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Seishun Hajimemashita! – Tarou


I feel bad for Tarou because I only played him next because I wanted to leave Kanade and Kuga for last. As much as I like Hinocchi, I wasn’t that much of a fan for his character. Still, he was an adorable character, just like everyone else. He’s the student council president, but isn’t the typical cool type. He’s also smart, but most of time he’s just silly and KY. However, he can be cool when he’s most needed, just like the time when he had the talk with Rihito on the rooftop. 

During the summer break, Chitose runs an errand for Grandma Sayu. On the way home, she hears a boy crying. The boy claims that there is a puppy in a cardboard box in the river. Tarou passes by, so he goes into the river and saves the puppy. Since the boy can’t take the pup, Tarou decides to temporarily take care of the pup. Chitose asks for Tarou’s number from Chihaya, so she can check on the pup. According to his sis, Tarou barely slept to take care of the pup, talking to him ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ.

Tarou claims that he can’t keep the pup for sure since his family business is a Japanese-style inn. They’ll be busy and some customers might be allergic to dogs. Therefore, Chitose calls the other members, so they can discuss about what they can do. As a club activity, the members decide to look for someone who can adopt this adorable pup. One day, they get a call from Ouji that they’ve found someone. When Tarou gives him up to the new owner, he cries lol.

Tarou_001On August, the seishun club go to the beach as a club activity. Tarou is the only one surfing. Chitose wants to learn, so he teaches her. However, they have an argument. Chitose goes way too far, too deep, and drowns. Tarou saves her, but she’s not breathing. Fortunately, Chitose wakes up when she is given CPR. Although she was alright, Tarou gets mad b/c she could have died. They both apologize to each other. Chitose apologizes for not calling for help earlier. Tarou apologizes for teasing her and tells her that he’ll teach her how to surf properly next time.

One day, Chitose gets a text from Tarou that he’s going surfing, so he invites her. He picks her up on his bike. It appears that his stuff is already with his surfing buddies. He just came to pick up Chitose (゚ω゚). This time, he teaches Chitose properly, but some girls get jealous. Apparently, surfing Tarou is pretty popular with the girls… UNBELIEVABLE…( ゚д゚) lol. His character at the waves are totally different school. Tarou claims that the reason he doesn’t get a girlfriend is b/c there’s no point if he doesn’t have feelings for them. He wants to date someone that he likes. How cute (´ω`*).

The seishun club goes to the summer festival as a club activity. Tarou wants to play at the ring toss booth, but everyone else wants to either eat or go to the shooting booth. Chitose goes with him since no one else wants to aha. She aims for one of the prizes, a ring. Tarou aims for the same prize, so it’s more fun that way. In the end, Tarou wins, but gives it to Chitose since she’s the one that wanted the ring in the first place. Later, Chitose gets separated from the others due to the crowd. She tries to call the others, but no one is picking up. As Chitose is lost, these DQNs hit on her. Tarou finds her just in time, but seems like he knows those dudes. They claim to be his friends from middle school, but then Tarou betrayed them by acting like none of the things they used to do ever happened. Ouji finds Chitose and Tarou, so the the dudes leave. This incident worries Chitose since it seemed like the DQNs weren’t going to let this matter go. Still, Tarou tells her not to worry and not to tell the other members about it.

Chitose tags along with Tarou to learn how to surf again. She’s starting to get along with the girls there too. Usagi, Kame, and Rihito came as well. If you recall from Rihito’s route, they’re the members of the student council. Chihaya has been worrying about Chitose recently since she looks pretty worn out from both club activities and surfing. This other day, Chitose goes surfing, but isn’t feeling well. She nearly drowns even in the shallow side, so Tarou tells her not to underestimate the ocean. She didn’t tell him about not feeling well b/c she felt bad for for taking his time. Tarou tells her not to worry b/c he likes teaching her. He tells her not to overwork, that she doesn’t need to rush. Chitose talks to Tarou’s surf buddies while he surfs. They talk about how Tarou used to be a delinquent. He used to hang out with the DQNs until the 2nd year of junior high.

