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Seishun Hajimemashita! – Heita


I started with Yocchin’s character first. It’s been a while since I’ve been interested in his character right off the bat. Actually, I don’t even recall liking his characters that much in the first place (owo). I guess I have a thing for characters with a gap, meaning they may look a certain way, but they’re actually totally different. For instance, Heita looks like a gangster, but he’s the mother figure of the group. A lot of people misunderstands him as a scary person due to his appearance, so it’s kinda sad. He can cook and grows vegetables too!

Basically, Chitose starts interacting with a certain character during the summer break. As far as I’ve played (3 routes for Chitose), that’s how she started bonding with one of the guys. I haven’t played Chihaya’s side yet, but I’m assuming that’s how his route will go too?

Heita’s route starts when Chitose is asked to run an errand to his place, but no one is there. Just when she wonders what she should do, he returns home with these kitties (*`ω´*). It turns out he was at school raising vegetables in the school garden. Heita lets the kitties in, and also Chitose as well. He asks if she wants something to eat, and since she does, he tells her to help out in the kitchen. He gives her a knife and an onion, saying that she should at least be able to cut vegetables or no one is going to take her as a wife in the future lol. Chitose starts cutting the onions, but it’s not turning out as she imagined, crying like crazy from the onion. They’re so cute together (* ´艸`)クスッ♪.

Chitose notices that they’ve made more than enough for two people, so Heita mention that the kitties aren’t the only ones that come to him to get fed. Just when he says that, the doorbell rings. The person at the door is Hanagiri, this one middle schooler who tags along with the seishun club due to his admiration for Heita. Thus, the three of them eat together. Chitose and Hanagiri admires how great his food tastes. They get into this conversation about Heita going to school to raise vegetables during the summer break. Chitose mentions that it must get lonely by himself, so she gets an idea to help him for the rest of the break. Hanagiri says he wants to join too. Therefore, Chitose and Hanagiri officially decide to help Heita out with the garden for the rest of the summer.

Suddenly, Ouji (childhood friend/seishun club president) comes to notify Heita about another seishun club event. He calls Heita his second mom since he figured it might be him before he made his appearance. Hanagiri claims that Heita is a dad rather than a mom since he’s a guy ahaha. Ouji talks about how it’s just about time for the sunflowers to bloom at the sunflower field. Therefore, he plans to have a sunflower viewing event. This gets Chitose and Hanagiri excited, then Ouji, but Heita is the only one that has this meh expression on his face. After Ouji leaves to notify everyone else, Heita asks if it’s okay with Chitose, referring to the event. However, Chitose doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so he simply ends the conversation with a nvm.

When she returns home, she tells Chihaya (Chitose’s twin bro) and Kuga (seishun member) about the sunflower field event, but seems like Ouji already contacted them. Chihaya recalls how Chitose used to say that sunflowers are scary, but she doesn’t remember. She used to be scared that the sunflowers will eat her up, especially b/c they were bigger than her face. This is what Heita was referring to when he asked if she was okay with the event. Chitose claims that she can’t believe that she used to think that since sunflowers are such pretty flowers. Chihaya tells her to tell Heita that next time. She wonders why, but he just tells her to do so. I sense a cute moment coming up soon… (・ω・).

On the day of the sunflower event, everyone is amazed by the scenery. It’s cute how there’s this part where Chitose tries to sneak up on Heita, but fails miserably (๑→ܫ←๑) hehe. She claims he should at least pretend he was a bit surprised, calling it bad service on his part aha. Heita asks if Chitose is okay with sunflowers now, so she tells him how she forgot she used to be afraid of them. Chitose claims it’s a good thing she forgot b/c disliking such a pretty flower will be a loss. Heita confesses to her that he was the reason for her fear. When they were kids, Heita grew a sunflower so big that it made Chitose fear them. Still, Little Heita claimed that they weren’t and tried to force them on her. Therefore, he apologizes for that time. Chitose tells him not to worry about it since it was rude of her to call his sunflowers scary too. Apparently, Heita grows sunflowers every year since sunflowers are his deceased mom’s favorite flower. He grows the flowers every year to give to his mom during Obon. He wanted to at least do that for her since she died when he was still a little kid, so he wasn’t capable at the time. Chitose didn’t know that until now since Heita only told Ouji and Chihaya about it, especially since it’s not something to tell around. Chitose feels happy that it’s as if he told her a secret. She tells him to show her the sunflower he grew next time. Heita tells her they’re no different from the ones in the sunflower field, but she claims it’s different b/c he’s the one that grew them. D’awwwww (*´ω`*).

