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Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai! – Midou Touya


Midou Touya is in charge of general affairs of the student council. He’s the playboy of the school, but he won’t just date anyone. He is a  playboy, but the person has to be his “fated love.” In other words, the other person has to be someone that he thinks that might be his fated love. The negative part of this is that he would often think that a girl is his fated love, so I guess that’s what makes him a playboy? haha. Also, he has this  playboy appearance, but his home is a temple.

KOISHIBA_0070He thinks that there’s fate between him and Aya just because they were thinking of doing the same thing at the same time. Aya would just brush him off by saying it’s a coincidence. It’s kinda of cool that he can cook though, but his reason is just ridiculous. He says that he’s devoting in preparing himself to be able to go to his fated person as her bride. What the heck…(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Despite his weirdo dream of being someone’s bride, he has a cute side too. He used to be in baseball club in middle school, so he was bald. He originally brought the album to show someone else’s picture that is in the album for ¥1000, but they saw Midou’s picture as well. He’s all embarrassed as his friend laughs at his picture. Then comes Aya, Midou doesn’t want her to see, but she does anyways. (゚ω゚)

In his route, he has issues with his grampy, which is the head of the temple run by the Midou family.  One day, one of the monks in training visits the school in order to bring Midou back home. It turns out that he ran away from home, right after his middle school graduation. The other people from the temple thought he will probably give up and come home soon. However, it turns out that their prediction was wrong. He doesn’t get any allowances, so he has to earn his own living expenses by working part-time. It’s actually pretty impressive because that means he’s been living on his own for over a year. It turns out Midou doesn’t want to succeed his grandpa’s temple, so he expects the monk in training to eventually to take his position instead. Midou tells Aya how he doesn’t want to go back because he hates how the temple is in the mountains and it’s old-style. However, there’s actually another reason why he doesn’t want to succeed his grandfather’s temple. The same monk comes to visit the school, but to see Aya this time to get her help in order to convince Midou. Ofc Aya is a nice girl, so she agrees to do the best she can.

KOISHIBA_0069Aya goes to Midou’s part-time job to talk to him, so he can convince him. He was off soon, so he tells Aya to wait for him until he’s done. They meet at the park afterwards and Midou is like as always, he asks her if it’s a confession. No no dear, it’s not a confession (=_=) However, he still is all happy because Aya is worried about him, which means that she’s thinking about him. He thanks her and asks if she can go out on an errand with him. It turns out that he’s taking her out to play grass baseball, so there’s various people of different ages that gather up to play baseball for fun. The following day, Midou talks about how the others are glad she came to play baseball with them. However, Aya kinda slips her mouth and is discovered that trainee told her about the real reason why Midou ran away from home in order to convince her to help bring back Midou. For some reason, after that conversation, Midou didn’t come back to the student council that day. Thus, Aya decides to go check up on him. (゚ω゚)b

Aya finds and apologizes to Midou. He apologizes to her as well that he was being childish. He invites Aya to his house, so he can tell her the real reason why he ran away from home. He explains to her how his grandfather strengthened the temple as a place for training, which made it harder for regular people to come freely. However, Midou thinks that a temple should be a place where everyone can just come and go as they please. He wants others to like the place more, but it’s impossible for that to happen if they continue this way. Midou even confronted his grandfather many times, but says that he only thinks about the tradition and social status. There’s actually one more reason and talks about his parents. Midou’s mom is half-Japanese, so his grandfather opposed Midou’s dad marrying her. He believed that marrying her will contradict the temple’s tradition. Midou’s dad was told to either chose the temple or his mom, and he chose his mom. Hence, they had Midou. Midou says that they were pretty poor, and his parents worked a lot. However, his mom would always say that she’s happy that his dad chose her that time, with a smile. Therefore, he couldn’t forgive his grandfather for opposing them just because of a tradition.

