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idol7I was originally going to write a Dengeki Girl’s Style review, but decided to write a mobile app review since the content of the issue was mainly on apps anyways. Probably because back then, it was Idolish7’s first magazine cover. Time goes by so fast… aha.

 IDOLiSH7 (アイドリッシュセブン)
screenshot_2016-11-02-15-59-40Rhythm game. The game uses the N, R, SR, SSR card system, with a recent additional UR card.  I’m still not sure if there is a romance component since I don’t see much of that between the characters and the heroine. I’ve only played the main story (Part 1) and there is no romance going on so far. There is a mini chat event for each card, but not much of a “thing” going on.

screenshot_2016-11-02-16-00-02The main characters are Idolish7, like the title says. The members are Nanase Riku (cv. Ono Kensho), Izumi Iori (cv. Masuda Toshiki), Nikaido Yamato (cv. Shirai Yusuke), Izumi Mitsuki (cv. Yonaga Tsubasa), Yotsuba Tamaki (cv. KENN), Osaka Sogo (vs. Abe Atsushi), and Rokuya Nagi (cv. Eguchi Takuya). The other important groups are Trigger and Re:vale. The Trigger members are Kujo Tenn (cv. Saito Souma), Yaotome Gaku (cv. Hatano Wataru), and Tsunashi Ryunosuke (cv. Satou Takuya). The Re:vale members are Momo (cv. Hoshi Souichiro) and Yuki (cv. Tachibana Shinnosuke).

idolish01The rhythm portion of the game has the standard touch actions, but nothing too new. However, there are background movies during the stages, so I think that’s nice. Sometimes, it makes the targets hard to see, but it’s a lot more visible than before. The stories are all voiced and they do use a lot of the popular seiyuus, so I think that’s a strong point too. I don’t really have any complaints toward the game. If I were to say one thing that’s negative, I wish we can add more space with less gems. It costs 3 gems to add 3 spaces…

screenshot_2016-11-02-16-05-00Update: I finally finished Part1! It was difficult to go through the stories since it’s so time consuming, like watching an anime. I would be Rank 50, but still be less than half way through Part 1. A lot has changed since its first release, which is always a good thing. Favorite characters are Ryu, Gaku, and Yamato.

Additional note: Idolish7 is becoming an anime!

Yumeiro Cast (夢色キャスト)
screenshot_2016-11-02-15-55-08Otome + Rhythm game. The heroine was once a scriptwriter of a theatrical company. They recently broke up, leaving her unemployed. However, her encounter with Asahina Kyoya, an actor of another theatrical company gives her an opportunity to start anew. The heroine and the casts work together to become the best theatrical company in Japan.

The main casts are Asahina Kyoya (cv. Osaka Ryouta), Fujimura Iori (cv. Hanae Natsuki), Tachibana Sousei (cv. Toyonaga Toshiyuki), Sakuragi Hinata (cv. Uemura Yuto), Shindo Kaito (cv. Hayashi Yuu), Amamiya Jin (cv. Ono Yuuki), and Jougasaki Subaru (cv. Hatanaka Tasuku).

yumeiro-02You’ll be able to read ahead with the main story by leveling up your rank and completing the stages on the rhythm portion of the app. The rhythm part requires the player to tap the beat target panels, so I thought that was interesting. Aside from the main story, you will also be obtaining stories with the cast by leveling your character card levels, using them as leaders in the rhythm part, and by giving them gifts. The gacha is a bit expensive since you would need 20 gems for one play.

screenshot_2016-11-02-15-57-36I’m still not sure if I’m playing Yumeiro Cast the correct way. I would hold my phone with two hands, each on one side. Sometimes, I feel like two fingers aren’t enough, so I’m wondering if I’m suppose to put my phone down and tap with multiple fingers lol. But then, it’s so inconvenient to play like that when I’m laying down ( ◔ д ◔ ).  They have both musical type songs and instrumental stages.

Additional note: Recently found out that they started the manga on Hana to Yume.

