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B’s LOG – October Issue 2015

 photo 53c92f85-7632-4f6b-a857-377bad3ce451_zpseldl9xwa.jpg

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought one of these issues. This month’s cover issue is on a game that is supposedly going to be released in year 2016, called 7’scarlet.

 photo 2bdf2c00-dd02-4ced-ba4e-b25a811b458e_zps03yctrk8.jpg

The goodies that came with this issue is a B2 poster of Ayakashi Gohan on one side and Dynamic Chord on the other side, an ensemble memo booklet, Yume-Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Oujisama booklet, and the usual Hana Awase booklet. As far as I know, Hana Awase booklet has been part of the b’s log goodie since 2013…I want some new goodies nowww!!! lol. 

 photo 293585da-9217-459e-b98c-b6a8a1b767ef_zps6iqlpeaq.jpgThe concept of the game is a to implement a full-scale mystery theme in an otome game. In this game, Otomate is collaborating with Toybox games and Kurahana Chinatsu (Utapri illustrator). The main plot is based on a missing person case that happened in a town called Okunezato. The heroine and her childhood friend will be investigating her brother’s whereabouts at the town, the last place he was seen. They meet with these people from a forum site that her childhood friend found. Depending on who the heroine goes with, the secrets revealed will be different. Also, they didn’t make the game in a way that if you chose one character, you’ll find out everything. This will be a good thing, so there will be new contents in every route and it won’t be so repetitive. I’ve played some games where the routes were so repetitive that I would get sick of playing, so this is a good thing for me especially. Apparently, they’ve tweaked some parts in the common routes too. In short, it means that there will be a new discovery in every gameplay. Regarding the theme song, there might be a bit of a hint since the Toybox games’ scriptwriter/director wrote it and he has confirmed that it is somehow linked to the game. This is definitely going to be one of the games to buy when I get a Vita.

Collar x Malice
 photo 3c795ae1-0992-413e-8982-b84238eec45c_zpsiootro4w.jpg  photo 3e530836-5e5c-4997-b7b9-bb2b5e983d9f_zpsd0zfnztl.jpg
A little preview on a new game, which will have more details in the next month’s issue. The artist for Amnesia is working on the character design. Does this mean that they’re over the Amnesia series now? b/c I think they should really move on with that ( ◔㉦◔ ). Anyways, it’s going to be one of those mystery type otome games, similar to 7’scarlet. However, the mystery part for Collar x Malice will probably be a little more toned down compared to 7’scarlet, especially since the latter is legitly collaborating with a company known for their mystery genre games. Putting that note aside, what I got from watching the teaser is that there is what is known as an “X-day,” which happens every month. The heroine is a police officer and a collar has been put on her by an unknown subject, assuming it has something to do with the “X-day” case. Throughout the game, she  encounters these guys who are also investigating the case. I’m somewhat looking forward to this, but probably not as much as 7’scarlet. Also, the guys’ character designs remind me of Diabolik Lovers…aha.

 photo 79a4c5df-4f51-484b-ba1d-dc824d75ae22_zpsesvusip0.jpgLawson (well-known convenient store in Japan) and Kadokawa is teaming up for this series. Is that why the title is called “Konbini Kareshi?” lol. In this series, there are six guys and they each have a different girl that they like.The focus of the series is going to be on the guys’ feelings toward the person they like. Apparently, there was a start up Drama CD, but I haven’t listened to it, so don’t really know what it’s about. Did anyone listen to it? If you did, I would like to know what you thought of it (◕‿◕✿). Anyways, it seems like they’re all from the same school as far as the uniforms goes to show.

This month’s article is on Sakurakouji Masamune (cv Sakurai Takahiro), the student council president. Really!? Sakurai was student council president in Seishun too, but, he doesn’t really look the part this time. I thought he was a delinquent at first glance since how he dresses is kinda rough, more loose than you would imagine an actual student council president might look like. He’s a traditional guy, who is often seen as a scary guy based on his rough tone of saying things, but is actually a nice guy once you get to know him. He’s the type that doesn’t know romance. He never fell in love, so even if he did, he most likely wouldn’t realize that he’s in love. The girl he likes is similar in that area, she too doesn’t know love. However, their relationship kindles by a cat that Masamune happens to pick up.

Reine des fleurs
 photo f0ea7138-be74-425d-803e-7f234f1259cc_zps3ztixlno.jpg
Beautiful as always~ Honestly, when I saw which seiyuus are voicing the characters, I was like, “Hmmm, that’s interesting. I don’t really see them fitting to the characters,” so I’m really looking forward to how it turned out. Don’t know when I’ll actually be able to play, but yeahh…ahaha.

Ayakashi Gohan
 photo d850ea03-301f-457f-b014-262296c5b6d9_zpsjfig9bi8.jpg
There’s going to be a fandisk for Ayakashi Gohan. This is one of the series I want to play, but I still have games I need to finish, so it might be a while for me to actually get on it lol. The fandisk is going to be for PC. Also, they’re going to release the prequel for the Vita. They are  going to add some new contents for the Vita version, but I’m not too sure what they are yet.

