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Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium 3rd Story – Story 1


Another filler post? I don’t think I mentioned anything on Tokimemo on this blog, so I thought I might write a log on it. I haven’t exactly decided on how long or if I’m really going to keep this going, but here it is. For the first log, I thought I would write my first impression towards the game and how my first gameplay went.

I’ve always avoided this game since it has a 3yr system, unlike most otome games. I usually play otome games as if I’m reading a novel, so I didn’t think I would like a game that isn’t really focused on the plot. In this game, they also call out your name and thought that I might as well take advantage of the system. It felt weird b/c for the first time I actually inputted my actual name. I usually keep the character’s name on default since I don’t put myself as the heroine, but consider the heroine as an individual character in the novel. I was going to use the name I use for games like Amnesia since they don’t give you a default name. However, the name I usually use turned out to be an uncommon name, so I used my actual name that was more common. This way, the characters will actually call out the name. If it’s an uncommon name, they just stretch the first alphabet of your name, such as “あー (a-)” and ”かー (ka-).” This will be horrible b/c if they call you by “かー” and “さん” together, that will be “かーさん,” which will sound like they’re calling you “mother” ahahaha.

Anyways, the game requires you to raise love parameters for the guy of your choice. Well, this isn’t much of a problem since all otome games require the player to do so. The thing that I wasn’t so up for was to raise your parameter as a heroine, such as appearance, academics, athletics, and other required parameters. The problem is that you can’t just randomly raise the parameters since parameter requirements are different depending on the character you plan to complete. Also, if you want a certain character to appear, you have to raise a certain parameter to the required amount or they won’t appear at all. I just couldn’t think of myself being so committed to a game, so that’s why I ignored it for so long.

Then, what made me change my mind and play? I watched one of the fan-made videos for it, and just fell in love with it. The video was basically a compilation of voices for the friend route. The interesting thing about this game is that there is a friend route and a love triangle route, besides the normal good ending routes. When you get along with two guys, either one of the guy will confront you about the situation. You can clear up the misunderstanding or ask the guy to stay as your friend. If you continue to go on dates with your friend, they will hear your worries and give you advices. Soon after, they’ll hint to you that they might have feelings for you by their response to your worries.

From left to right:
Sakurai Ruka (C.V. Sugita Tomokazu), Sakurai Kouichi (C.V. Suwabe Junichi), Fujiyama Arashi (C.V. Miyashita Eiji), Niina Junpei (C.V. Kisaichi Atsushi), Konno Tamao (C.V. Chiba Susumu), Shitara Seiji (C.V. Tachibana Shinnosuke)

The main characters and seiyuus are as listed (↑). Apparently, there are a few secret characters in addition to the main guys. I coincidentally encountered one of them during the friend route. I was planning to go for the secret characters near the end, but ended up playing him second. Might as well right? Anyways, Ruka is the prince-type, Kou is the DQN, Arashi is the athlete, Niina is the player, Tamao is Mr. smartie-pants, and Shitara is the rich-artistic tsundere type. I personally was interested in Arashi, so I went for his friend route first. Honestly, I didn’t really care for anyone else ahah. I like most of the seiyuus, but based on appearances…I was like nahhh… to everyone except for Arashi. However, I was interested in some of them after the video I mentioned. I especially liked Niina, Tamao, and Shitara’s lines.

In terms of my first gameplay, it was pretty horrible. I probably started over 2-3 times. Don’t get me wrong though, the game is fun. The only reason my gameplay was horrible is because I went for the friend route BEFORE I even got used to the game system. I was too curious that I just had to see the scenes for the friend route. The disappointing part is that they don’t have “actual” CG scenes though. They’re only conversations that occur after your date with the friend (´・д・`).

If I disregard the difficulty of getting the friend end, the game is actually fun. The game is pretty easy going once you get the hang of it. At first, I didn’t understand how the approach system works during the date, but then eventually you start understanding how it works. However, I still don’t know much about the approach system when you get into the love triangle route and the normal good ending route though. What I mean is after a date, sometimes there’s an approach system while the guy characters walk the heroine home. I haven’t experienced enough of it since I went for the friend route. In the friend route, I went for Arashi as the friend and Ruka as the other guy. FOR SOME REASON, I did well on the approach system (the one where they take the heroine home) for Ruka even though I put no effort in it whatsoever, so I didn’t understand why. I was horrible with Arashi even with the effort.

My main goal was to get the friend route for Arashi, so I was going to use Niina as the other guy. At first, I was confused if the friend route was the love triangle route or not, so that’s why I intended on using Niina. Turns out the friend route and the love triangle route each gives you a different ending. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who the other guy is if you are going for the friend route. However, you would need certain pairs for the love triangle route: Arashi-Niina, Ruka-Kou, and Tamao-Shitara. During my play, I didn’t have too much trouble with the bombers. If you don’t pay enough attention to the guys, they may explode and affect your love parameter with the guy of your choice. I guess Kou was a bit annoying with that, but it wasn’t so bad since it was just him. I’m not sure if Shitara exploded, but I just know he didn’t like me ahah. Well, I didn’t get any notifications from Miyo or hints from him, so I don’t think so? Unless he exploded while I was taking care of Kou lols.

Well, that’s about it on my thoughts on the first gameplay. I can’t think of anything else I should mention at the moment. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

As of now, I plan to write a post in detail about Arashi’s friend route and the 2nd route.




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