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Seishun Hajimemashita! – Rihito


Hooray! The Sakurai in this game is a good guy. Whenever I play Sakurai and Yocchin’s characters, the trauma revives ahaha. I guess it’s a good thing I played this game, so I can replace the two seiyuu’s bad impression into a good one. It’s a good therapy method haha. If I remember correctly, Rihito was the last member needed for the seishun club to become an official club. I was a bit surprised b/c I was expecting a more strict, cold character from him (from the influence of Mejojo’s character + other games). He can be somewhat strict at times, but he’s actually a pretty laid back kind of guy. Also, it’s cute how he practices his wrestling moves on Tarou whenever he causes trouble (*`ω´*) ahaha.

In Rihito’s route, it’s actually pretty different from Heita and Ouji’s route.

In the summer, Grandma Sayu tells Chitose to stay in her room or go out b/c the neighbors are coming to visit. Therefore, Chitose decides to go to the library to do her homework. There, she sees Rihito. It seems that he has come to borrow a book and is studying while he’s at it. Since they’re both there, they decide to study together. He tells her to ask if she needs any help with the homework. See, he’s nice. I was worried for nothing (*´ー`*). While they study, Chitose talks about how studying is hard, so he tells her that it might be better if she tried liking it first. Ummmm, how the hell do you do that… Even I don’t know how! Well, I guess it will be easier if there was someone as good looking as Rihito to help her? (・ω<)~ har har. He used to be irritated with people who can’t study and looked down on them… ( ゚д゚)! However, his brother scolded him for doing so. He told him not to compare others who aren’t good with studying just b/c he’s good at it. In other words, his brother is saying that everyone has flaws and Rihito shouldn’t be looking down on people just b/c they can’t do what he can. Well, at least he isn’t the Rihito he was back then, sounds very tense. He has a good brother (・ω・)b. 

At the library, Chitose meets someone Rihito knows. Her name is Nazuna, who works as a part-time librarian. It also turns out that she’s his brother’s girlfriend. However, Rihito was the one that met her first, not his brother. As soon as I heard that, I predicted the whole route (´ºωº`). Chitose and Rihito study together again the next day. Chitose notices Rihito taking a glance at Nazuna. On the way home, Chitose talks about how Rihito must be popular with the girls, but he’s clearly not interested. She asks if he has someone he likes, but no comment. He says that he’ll tell her if she does, but Chitose obviously doesn’t have anyone like that, for the time being anyways (* ´艸`)クスッ♪. She wonders if that day will ever come and feels that she wants to, but according to him, love isn’t always a happy feeling (´・д・`). Chitose is actually a bit surprised that they’re talking naturally. She always thought that he might be a scary person (me too me too), but he’s actually someone who can laugh childishly. At times, he laughs with a lonely expression as well.

Recently, Chitose has been going to the library everyday. Rihito asks how she’s doing, but she’s doing so-so. She claims that if it were Chihaya, he would be done already. They’re twins, but Chihaya is always better than her at everything. Rihito agrees that it’s the same with him too. His bro is always better than him at everything. Chitose asks about his bro, so he tells her that he’s nice, calm, polite, smart, athletic, popular, and is proud that he’s his bro. His bro is so perfect that he even has a good personality. Rihito is kinda emo about himself, and Chitose sees that too. Even though she feels that Chihaya is better than her, b/c he is, she gets the motivation to try harder. However, Rihito doesn’t think that way. He says her way of thinking is interesting, and feels that it would be easier for him if he can think like her.

Rihito doesn’t like himself b/c he feels like he doesn’t have a likeable trait. Therefore, Chitose suggests that she’ll tell him his good traits from now on, so he can come to like himself. She claims that he probably doesn’t like himself b/c he hasn’t realized what those traits are yet. She asks if it will trouble him, but it doesn’t. He just simply thinks it probably won’t work. She tells him she’s good at finding people’s good traits, so he smiles and tell her that he’ll be looking forward to it. At that moment, Chitose tells him that she already found Good Trait #1, his smile. This makes him feel embarrassed (*`ω´*). Then, she claims that she has found Good Trait #2, his embarrassed expression (〃д〃). As they’re talking, suddenly, Rihito realizes that there’s something wrong with Nazuna. Nazuna loses her balance, so he rushes to her. He tells Chitose that he’s going to call it a day to stay by Nazuna’s side. Rihito texts Chitose that night to apologize, that he’ll make it up for that day.

