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Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu~ – Touya


Second post of the year! It’s still January and I’m already writing a review! Yay. I feel like I’m finally following through with my words. One thing I did this year is buy more otome games so that I can get on with my now playing games. It’s becoming a sore on my eye too. The banners has been there for way too long. I got distracted by Suren along the way, but I finally got on with this route. Yay.

Unlike in Suren’s route, this time a nameless mob character catches Shal trying to escape. Touya sees this and claims Nara as his wife instead. It seems that he knew that Nara was a royal princess. He did some research on her because he thought something was fishy when Nole kept on insisting that Touya should take her as his wife. Well, now that they’re in this situation, Touya hopes Nara is willing to help find the cure with him. He wants to find a cure to the disease and bring the countries together. That way, they can prevent the women from getting laid by someone they don’t even love. Eventually, Nasra won’t have to capture anymore women as well. Nara accepts this proposal.

However, before that, they got to get on with the “ritual.” Basically. Nara has to get laid by Touya, but in order to make sure they carry on with it, there needs to be someone in the room while they do it. In this case, it’ll be Nole. Since Touya is the ruler, he gets this exception that they won’t be directly watched. There will be a barrier to cover their act, but Nole will still be in the room. Touya and Nara tries to fake it. At the end, he bites his finger and leave blood, so it looks more convincing. She thanks him for not forcing himself on her, but tells her to go back first since there’s “something” he needs to take care of first.

Nara and Touya discuss further with their partnership. The reason he sides with the women because he wants to stop Nasra’s vicious cycle. They’ve been kidnapping, forcing the women to give birth, and so the women don’t come to love their partners. Especially since the women get taken away after they give birth, if I remember correctly…When the previous king ruled, there were women who would rather choose death. It would be more efficient if women would want to give birth and come to love the country, but obviously, that’s not likely. Therefore, Touya wants to resolve the root of the problem, which is the disease. He wants her to help with the research. There must be a reason that Luz has less calamity compared to Nasra. He can’t obtain info because the women don’t trust him, so he wants her to do so in his place. If the cure is found, he just might be able to convince the members of the assembly to return the women back to their homes. Also, they’ll be able to normalize their diplomatic relations with Luz.

That night, Nara is unable to sleep. She thinks of the good night charm that her mother had taught her. Touya sees that she can’t sleep either. He tells her about a goodnight charm that his handmaid taught him, which turned out to be Nara’s mother. She died from the disease some time ago. Her mother treated him like he was her own. When she collapsed from the disease, he prayed to the spirits. He apologized to her for bringing her at her deathbed. She didn’t get angry thought. She might not have wish for this, but believes it was fate. Meeting him became one of her treasures in life. She told him that she’ll pray for him to meet someone he’ll truly love one day.

Nara has a flashback in her dream. She’s crying at the border between Luz and Nasra in the flower field. This one kid asks what’s wrong. She dropped her hair ornament that her mother made her. He helps her find it, so she thinks he’s a flower spirit. She asks if he can get her mother back too. Obviously he can’t, but hopes she will. She calls him Bayaru and that he’s her spirit now.

As always, Touya has been researching. Nara brings him food since he hasn’t been eating. He totally loses his cool b/c he can’t find a cure. She tells him to rely on others more. Gradually, things start turning up since the women of Luz are being cooperative, thanks to Nara. The bond between Nara and Touya is growing day by day. Nara’s servant, Uru, brings them a drink and a flower that recently grew in the garden. The flower is from Touya. She comments that it looks like the Nameless flower that grows in the flower field at the border. Many say that it’s a bad omen and that it’s the cause of the disease. She talks about how she used to play in the flower field with this boy. They promised to marry and made a ring out of it, that he’ll come back for her. When she returned, Ollie tried to make her throw it away, so she ate it.

