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Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium 3rd Story – Story 2: Friend Route


A word of advice…


Anyways, don’t be weird like me and start with the friend route first! Well, it depends on what kind of person you are with games. If you don’t mind spoilers, then it doesn’t really matter which route you play first. I’m the type that becomes demotivated if I see spoilers, so I kinda regret playing the friend route first. I mentioned this in the first log… I thought it would be worth it if the friend route conversations were given a meaningful scene, but they were just little conversations after your date with your friend. (Date with your friend, meaning, after you tell your Friend-to-be that you just want to be friends, they go on dates with you as a practice before you actually ask the other guy out). Also, the content of the conversation will change as you raise your friend’s love parameter, so the conversations you have before and after he realizes he likes you will be different. Nevertheless, there isn’t really anything new in the friend route in terms of CG-included scenes.

Since I played the friend route for Arashi (Ruka being the other guy), I got a mixture of both their CGs. In addition, I got an incomplete flow of story from both routes. If the guys have problems, they’ll hint that they have worries, but not really reveal them to you. Well, that’s how it went for me at least. Like I had one CG where Arashi was in deep thought during his date with you, but I never found out why. Also, you’ll miss either one of their CGs for the culture festival for sure since you only get to be in a play with one of them. I was extremely disappointed when I saw Ruka’s event instead of Arashi’s… (゚、。) ahah.

Honestly, I don’t completely understand how I got to the friend route… I feel like it’s half luck since I had to try a few times to get into that route. Trial and error I suppose ┐(・A・ )┌. Well, one of the things I did was that somehow I reached the ending in a way that both guys will confess to you. First, Ruka confesses to you. If you reject him, Arashi will come and confess to you afterwards. Basically, I was able to get two endings in one route. At first, I was like, “OH! Kill two birds with one stone!” BUT, after I did some thinking, I didn’t think Ruka’s ending was necessary since I would be playing his individual route anyways, and I would still get the same ending as I did in Arashi’s friend route. It just made me feel bad for rejecting him b/c…well, yeah…people who played his route probably know what I’m talking about.

I’m not going to go in detail as far as how the story went for the route since I’m most likely am going to cover that when I play their individual routes. Also, it would be an incomplete review, so I don’t see the point of mentioning that now.

Personally, I felt like I did a better job finding the secret character route since I was able to find that without even trying ( `◔ω◔) haha.

Favorite Friend Conversation (with Arashi):

  • When do you feel nervous around a girl?
    “Even the littlest thing.”
    “When that person is laughing beside me. When I suddenly realize that that someone is right there by my side. Useless things like that.”
    “Even if I did come to realize, feeling nervous, it’s useless. I couldn’t even understand such a thing. I feel so stupid.”

Note: Basically… He’s telling you about the times when he feels nervous (the doki doki feeling) when he’s around a girl (you). He didn’t realize that before b/c he’s never liked anyone that way, but he does now. However, he thinks it’s too late even if he realized it, especially since you already told him that you like someone else. Therefore, he feels stupid that it took him so long to realize since by the time he does, it was already too late. I liked this one the most b/c he sounded really sad, which made me really sad too. He calls himself stupid b/c he knows that he can be pretty dense when it comes to these things, but that’s just how he is and he can’t just simply fix that. So it’s like, OMG NO NO DON’T SAY THAT, I WILL GIVE YOU A HAPPY ENDING!!! ヽ(´Д`)ノ lol. 


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