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The second character I went for was the president of the seishun club, Ouji.  He’s basically the outgoing, energetic type of guy. He was basically the leader of his group even before the seishun club was made, so it’s only natural he would be president of the club. Besides, he was the one that came up with the idea. I’m actually surprised I never played Onoyuu’s characters in the games I’ve reviewed in this blog. I have an impression that he’s been playing a lot of roles in year 2014, but I guess that’s understandable since I didn’t review much during that year.

During the summer, Chitose just sleeps from boredom, so Grandma Sayu wakes her up for being a lazy bum. Just then, Chitose hear Ouji’s voice and turns out their going to the radio exercise that they have at the park every morning during the summer. Therefore, Chitose tags along with Ouji, Taishi (Ouji’s little bro), and Shogun (pet dog). It seems that Taichi wasn’t born that time when Chitose & Chihaya lived at Ikari, but it seems Ouji has already told Taishi about his two childhood friends coming back. Besides them, Heita and Yukihiko participates in the exercise with Ouji & co. It’s cute how Heita participates for the prize that is given when you collect all stamps. The prize is a pressure cooker, which makes his mom figure even stronger (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ . Afterwards, they eat and discuss about going to the sunflower field as their first club activity.

On the day of the sunflower event, Chitose gets lost and Ouji finds her. She remembers long ago, Ouji took the gang to the mountains to treasure hunt. Chitose gets lost, but Ouji finds her. He remembers since they got in a whole lot of trouble that time. Ouji claims that he was a bit surprised that she followed him ’til the end. She claims that she was following/watching his back made her her excited rather than scared. Therefore, he says she hasn’t changed at all and claims that she is truly his No.1 follower.

Ouji’s birthday is drawing near, so Taishi wants to throw him a surprise party. Taishi asks if Chitose can help, so she tells the other seishun members to help too. On the day of the surprise, Ouji is surprised. However, he’s a bit strange when Chitose tells him to make a wish. After the party, the seishun members tell Ouji to go home with Taishi and they’ll clean up the rest. They tell Chitose to go with them and thank Ouji’s dad for the sushi.

Actually, Ouji knew about the surprise, but was really happy. He talks about how lonely it will be because they’re graduating soon. Apparently, he made a promise with his dad that he’s going to work at his family’s sushi place after he graduates. He’s going to be trained, so he can succeed the family business in the future. Chitose asks if Mikado (older brother) isn’t, but it turns out he left home. Originally, Mikado was supposed to take over the business and he had the talent for it as well. Instead, he dropped out of high school and went on a journey to find himself. He hasn’t contacted them ever since then, that’s why Ouji has to take over the family business in place of  his older brother. He’s worries if he can be as good as Mikado since he’s good at almost everything except sushi-making, so Chitose tells him that she’ll help him with whatever she can.

October. The seishun members are studying, and one of Ouji’s worksheets gets mixed into Chitose’s pile. Chitose goes to Ouji’s place to deliver it, so Taishi invites her in since he’s out on delivery. Chitose waits in Ouji’s room, but falls asleep. When she wakes up, both Ouji and Taishi is there. Chitose has dinner at Ouji’s place. It’s cute how his dad teases Chitose if she’s planning marry into the family. Ouji’s mom thought they were dating already since they’ve been hanging out  quite often during the summer. Even Taishi likes the idea. Chitose helps Ouji’s mom wash the dishes. His mom talks about how Ouji seems to be having a lot of fun. She says that he’s always been energetic, but tend take all the burden. She feels that he feels he has to do what others can’t. Since Ouji’s brother can’t take over the business, he might feel that he has to. Therefore, his mom feels that they’re burdening him too much with both the family and restaurant.

November. One day, Chitose decides to study at the seishun club room by herself, but Ouji and Kanade are there. Kanade ends up leaving since Ouji kinda teases him. However, Ouji sticks around to tutor Chitose, so they walk home together after they’re finished. He asks if she’s okay since she’s been acting rather strange around him, somewhat avoiding him. This is b/c she’s starting to feel something towards Ouji, but since he’s pretty dense when it comes to these things…he doesn’t realize (`∀´).

