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Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium 3rd Story – Story 3: Aizawa Shuugo


HEY HEY it’s another Tokimemo GS3 post! Sorry for the frequent Tokimemo GS3 posts recently. As much as I was planning to get on with the other reviews, I’ve been a bit more slow paced due to being sick + food poisoning. I don’t know why, but I’ve been getting sick more often recently. So far I’ve went to the doctor’s every month since December 2014, so I’m just hoping I won’t be going next month ><. Anyways, I thought this would be the perfect filler post since his route is pretty short. Probably all the secret characters are? So that’s a bit of a disappointment ┐(・へ・ )┌. 

I mean, Aizawa’s route only gives us 2 legit CGs. I guess it’s somewhat understandable since he’s a secret character, but I wish they would give us at least 4 CGs. Two is just too less (눈‸눈). Also, sorry if I get some things wrong on this route. I wasn’t originally going to review on Tokimemo GS3, so I didn’t jot down any notes either and I played his route like 6 months+ ago?

※Even though I’m using my name as the heroine’s name, it makes me a feel a bit weird for me to refer to the heroine as myself. Soooo, I’m going to refer to the heroine as “Bambi” (heroine’s nickname) in the individual routes from now on. Sometimes, I skip their dialogues, so I don’t have to hear them call out my name. Makes me think why I used my name in the first place, but I didn’t want them to call me with an odd name either ┐(‘~`;)┌. If you guys recall, I mentioned how they stretch out your first alphabet and add “-san” aha.

Aizawa Shuugo is the secret character that I accidentally found during Arashi’s friend route. First encounter with him was rather strange b/c he asks if Bambi is buying this one novel. He tells her that there should be other books she should be reading rather than the book she’s about to buy. So it’s like this wtf moment. She finds out later that he’s the author when she sees his picture in the novel she bought, wondering if she’ll be able to meet him again. It turns out she does and he uses her as an excuse to get away from his editor by saying that he’s with his “niece.” It seems that he was being hassled by his editor to finish his manuscript on his novel sequel. He gives Bambi his book + signature to call it even, and leaves.

Another day, Bambi stops by at the park where she met him last time to see if she can meet Aizawa once more to thank him for the book. He notices her school uniform and turns out that he’s an alumni of the school. He’s is about to leave, but before that he asks if she would want to be his “niece” again. Ofc Bambi says yes to this offer (・ω<).

Eventually, they become close enough to meet more often. It’s cute when he says that he likes Bambi’s coffee the best out of the three types that he knows: coffee he makes, other people make, and the one she makes. It reminded me a bit of Starry Sky with Tsukiko’s horrible tasting tea aha. Anyways… Despite the fact that he was arguing with his editor that he wasn’t going to hand over the manuscript to his novel sequel, it seems he changes his mind b/c he tells Bambi that the release date for the third volume has been decided. It makes her excited that she’ll get the chance to make him more coffee for yet to come.

Another day at Aizawa’s place. He tells Bambi that he has finished his novel, just need to send it to his editor now. He confesses that he was actually going to stop the release of his third book when he saw her buying his novel. The truth is he actually finished writing his romance trilogy a few years back. At the time, he didn’t even think his novel was going to be a big hit. A lot of young people like Bambi read and liked his novel. However, his novel didn’t have a sort of ending that young audiences were looking forward to or expecting. The novel was originally written to represent the end of his romance, to put an end to it. In the third volume, the protagonist was supposed to fall in despair for losing his loved one, close his eyes and just let time pass for the remainder of his lifetime.  In other words, the protagonist represented Aizawa himself. Nevertheless, the protagonist was able to retain hope thanks to her. Suddenly, there’s a door bell. He says that it seems that the time limit has come. He tells the person to come in. It’s his editor. Aizawa tells Bambi not to come to his place anymore. The editor claims that he needs to focus on his career now, so she doesn’t want any weird rumors going out because of her.

aizawa_002A while after, Aizawa is on television for winning a Nobel Prize in Literature. Personally, I think he looks better in this CG than his normal self. He thanks all his fans and staff for making his novel possible. Additionally, he thanks the angel that has brought back his old self. He apologizes and says that he’s here now all thanks to her. The reporter asks who that angel might be, so he says that it’s his cute niece (* ´艸`)クスッ♪.

On the day of Bambi’s graduation, Aizawa comes to the church and confesses to her. She congratulates him for winning the Nobel Prize, but claims that he wants to return it now lol. He says that he has lost more than he gained, especially his angel (Bambi). By meeting her, his time that once stopped had started moving again. However, when she  disappeared, his time stopped once again. He says a story needs a heroine, that’s why he needs Bambi and claims he’s not going to let go anymore.

In my opinion, his route was kinda corny, especially the way he referred to Bambi as his angel. This one part was cute though, the part where he said he liked her coffee the most. I guess the corny lines sound poetic and romantic, but most of the time I was like ehhhh I can’t believe you just said that lol. Well, he is a romance novelist, so I guess it can’t be helped. Still, I wanted to see more bonding scenes between Bambi and Aizawa. I hope the other secret characters have a little more relationship development scenes b/c I had no idea what made them like each other.

I can understand if Bambi liked Aizawa as an uncle or something, but b/c they didn’t give us much scenes with them actually bonding, it’s hard to see how they fell in love. Those who have played the Tokimeki series should know how you pick an activity (study, exercise, ask guys out, hang out with friends, etc) for the week. Eventually, those normal activities become into spending time with Aizawa, so I ASSUME some bonding time went there and they gradually fell in love. It’s just that the creators decided not to show us any of those precious scenes lol (눈‸눈). After he told Bambi not to come to see him anymore, I was bored out of my mind. We don’t have parameter requirements or have a reason to go out to buy clothes, so I just studied like a mad man. Who cares about the weekly fortune telling, BAMBI MUST STUDYYYYYY _|☉⌓☉|_. It’s like, might as well get Bambi into a top notch university. Who knows, Aizawa might decide let her go after all in the near/far future. Just Kidding (*´ー`*)ノシ.


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