August. Chitose goes to the library to try to finish her homework. Rihito continues to go to the library to study for his university admission exam. He’s planning to attend the same university as his bro. His bro is an intern to become a doctor, so Rihito is planning to follow the same path. Nazuna asks what Chitose is planning to be, so she tells them that she’s thinking of being a teacher. Rihito and Nazuna thinks that she would be suitable as a school teacher. After their conversation, Nazuna leaves them, so she won’t be a bother. Chitose is gradually starting to notice that Rihito follows Nazuna with his eyes. Chitose is somewhat curious, but doesn’t ask since it felt like a matter she shouldn’t ask (´・д・`).

Chitose is motivated now that she is close to finishing her summer assignments. She notices that Rihito seems a bit down about something. Nazuna ends work early, so the three of them decide to walk home together. Apparently, Nazuna is meeting up with Rihito’s bro (Hiroto). They’re going on a date. Just when they exited the library, they see Hiroto. It seems he finished work early, so he came to get Nazuna. Hiroto knows about Chitose since Nazuna has talked about her. There’s this lovey dovey air between them, so Rihito suggest that they should get going. Hiroto invites Chitose to their house next time and maybe the four of them can go somewhere some time. Chitose is excited about the invite, but obviously Rihito isn’t (._.).

When they part their ways, Chitose tells her that Rihito’s attitude was not right. She tells him that they’re probably worrying about him right now due to his attitude, sensing something is wrong. He mentions that Chitose has probably realized that he likes Nazuna already, so he admits. Rihito claims that he doesn’t want to see them together. He can’t go out with them either since it would be too hard on him. He apologizes and tells Chitose to return home on her own, pretend she never heard anything he just said. Chitose can feel the bond between Nazuna and Hiroto, which means Rihito is having an unrequited love. She doesn’t know what to do/say especially since she has never liked anyone that way, so it pains her that she can’t understand.

Rihito_001The seishun club has another activity, a sleepover. Ever since Rihito confessed about liking Nazuna, Chitose hasn’t been getting the chance to talk to him. That night, Kuga calls Chitose out. Yay, once again, Kuga to the rescue! ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+ He called the two of them out, so they can have a talk. It seems that Chitose is the first that Rihito told about his unrequited love. He makes another confession. The reason why he was actually going to the library during the summer was to see Nazuna. Also, he thought if he helped Chitose with her studies, Nazuna might feel something for him. He apologizes for using her, but she tells him it’s okay since there was a merit for her too.

Rihito liked Nazuna for 3 years now. They met by going to the same library, gradually talking whenever they saw each other. He thought of confessing to her at one point, but didn’t happen b/c his bro introduced her to him before he was able to confess. It was really hard for Rihito when he was told that his bro is thinking of marriage. Rihito is the opposite compared to his brother. He doesn’t like to be with people much. He used to look down on people. B/c of such attitudes, he wasn’t able to make friends either. Also, he enjoyed being alone. However, he met Nazuna. He finally met a wonderful person. He even felt as if it was fate. He claims that he would have tried to sweep her away if her bf wasn’t his bro. Sometimes, deep inside, he wishes they would break up. At the same time, he believes Hiroto can make her happier than he can. Chitose tries to cheer him up, telling him that he is indeed cool. Even though it’s painful to see the person he likes with another person, he’s not running away from it. If someone was to make fun of him, she says that she’ll get mad at them for him.

September. One day, Chitose sees Rihito at the marketplace. He’s looking for a present for Nazuna’s birthday, which is on the day of the culture festival. She helps him look since it seems like he’s having a hard time finding the right gift. He’s planning to give it to her when she comes to the festival.