I★Chu (アイ★チュウ)
screenshot_2016-11-02-15-43-58Otome + Rhythm game. You, the heroine is one of the producers of an academy that raises top idols. There’s a main story and a character story. Here’s another one that I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a romance component between the heroine and the idols. Well, it does say romance stories, so I guess it is. I did read some of them, but they were kinda ambiguous that I couldn’t tell. I’m mainly playing for the rhythm part, so not too snappy on stories. Honestly, I usually turn on the skip mode during the main story.

aichuu01I feel that the rhythm part of the game is interesting because of the beat targets move in a semi-circular motion rather than the typical straight motion. In the beginning, I wasn’t too interested in the game. I was so uninterested that I lost my first account and started all over. I started playing again when I found out about the Yumeiro Cast collab event. If I were to have any complaints, it would be on how I never have enough money to level up the cards. Soo poor… (´-ω-`).

Band Yarouze! (バンドやろうせ!)
screenshot_2016-11-02-16-14-09Rhythm game app. The story is about a band called “Blast.” They participate in a music festival in order to make their big debut dream come true. However, it turns out that the competition has been rigged for another band and is already chosen as the winner even before the day of the competition. As for system, the players are to choose one member from Blast and play the rhythm portion. As you clear the stages, you’ll obtain main story and each character’s scenarios.

screenshot_2016-11-02-16-16-40Update: Finally, the game has been released. Based on what I’ve played so far, it seems like the story is actually about 4 band groups. Originally, I thought it was going to be about one band, but there seem to be a story for each band. In the beginning, you’re allowed to choose a starting card. I started with the main vocalist of Blast. Still, I was able to play the other band routes, so it doesn’t matter which character card you start with. The stories are voiced as long as you download the voice data when playing. In order to obtain songs, you would need to play through the stories. You would need to play through the other routes in order to obtain the other band’s songs. The routes will open as you level up at least one member from the bands by using their card in the rhythm game.

screenshot_2016-11-02-16-16-29I actually have a hard time playing the rhythm portion, meaning that it’s pretty challenging. Like Idolish7, aside from the standard beat target gimmicks, they also have flicks and diagonal holds. However, I feel that this game has a more severe judgement on whether you’ve got the targets or not. From time to time, there are cut-ins during the stages which make the targets hard to see, so I’m hoping they will make some changes later on. If they do bother you, you can turn them off in the settings.

screenshot_2016-11-02-16-16-19I would definitely recommend to those who are into rhythm games. I think it’s worth giving it a try because the quality is good. There might be a few necessary adjustments, but the game is still new and they’ll probably fix some issues during the course of time. I think there are more seiyuus that I don’t know than the ones I do, but I think that’s a good thing since the characters are supposed to be amateur bands that are trying to work their way up to the top. On the other hand, the hit sensation bands in the game are voiced by the well known seiyuus, so I personally like how they chose their actors.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed Aoi Shouta for some time now. I’ve never really liked Aoi Shouta as a seiyuu, but always thought he was a good singer. So, I would always be in denial and put him in the artist category, but he’s in so many games nowadays. Perhaps, it’s time to accept him as a seiyuu ahaha.

Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Oujisama (夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様)
screenshot_2016-11-02-15-27-32Otome + puzzle game. One day, you, the heroine is pulled into a dream world. In this world, dreams are what give people the strength to live. However, there are monsters that prey on such dreams. The only ones who have the ability to fight against the dream eaters are the princes of dream world. However, for some reason, they all fall into a deep sleep. It’s up to the heroine to wake up the princes and fight against the dream eaters with them.

screenshot_2016-11-02-15-29-19I would recommend to those who like puzzle games. There is a story to the game, but in my opinion, the main component of the game are the events. They have events so often that there isn’t really much time to play the main story. The impressive thing is that they actually have new content in almost every event. Well, to be exact, the event stories are new. They do come up with new characters from time to time, but they mostly recycle their characters. There are two story routes for each prince, a sun and moon route. This depends on which form your prince transforms into. It feels like the sun routes seem to be the happier route since it appears that SOME moon routes include a not-so happy ending. From what I’ve heard, some princes have yandere endings lol. Also, the sun route clothing designs are more prince-like compared to the rough, casual design in the moon transformation. In addition, the stories are partly voiced in the individual prince stories. Despite the 100 princes in the title, there are over 100 already, so there’s a great chance that one of your favorite seiyuus are playing at least one character in the series!