September. Tarou and Rihito can’t participate in the culture festival with the seishun club since they’re too busy with their student council duties. During their festival preparation, a first year fell from the second floor balcony. Due to the incident, everyone had to leave early on that day. The next day, they have an emergency assembly regarding the incident. The student fractured his leg, but there were no serious injuries. Still, the school announces that the culture festival will be cancelled. The student council interrupt and claims that their against the decision, but there’s nothing much they can do. Yamada puts on a strike on how they should be having a culture festival. He doesn’t want to give up since he wants the students to have fun. He doesn’t want to add a bad memory for them. Some student have already given up, but still…

One day, Tarou is absent from school. According to his sister, he left home in his uniform, most likely ditched. Chitose goes to look for him, finding him at the beach. He feels frustrated for not being able to do anything. He feels like giving up, so Chitose claims that it’s not like him to give up. She claims that he hasn’t relied on the seishun members yet. He hasn’t done everything yet. Ouji suddenly appears, agreeing with Chitose. The other members are there too. Finally, he asks the members for help. The seishun club gather petitions to bring back the culture festival and this plan works. In this route, the seishun club won’t be participating in the booths, but will be supporting the student council. Additionally, the festival will hold a beauty pageant. There aren’t enough participants, so Chitose has to participate.

On the day of the culture festival, Tarou helps Chitose with the preparations for the beauty pageant. She wins third place, which was surprising for Tarou. It’s not that he didn’t think she would win. In fact, he thought it was strange that she didn’t win first because he thought she would definitely win ( `◔ω◔).

October. The testing period starts. The student council decides to help Chitose study. Tarou has some documents to finish up, so Kame helps her in the meantime. Tarou doesn’t look too happy though. Next, Usagi helps her. Tarou wants to help her too, but still has to finish up the documents. Then, Rihito helps her. When Tarou finally finishes with the documents, he helps her. However, he’s being cranky at Chitose for being all smiley smiley with the guys that helped her, asking her if she’s really here to study. Obviously, he’s just jealous since Chitose did nothing wrong. She was only thanking them and saying how they were really helpful. This causes an argument AGAIN, which makes Chitose storm off. Rihito gets mad for Tarou’s attitude since it’s obviously his fault, so he tells him to go after her. Tarou apologizes for the shitty attitude he was giving her. He tells her that he’ll be her tutor from now on, as an apology. Is it really just for an apology (* ´艸`)クスッ♪… 

Gradually, Tarou’s sister, Hanako appear more in his route. They see Hanako receiving a confession, but Tarou purposely interrupts. He doesn’t like the idea that she would get a boyfriend before he gets a girlfriend. Chitose tells him to get one, which makes him blush lol. From his reaction, she suspects that he might have someone he likes (゚ω゚).

On the day of the their date, Chitose and Tarou are at the amusement park. Yep, a date. I think it was because Chitose gave Tarou a pair ticket to an amusement park as a thanks for being her tutor and he suggested they go together? Honestly, I don’t really remember… It was so long ago _(._.)_ They both agreed on going on the roller coasters since they both liked going on them. But then, when it came to merry go rounds, Tarou wasn’t so up for it. However, if you praise him, he’ll do it lol. They went on the ferris wheel last. Chitose asks if he likes anyone, so he tells her that he’s more interested, but not sure if it’s a “like” yet.

