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[PC] Blackish House – Act 1 (sideA→ & ←sideZ prologue)

I did start playing both Blackish House sideA→ & ←sideZ. I played Tougo’s route in sideA and Noa’s route in sideZ. If you’ve played their routes, you probably already know that Tougo is the worst piece of shit ever. On the other hand, we have Noa, the sweetest thing ever lol. I thought I finished at least one ending of Tougo’s route, but I might have not? When you get one ending, the silhouette of the characters are supposed to be revealed, just like Noa in the post image. Tougo’s silhouette in sideA wasn’t revealed, so I might have stopped during the route. I was probably sick of his shittiness… ┐(・へ・ )┌

Honestly, I never thought I would play this game. Based on first impression, the character design didn’t really grasp my attention. The casts weren’t as appealing either, so I totally let it pass. Still, I kept track on new information regarding the game. That’s what I thought, but apparently… I wrote about this game in my B’s LOG Nov. issue 2015… and it sounds like I was pretty interested in it back then lol. I wrote how I was hoping for a cute game, like Seishun Hajimemashita!, but I read a recent review on how you’re not supposed to expect anything cute and 100% happy out of the Honeybee black line. You got that right. The first two routes were pretty dark and am still expecting more.

I just wish they won’t be splitting their future games like this because there is such an humongo ridiculous gap in the release dates. I think the game was first publicized before Nov 2015, sideA released on August 2016, and sideZ released on April 2017. What the heck… (눈_눈) It’s no wonder why I totally forgot about the game.

They had a couple of sample scenarios in the magazines that caught my eye, one from each side. That’s why I played those two routes first. Like I said, I might have not played Tougo’s route until the end. However, I completed all Noa endings + after story. His route became a hell of a tear jerker and I’m pretty sure most people will agree with me on this. I have a few things to say about both routes, but I’ll probably talk about that in the upcoming Blackish House post.

The overall plot is about Hina, an actress from Hoshizuki Production. She’s been living with her two childhood friends, Haruma and Nayuta, after middle school. The three were from the same orphanage. Hina was soon scouted into Hoshizuki. Haruma used to be one of the talented actors in the company, but had to give up that path after an accident that injured his leg. He’s also the person that made Hina want to become an actress. Meanwhile, Nayuta won a dance contest, which also opened up an opportunity for him in the entertainment world.

The playable character routes in sideA are Ugajin Rei (cv. Ishikawa Kaito), Kisaki Tougo (cv. Kakihara Tetsuya), Shiiba Gou (cv. Maeno Tomoaki), and Kuze Madoka (cv. Tachibana Shinnosuke). For sideZ, it would be Arimura Noa (cv. Hirose Yuuya), Ousaka Haruma (cv. Terashima Takuma), Yuuki Nayuta (cv. Kimura Ryouhei), and Akune Sera (cv. Aoi Shouta). SideA is mainly focused on Hina’s struggle as an actress. One problem in her acting is that she doesn’t know how to put her emotion into it. She simply does as the script says. As she interacts with the characters (mainly Rei), her acting changes. On the other hand, SideZ is focused on Hina’s childhood and past. Well, I assume… since Haruma and Nayuta are BOTH playable routes in it. Also, the story started with their childhood memories. It did have that same Hina does not put emotion into her acting, but it wasn’t as emphasized in sideZ.

Btw, I may be wrong since I only played one route from each side. This is the impression that I got from playing the two routes. In addition, I kinda skipped the three musketeer nitty gritty memories since I already set my mind on Noa for sideZ. I’ll go through that when I play Nayuta’s route. I believe Haruma had a route restriction, so he’ll probably be last.

Well, I’m enjoying the game so far, so that’s a good thing. My impression of the characters as of now: Rei is a tsundere-lla and have been hearing that he’s the ultimate moe character of Blackish House (looking forward to that), Tougo is a POS, Noa is an angel, I’m hoping Haruma is not a yandere, Nayuta needs to talk more (I keep forgetting it’s Kimura Ryouhei), I want to tease Gou, Sera is annoying brat #1, Madoka is annoying brat #2, thank you Kasumi in Noa’s route, and why isn’t there a route for Yue!?

That’s it for now. I actually can’t wait to get into Tougo and Noa’s route, so hopefully, I’ll get to that soon.


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