Nara realizes that’s the one thing she had done that the others didn’t. However, they can’t just give the flowers as it is. Touya suspects that the Nameless flower was originally a blue flower that contains some poison to it. In time, the flower changed its color to red, as a side effect from the resistance to the disease. The only reason Nara survived was because she had the strength and luck. Therefore, they need to first create an agent that neutralizes the poison. Luz probably had less calamity compared to Nasra due to their tributary that carried most of the flower’s elements. On the other hand, Nasra’s water is mainly from the streams of the Nasra mountains, which do not carry those elements. When Touya finds out about why she swallowed the flower, he puts a sad expression on his face. She talks about how her color changed when she swallowed the Nameless flower, from the side effect. Ever since then, Touya has been avoiding her.

tooya002Nara goes to see him at the lab, but he’s not there. She cleans up the mess he made and sees that he has that thing she gave Bayaru. She needs to find out, so she confronts him. When they were kids, Nara collapsed in front of him due to the disease. He wasn’t able to take her to Nasra, or she’ll end up like her mother. All he could do was to take her to the nearest village. He was once told that a woman’s hair is her life. Therefore, he had felt guilty that her hair color changed because of him. She tells him it’s okay since she would have died if she hadn’t swallowed the flower. There’s no reason for him to avoid her now. Also, now that their feelings are mutual, they’re an actual couple now.

They both sleep in the same bed. Nara has a dream of a young boy who had stabbed another boy. He wished that the boy that he stabbed never existed and called him a “Brafka.” One day, Nara asks Uru about this. It’s the name of a fire spirit that used be protect Nasra, but became a demon. He fell in love with the flame spirit’s wife and stole her from him. The symbol on Touya’s arm is that of a flame spirit. Just when Uru was going to explain the difference between the fire and flame spirit, they’re interrupted. Touya’s servant brought Nara a flower. It’s from Touya. Uru says Touya must really love her, but would feel a distant aura from him sometimes. It’s true Uru works for Touya, but wishes for Nara’s happiness more than anything now.

One night, Suren comes into their room during their lovey dovey moment. It seems like info came in that Luz is going to attack Nasra, with help from the western lands. Suren proposes that they return Nara, so they can negotiate with Luz. Research has been going smoothly. It’s a matter of time the antidote will be ready, but now is not the time. Nara doesn’t want to be separated from Touya, but she doesn’t want to shed any blood. Touya rejects the idea, totally losing his cool. Suren gives them some time to think about it. Touya doesn’t want to show such a pathetic side of him, but he can’t help it. She’s okay with that because that side of him is still a part of him. She likes him regardless of what he may think he is. She loves him even so.

tooya006That night, Touya sneaks out of bed, so Nara follows him. He’s going down to the basement, and goes in this one room. She shows herself and is asked to come by his side. It appears that he was looking at the sky through a small window, which used to be all he had. The first time he saw the actual sky, he was a bit scared. However, he was also touched that the world is filled with so much light. (It was nothing like the basement, the only world he used to know. Nara doesn’t fully understand what he’s saying at this point, but basically means that he wasn’t always the right successor to the throne). He would always come here once in a while to remind him how significant life outside is, so that he won’t forget how foolish and naive he once was. Touya asks what she’ll do if there was a heartless and cruel side to him. Nara’s not worried about it since it’s not like he wants to direct that side of him to her. She believes it’s only natural that people would have both good and a dark side. The fear that he has is what makes him humane, such kindness is only endearing for her. He feels like he finally understands what the words meant, to feel that a life is precious. He feels that Nara’s life is precious, more than anything else in the world. Nara once again brings up how she doesn’t want a war to start, for him and the women of Luz. Therefore, she will send Ollie a letter. She mentions how “he” used  to have a scar, but it’s gone now. When they met at the flower field, he mentioned how he got hurt from sword training. He says that it completely healed, even though she feels that it wasn’t something that will heal completely. When they leave the room and go through a passage that lead outside, Touya is somewhat hesitant or afraid. Nara takes his hand and tugs him out.

Nara has another dream about a boy. He killed his servants because they bullied his handmaid. He claims that he had fun, as if they’re his lab rats. His handmaid, Samal scolds him for what he did. Nara doesn’t recognize that it’s her mother, but it is indeed her. She’s sad that no one ever taught him that life is precious. When a life is lost, there will be those who shed tears. She makes him promise that he’ll never use his abilities to kill a person, but only to save lives. She hopes from the bottom of her heart that he’ll find someone that is truly precious to him.

Next morning, Uru comes and wakes Nara. She asks about what he was going to say that other time, regarding  the flame and the fire spirit. He explains to her that Brafka is the name of the flame spirit, Brise’s twin brother. They were both Nasra’s protectors, but Brafka became a demon when he took his brother’s wife. He tried to destroy Brise with Nasra to fully obtain the heart of Brise’s wife. In the end, Brise won and Nasra was protected. This legend was told throughout the generations in Nasra. In the royal family, it is said that the younger twin is to be killed so that he won’t turn into a Brafka.