screenshot_2016-11-02-15-43-18Update: They have made some new updates. One of the best updates is that you can back-up your account with your google account, so there’s no worry about losing your account anymore. I wish all the apps would do this… Also, I’m still waiting on whether they’ll fix how they notify us on how much space we have in our present inbox. OMG, WHICH THEY DID! TOOK FOREVER I SWEAR. We’re allowed to have up to 200 items in our present inbox. After that, they’ll automatically delete our items. Before the update, when we had over 99 items, they’ll just tell you that you have 99+ items (remember, we’re allowed to have 200). Due to that problem, I have lost some rare items in the past…so sad (´-ω-`) . Before they change any layouts, I wish they would have fixed that first. Glad they finally did.

※Additional Note: Is anyone interested in joining my community? I’m not the leader, but have been in it since the day I started playing this game. We’re low in members and haven’t had a new member for a while now. If you’re interested, pm my twitter account or leave a comment and I’ll email you with the email address you’ve provided when commenting.

Cafe Cuillere ~カフェ キュイエール~
cafe01Otome app. The heroine’s first love returns from France as a patisserie and opens a sweets shop. The story starts with Mao (heroine) finding out that her first love has a girlfriend that he met during his training, meaning she is automatically rejected without even confessing to him. However, despite the rejection, she starts working there as a part-timer because she’s always had the love for sweets. At the shop, she will work with her first love and 5 other employees.

The 6 playable routes are the cliche main guy (cv. Okamoto Nobuhiko), the stiff guy (cv. Ishikawa Kaito), twins – the tease (cv. Aoi Shouta) & the tsundere (cv. Saitou Souma), the first love (cv. Hirakawa Daisuke), and the mature type (cv. Tsuda Kenjirou).

I’m not sure how it looks on the smartphone, but the graphic kinda sucks on my ipad. The outlines of the character art and texts are really fuzzy, so that was a bit of a disappointment. The pro is that the voiced part uses a dummy head mic system, so the sound is more realistic. However, you can only experience this if you purchase the tickets to listen to the character voices during the chapters. Due to this system, I haven’t played after the prologue because I’m still debating whether I should play with the voices or not. If I am, how many routes am I willing to pay for the voiced version, especially since it’s cheaper to buy the tickets as a bundle rather than purchasing them individually.

Update: Haven’t touched this app for so long, so I’m not so sure about the system now. Even if they added new stories, they probably still do cost money, so I’m not really planning on going back to it? Let me know how it is if anyone plays this.

Akane sasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau (茜さすセカイでキミと詠う)
akaneOtome game app. The game is done by G-Crest, the same company that works on Yume-100. I feel like the concept of the story is relatively similar to Yume-100 since this story’s heroine gets warped into a different world as well. It’s just that this time the heroine is to become a shrine maiden. The setting takes place in a parallel universe of Japan.  Also, the guy characters are based on the well-known icons of Japanese history. The five main characters are Takasugi Shinsaku (cv. KENN), Mori Ranmaru (cv. Aoi Shouta), Natsume Souseki (cv. Ono Kensho), Shoutoku Taishi (cv. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), and Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (cv. Ono Yuuki). Similar to Yume-100, the characters have two transformations, the sun and shadow route. The system of the app is exactly the same as Yume-100, including the structure of the routes. The sun route leads to a straightforward happy ending versus the shadow end that leads to a bittersweet ending. However, some shadow routes will give you a yandere ending. Basically, the theme and setting is the only thing different from Yume-100. There aren’t much information released, but I actually like the character design of the main characters in this new app compared to Yume-100’s. I just hope this app won’t be a complete duplicate of Yume-100 since I don’t see the point of making two of the same game.
Release Date: Year 2017.