November. Tarou asks Chitose for some advice about Hanako. It seems like she might like someone, which is Arisu’s little brother, Rui. It’s kind of funny if you imagine it. If Hanako and Rui goes well, Arisu will be Tarou’s sister-in-law. Poor Arisu… ahaha jk.  Anyways, Tarou wants  to disrupt Hanako’s interactions with Rui, in case she might be rejected. Basically, he wants to protect her from getting hurt. He talks about how Hanako was the one that helped him change when he used to hang out with those DQNs. However, Chitose tells him that she can’t help and gets mad for his behavior. She claims that he can’t always be there to protect her. There are just somethings she needs to experience herself. Also, there’s a possibility that Rui might like her back, so this time he doesn’t interrupt. Later on, they find out that Hanako does get rejected. Tarou confronts Rui, so Hanako and Chitose try to stop him. When he does, Chitose realizes something about Rui. Chitose confronts Rui by herself, asking why he rejected Hanako. In Chitose’s eyes, it seemed like he might like her back. She claims that she doesn’t no much about love, but thought it was cool how Hanako faced him head on, while he didn’t. Chitose’s inspirational speech makes hims go after Hanako. He didn’t have the confidence since he thought he wouldn’t be good enough for her. He obtains the courage thanks to Chitose, and confesses.

At the beach, Tarou claims that it’s not fair that Hanako, his younger sister is dating before him. Chitose tell him to get a girlfriend, that way he’ll understand. Therefore, he mentions the girl he once was interested in. However, he’s no longer interested b/c he’s sure he has feelings for her now. She suggests he confess, so he asks if he can. She doesn’t understand why he’s asking her though lol. Tarou ends up confessing to her, but rejects him saying that she never saw him that way. The sad thing is that the feelings go pretty much both ways, just that she hasn’t realized yet. The next day, Tarou greets Chitose, but she runs away. Ever since then, Tarou doesn’t come to the club much since it’s awkward and all. Few days later, this one girl asks Chitose to give her mail address to Tarou. She does, so he takes it as her answer to his confession. Ouch (。•́︿•̀。). 

December. Tarou has been getting along with the girl. Kuga and Arisu says he thought he liked someone else, so they’re surprised to see him with another girl. Yeah, Kuga and Arisu are usually the first ones to realize these things. Rihito needs to talk to Chitose about something, so Chihaya and Kuga leaves first. As expected, he asks about Tarou, how he’s been acting strange since last month. He mentions how he’s been avoiding him. At first, Tarou would actively talk to her, but now they don’t even look at each other. Therefore, he suspected that it might have something to do with her. She tells him everything. Rihito mentions that Tarou has been staying out late and have fights, but it’s not Chitose’s fault though. Still, he tells her that she should be more honest with her feelings, which makes her realize her feelings for Tarou.

Tarou_005Next day, Chitose hears that Usagi got beaten up by these DQNs and was taken to the hospital. Chitose goes to the student council, Usagi is there with a fractured leg. Thank goodness, he’s okay. That night, she hears that another student was beaten, which is Kame. HOW DARE THEY HURT KAME!!! He’s so adorable ahaha. They came for Rihito too, but he’s good with wrestling moves, so he was able to fight them away. Serves them right haha. Chitose was their next target. It turns out the DQNs were from the opposing group of the group Tarou used to hang out with when he was in middle school. Just when they were going to do something to her, Tarou comes to the rescue and fights them. They’re no match for Tarou. They try to run, but he can’t forgive them for what they did and continue pounding on them. They caused a big enough scene for the police to come, which gets Tarou suspended for a week.

tarou_004A week later, Tarou stopped hanging out with the student council and the club. He doesn’t even go to school anymore. Chitose and Rihito went to Tarou’s place, but he’s not there. Then, they see Tarou hanging out with his old DQN friends, so Rihito gets mad at him. He tells him to go back to school and to stop moping around. He lets it go for now for Chitose, but won’t forgive him if he doesn’t show up to school tomorrow. After Rihito left, Chitose apologizes for the way she reacted and thanks him for protecting her. She didn’t understand how it felt to like someone, so she didn’t know what to do and reacted the way she did. It was hard on her when she couldn’t talk to him. She feels that it might be too late now, but confesses her feelings for him anyways. This makes Tarou cry and tell her not to look at him b/c it’s embarrassing (๑→ܫ←๑).

