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Happy Anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary! & Happy New Year!

Way to go…I really slacked off this year. I feel like I didn’t play any otome games in 2016.  All I did was some last minute otome related mobile app reviews. I totally cheated because I was like I have to write SOMETHING, at least before 2016 ends! aha. 

Well, what did I do this year?  Let’s see… I bought a PS Vita in April. I finally got to play Danganronpa Zetsubou Shoujo. I was pretty much satisfied after that. Later, I bought Zero Escape when it came out, but was kinda disappointed by it. I think it received rather high ratings, but I guess it just wasn’t my type of story, even though I love the first game… I’ll probably review about that when I start feeling guilty about not posting anything on this site again lol. I bought Kenka Banchou Otome and Hyakka Hyakurou when I bought Zero Escape. I did play a bit of Kenka Banchou b/c I’m not faithful with my Now Playing games. I’m pretty sure a lot of people gave up on me. (._.)

In the course of the months after finishing Zetsubou Shoujo, I just played mobile apps like an idiot. Hence, the recent mobile app reviews… ( ◔㉦◔ )

In November, I bought a PS4 during Black Friday. I’ve been pretty much playing that until now. I do feel like taking a break from my PS4, so I don’t know what I’ll do now. I do still have a couple of reviews I’m working on, but I do want to go back to otome game blogging eventually.

I haven’t been exposed to otome games/anime so much in 2016, but…

My Top 5 (+1) Noteworthy Seiyuus of 2016:

  1. Satou Takuya
  2. KENN (Kenka Banchou Otome)
  3. Furukawa Makoto
  4. Ikuta Yoji (Band Yarouze!)
  5. Yamashita Daiki (Yowamushi Pedal & Boku no Hero Academia)
  6. Yoshino Hiroyuki (Yowamushi Pedal & Boku no Hero Academia) – My Yocchin trauma is finally starting to recover! YAY! (「๑•̀ㅂ•́)「✧



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