Resort he Youkoso (リゾートへようこそ)
resort-03The heroine was a normal, regular OL (office lady), but one day, she is assigned to manage a resort. There are 4 staff members that are assigned to support her. The main characters are Ohyama Masaki (cv. Takeuchi Ryota), Hugo (cv. Sakurai Takahiro), Kawasaki Rai (cv. Furukawa Makoto), Okano Midori (cv. Saito Souma). In addition, there will be 10 VIP members visiting your resort. One of the disappointing thing is that there are only 4 romance-able characters, which are the coworkers. You can raise the character’s love parameters by helping out with inventories. I just assumed the VIP customers would be romance-able characters as well. Perhaps they will in the future? Hopefully… The VIP customers might not have main stories, but do have side stories. I guess you can enjoy those for the meantime.

resort-02Similar to Tokimeki Restaurant, players will obtain facilities and design their own resort. As your resort expands, you’ll get to read both stories of your coworkers and VIP customers. You can design your resort however you like, except you would have to collect these emblems in order for expansion. You can obtain them by completing guest missions.

screenshot_2016-11-02-16-07-42Otome game app. The main plot is about a princess of a small land called Inaco. She tries to get along with the princes of different lands in order to prevent the lands from invading Inaco. Her mother is actually okay with this since she secretly hopes she find a husband while she’s at it lols. There are 4 main character routes: Narek (cv. Ishikawa Kaito), Vino (cv. Umehara Yuichiro), Ruze (cv. Saito Souma), and Mare (Kimura Ryouhei). In my first gameplay, I chose to play Vino’s route, the playboy character of the game. I’m not a fan of such a type, but chose him by process of elimination. Narek is the super narcissist, who likes to make goods that has his face on it and pass them out to people so they can admire his good looks. Vino is the playboy and obviously like any game, there is a reason for his actions. Ruze is the shota who only listens to what his advisor tells him. Mare is the super otaku who likes to play with his anime character puppet. As you can see, I didn’t have many choices… aha.

damepriIn order to read stories, you would need coins. In order to collect coins, you will need to earn them with your caravan. The heroine approaches the prince as a mere merchant with her caravan, trying to do business in the lands. You can decorate your caravan with decorations, BUT I don’t recommend buying stuff with the gems. Later on, I found out that you have to purchase the epilogues with your gems, so I haven’t played Vino’s epilogue yet. I wasted it on this Vino plushie thing as seen on the right, which is supposed to increase your chance to obtain a shard. There’s only a 10% increase, so I don’t think it will be much of a help anyway. I would have read the epilogue already without it haha. Okay, so there are three endings for each character. If I remember correctly, there’s the happy end, normal end, and bad end. In order to get the happy end, you must complete all the missions. Each princes will start with 0 Love and 100 Dame points. Obviously, we would need to raise the love points and lower the dame points. You can lower or raise these points from the choices that you choose during the stories. However, most of this is done by obtaining the shards from the caravan. When you collect three shards, you get to choose whether to raise the character’s love points or lower the dame points. You can only increase or decrease 3 points at most every time. It’s actually better than it sounds. In my opinion, I don’t think it took too long to collect the shards and coins, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Update: Apparently, there are 5 characters now? It seems like Ruze’s advisor, Chrom (cv. Takemoto Eiji)’s route is playable. I don’t think his route was always there? I just saw his epilogue in the store as I’m writing this, so…I guess he’s up for grabs now lol. I don’t have any interest in his character, so it’s not in any way appealing to me lol. I’m actually surprised the childhood character, Theo (cv. Maeno Tomoaki)’s character didn’t come first. The game story takes place in 3 lands: Inaco (Heroine and Theo’s land), Mirdonia (Narek and Vino’s land), and Serinfaren (Ruze, Mare, and Chrom’s land). Since I started with Mirdonia, I have no idea since when Chrom was available for. ┐(‘~`;)┌

These are the main games I’ve actually played. If you have any mobile app recommendations, tell me about it. If there’s a mobile game app you want me to review, make a comment below. I can give it a try. I’ll most likely write something about it on twitter, tumblr, or wordpress.

If you have any further questions, ask away~ ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


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