On the day of the culture festival, Chitose goes to Rihito during her break. He’s going to give Nazuna her birthday present, so he asks Chitose to to come with him. However, they see Nazuna with his bro. It seems Hiroto was able to get out of work early, so he came along. Rihito was planning to go look around with Nazuna, but leaves since his bro is with her. He ends up not giving her the gift as well. Chitose asks about it, but Rihito feels that he shouldn’t since his bro is there. She tells him that he should, but instead gives it to Chitose. Pretty harsh (.__.)At this point, Chitose has realized her feelings toward him, so it’s like ouch ouch. Since he’s not planning to give it to Nazuna anymore, Chitose decides to give it to her for him. She tells Nazuna that Rihito forgot to give it to her, so she does for him instead. The present is a ring case, so Nazuna plans to use it for the ring Hiroto gave her. Rihito hears about this, but Chitose claims that she’s not going to apologize since she didn’t do anything wrong. He thanks Chitose. and so she tells him to give it to Nazuna himself next year.

October. Chitose is planning to study at the library. On her way, she bumps into Rihito, so they go together. Later that day, Nazuna talks to them. He’s hurting especially since he sees the engagement ring on her left hand now. Hiroto gave her the ring on her birthday, the day of the culture festival. Rihito was surprised since he didn’t think such a day would come some fast. He tells Nazuna to make sure Hiroto makes her happy, but she says it’s okay if they’re unhappy. She would still marry him b/c she loves him. After Nazuna leaves the two to continue on their studies, Chitose is scared to see Rihito’s expression since she knows that he must be hurting. She was about to ask since he wasn’t showing it, but decided not to. As they walk home, she felt that it was a good thing she didn’t ask since he’s clearly trying to pull himself together. They separate after a bit, but Chitose turns back b/c she doesn’t want to leave him alone in pain. Nonetheless, she still couldn’t say anything especially since she saw that he was crying silently.

Ever since then, Rihito has been acting strange. He even stopped coming to the club. Also, he seems to be irritated a lot more. He even lashes out at Kame and Usagi (other student council members) by accident, which worries them. They ask Tarou, but just tells them not to worry too much. It seems that Rihito is avoiding Chitose as well. Tarou sees this and asks to talk to her about Rihito for a bit. She tells him what’s going on and about how Rihito is avoiding her. Tarou realizes Chitose’s feeling for Rihito too. He talks about how he doesn’t say anything to the others unlike to her, so wants her to watch over him for everyone. In addition to their talk, Chitose asks Tarou for a favor. It appears that Chitose asks him to call Rihito for her so that she can talk to him, especially since he has been avoiding her. Chitose wants to talk to him about Nazuna, but he clearly doesn’t want to talk about her. She tells Rihito that he should confess his love towards Nazuna, but he doesn’t want to trouble her. He claims that he’s just going to feel even more pitiful. He gets all mean and even tells Chitose to date her since she too probably thinks he’s pitiful, so might as well. Chitose gets mad, asking why he would say such a thing and feels that he’s only running away from his feelings. She knows that won’t make him feel any better. Instead, he’ll just end up regretting everything for running away, involving her, and then end up disliking himself even more. He tells her that he doesn’t have to endure the pain anymore and just act already. If he doesn’t, he’s going to continue being hurt and won’t ever be able to move on. Chitose’s speech finally convinces him to confess to Nazuna. He apologizes for the mean things he said and says he won’t run away anymore.

Rihito_003November. The day has come for Rihito to confess his feelings towards Nazuna. Rihito asks Chitose to come with him in case he tries to chicken out of it. When the three meet up, Chitose leaves Rihito and Nazuna together. Chitose is relieved when he tells her that he was able to tell Nazuna his feelings.  Chitose tells him that there’s no need to forget her right away. He thanks her for all the help and courage she has given him. Suddenly. Chitose comes up with an idea that they do some seishun together, shout out their feelings toward the sunset ahaha. Chitose starts the first shout, shouting for Rihito to cheer up. Next up is Rihito. He shouts that he doesn’t like his brother, but also says he’s his precious brother. He spills out all his feelings about Nazuna, how he wanted be the one by her side. He shouts at the sunset in tears, wishing for Hiroto and Nazuna’s happiness. He feels uncool, but Chitose says it’s alright to be uncool. No one’s watching anyways.

