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A New Year Already!?


Happy New Year! OH GOSH!  A Year Already!? Like last year, I’m going to combine my Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary post in one post since they’re only one month apart. I’ll most likely be doing this every year since it’s easier this way lol. I just realized though… I barely played any otome games last year! I think I spent most of the year playing 3DS games…orz.

Otome Games Reviewed 2014:

  • Butterfly Gloss: Horrible! It was like Butterfly Lip, but worse. I went through a  longer period of suffering lol.  Like Butterfly Lip, it was mainly NTR. I somewhat want to play Butterfly Rouge, so I can complete the series. I doubt it though ahaha. I read the character description for Rouge and the guy the heroine cheats with sounds like a player (esp since he’s voiced by Taniyan), so it’s probably mostly NTR again. OH WELL.
  • Jewelic Nightmare: I remember being excited in the beginning and then my excitement slowly died with my fever. By the time I got better, I totally forgot what the game was about…┐(‘~`;)┌. I remember that I liked all the characters minus Allen though aha. Oh wait, actually the castle master end was very strange too. Still, it was pretty enjoyable.

I can’t believe these are the only games I reviewed. I guess life did get busy, but I was able to review a Drama CD and some magazine articles? Well, they were definitely easier to review compared to otome games. Well, I guess the writing part isn’t too much of a problem, but the playing part requires a quite an amount of hours. For me, at least.

NEXT! Here are some otome games I’m interested in and their reasons:


  • Clock Zero ExTime: VITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I hate you Sony lol. I really need to buy a Vita huh? OTL. I’m pretty sure I asked Santa for a Vita. AND WHERE IS IT!? NO WHERE!!! Just Kidding. I’m really looking forward to Clock Zero since I wanted a route for Nakaba ever since I played the PSP version. Also, I wanted something more for Rain. It seems like they’re doing that + after story for the characters (According to B’s LOG January Issue), so that’s good hehe (゚ω゚).
  • Reines des fleur: I still haven’t given up on you!!! I’m STILL looking forward to this one b/c I really liked Wand of Fortune’s art, and since it’s that same artist, it’s like wahhhh omg Reine des fleur’s art is so beautiful lol.
  • Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen: I’m looking forward to this one due to the plot. I like how they used the idea that the heroine falls in love with guys  who are from different classes. I like how the classes are classified as roses (upper class), bees (middle class), and the pebbles (lowest class). Also, I’m looking forward to Ishikawa Kaito’s character since I never played a game with him in it.
  • Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu~ & Seishun Hajimemashita!: I’m currently working on these two. I apologize that I’m actually more focused on Seishun (currently on the 4th route) since I already played Koezaru on PC version, so I’m craving for something new at the moment. I plan to go back to Koezaru after I finish the route I’m playing right now. As of now, I’m getting more and more hooked with Seishun since the characters are all so cute. I’m even starting to wish that there were sub character routes just like how Starry Sky did ahaha.
  • Shinobi Koi Utsutsu: I’m so glad I didn’t play the PSP version since they added more characters for the Vita version. I don’t want to go through what I did with Starry Sky Winter lol. I went through everyone’s route all over again just for Ooshirou. I looked through the additional characters and they were pretty appealing. I’m especially interested in Sugita Tomokazu and Ishikawa Kaito’s character. Sugita’s b/c of his voice and Ishikawa’s b/c of his tsundere character. However, I’m still looking forward to Shimonnu’s character most (^ω^).
  • Ayakashi Gohan: The Shimono-Kaji pair and the game’s BGM.
  • Glass Heart Princess Platinum: I feel I should play the fandisk since I played the prequel. I want to see Kyoko & Shinnosuke’s after story since they make a good pair, but I guess I’m not planning to play it anytime soon since my hands are pretty much tied with the current games.

Top 5 Noteworthy of 2014:

  1. Si-Nis-Kanto Another Story Vol. 3 Drama CD
  2. Nishinoya Yuu with his hair down (Haikyuu!!)
  3. Kondo Takashi/Shimono Hiro
  4. Miyashita Eiji
  5. Yamazaki Sousuke (Free! -Eternal Summer-)

Since I didn’t write much reviews on otome games/Drama CDs for 2014, I couldn’t really think of any favorite seiyuus in particular for the games I played or Drama CDs I’ve heard. Well, I do like the seiyuus in general, but I didn’t have a particular favorite character in those games. I have a feeling I might have a good ranking system for 2015 though, thanks to Seishun Hajimemashita! aha. Therefore, I thought I would list the top 5 things that were noteworthy in 2014. Well, the animes, Haikyuu!! and Free! was b/c of my friends. I didn’t watch the anime, but friends, tumblr, and wiki pretty much informed me about them. I became a Nishinoya fan the moment I saw his hair down (*´д`*). I think he should keep it down regularly ( `◔ω◔). Regarding Free!, I switched from a Makoto fan to a  Sousuke fan aha. In terms of Drama CD, I guess I put Si-Nis-Kanto b/c that was the last Drama CD I listened to in 2014. I only got the 3rd volume b/c that one was an after story of my favorite pair, even the sub characters were adorable aha. I guess for this year, I was mostly interested in Miyashita Eiji, wishing that he would be in more otome games. I included Kon-chan and Shimonnu since they are my probably my favorite seiyuus as of 2014. Sugita used to be in that group until I played Tokimemo GS3. Wasn’t much of a Ruka fan (・ω・).


Why does it feel like the year passed by so fast. It felt like last year passed by faster than year 2013. I’m kinda disappointed in myself that I rarely reviewed any games last year, so I hope I can review more games this year. Also, I hope I hope I can get a Vita soon…I feel like all the games I want to play are on Vita now.  I probably can stall for a little bit more by playing some PC games and some past PSP games, but that probably won’t last forever. Sadly… ahaha (╥ω╥`) .


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