When they reach Ouji’s place, they hear his dad shouting. It turns out Mikado bro came back, and Ouji’s dad is trying to kick him out. Chitose suggests Mikado come to her place for the time being since his dad is clearly not going to let him in the house. It appears that Mikado has been training. He admired his dad, so he always believed that he can be a pro if he followed his father’s footsteps. However, he started having doubts when he talked to the fishers and the sushi association people. Mikado wants to make their sushi place as a business that will stay for generations. At this rate, he felt that he might be able to succeed the business, but fail to continue it. He believes that keeping it the way his dad has been keeping the business all these years won’t be enough. Therefore, he’s been training at a different sushi restaurant that has been in business for a long time in order to gain the experience before he takes over the family business. He tried to convince his dad about his decision, but that clearly didn’t go well. Dad probably misunderstood that he’s betrayed him and here they are now, in this situation. Only their mom knows about it, but Ouji and Taishi doesn’t know since they were still small back then. Also, their dad prohibited their mom from talking to them about Mikado. It’s been 5 years since he left home and has come to visit to talk to his dad once again. He came to tell his dad that he didn’t train at another place to betray the him, but to help continue the family business for the future to come.

Mikado tells Ouji that he has always planned to succeed the family business, so Ouji can do anything he wants. However, Ouji doesn’t seem so happy about it. Ouji suddenly says he’s leaving, so Chitose chases after him. After Mikado left, he claims that their family’s been a mess. Ouji always thought he had to do something every time he sees mom and dad’s painful expression. Suddenly, he was told by his dad that he is to succeed the family business. He felt that was okay as long as the problem will get fixed. Therefore, he’s been preparing to succeed the business, but suddenly is told that he doesn’t have to anymore. He feels irritated and doesn’t know what to do now. He tells Chitose that he wants to think on his own for a while. Ever since then, Ouji has been spacing out. The seishun members are worried too, but they leave him be until he’s ready to talk.

One day, Ouji calls Enmei sensei that he’s going to miss school. Chitose can’t concentrate from thinking about Ouji. Suddenly, she gets a call from Ouji during class. One ring. She believes Ouji might need her, so she makes an excuse to leave class early. Chitose finds Ouji at the harbor, just spacing out. He felt that he would worry the others if he did it at school, but called Chitose because he wanted to see her suddenly. He tells her that he’s been thinking for the past few days about what he wants to do now that he can do anything. Enmei sensei has been advising him to at least take the university entry exam, so he thought he should at least do that. However, she can tell that he’s still confused and lost. Therefore, Chitose feels that there’s only one thing she can do/say to him. She tells him to have some seishun. Do something they can only do now and clear out his head. They go to the movies, game center, eat ice cream, and etc. It’s getting late and is almost time to go home, but Ouji doesn’t want to leave yet. He suddenly grabs Chitose and hop onto a train. He asks, “What if I say I don’t want to go back yet,” so she goes with him.

Ouji_002The two end up in the countryside, so they go explore. Honestly, Ouji resented his bro a bit. When Mikado left, he felt betrayal. He felt that he had to take the fall for his bro. He hated himself for thinking that way, so he decided to put cap on his feeling. However, when Mikado came back and found out about the reason to why he left home, all his meh feelings exploded/overflowed. He didn’t know where or how to relieve all that feeling, and eventually didn’t feel like doing anything anymore. She asks why he’s good at other things, but is bad with relying on others. She tells him that he should be venting it out on them, his friends. She claims that everyone has been worried, thinking of ways to help him.Therefore, Chitose convinces him to go back and talk to the others about his worries. If he still wants to go somewhere even after talking to them, she tells him that she’ll go with him then. She claims that she won’t leave him to be alone no matter what. She admires him, but also want to be his equal. She wants him to rely on her too. She wants to be a person that can be his support when he’s feeling weak. Suddenly, he hugs Chitose. He knew deep inside how hard it must have been for Mikado, but he couldn’t simply accept his brother. He feels like a bad brother, but Chitose tells him it’s only natural for someone to feel that way. No matter how important their family is to someone, they shouldn’t have to give their future away without any doubts. Therefore, she tells him to not to blame himself so much about it.