Two weeks later, Rihito finally appears at the seishun club. After the club meeting, Chitose and Rihito walk home together. He talks about how Nazuna is coming to greet their family. Chitose is a bit worried, but Rihito tells her that it’s alright now. On the evening of the family greeting, she gets a call from Rihito. He asks her if they can meet. Rihito tells her that everything went smoothly and the wedding is going to be in March. He says it’s a little bit painful still, but will be okay. He thanks Chitose for helping him relieve some of that pain. He wonders if he’ll ever be able to like another person again. He felt that he didn’t want to anymore, but maybe if he tries one more time. Still, Chitose tells him that he doesn’t need to try. He’ll probably be able to fall in love again. He tells her that whoever that’ll like Chitose is a fortunate guy. She asks if he would want to like her then. Rihito simply jokes around that he’ll think about it, but also claim that there’s no point if she doesn’t like him back. I guess this comment triggers something since Chitose ends up confessing to him. He doesn’t know what to say since it caught him by surprise. She mentions how he once said that she shouldn’t fall in love, but she doesn’t think that’s true at all. Even though she got rejected the moment she realized her feelings for him, she feels that it was a good thing that she fell for him. She feels like she came to like herself more after she fell in love. Even if it’s an unrequited love, she doesn’t regret. She felt that it wasn’t fair for her to tell him to confess when she doesn’t, so that’s why she’s confessing to him. She tells him that she doesn’t plan to or doesn’t want him to date her or anything, but wants him to take a look at her a bit as well when he feels that he wants to fall in love again.

December. Tarou finds Chitose at the rooftop and thanks her about Rihito. She tells Tarou about how she confessed to Rihito. Apparently, Kame and Uagi was listening to their conversation. For some reason, they’re both planning to help her with the situation, even though no one’s asking for it. Kame claims that he has once read in a book that the best way to fall in love is all about distance. He read that it’s easier for people to like the person that is close to them. He mentions how there’s the whole thing about type, but from what he sees, there’s still a possibility for Chitose. Kame is such a dork…clearly this is not going to go well… Well, he is voiced by Shimono, so very fitting aha. It appears that they’re going to be trying to give Chitose and Rihito more opportunities to hang out. Kame claims that they have to do something or Rihito won’t act, which he does have a point. He says there’s no time to take it slow since they’ll be graduating soon. Btw, I wish there was a route for Kame and Usagi ( ◔㉦◔ )

From that day on, Kame and Usagi has been excessively trying to get them to lessen their distance. Kame and Usagi’s intentions are beyond obvious that it’s even hard for me to watch them. I feel for Chitose since she didn’t even ask for their help, especially since anyone can tell things are going to explode in her face. Whenever one of the members are with Rihito and sees Chitose coming their way, they make an excuse to leave the two together. However, this one time, Kame and Usagi pushes it way too far. They give Chitose and Rihito tickets to an amusement park, so they suggest the two to go on a date. This gets Rihito really mad. Kame and Usagi tell him that it’s their doing, but Rihito says Chitose is also at fault for not stopping them either. They tell him to go after her, but doesn’t want to or it might give her false hope. Ever since, Chitose and Rihito hasn’t talked to one another. Chitose has been avoiding Rihito as well. Tarou notices that Chitose and Rihito aren’t talking recently. She doesn’t say anything is wrong, so Kaoru explains afterwards about what happened.

Rihito_004Meanwhile, the seishun club has a meeting about having a Christmas Party. Rihito tells them that he might not be able to go, probably due the tension with Chitose. After the meeting, Tarou tells him that they need to talk. He tells Rihito that he heard about what happened with Chitose. Tarou suggests he apologize to her, but he thinks that there is no reason for him to be nice to her. He doesn’t understand why she would even like him. Tarou gets all serious and talks about how he needs to like himself, or he’s just going to have a difficult time. I like the serious Tarou, surprisingly makes him look cool ahah. Rihito feels that it’s not possible since even the super positive Tarou has some sides he dislikes about himself. Still, he feels that if Rihito can find someone that will make him like himself, he wouldn’t have such a hard time affirming himself. Tarou believes that Rihito already found such a person. He tells Rihito that thanks to Chitose, he can smile again. He isn’t telling him to be nice or like her back, but just face her head on instead of running away. Rihito claims that he doesn’t even understand his own feelings. He realized that even though he just got dumped, he’s already into someone else. He says it’s strange since he liked Nazuna so much, but doesn’t feel a thing anymore. Tarou doesn’t think it’s strange at all b/c it only takes a moment to fall in love. SO long story short, he asks if Tarou is trying to say he was at wrong. Ofc, Tarou says yes, so Rihito feels there’s a need to fix what he did. Also, he thanks Tarou for his talk. Am I the only one that is reminded of the Nui nui and Hiroto’s scene from Starry Sky ( `◔ω◔)