It’s been a month since Nara sent the letter. Touya asks what Nara thinks will happen. The thing with Ollie is that he is normally level-headed, but can be merciless. Once Nara was almost kidnapped and the culprit was captured right away. The culprit was a woman only in her mid-20s, decapitated for what she did. He didn’t even hesitate or think for a second. Suddenly, there’s a knock on her door. It seems like there is a Luz army on their way to Nasra. Touya tells the messenger to notify Suren and he will be on the battlefield as well. He tells Nara to protect their research in case something happens to him. He wishes her happiness, so tells her not to hesitate to be with someone else other than him. He announces the plan to the assembly. They’re against the idea that he’ll be on the battlefield, but he’s not planning to change his mind.

Nara claims that she can’t love another. Touya tells her that it’s okay b/c she’s already loved two men in her life. He confesses that he wasn’t the kid that she used to meet at the flower field. He’s actually the little brother of the kid she promised to marry. When twins are born in Nasra, they’re supposed to kill the younger twin so that he won’t become another Brafka. The reason Touya is alive is b/c their father didn’t believe in such superstition. Still, the father couldn’t disobey the assembly, or he’ll lose their trust. Therefore, he was imprisoned deep down in the basement, unable to go out. Touya became a backup plan in case something happened to his brother.

tooya004Touya was a lonely child. Nobody ever stayed by his side, so he eventually took an interest in making poison. It wasn’t to kill, but to be poisonous enough that they won’t be able to move. First, he experimented on birds, then on a mean servant. Nara’s mother was his handmaid back then. Samal loved him as if he was her own. She tried to guide him to the rightful path. Her mom saw Touya as a person, unlike the others that only considered him as a replacement. He only knew Nara’s past with Bayaru b/c his brother would often talk to him about it. As he told him about Nara, the more he wanted to meet her. Therefore, the brother let him take his place for a day, but that only made Touya even more envious of his brother. During sword training, Touya stabbed his brother. At this point, he doesn’t know if he had the intention to actually stab his brother, but back then, he really wanted to be the “real Touya.” When Nara collapsed from the disease, the brother plotted to rebel against his father, the king. He tried to keep the promise with Nara and let the women go. Before he can even execute the plan, his father found out. He was then taken to the basement and said, “Hey Brafka, you’re going to be the successor from now on. ” When he said that, the brother, the “real Touya” slit his neck in front of them, and chose death. Since then, Touya has been scared that he was a Brafka after all. He was the one that killed his brother and the girl (Nara) at the flower field. As an atonement, he decided to keep living with this burden. Thus, he buried his true self, and became his brother, “Touya.” He wasn’t supposed to make Nara his, but he couldn’t resist. He made her his before he even told her the truth. He apologizes for his wrongdoing and heads out for battle. 

Nara is shocked and loses her words. Just then, Uru appears. Uru asks if she’s okay with what just happened, that she needs to get herself together. It shouldn’t mater if he’s the younger or older brother, thought she was in love with the Touya now. She says she was sad that he’s in love with her, with so much pain. Nara feels that she needs to tell Touya that she loves him, so Uru helps her out. He shows her a hidden passageway in order for her to get to Touya. He tells her that he’s on her side, no matter what.

tooya007Out the castle, she sees Ollie and Touya from afar. Touya is trying to convince Ollie, but is too angry to listen to what he says. Just when Ollie is about to finish him off, he remembers Nara’s words and fight back. Ollie is a bit impressed he fought back since Touya is a mess, especially from what just happened with Nara a while ago. Ollie actually knew the letter is truly Nara’s writing, but still can’t forgive Touya for taking her away from him. Touya tells Ollie that he has no plan of letting her go, so he can’t just die here. He wants him to fight together, to create a bright future for both countries. Ollie has no intention of working alongside with someone who stole his future bride. He swings his sword and Nara jumps in between them. She tells him not to kill her husband. She claims that no one is deceiving her. She loves Touya. She tells him to kill her if he truly thinks of her as a traitor. She wants him to think about the future. If Ollie kills Touya now, there will be war. Damn…I wish there was a route for Ollie. His words are so sad… He asks if she’s telling him to kill the person he loves. Nara does love him, but only as a brother. He says that she thinks too highly of him. The only person he sees is her, back then and even now. He wanted to take her as his bride, have kids, and live in happiness. That was his dream…He doesn’t want anything else, loves her so much he couldn’t do anything about it. He says he’ll kill Touya and take back the women of Luz as well. Thanks to Uru, the other women come to convince Ollie too. Also, it seems like Luz’s allies are retreating, which is probab Nole’s doings. Ollie has no choice but to accept him, tells Touya he owes him one. Ollie and Luz’s army retreats, tells Nara to visit when they bear a child. 