They decide to go back in the morning. They talk about how they’ll be in lot of trouble when they get back, but feels like seishun. Ouji asks what else there is to do before graduation, so Chitose suggests he gets a girlfriend. She says it’s a joke, but somehow he’s taking a quite seriously. The next morning, like predicted, the two of them geft in deep trouble. The seishun members are there since they were worried too. They were lectured all day that day.

The following day, Chitose goes to see how Ouji is doing. Mikado and Taishi tells her that Ouji is grounded for the day. He was pretty gloomy last night, but is already back to his regular self. While they’re at it, Mikado asks if he can talk to her a bit about something. He apologizes for causing her trouble since he figured he was the reason for Ouji’s runaway incident. He feels bad that he has left Ouji to do everything around the house b/c of his absence. Mikado feels like a bad brother, just like how Ouji thought of himself. Chitose tells Mikado not to blame himself too much about it since it was for the family business. She feels that both Ouji and Mikado think of their family and restaurant a lot. Hence, Chitose wants Mikado to talk to Ouji properly. Mikado senses that Chitose must like Ouji a lot to understand him so much, that’s how much she’s been watching Ouji. As his brother, he asks her to continue watching over him for yet to come. He wants her to be his support when Ouji’s in need of help since Mikado knows well that he isn’t so great in relying on others. Just when they finished talking, Ouji comes along. Taishi helped Ouji escape, so the two bros can talk. Great timing Taishi, GJ! (*´ー`)ノb. Ouji says he was meh about the truth at first, but completely supports him now. He feels that Mikado should be the one to succeed the business since he’s the first son and has the talent. He tells his bro to train well and come back as a full-fledged sushi chef.

The next day, Ouji arrives to school late. It makes Chitose happy that Ouji is back to his usual self. During lunch break, Ouji suddenly tells Chitose that he wants to talk to her about something. He wanted to her first before he tells the others, taking her to the school rooftop. The reason he was late was b/c he went to walk Mikado bro to the station. Dad didn’t go, but made some inarizushi for him to eat on the train. Awwww (*´д`*). Also, he tells her that he is planning to go to college. He hasn’t decided where he’s going yet, but plans to stay involved with sushi. He thinks of studying financial management, as he trains by his dad’s side. He feels that he should do all the things he want since he can choose his own future now, or it will be a waste. He feels grateful towards Chitose since she was the one that helped him realize that. Also, he has one more thing to tell her. He confesses to her that he likes her in such a natural way, too natural that Chitose is like, “Huh?” He asks her if she likes him, so she’s like “…Y-Yeah.” Then, he’s like, “Ok! so that’s all I had to say, so I’m going to go tell the other. K, later.” Ouji’s confession is too natural, as if it’s a normal conversation, so Chitose doesn’t understand what he meant by that ┐(‘~`;)┌.

December. Ever since the confession, Ouji acts differently towards Chitose. The seishun members meet up in the seishun club room to study. Tarou was about to sit next to Chitose, so Ouji is like, “That’s my spot” and sits next to her instead. He claims that he’s going to sit next to Chitose, so he tells Tarou to go away ahaha. I like how Chitose doesn’t get it, but Arisu and Kuga is like Hmmmmmm…. (๑→ܫ←๑) hehe. Also, Ouji is really nice towards her recently. He would even pick her up at her house, so they can walk together to school in the morning. He would even try to carry her things. Once again, Kuga is like hmmm while Chihaya is somewhat speechless lol. There’s this time when he specially asks Chitose if she wants anything from the vending machine since he’s going there. When he leaves with Heita to get their drinks, the other members ask what that was all about. They’ve noticed that he’s been especially nice towards Chitose. She thinks that they’re just thinking too much, so Kanade claims that she’s too dense. Chitose tells them that she was confessed to, so that surprises everyone. However, she thinks that he probably just meant it as in he likes her as a friend. It’s hilarious how Arisu says that it’s too dangerous to jump into about conclusions about these things since he’s been breaking countless of girl’s hearts due to him being dense about romance-related issues. From then on, Chitose has been avoiding Ouji excessively. Whenever he tries to talk to her, she makes up an excuse to avoid him. Eventually, he gathers up the guys and is irritated, asking them if he did something towards Chitose that would make her act the way she is. Heita tells him to ask her directly instead of asking them. If she tries to avoid him again, just capture her and ask.

