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[3DS] Fire Emblem Awakening


I never expected that the Fire Emblem series would be one of my favorites from the nintendo bunch. I originally planned to post a review on this game earlier, but there was a bit of a mix up in my Fire Emblem if pre-order. I didn’t really feel like writing a review during the time b/c I was too worried regarding on what happened to my order. When the game finally came, I was more into playing the game rather than writing the review… orz.

I finished awakening a bit before the release of if, so I won’t have too many unfinished games in my hands. I don’t think the story continues, so it doesn’t really matter which one you play first. Edit: I found out later on that it’s actually better to finish awakening first b/c there are some things in if that you may notice if you’ve played awakening. 

At first, this game didn’t seem like the type that I would play, especially since I thought it was one of those RPG games. Btw, awakening is a role-playing simulation game. I’m not so great with RPGs b/c there’s too much of those random battles… Sadly, I’m too impatient for that (.__.).

It took me approximately a year to finish it though. I wanted all my characters to be around the same level, so I prioritized leveling them up before moving on with the story. Then, eventually got too lazy and only played once in a while. When I found about if, I didn’t really care about levels anymore. I just really wanted to finish it, so I can move on lol. Btw, I’m more fast-paced with if since I’m prioritizing to move on with the story this time. I’ve learned my lesson (´-ω-`).

In the game, you get to make your own avatar. Basically, your position in the story is that you’re this mystery boy/girl that the prince finds and you end up fighting by his side for the future of his kingdom. The reason why I say your character is a mystery is because you have amnesia, so you don’t remember a thing about your past.

fire_001 fire_002

Overall Review After Gameplay:
Story: ★★★☆☆
Characters: ★★★★☆
Graphic: ★★★☆☆
System: ★★★★☆
Sound: ★★★half star

Despite my relatively average rating for the game, the overall experience was fun. The most interesting aspect of the game was that it was kinda like an otome game! I actually never expected anything like that in these type of games. I mean the parameter raising isn’t as difficult, but your avatar can end up with one of the guys. Likewise, if your avatar is a guy, you can end up with one of the girls. At first, I planned to marry Chrom since he was the main guy character, but mehhh… As much as I like Sugita, Chrom wasn’t so appealing ahaha. Also, maybe it was b/c there was that event where Sumia saves Chrom on her pegasus. There was this “moment” where it made me think if he’s supposed to end up with her or something. Well, anywho, it’s better to pair up the characters b/c the children of the pairs will appear later on. Apparently, your avatar can marry the children generation as well, but I wasn’t really up for that since it felt really wrong… ( ◉ _ ◉).

※SPOILER ALERT※ Story-wise, I was not satisfied on how my character seemed to be more of an outsider than the main character. I felt like Chrom/Lucina was the main characters of the story while I was just the commander in the battles lols. I doubt this will change even if you marry Chrom. Also, there is a part where Lucina is determined to kill you for Chrom, which makes you feel even more like an outsider. She does this even if you marry Chrom. If you marry him, she says she can’t kill you (her mother) after all, but the fact that she attempted to kill you is pretty sad since it’s not your fault that you killed Chrom in her version of the parallel universe. You were being controlled! (✿・谷・)〴

Another thing was that I didn’t like how they made the endings? There’s two endings, you either decide to sacrifice yourself or you let Chrom defeat the final boss. If you sacrifice yourself, you’ll completely destroy Gimley (Eng: Grima). You’ll disappear with Gimley, but Chrom & co. refuse to believe that you’re gone and that one day you’ll come back. In the post-credit scene, you wake up in a field just like in the prologue where Chrom and Liz (Eng: Lissa) first find you, but this time welcoming you back. On the other hand, if you let Chrom defeat it, Gimley would be put to sleep for another thousand years. You feel a bit of a regret, but it’s all good. 

I like how they split the endings in such a way, but felt like it was lacking in capturing the players’ emotions? Well, at least mine anyways. Ok, so this is what they did. For the sacrifice ending, after you vanished, Chrom said some heartwarming things. The others who were in the party during the last battle said a few words. Honestly, the few words just felt like texts to me…especially since there’s like 15 of them. I would have preferred a movie where a few characters (obviously < 15) were like we won’t accept this. I know you’ll be back one day blah blah blah. I think that would have been more tear jerking. Then, I’ll be like yayy post-credit scene means they found her ヽ(*´д`*)ノ. GREAT ENDING! But the 15 people saying a few words just dragged it out and diminished the affection out of the scene. Instead of “OMG, that is so saaaddd,” it was more like,”Is it done yet?”(´-ω-`) .

Both of the endings had an after story, but in the form of texts as the credits were rolling. I didn’t think that was necessary. Maybe a movie of how the Holy Kingdom of Iris (Eng: Halidom of Ylisse) is doing now that the war is over with Lucina or Chrom’s narration on it. Preferably Lucina’s narration since I feel like Lucina going back in time to change the future was the main part of the game. Then, she can sum it up with her thoughts on how things ended. 

So yeah…long story short, the ending was good, but I feel like they dragged it out a bit. However, I liked the post-credit scene though, that was beautiful. It would have been better if it weren’t for the amount of texts. Actually, I think it would have been better already if they just omitted the after story text and just rolled the credits ahaha. ※End of Spoiler※

Character-wise, I was just meh that Marc’s (Eng: Morgan) conversation with his father is exactly the same no matter who the father is, even Chrom. Made me curious why he didn’t have any memory on the father, so I wish they revealed why (。´•ㅅ•。). There were a few characters that were annoying or too weak, but overall I liked most of them.

fire_004 fire_003

The system is interesting with their chessboard styled battle field. It felt as if I was playing chess or shougi of some sort, not that I know how to play ʅ(◔౪◔ ) ʃ. It’s not too difficult since you can tell how far the characters can go. Also, it gives you a preview of how much damage you can do to your enemy as well as the damage the enemy can do to you. This is a very helpful system since I’m not so great in comprehending stats. Even in pokemon, I only put power and weaknesses into consideration when I attack. I don’t even look at the other crap lols.

In addition, there is the support system, that’s how you raise the relationship parameter with the other characters. When you group the characters as a pair or simply place them next to each other during an attack, they’ll help each other in battle. The more you pair them together, the more the parameter will go up. As the ranks go up, it’s more likely that they’ll guard you from the enemy’s attacks and help you attack as well. There were some troublesome gimmicks like moving around the map Mario style, but they were just little stuff.

I would recommend to those who like to enjoy the story of a game, but aren’t committed enough to go through those frequent random battles aha.

(。´•ㅅ•。) ノシ.



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