Next day, Tarou comes to school. It’s the day of the closing ceremony, the assembly they have before winter break starts. Tarou apologizes to the students for his behavior. Afterwards, he goes back to the student council and apologizes as well. Lastly, he goes to the seishun club and apologize. And ofc, there’s one more news. He announces that he and Chitose are a couple now. Yoshino tells her to think it over, it’s not too late. Ahaha I just love Yoshino’s reactions toward Tarou. I secretly ship Tarou and Yoshino.

The seishun club have their Christmas party. Once again, Koicchan’s reaction lol. I wish he would appear more b/c it’s so funny how everyone neglects him, EVEN THOUGH they’re borrowing his restaurant. After the party, the guy walk the girls home. Kuga and Chihaya volunteer to take Kotori home, so Chitose tries to go with them. Tarou asks where she’s going especially since she has him now. As he walk her home, he mentions how he wants her to call him by his first name, which was pretty cute :3 She does, but then now he complains that he wants it to be more romantic. They hold hands and promise to spend Christmas together next year too.

January. Tarou come for Chitose to go to Hatsumode (New Year visit to the temple) together. Tarou talks about what he plans on doing after he graduates high school. Apparently, he doesn’t plan to take the college entrance exams. He wants to study abroad to England, where his grandmother lives. He claims that Ikari has gone desolate in the past years. He wants to restore the town, but feels that a regular university education won’t be enough. Therefore, he plans to study in finance and management in England. He feels that this might make Chitose feel lonely, but it’s his dream. And he wants her to wait for him. Ofc, Chitose intends to wait and will be rooting for him.

February. There’s the whole Kanade event and their graduation.

Double date with Hanako & Rui to the amusement park. Chitose became a teacher. Tarou came back from England is taking over the family business. They’ve dated for four years. I think there was a bug or mistake in the game since Hanako & Rui were wearing school uniforms. I just can’t get over how Seishun Hajimemashita! turned out to be such a mess. They go on the ferris wheel last. Chitose and Tarou recall about the time they went to the amusement park together. Tarou confesses to Chitose even though they’re dating already, something about a saying that if you kiss/confess when you get to the top, the couple will have a wonderful future together. When they get to the top, they kiss. He says that he hasn’t changed, his feelings for her are still the same. He proposes to her, that he wishes to have seishun with her for yet to come.

Three months after graduation. Chitose receives a letter from Tarou, but she forgets to reply to him. Chihaya feels sorry for Tarou that Chitose is his gf. He tells her to write back to him or he might just run out of patience. Chitose hangs out with the girls and ask for some advice. They all feel sorry for Tarou too. Well, except Yoshino. SHIPPPPP lol. Kotori suggest Chitose to call Tarou this time since it’s always him that’s calling her. When she calls, Tarou says that she finally called him and that he’s been waiting for her call. She tells him how everyone scolded her, but laughs it off. He admits he feels lonesome at times, but won’t dislike her just by that. He understands how she gets when she’s too focused on things. He’s happy that she would call her like this. Even though others told her to call, he’s still happy to hear her voice. It gives him strength. D’AWWWWWWW ヽ(*´д`*)ノ. Even though they’re far away, Chitose feels this warm feeling as if Tarou is by her. She feels that she has to work hard, just like Tarou is working hard toward his dream.

Hmmmm… I don’t know what to think of Tarou. Well, he is a good guy. Sometimes, embarrassing… Well, most of the time. He’s kinda similar to Koicchan in that sense b/c everyone would always brush him off. It’s fun to see him as an individual character, but I just couldn’t really picture him with Chitose. Like I said, I ship Tarou with Yoshino, so I can’t see it any other way anymore. Yoshino would be the tsundere in the relationship b/c I think she’s actually only cold towards Tarou. She’s pretty chill with the others. Also, it’s not like she hates him, so I think it will totally work out. So yeah, I think they would be a really cute couple ahaha. He was really cool in his 2nd end and in Rihito’s route. He’s foolish most of the time, but he’s actually pretty cool when the right time comes.


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