Honeybee Black
 photo c2064884-e2c9-4496-9c95-7f0ac36a7b51_zpsxiedtc8u.jpgI’m not really fond of Honeybee’s recent works. It doesn’t really fit my taste I guess? I did consider playing Houkago colorful step at one point, but wasn’t up for the whole setting up the schedule system. Also, I get the impression that they’re doing a lot of the celebrity-themed games recently. Well, the heroine seems to have an interesting personality trait though. She’s an actress that has a habit of constantly becoming others, probably due to being an actress. I’m not sure if that trait is similar to what I’m imagining, but is if it is, I might be interested in playing the game. Besides that, I’m not too interested? The heroine is an orphan and has two childhood friends from the orphanage that went into the entertainment field as well. The flow of the story goes like this: April (company tells heroine that she needs to succeed in a public performance and cohabitate during the rehearsal period) → May (Go into preparation) → June (cohabitation starts) → August (Go into route) → December (Christmas performance). There’s going to be two sides, side A and side Z. Each sides have different character routes, but I’m not going to go in detail on the characters since the CVs aren’t released yet.

Idolish Seven (Idolish7)
 photo f5ca0dbb-ebb8-41b3-918e-1f90aecdcd69_zpsesk79eze.jpg
One of my favorite mobile apps right now. At first, I thought it was one of those utapri wannabes, but I’m actually having more fun with this app. Well, based on forums, they say that they’ve implemented various traits of other games and mashed it into this game. I admit, I kinda agree on what they’re saying. HOWEVER, personally, I like this game a lot. It is one of those rhythm games, similar to beatmania, deemo, and etc. It’s like Puzzles & Dragons combined with beatmania. You collect these idol cards that you can level up and that’ll help you in terms of scores when you play the rhythm part of the game, I think. It hasn’t been too long since I started playing, so I’m not sure how everything exactly works yet.

One of the ultimate trait of this game is that the stories are all voiced and it’s FREE. That’s pretty amazing. Well, you can purchase some some stuff, but for the most part, it’s free. The heroine begins working at her single dad’s small production company and becomes the manager of a group called Idolish7. She is to work with them so that they can become the new top idol group. All the members have some kind of reason to why they became idols, but that is revealed as you move further into the story. Like I said, you don’t need to pay to view the stories. All you have to do is fulfill some of the missions, like reaching to a certain rank level or clearing the songs with a certain score grade. In my opinion, Idolish7 is easier in terms of difficulty, so it’s not so hard to read through the stories. As you get further into the stories, you’ll get more songs too. And yes, the songs are pretty good and they’re catchy. Two of the songs’ full versions are out on iTunes, so you can purchase them there.

I’ll probably go further into detail in a different post.
Note: If you’re interested, I recommend playing now since they’re having a special where they’re giving out one free limited time idol card. You’ll have a chance to level them up during the limited time period too.

Hyakka Hyakurou Sengoku Ninpou-chou
 photo b4d11518-4b44-4243-99a0-f8f0bb3779b6_zpsehxhqxyo.jpg  photo b64301c8-bc21-4fa2-8284-d1b0a87824df_zpsux45p9vf.jpg
Another from the Hyakka series. This series is one of the ones that I’m in for the art. However, I’ve never played before b/c of the historical theme. Maybe I should just play, but briefly review? If I include the historical explanations in the review, I feel like it would be one of those that would be a pain in the butt for me to translate. I still haven’t got into Ken ga Kimi either b/c of that reason. In this series, Shimonnu is in it, so it made me wanna play more, but his character looks like a yandere lols. Yanderes are scary… It even says that his love for the heroine is possessiveness…lol.

Asaki Yumemishi
 photo 897430bb-f0b0-4cec-ad94-8e531072dc12_zpsw1z4irip.jpg
There’s going to be a complete volume package for Vita. I played the very first one, but totally forgot what happened. I think I enjoyed the game, but I remember being confused about that other one called “Wajini-bunroku -Asaki, Yumemishi-” Was that a sequel or a spin-off, or? lol. The main guy character from the first one wasn’t in it I think, but most of the characters from the first one appeared…so… (๑•́ω•̀). Maybe if I played it, I would know… aha. Maybe I should play them all over again…one day…

Yunohana Spring
 photo 5a3cefaf-acf4-43db-b120-3ac1841e72be_zps3uukjsll.jpg 
 photo 557a4c2e-d384-470b-a793-0a68862ef90c_zps84wsdrnw.jpg
The article pages are really cute. Anyways, the heroine is a daughter of a Japanese-style inn owner. She’s in the middle of job hunting in Tokyo, but her mother collapses. Therefore, she works temporarily in her place. During her temporary job, she encounters various guys. The themes of love are first love, a love in which they both chase their dreams, false love, and an unchanging love. I’m wondering if the character in the right pic is one of the playable character routes. I listened to the opening song and it’s pretty good too, sung by KENN (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥.

