wish, have expectations, to believe and end up being betrayed. He gets scared just by thinking about the what ifs. What if those dreams/wishes don’t come true. However, that’s not the only thing he says. He says that if there are changes just by wishing/hoping to step up, then he won’t hesitate anymore. He only has one wish, to have Lulu by his side. And to think this is coming from a 14 year old…(´・д・`) Am I the only one who thinks this? ahah. He’ll do anything to obtain her heart. He doesn’t need/want anything else. He just wants the same future as her. So ofc Lulu tells Est that he already won her heart and to trust her. As long as Est desires, their future will be in the same place. They kiss and it seems that Est’s seals are disappearing.

WOFortune_0021The next day, Solo comes and talks to them. He tells them now, they are more natural. In terms of Est’s seal disappearing or their feelings are toward each other now, we don’t know. Solo asks how ウィオラケウス was doing. He tells them how him and the ancient specimens loved people. That’s why they pended whether they should take back the powers that humans once never had to see if Morgana was wrong about his ideas. If so, that’s when Solo would come in to take away the powers to use magic. Before they leave that time phase, they see a little girl named Eira for the last time. She’s one of the students of Mills Claire that they got along with in the past world. They tell her the truth of what magic can and can’t do. You know how there are some things that adults don’t tell kids the truth because it’ll make them sad? So Eira believed that magic can even bring back the dead, so they tell her the truth about that. He tells her not to close her eyes on the sorrow, but look at the future yet to come (so she won’t become like Est, how he used to give up on his fate.).

After, they go back in their present world. The following day, they are called to see Ivan and Vania-sensei. They mention about a letter received from Solo-Mon, telling them to tell then anything they wish to hear. Therefore, Est asked what they thought of the 狂信派. They should have known that he was from there, so asked why they left him be. They expected change is probably the right word. They accepted him bc everyone who wants to attend the school is accepted no matter where they’re from. But mostly, by accepting Est and learning there, they hoped that there may be a good change to the 狂信派. However, if Est was to cause harm to the students, they wouldn’t go easy on him. On the other hand, Lulu asks how Solo is doing, like what happened to him. They say thanks and leave.

WOFortune2_0022Few days later, Lulu & Est go on a date. Lulu is all happy even though Est tells her that they’re always together anyways. Est still carries his magic book as a camouflage, just in case. They have lunch at the lake with some sandwiches, potato, and boned meat. There’s and odd number amount of meat, so she asks him if he wants it. She assumed he said no like always, but surprisingly he said yes. He says he wants to be bigger, so he can protect her, like Lagi said as well. Lulu is so happy, she tries to feed him. But he’s embarrassed…D’awwwww (*´ー`)ノ

It’s been three years and Est isn’t a shota anymore. Apparently, Est was away for a few weeks. He’s been leaving  Mills Claire from time to time back to the 狂信派, his hometown. Est claims that he’s not planning to return anytime soon, but eventually he is.  He wants to prevent them from creating a child like him ever again. When they meet again, Lulu asks him if he grew again. Apparently, she asks him about his every time he comes back. She feels that it’s unfair that only Est grows. Est then says even though it’s only been a few weeks, they haven’t seen  each other for a while, so he wants to see her smile rather than her pout. (*´ω`*) Since when did he become such a smooth talker ~ (ΦωΦ)フフフ… Lulu talks to Vania sensei when they get back to Mills Claire; even she says that their positions have flipped now. Lulu complains that Est used be so cute, but he’s not cute at all recently! Vania asks that shouldn’t she be happy that now that he won’t flip over when she jumps him. Yeah…but apparently she is troubled that Est is too cool/handsome now~ He is He is. Yay not shota anymore~ Enough of that haha (^q^) Vania mentions that she talked to Est last time he came back. She’s proud of him that he has grown well, strength and ability-wise. However, she asks at this point he may as well become a 大魔王 controlling the 狂信派 and the dark element world. When she said that, he said that it may not be such a bad idea. 

WOFortune2_0023Now, Lulu is at the library  thinking what she should do if Est does become a 大魔王 and Est overhears her. He has no such plans like that as of now. Vania was just teasing them. hehe They go to the section of the library where only high class mages can enter. Lulu is amazed how hard Est studies and suggest that maybe he can be a 大魔王 after all. He says that he’s planning to seize the 狂信派 anyways, so might not be all that wrong. He may be seen like that to those people who don’t know him well. He doesn’t mind, but tells Lulu she may been as something like that as well. She becomes troubled, but not as in how people were view her. She worries that if she becomes a a bride of a 魔王, father and mother may be surprised. Est says that she may be right, but is troubled about her saying those things too easily since he’s planning to say those things himself one day. (o´艸`) He turns red bc she says that’s only natural that she becomes his bride since they’ve been together for so long. Lulu is all happy that bc she felt like she won and seeing his cute side. She’s all gloating about it, but then Est pushes her against the book shelves that she should stop treating her like she’s older. Well, she is older so ofc she will. But Est doesn’t like her treating him like the younger bc she’s a guy. I guess it’s the man’s pride? He doesn’t like to be called cute either. pshhh I don’t know what’s so bad about being called cute. IT’S SUCH A GOOD COMPLIMENT! (゚ω゚) haha. He tells her that he’s not gonna let go of her ever and that she’s his only. (〃ω〃)

Est…poor baby…soooo emo ahaha. I was so devastated when I found out he was 14…ahaha jk not really. But I reconsidered him being my favorite character. He’s sooo young, makes me feel like a pedophile HAHA. I’m not into shotas though sadly…But I’m not into guys like Alvaro. He’s older, but honestly he’s so childish…leaving poor Lulu alone. OH! But maybe Lagi…he was so cool in Est’s route. I’m kinda looking forward to him in Bilal’s route because Lagi notices that he’s acting weird as well. Who would have thought Lagi was so observant…He’s definitely one of the candidates that might end up being my fave at the end of the WOF2 series. Well, I like the three years later Est, so he might still stay No.1 haha. Dude so far…Noel is like air to me…No cool side of him or anything in other people’s route. I think he appeared a bit in Alvaro’s route, but it wasn’t that important…I don’t think. Excited to play Est’s route in the FD. Need to get some tissues ready for some massive nosebleed (*´д`*) ahaha


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