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Tasukete Kudasai ~Kidoku Suruu Kinshi~


助けでください~既読スルー禁止~ (Tasukete Kudasai ~Kidoku Suruu Kinshi~) is a Japanese suvival horror game app, where you try to save your friends by text messages. Basically, you’re not the one in danger, but your friends are! If you’re familiar with LINE, the format is just like it. In the game, your friends will send you a message regarding their current situation. They will ask for your advice on what they should do. Depending on your choices, you will either save them or… 

In the beginning, you’ll input a name and choose whether you’re male or female. I did a little research on how often new characters will appear since they don’t appear all at once. Based on what I found, people said that it’s better if you play as both male and female because the conversation change and the characters that appear are different. Also, you can play both sides at the same without starting all over.

You’ll get a few messages like this:


At first, you get about 3 stories. If you share the game on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll obtain a few more.

Your friends will talk to you about random stuff, usual day to day conversation stuff. However, such ordinary conversations start turning into something serious. Some will send you pictures and/or sound texts. It’s actually pretty creepy, especially the sound texts.


If you would look at the top part of your chat, there is a heart gage. Depending on the choices, the heart gage will go up or down. There’s a good, neutral, and bad choice. You can still save people without filling the whole gage, but it’s better to fill as much as you can since that would help new characters appear too.


If you successfully save your friends, they appear on your friend list.

Based on my own gameplay, all 24 characters have appeared. I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between the male and female version. They both have 24 people to save. However, I’m not sure if the order of appearance is different, random, or if there really is a difference in characters depending on the which version. Unless the reviews were meaning to say that it’s easier/faster to complete all routes if you play both versions at the same time? IF they both include the same 24 stories, I recommend that you just stick to one version because you’re basically repeating the routes. The conversations are practically the same, it’s just a matter of which tone you’re speaking as, a male or female. I do admit that the pace for new stories to appear become slower as you complete them. If you’re okay with with waiting, I recommend the wait. The pace for new characters  to appear is pretty quick. It just took a while for the last 5 characters to appear. The remaining appeared within 2-3 days, so it’s not that bad.

Overall, I thought the game is pretty fun. I was especially addicted to it in the beginning. It’s somewhat realistic how they don’t return your messages right away, but it does get tiring when you’re playing the routes multiple times. You would have to start over if you get a bad end, so choose your choices wisely! lols. I first played in the middle of the night, so it might be fun to enjoy that creepy feeling. I really didn’t want them to send me pictures and sound messages because who would want to see/hear those in the middle of the night. It seems like there are updates where they add new characters from time to time, so I’m most likely going to keep the app in my phone for a while. I would recommend to those who like horror/survival games.


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