Walpurga no Uta
 photo 0dec32f2-d1fe-4823-922c-c8a26b2f9b44_zps7fskkldz.jpg

The game totally worn me out! lols. It felt like the longest game trial I’ve ever played. Were trials always this long? Throughout my gameplay, I kept wondering when it will be over. I felt like I’ve played at least half a character route. Anyways, I enjoyed it though! I think I mentioned in the past that I was interested in this game, but never got the chance to come around to it, especially since I still have other games to finish. Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to start a new game until I finish the ones I’m working on now, so I decided to play the trial version. Honestly, I feel like PC games are more convenient to play… I feel discouraged to play whenever I see my PSP ahaha… I’m most likely going to play this game later on since the trial got me interested enough to want to continue playing.

Btw, I was going toward Tora’s route, the twin with bobby pins in his hair. I prefer wolves over vampires, assuming that mystery dude is a vampire-ish w/e he is. I read some reviews that they like him the best, but he pretty much pissed me off in the beginning. Well, the moment he said he was gonna tear the wolves into pieces in front of the heroine, I wanted him dead. You don’t mess with the wolves! They’re so cute lol. I like Tora better because he’s voiced by OnoYuu and he had more of a personality than Ryu, which is voiced by Ono Kensho. Regarding the heroine’s bro, he’s nice, but I think I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see in the opening movie… I’m hoping I was just seeing things…o.o

Gyakuten Yoshiwara Series
 photo 1a10204f-f2f2-4384-8c96-42f1295ca2c3_zpsabhpo9vl.jpg
I have been trying out different mobile apps recently and figured I try this one. I had no idea this was originally a Vita game, but love the opening song for it. Apparently, both Vita version and mobile app are released already. However, what I’m actually looking forward to try is the 2nd app for this series. The first and original is called Gyakuten Yoshiwara Kikuya-hen. The one I want to play is Gyakuten Yoshiwara Ohgiya-hen, which is going to be released sometime in September. This month’s article is mainly on Ohgiya-hen. The lower half of the left page are the characters for the Kikuya-hen. I personally like the heroine and character design for Ohgiya-hen better than Kikuya-hen, so I’m most likely going to just play Ohgiya-hen.


Clock Zero Shuuen no Ichibyou Drama CD Vol.3
 photo d5fc91ec-d8bf-4655-b7fe-e927e1c47335_zps19yfqxf7.jpgClock Zero released a series of Drama CD for the Vita version of Clock Zero. As you can see, volume 3 is on Madoka (cv Toriumi Kousuke) and Nakaba (cv Sudou Shou). I still haven’t decided if I want to listen to the Drama CD, but I do want to play the Vita version since I must play Nakaba’s route!!! According to Sudou, the Drama CD (I assume) has a very heartwarming story and it made him kinda cry too aha. He claims that he was glad that Tori played the part of Madoka. How cute, I ship them lol.



2 thoughts on “B’s LOG – October Issue 2015

  1. Wait, which month’s issue is that? I have issues 6, 8 and 9. Actually bought them for Ayakashi Gohan andillustrations for some of the new games. Hana Awase booklets carry no useful information at all. They only look beatiful. Whenever I go to Animate I end up buying this mag even though it’s 1,000 yen. But I’m thinknig of selling it along with Hana Awase booklets on Yahoo Auctions, because I think the Japanese would love it, lol.
    I played Gyakuten Yoshiwara. One guy’s route (Forgot whcih one’s, he’s the manager of the brothel). CGs were very beatuiful but the storyline was meh. So far, unfortunately, only Voltage profuces good otome games for mobile phones.


    1. This is B’s log’s October issue for this year~ I bought this issue for the Yume100 booklet, which I probably will review on a different post eventually…lol. As of the Hana Awase booklet, I’m not interested in it whatsoever, so I want them to use that goodie for some other new ones! I always flip through it for like 2 seconds and then put it away. I have a stack of it and it just takes up spaceeeee orz lolol. I mean they’ve been giving out those booklets since 2013, so I thought they would be over by now, but no. SO HOW LONG IS THAT GAME EXACTLY!? Aha, I’m sorry I kinda ranted a bit.

      GASP, do you live in JAPAN? Sometimes, I really want the premiums, but I don’t live there, so I can’t really buy them. It’s too much trouble and the shipping fee would cost too much.

      Yeah, I didn’t think Gyakuten Yoshiwara was going to be a pretty and heartwarming story since the setting is a brothel. However, the Ohgiya-hen’s (2nd app for the series) CG in the article seemed pretty, so that caught my attention. For the most part, the app is free, so I’m like might as well try it. And yes, Voltage games are good, but sadly, it’s not free (except the first chapter)…so I stopped playing. They come up with too many games and I was like, “Ok, I gotta stop this” especially since I would have to pay extra for itune cards since I don’t live in Japan aha.


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