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[Mobile App] Stand My Heroes

I am totally addicted to this game recently. It’s supposed to be an otome/puzzle game. There seems to be an original game of it, called “Drug Ouji and Matori Hime.”

In my opinion, that title does not sound very appealing…lols. I haven’t played the original, but I assume it’s one of those visual novel game apps. However, in this game, the main aspect is the puzzle part. The game uses the similar card system like all mobile apps nowadays (N, S, SR, SSR), except you can’t really make use of the duplicate cards.

At first I was so confused because I know I obtained two of the same cards, but only seem to have one in my card box. According to the handy dandy help page, it seems like they automatically combine your cards and raise the card level. SO, for the most part, there’s no card transformation, which feels like a waste of your cards and crystals. I guess they wanted to change things up a bit?

screenshot_2016-10-24-22-40-421The story is ok I suppose? I haven’t read that many yet, so I can’t say exactly. However, the main story is a bit repetitive. Still, each Act is focused on a different character, so it’s not so bad. It’s more of a prologue to the characters, before you play their individual stories. I’m mostly playing for the puzzles, so I’m not too picky on that. The good thing about this game is that you don’t have to buy the stories, like the typical Voltage games. Instead, you can read them by item drops from the puzzles. In terms of story, there is the individual character main story and card stories. For now, it seems like there are only main stories for the characters from the original game, but only card events for the newer characters. You can obtain the cards from the gachas or some puzzle stages drop them during the events too. As you get further into the stories and depending on the rarity of the card, the amount of エビ required varies. When I first saw “エビ,” I was like, why the hell would you collect “shrimp” aha. Apparently, this エビ meant as “evi,” or “evidence.” Anyways, they’re not too hard to obtain, so no worries on that. The crystals aren’t too hard to obtain either. I’ve only played for a little over a week, but I’ve been getting 25+1 crystals everyday. You can obtain at most 3 crystals in every stage, so it’s a piece of cake.

screenshot_2016-10-24-22-42-591Now the puzzle part, very fun. Unlike most puzzle apps, there are a lot of gimmicks, which makes the puzzles more challenging. As of now, there are 150 stages. I’m just worried that I might get bored after I finish all the stages lol. I do have a couple of characters I’m interested in, but there aren’t too many stories for them yet.

screenshot_2016-10-24-22-41-411 screenshot_2016-10-19-01-40-121



5 thoughts on “[Mobile App] Stand My Heroes

  1. I think character story’s quite nice, not bad at all. It’s a little bit chessy, but not overdone. I found mysefl fall in love with Tsukasa at the end of his story, though I complain a lot that is too slow in romance progess (so don’t go to him first, you may lost your patient).
    And for エビthing, there is some parts of character story (climax ones, actually) will cost you about 1500, 2700 and 3900 ebi. So prepare yourself XD


    1. Thanks for the tip! As for now, I think I’m most interested in Sousei. They don’t even have the main story for him, so I was trying pretty hard to get his card from the event lol. I’m a bit interested in Itsuki, but only b/c he’s voiced by Sugita aha. I’m usually not struck by the main guy character, so idk how much I’ll be into the story part of the game. Maybe I’ll go try reading couple stories of each character and decide? ┐(‘~`;)┌ As for エビ, hopefully I’ll have enough when the time comes since I haven’t been using that much.


      1. I think other character will be updated in future, so you will have to wait for the tiem being.
        Itsuki is à husbando material, he’s good at cooking, and even has a gourmet blog. But his story’s name is kind of misleading. I used to thinh he’s do-S type, but actually he is so cute

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  2. I played the whole original game and am keeping an eye on the updates which come quite frequently. Definitely recommended! It’s more on the adult side (especially characters’ age-wise), the CGs are absolutely beautiful, the story is decent but what I like the most is the interaction between the characters. So I absolutely recommend it. It’s a breath of fresh air after playing Voltage.


    1. Ohhhh, no wonder they frequently have maintenance. How are the stories? Is there new content in the main stories? Not that i’ve played the original, but curious lol. Any characters you would recommend?


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