Ouji_003As advised, Ouji suggest they go home together as he spots Chitose about to go home. She tries to make an excuse once again, so he tells her that he’s not going to let her get away this time. He asks why she’s been avoiding him, so she tells him that she doesn’t know how to react to his kindness toward her. Also, since he confessed to her, she’s been feeling nervous around him. She asks back, wondering why he’s been so nice. Is she just a friend or does he want her to be his girlfriend. He laughs, which makes Chitose all sad and tries to leave. Ouji pushes her against the shoe lockers and apologizes for laughing. Ouji thought his feelings were clear already, but nope. He tells her that he likes her and want her to be by his side even after they graduate. He wants her to be his girlfriend. She still can’t believe it though. I don’t blame her. He first realized his feelings when he was worried about the whole bro leaving home for the family business, having told he can do anything he wants now, etc. During that time, he would always think about Chitose. She thought of her as a “good person,” but realized that word didn’t quite fit. But then, when Chitose suggested he gets a girlfriend, he realized that she was something more than a “good person.” She complains that he should have confessed more clearly. He claims that he didn’t know since she’s the first person he ever wanted to date. D’awwww his first love, how adorable (*´д`*). Ouji tells her that he likes her and kisses her on the forehead. Soooo…they’re officially a couple now.

Next morning at school, Ouji tells Chitose to come for a second. He takes her to the front of the class and announces to everyone that they’re dating now ahaha. Chitose gets mad at him for announcing their relationship like that, but he claims he really doesn’t want anyone stealing her away. He admits that he’s dense when it come to that genre, so he wanted to announce it to everyone to prevent that from happening. Still, she tells him that there isn’t anyone that would like her, but Ouji. Also, she claims that the only person she’ll like is Ouji anyways, which makes him real happy.

In December, the seishun club throw a Christmas Party. The members decide to go see the illuminations, but Ouji suggest that he and Chitose separate from the rest of the group since they’re the only couple in the group. He takes her to this park where they can see the view. He tells her that he found his college of choice, which will be a different place where Chitose is planning to atend. She feels that it’s going to be a bit lonely, but completely supports him since it’s the path he chose.

On New Years Day, Enmei sensei and Grandma Sayu help Chitose get ready to go to the hatsumōde with the seishun members. Chitose and Ouji hasn’t meant since the Christmas Party. It appears that Chitose thinks they shouldn’t meet until exam period is over, so that’s probably why Chihaya and Kuga were the ones who suggested they go as a club. However, Ouji is a bit spaced out, but doesn’t really understand why. Apparently, he feels a bit strange when he looks at Chitose. Then comes Kuga to the rescue! He says he’ll explain why he’s feeling that way. Kuga explains that the reason he feels that way is b/c he thinks Chitose looks cute in her outfit. He comprehends to what Kuga says and feels that it’s painful that they can’t meet freely. He wants exam period to end already, so he can be able to touch her all he wants. Am I the only one that hears this differently ( ̄▽ ̄). 

After the exam period, then comes the Kanade surprise and the graduation.