Rihito has been trying to talk to Chitose ever since his talk with Tarou, but she continues avoiding him. I don’t blame her. It’s normal to avoid him since he did get mad at her when it wasn’t even her fault. I like how Rihito is determined to fix his problems with Chitose and how he says it’s his turn to go after her (*´ー`*)

On the day of the Christmas Party. Rihito is able to make it, but Chitose is still avoiding him. They have the party at an okonomiyaki place, which is the seishun club’s usual hang out place. I like the restaurant manager, Koicchan (C.V. Sakaguchi Daisuke) since it’s funny how everyone is usually cold towards him. He’s always loud and so Arisu tells him to shut up. He sulks for some attention and grabs onto Chitose, so Rihito tells him to let go of her hehe. Rihito asks if she’s okay, but immediately talks to Chihaya in order to avoid talking to him any longer. He tries to talk to her again, but apologises that she can’t right now, avoiding him once again. Tarou sees how he’s struggling, but just tells him to try his best anyways. SOOOOooo, KUGA TO THE RESCUEEEEE (Again)! ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝHe tells Rihito to leave it to him. I really really can’t wait until I can play his route… I’m still debating whether I should play Kanade + Kuga first, or if I should play the Chihaya’s routes first… AH, what do I doooo??? haha

Rihito_006Kuga calls Chitose to come with him for a bit, which obviously leads her right to Rihito. He apologizes for using a forceful method, but felt that he won’t be able to talk to her if he doesn’t. Rihito asks her to come close, but she refuses. Since she can’t, he goes to her instead. It’s a TRAP!!! lol. Too late, he traps her in his arms from behind. She tells him to let go, but he REFUSES this time! (YES!). He claims that he doesn’t want to let go, or she’s going to run away again. He apologizes for all the things he’s done and confesses to her. He feels that she might not be able to believe it, but claims his feelings for her are real. He realized from talking to Tarou that the feelings for her did indeed bloom from all the time he spent with her, that there’s nothing wrong with this feeling. He tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her and want her by his side.

After the confession, the two go back to the party. Koicchan notices that they’re holding hands and the other members are like, what is going on. So then, Rihito announces that they’re a couple now (* ´艸`)クスッ♪.

During the winter break, Chitose and and Rihito didn’t meet at all since Rihito’s family went on a vacation. Three days after a new year, Rihito comes to the Futaba household to study with Chitose. He tells her to call him by his first name and in return he calls Chitose by hers as well. Just when she looks up, Rihito’s face is right in front of hers. He was trying to kiss her, but knowing Chitose, she’s not ready for that yet. He tells her that he”ll wait until she’s ready, but hope that won’t be long though. Chitose feels like he’s used to these things, so asks if he has ever kissed anyone. He says no comment and lets her imagination run wild, but reveals the truth that he hasn’t experienced it either since it made her worry. Therefore, he feels that it won’t be a problem if they kiss since it would be the first time for both of them, but Chitose claims that she needs more time. So then, Rihito suggest they make a promise to kiss on a certain date, that way she can feel ready by then. They pinky promise to kiss after their entrance exams. Am I the only one that thinks this is weird? o.o I mean if it’s a promise to go on a date to a special place or something, I would think it’s cute, but to kiss…that is so bizarre ahah. 

On the day of the promise, they go to the beach. Chitose claims that she’s not ready yet (don’t think she will ever be lol), so Rihito apologizes to her since he’s about to do something that might make her angry. He tells her that he can’t wait anymore and plants one on her. He claims that if he waited any longer, they’ll graduate before they have that kiss. He asks if she disliked it, but how can she say yes in that kind of situation ahah. She calls him mean, so he admits that he’s the type that would pick on the person he likes. Pshhh, he was soo not like that with Nazuna ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ aha

Afterwards, the time comes when they throw Kanade surprise and the 3rd years graduate.

