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[Mobile App] Stand My Heroes

I am totally addicted to this game recently. It’s supposed to be an otome/puzzle game. There seems to be an original game of it, called “Drug Ouji and Matori Hime.”

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[PS Vita] Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo -Danganronpa Another Episode-

Finally! I was able to play this game! (◉◡◉✿)  I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t been too long since its 2015 release. It feels like it’s been at least two years… And yes, that means I bought a PS Vita! The game was interesting as expected since it’s different from the usual Danganronpa series. The typical Danganronpa games consist of a looking for clues + trial part, but this time was all action. It was nice to see that Naegi’s sister was okay from all that chaos. Also, who would have thought Fukawa would become the 2nd heroine of a game.

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Tasukete Kudasai ~Kidoku Suruu Kinshi~


助けでください~既読スルー禁止~ (Tasukete Kudasai ~Kidoku Suruu Kinshi~) is a Japanese suvival horror game app, where you try to save your friends by text messages. Basically, you’re not the one in danger, but your friends are! If you’re familiar with LINE, the format is just like it. In the game, your friends will send you a message regarding their current situation. They will ask for your advice on what they should do. Depending on your choices, you will either save them or…  Continue reading “Tasukete Kudasai ~Kidoku Suruu Kinshi~”