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B’s LOG – November Issue 2015

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It’s late, but… For November’s issue, I purchased B’s LOG premium! The premium version comes with 5 Reine de fleurs clear files and a Collar x Malice postcard. Aside from the premium goods, the issue came with a Hana Awase B3 size poster and Ensemble Stars clear stickers. This month’s cover is Collar x Malice~ 

 photo d4c018ad-7543-48a3-8f1f-cae6b4478157_zpseiphi5pi.jpgFor this issue, there weren’t much new info, so I’ll keep it short.

 photo 91fc81e2-dd0f-4ee1-9e20-a5035b39f0c2_zpsairolfhf.jpg
On April 1st, a video was streamed on Shinjuku’s big screen. 4 policemen were blindfolded and tied onto a chair. A voice reveals the various scandal (illegal action), in which the corrupted policemen have committed. The unsub claims that there is a need for punishment for such criminals. It is necessary for “us” to reset the principle of the world so that the weak are no longer oppressed. The video ends with the phrase, “Countdown to X-Day IX.”


  • Hoshino Ichika. Age 24. She’s the heroine and newbie police officer at the Shinjuku police station.
  • Yanagi Aiji – Age: 28 (cv. Morita Masakazu)
    The main guy character of the game. Aiji was previously in the investigation division. For some reason, he left his job and is investigating the X-day case. He’s thoughtful, calm, and has a strong sense of justice. When he encounters Ichika, he has a surprised look on his face as if he recognizes her.
  • Okazaki Kei – Age: 26 (cv. Kaji Yuuki)
    The SP that will be protecting Aiji & co. He has a gently personality, speech & behavior goes according to his own pace, and is spontaneous. The reason he accepted the mission is unknown.
  • Enomoto Mineo – Age: 23 (cv. Saitou Souma)
    Has an outgoing and positive personality. At first, he suspects Ichika being involved with the unsub. However, he gradually reveals the truth that he’s been hiding in his heart. Due to past experiences, he is unable to trust others.
  • Sasazuka Takeru – Age: 24 (cv. Namikawa Daisuke)
    Previously in the cyber crime countermeasure division, but left after a few month. He has a sharp mind, but also a bad-mouth and self-centered. He acts cool, but likes sweets, especially doughnuts.
  • Shiraishi Kageyuki – Age:29 (cv. Kimura Ryouhei)
    In the forensic division and his specialty is profiling. He always has a smile on, therefore, it’s rather difficult to read his true intentions. He has an unusual interest in the heroine’s collar.

Blackish House
Surprisingly, I’m actually pretty interested in the game since I went back and read the character descriptions now that the character voices are out. What’s interesting is that the characters seem to be talented celebrities, but they all have some kind of a flaw in their personalities. I assume the game will have the heroine help them overcome/resolve their flaws throughout their routes. I’m hoping for a cute game, just like Seishun Hajimemashita!

 photo d7041b59-1f4d-45e1-a61c-9d17b16f108d_zpsppxewuki.jpg

  • Side A
    • Ugajin Rei (cv. Ishikawa Kaito): An ore-sama actor. He holds pride in his work. However, his father has something to do with the reason for his fixation in acting. His flaw is arrogance and his ore-sama personality.
    • Kisaki Tougo (cv. Kakihara Tetsuya): Elite actor. He appears to be very sociable on the outside. At times, he would lie and spew out mean comments nonchalantly. His flaw is his inability to understand emotions.
    • Shiiba Gou (cv. Maeno Tomoaki): A gamer seiyuu. He’s extremely shy and is incapable of talking to women normally. His flaw is stage fright.
    • Kuze Madoka (cv. Tachibana Shinnosuke): Was a prodigy actor. He’s simple, an idiot, and is hot-tempered. He seems to be irritated most of the time due to unresolved issues. His flaw is that he’s a “scandal maker.”

 photo 212016e2-f39a-4873-a5b3-fadc20681d77_zpsipmhxxuu.jpg

  • Side Z
    • Ousaka Haruma (cv. Terashima Takuma): Previously was working his way up as an actor, but gave up due to an accident. He is currently involved in plays as a producer. His flaw is unknown.
    • Arimura Noa (cv. Hirose Yuuya): An actor that accepts all kind of roles. He lost his sense of taste and has a serious condition of insomnia. He’s sociable, but tends not to acknowledge others, but Rei and Tougo. His flaw is that he doesn’t work to his full potential.
    • Yuuki Nayuta (cv. Kimura Ryouhei): Talented dancer, but lacks motivation.  He doesn’t open up to people other than his childhood friends, the heroine and Haruma. The reason is behind his past experience. His flaw is that he doesn’t try to communicate with others.
    • Akune Sera (cv. Aoi Shouta): Idol. He’s popular for his cute smile and his singing. However, he is spiritless and sloppy regarding his private life. His flaw is his moody personality.


Konbini Kareshi
 photo be24f186-2ccf-4dc0-95fa-76ca2c2b68fe_zpsvckwuw5l.jpg

This issue’s Konbini Kareshi is on Sanagi Nasa (cv. Kaji Yuuki). Nasa is a first year, the kouhai character of the series. He’s quiet and uncommunicative toward others. His specialty is cleaning, cooking, and sewing. Since he’s a good cook, he’s in the cooking club. In the beginning, it was just him, but Itokawa Nozomi (cv. Koshimizu Ami) eventually joins. Nasa gradually starts liking her for her bright, outgoing personality and warmth.

Yume 100

 photo cd848d08-1d2a-4e57-a944-a88d6d0f53cb_zpsmpf24ekw.jpgYume-100 pin-up poster. There’s a Christmas event going on right now and I’m falling behind… HELP orz.

Yoshiwara Higanbana
 photo eab6f040-7b48-42a0-bcf5-7666fff26ba3_zpsiwqbczrl.jpg
I was planning to download the Gyakuten Yoshiwara Ohgiya-hen, but apparently, I need this one app to download it. I couldn’t find the app, so I guess I won’t be playing it anymore ? (。•́︿•̀。). Instead, I played Yoshiwara Higanbana (R18 PC game). I gave it a try since I felt like playing a Yoshiwara-theme game and the routes weren’t too long. Also, it had good reviews. Since the setting took place in Yoshiwara, the storyline obviously contains a fair amount of dark contents. I haven’t played all the bad ends yet, but some were pretty grim. I’m still debating if I should play through all the bad ends aha. However, each character routes were interesting, except for the shota character lol. In the beginning, he was cute. Once romance got involved, I’m like ew plz no. Anyways, if you’re able to play R18 games, I would recommend this game. I think it’s been a while since a good R18 game has been released, based on the reviews I’ve read anyways.



5 thoughts on “B’s LOG – November Issue 2015

    1. Oh, you’re right, he does somewhat look like him. If I remember correctly, Konbini Kareshi’s character design is done by the same illustrator as Tokimeki Restaurant’s. You play Tokimeki Restaurant too? Cool cool, I do too lol. And yep, Konbini Kareshi is a drama CD series. Are you considering to try it out?


      1. No wonder, the design looks so similar! www I played TokiRes, but not anymore. Are there still new scenarios with the idols? After Koei bought the game, there were no news about anymore…

        Hmm… It does sound interesting, but I’m actually broke. Lol


        1. I started playing in August, so not sure, but I don’t think there’s been new scenarios since then. There are events and additional recipes though. However, I understand how it might get a bit dull after getting most of the scenarios, I don’t really play much unless there’s an event or something. PS: I’m kinda broke too orz lol


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