KOISHIBA_0074Midou’s grandfather comes to school to meet Aya this one day. He apologized about the monk in training asking for her help. He tells Aya to forget about what the trainee said. Aya asks Midou’s grandfather to listen to what Midou has to say about the temple. Midou kind of bad-mouths the traditions of the temple. However, grampy just tells him that those are just his ideals, lacking his expression of committment. Therefore, grampy gives Midou a challenge. The challenge is to get 100 signatures of monks that agree with his proposal. If Midou does succeed, he’ll reconsider his ideas to make some changes for the temple. Aya and the student council members decide to help him as well. At first, he doesn’t get any signatures and would outburst his anger on Aya by saying mean things. However, things start turning around when Midou decides to become stronger, and rethinks his ideas of considering that tradition is also needed as one of the factors for a great temple. Thus, he revisits the temples that rejected his ideas, expressed his new proposition and started receiving more signatures. Nevertheless, he tells Aya the most important person that made him stronger and prevented him from giving up is Aya. When the day of the time limit comes, he only has 99 signatures. He speaks his thoughts to his grandfather that he still believes that his ideas aren’t just ideals, but are important factors in a temple. However, he admits that the traditions and prestige are also important as well. The trainee is all “touched,” so he signs the last signature as the 100th signature. Midou’s grandfather then raises his voice that he’s still a trainee, what right does he have to sign the paper, and put his own signature instead. (*´ー`)ノ

KOISHIBA_0080All ends well, but not really. Midou is finally accepted by his grandfather. Thus, he finally able to plan events for the temple, so more people will come visit. Midou had everything planned; he had many stores that agreed to help the event succeed. However, the public office had used their power to prevent the other stores from helping Midou’s event. Also, the office continues insisting that they cancel his event by approaching Midou’s grandpa behind his back. Ofc, there’s know way his grandfather is gonna just let them ruin his grandson’s plan. Due to this, he faints and is taken to the hospital from stress and fatigue. Also, Midou finds out that his grandfather was actually going to accept his dad & mom’s marriage. He had a letter ready to send, but wasn’t able to after all because Midou’s parents died in an accident two days after he wrote the letter. Dude, I knew he was actually a good grandpa… (´・д・`) Despite all the obstacles, Midou’s event is a success with the help of the student council members, other monks from the temple, and those who helped regardless of the office’s power.

KOISHIBA_0082In the epilogue, Aya sees Midou on television with his monk outfit. Is it just me, or does he remind me of Kaname from Brothers Conflict? (minus the smexiness). Then, there comes the actual thing coming in the door in front of Aya. They talk about how the content of the interview was not satisfying according to his grandpa and he got in trouble. Therefore, he ran away and came to visit Aya. He tells her that she’s awful to say that when she came to visit her just bc he wanted to see her~ (o´艸`) Midou talks about how he’s these days, and that he has a business trip. Aya also has a business trip as well. It turns out that they have their business trips at the same area and the same airplane with the seats next to each other. So Midou gets all happy, and says that it’s fate.

KOISHIBA_0086Aya visits Midou’s temple, and they’re having this training thing that the monks do. They have to sit up straight and keep their minds clear. If they are unable to maintain their positions, they get a big smack on their shoulder with this stick. For some reason, Aya is participating in this training. Midou gets hit multiple times due to his bickering, and lastly the monk trainee & Aya gets a smack too.

KOISHIBA_0084I don’t really know what to say about Midou since I wasn’t really excited compared to Eiji-senpai and Habasaki. I don’t know why I’m calling him by his last name, it just sounds the best. I actually started this with Touya, but changed it to Midou bc I didn’t like the sound of it. I had a hard time writing for Habasaki too. The only reason I stuck with Satoshi throughout because he has a split personality. It made me think that since Satoshi and Kyou are in the same body, doesn’t that make Kyou Habasaki too, regardless of whose the original one. I thought it would be confusing if I call Satoshi Habasaki, so I used Satoshi. For some reason, I had no problem using Kyou as is. Well, I’m assuming Satoshi is the original person, and somehow developed Kyou? I don’t really know since the game didn’t mention it, but back to Midou haha. However, compared to my first impression of Midou, his route actually improved my thoughts about him. I thought he was really cute when he blushed and actually really impressive. I thought he was gonna be those “playboy-ish” type of people that wasn’t capable to do much. But then, the actual Midou was able to cook, and earned his own living expenses. He was actually a really thoughtful person that might have some flaws, but is capable of changing himself. (。・ω・。) Next, which I haven’t started yet is going to be someone that is a bit off. Well, I think he’s a weirdo, but I’m sure he’s a lovable character like the other casts that I have played so far. (*’▽’*)ノシ♪


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