It’s been a year since Chitose and Rihito started dating. They visit Hiroto and Nazuna since they’re on spring break. The couple seem to be doing well and they’re going to have an additional member to their family. After the visit, they go take a walk on the beach. Rihito suddenly proposes to Chitose. He says that they won’t marry anytime soon, but felt like saying it now. He claims that his feelings of wanting to be with her for yet to come won’t ever change. He feels that his feelings won’t change even if he says it now, tomorrow, or years after. That’s why, he felt like it would be better if he says it early. Chitose is happy and feels the same way too. He tells her that he’ll make her happy, so she tells him that she’s already happy enough by being by his side. He tells her that his heartbreak wasn’t a waste and b/c of it, he was able to fall in love with her.

It’s the day of Hiroto and Nazuna’s wedding. Chitose is somewhat worried about Rihito. She trusts him, but there’s still a bit of insecurity in her. She thinks of the what-ifs, what if he hasn’t gotten over Nazuna, what if he regrets dating Chitose, those kind of things. That night, she gets a call from Rihito to meet up. They hold hands in silence at the beach. He tells her that he’s been thinking about her the whole day. He was fine looking at Nazuna with her wedding dress even though he didn’t want to back then when he liked her. Instead, he kept thinking about what kind of wedding dress might suit Chitose. She confesses how she was thinking a lot of negative things, so he apologizes for making her worry. He tells her not to worry because his heart belongs to Chitose now. He hugs her and tells her that he’s happy that he’s in a relationship where he can confess his feelings to the other person.

I can’t believe it took me 4 months to finish this post ><. I was working on it bit by bit. When I realized, 4 month had already passed aha. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish the rest of the routes by this year.

Uhhh… It’s been so long I forgot what I planned to say about his route…The route definitely helped me get rid of the Mejojo-ness out of my impression of the seiyuu. For some reason, I don’t think I really encountered the games he was in…oh wait, he was Julius for Wand of Fortune! I completely forgot about that one. I think it’s because I wasn’t interested in the character, but yeah! He has played some good characters.

I actually read some reviews (3 to be specific) on how they would rank their favorites and I think Rihito was in every top three. Actually, he was always top 2. It’s interesting that their rankings were so similar too! The characters in the top 3 were the same, except the orders were different. Unfortunately, I will be breaking that chain aha. I understood why they liked the other two characters, but I guess Rihito wasn’t the type of character I would like? I like how he’s a pretty laid back kind of guy despite being smart, but his route had too many heartbreaks? It was kind of painful to go through? Also, I felt bad for Chitose since he was kind of mean when he was in pain. I thought his emotions were a bit too heavy, whereas Heita and Ouji’s were more of a happier feeling. It’s like, Rihito’s route is bitter-romantic, but Heita and Ouji’s route is cute romantic. I prefer the cute romantic. When I was playing Rihito’s route, it gave me a similar emotion to when I was playing the Butterfly Series. I think Rihito’s character was too depressing for me. My emotions get affected by games too much aha (´-ι_-`) .


6 thoughts on “Seishun Hajimemashita! – Rihito

  1. Thanks for reviewing! (^o^)
    I already fell in love to Ouji at my first play and actually a little bit hesitant to play the others. But finally I got curious enough to play Rihito’s route after take a peek on your review! Haha. …and now I really get attached to this game.
    Are you planning to write the rest of Seishun members? I’ll look forward it!


    1. Ahaha I know exactly how you feel! I was hesitant to play the others when I first finished Heita’s route, but eventually played the others b/c the game has a lot of cute scenes. In fact, I am planning to write a review for a every route (except probably combine the chihaya routes into one review). It’s just that it may take me a while to finish them ><.


  2. Haha, yeah, once we fell in love, it’s not easy to forget and look at the others. ( ‘ε’ )
    Yay, I will patiently waiting for it! Just take it easy @(・ω・)/ Have a good day!


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