Ouji_004END 1
Chitose was able to attend the college of her choice. In her fourth year of college, Chitose passes her teacher’s license examination. On the other hand, Ouji works hard on his studies and trains by his dad’s side at the restaurant. The seishun members celebrate for Chitose’s passing. Ouji’s dad let the gang reserve the whole restaurant for the celebration. Mikado is there too. He’s almost finished with his training at the other restaurant, so he’ll return to Ikari then. It seems that he and his dad has made up, so he lets Mikado help out at the counter for the party. Ouji tells Mikado not to be to friendly with Chitose since she belongs to him. Ouji makes Chitose his first sushi since he wanted her to be his first customer. She says he has still a lot to learn. He admits that he still does have a lot to learn, but want her to see his growth beside him for the future to come. Chitose tells him to watch her growth too. Apparently, she’s going to be a legendary teacher (ノ∀≦。)ノ ahahaha. Ouji wonders if they’re going to become a family if they stay together for the future to come. He believes there is no other man that’s right for her, so she has no other choice but to be with him. The others hear their conversations and it sounds as if it’s a proposal. She says Ouji is too forceful, but admits she is happy.

Ouji_005END 2
It’s been a year since Chitose and Ouji has been dating. Chitose calls to see how Ouji is doing. Apparently, he doesn’t have training today, but has other plans. He gathers Chihaya, Heita, Kanade, and Yukihiko to ask them some advice about Chitose. Chitose always gets angry at him about not understanding how girls feel, but they all feel that he’s asking the wrong crowd lol. However, they’re basically the only ones left, so they decide to research some stuff online. Ouji realized that it’s almost their 1 year anniversary, but haven’t given much time with Chitose. Therefore, he wants to do something special for Chitose on their anniversary. Apparently, Taishi sees this little meeting. Meanwhile, Chitose meets with Kotori to hang out, complaining about how she hasn’t been able to spend any time with Ouji. Afterwards, Chitose passes Ouji”s place on her way home. Taishi sees Chitose and asks if she can come with him for a bit. He takes her in the house into Ouji’s room. He sees the guys asleep and reveals their secret meeting to Chitose about how they were trying to think of a date plan for their anniversary. Ouji wakes up half asleep and grasps Chitose into his arms. She tries to get him off her, but wakes up the others instead (* ´艸`) hehe.

Sooo… I ended up doing another review on Seishun. It’s Onoyuu! I was pretty excited that I get to finally review one of his characters on this blog. I had the impression that I already did. I guess that was b/c I would see his name A LOT on B’s LOG, but never actually played his characters yet! I remember his name b/c I used to always read his name as “Ono Tomoki” ahahaha. Thanks to Seishun, I have officially acknowledged who this dude is (*´∀`)♪エヘッ. However, I kinda preferred Mikado bro, which is voiced by Sugita (*´ω`*) ahaha. Well, Ouji is a good guy too. It’s just that he’s very dense towards some stuff, but I guess that’s somewhat of a good thing since it was pretty cute seeing him acting nice specially towards Chitose. I really like their family. It’s actually my ideal family structure with a big bro, little bro, and pet doggie. Well, it’s too late for the first two, but I can still get a dog. Someone gimme a puppy! (ι´Д`)ノ


4 thoughts on “Seishun Hajimemashita! – Ouji

  1. Thanks for reviewing Prince’s route. He’s my fave in this game.
    I have a super cute doggie but of course I wouldn’t give her to you ^^


    1. GASP HOW DARE YOU :O Psh, I have a cute doggie too! …in my 3DS…NO! He’s real enough to me hmph! ahaha. Anyways, No problem regarding the review. I still have a long way to go…lol


  2. omg, thanks a lot for your review (because i’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for a seishun hajimemashita route). It;s hard to find because the game is buggy :/
    I heard there’s a patch for it, but i don;t know how to install it.. Do you know how to? Because this bug keeps me from getting Ouji’s END 2.
    And it’s pretty weird because i couldn’t play it for like 2 months after i installed it on my psp, but for somesort of reason i suddenly can..

    TLDR; could you tell me how to ACTUALLy install it on the psp AND how to install the patch?
    Thanks a lot!


    1. I’m assuming you can read Japanese since you can play the game? If you go to the Seishun Hajimemashita website, there’s instructions on how you can download. Click on the banner that’s under my now playing section and you can jump to their site. The patch instruction link is on their top page, where they put their latest infos. Hope this helps!


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