Beyond the Red Flowers
One year later, Touya has succeeded on creating an antidote for the disease. Another year after, Nasra and Luz have officially become allies. Nara tries to mention Ollie, but Touya doesn’t want her talking about another man. Nara is still telling Touya that she loves him even though he might not be the real “Touya,” that there’s no one else for her. He asks if she’ll be his princess for yet to come. He tells her that he’ll love her with his everything. He won’t give her up to anyone. Also, he thought of a name for the flower. He named it Bayaru, the name Nara used to call Touya by.

One day, Touya suddenly tells Nara that they’re going to up the mountain. Apparently, Nole caught him going to town. They got into a discussion on how Touya wanted to experience a lifestyle of a townsperson . Therefore, Touya has decided he and Nara should live in the mountains for a bit. Also, he wants to be alone with Nara, especially since they haven’t had their honeymoon yet. When they get to the cabin, they’re finally alone together. He wants her to be more spoiled towards him. Touya tries to slowly guide Nara towards the bed, but says not today. Now that they’re going to live together with limited supplies, they’ve got a lot of work to do. Nara decide on making porridge for dinner, so Touya helps out. But then, they get  all lovey dovey again, which cause the pot to overflow. After dinner, Touya attempts to get all sweet with Nara, but fails again aha. Touya hugs Nara, saying that he finally gets to hug her. He probably wanted some randy dandy time, but Nara falls asleep.

The next morning, Nara wakes up and is trying to get ready, but Touya stops her. He wants to have a more relaxing time with her. He’s all sad that she keeps dodging him lol. He thinks it’s just him that wants to be with her, so she says she does too. This makes Touya really happy, but it’s too early for that now. Nara goes out for hunting to obtain food. Touya gets all worried by the time she gets back, since it took her until nighttime. He says that he rather go out next time, but that’s how Nara usually feels back at the castle. He wants to go out with her from now. He’s not going to hunt because he’s already captured the most beautiful thing that exists. He doesn’t want anything else. While Nara was gone, he did some furnishing for the cabin. He can’t hold back anymore and try to have their sexy time, but out comes Nole. Touya asks why he can’t wait. Nole didn’t want interrupt during, so then Touya tells him he should have waited until they’re done ahaha. It seems like Nole had Esta keep an eye on them. He thought that they would give up in no time, but he was wrong. Touya is proud, but Nole is like, “okay okay let’s go home.” Nara asks Nole if they can return tomorrow. She wants to eat the dinner and the table that Touya made before they go back. He tells them that they have until tomorrow noon. Touya is not satisfied that Nole is being soft on Nara. They finally get to have their sexy time and cleans the cabin up the next morning. Touya apologizes on how she has to put up with his shenanigans again. She’s okay as long as he’s with her. He agrees that he’ll be happy as long as she’s by his side too.

I find it funny how I liked everyone else during Touya’s route, but Touya. In Touya’s track in the Koezaru CD…Touya is like, there are a lot of guys that are into her, especially Suren, Suren, and Suren lol. Still, I was soooo heartbroken while I was listening to the CD…feeling so much pain for Suren. He asked Nara if things would have been different if he was more sincere towards Nara when they first met. She couldn’t deny that she wouldn’t for sure, but says there’s no point of discussing that right now b/c she belongs to Touya now. He doesn’t put it into words, but he really likes Nara. He doesn’t need anyone else. Ouch, my heart…(´Д`). Ahhh, I would choose Suren in a heartbeat. But it’s true though…The very first impression of Suren was terrible. I’m only saying this b/c I went through his route and know his character now.

The CD also talks about the time Suren figured out Touya took over the older brother Touya’s place, how they became friends. Made me like Suren even more. Mehhh, Nara and Suren are sooo cute together. WHYYYYYYY lol.

Touya was…idk. I knew there was something about him from the time I played the PC version, so…I wasn’t too convinced with his Mr. nice guy personality. I was like, when are you going to show your actual self HUH HUH HUH lol. It turns out his kindness is genuine, now that the Touya he tried to be is a part of him. Still, I wasn’t really into his character, so it took me a while to finish his route. Well, I liked his after story though. Hopefully, I finish this game before the year ends…


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