At the end of the day, everyone separate their ways to go home. On the other hand, Heita needs to take care of Hanagiri since he fell asleep on his back. Chihaya calls out to Chitose, so she tells him and Kuga that she’s going to tag along with Heita. At this point, Kuga already notices that there might be/will be something going on between Chitose and Heita. He’s basically like this in every routes I played for Chitose, if I remember correctly. He’s very supportive towards her relationships. I’m not that much of a fan for Midorikawa, but I like his character in this game. Heita takes Hanagiri to his house along with Chitose, but doesn’t seem like he’s waking up at all. Heita shows her the sunflowers he grew. Chitose is astonished by his sunflowers, which makes her wonder. She was able to find out the reason for her fear of sunflowers, but don’t know how she was able to overcome that fear.

Few days later, Chitose goes to school and help Heita with the vegetable gardening as promised. Hanagiri is already there. After the gardening, Chitose suggests they might as well do something since they’ve gathered together. Heita agrees with the idea, but tells them to do what they need to first, which is their summer assignments. Chitose and Hanagiri isn’t really up for it, but Heita claims that it will make it easier on them if they start early. Therefore, he tells the two to bring their assignments to his place and not to make any detours. Such a MOM ahaha.

Heita_002When Chitose goes home to get her stuff, she sees Chihaya and Kuga working on their assignments. She suggests they join her at Heita’s. Kuga mentions how Chitose has been with Heita a lot recently. She doesn’t really know what Kuga is talking about and thinks that he’s strange for looking at her with this strange gaze (✿◉◡◉). Anyways, the two passes on her offer. Grandma Sayu suggests Chitose to take a full watermelon while she’s at it. On the way back to Heita’s place, Chitose is struggling with the watermelon, and is called out by Kanade (only 2nd yr of the group, childhood friend/seishun member). He asks what she’s doing in the middle of the road, with a watermelon. Apparently, it makes her look like a suspicious person (「・ω・)「. She tells him that he came at the right timing and asks him to help her. When they arrive, Heita comes to understand the situation. They invite Kanade to join them, but he refuses since he doesn’t have his assignments. They tell him that they’ll be there for a while and have way too much watermelon, so tells him to bring his assignment when he feels like it. Hanagiri wonders if Kanade will come, but Heita predicts that he will. Basically, Kanade is a tsundere. He might act coldly towards others, but he actually doesn’t mean it. He’s not good at being honest with his feelings. Another character I am super looking forward to (・ω・). As predicted, Kanade came to join them after all.

Break time! It’s time for some watermelon. Heita sits next to Chitose since Kanade and Hanagiri keeps bickering at each other. Heita asks Chitose about her future plans, but she hasn’t decided whether she is going to advance in education or start working. For now, she’s planning to go to college, but nothing more. When she asks him, he says he’s going to take an employment exam. He wants to become independent, so he can make it easier on his dad.

Heita_007Another day helping out Heita with the garden and then doing the assignments. Kanade has been helping out ever since the watermelon incident. Heita asks Chitose if she’s free tonight since Heita’s dad wants to see her. She asks him if she can just stay until his dad comes home, but Chitose remembers she has to help out with Obon preparations. Therefore, Heita tells her to help out and then come afterwards. When Heita comes to pick her up, he invites Chihaya and Kuga, but they pass. Originally, Chihaya wanted to go, but Kuga stops him before he can say so. I like how it’s not like she asked him to help her either and he just does it naturally. So I’m really curious what will happen when her feelings face towards him. Anyways, Heita’s dad is very friendly, outgoing, and energetic. The dad talks about how Heita was from elementary to middle school since Chitose doesn’t know the Heita then. After dinner, Ouji and Kuga come to notify them that they’re going to play with fireworks. It turns out they came with a bicycle, so Heita tells Chitose to wait so he can go get his bike and she can ride on the back. Kuga pokes at Chitose and apologizes that he couldn’t leave the two of them alone, but she still doesn’t know what he’s talking about (* ´艸`)クスッ♪.

September. The seishun members are talking about their summer. Enmei sensei asks to talk to Heita for a bit. Just then, there are these students talking about how Heita must have done something to be called by a teacher. It makes Chitose mad, but Arisu (childhood friend/seishun member) stops her before she can say anything. Something like that has been going on for a while, but Heita doesn’t bother with it, so she says Chitose shouldn’t either.

Meanwhile, the culture festival is coming up and they’re thinking of making takoyaki and okonomiyaki for their club booth. One of the days after their meeting on their booth, Chitose forgets something in the classroom. Kuga suggests Heita to go with her, so he does. Chitose asks when he has his employment exam, and it’s next week. She tells him not to worry. Even though Heita might look scary, he’s actually really nice, dependable, and a good person. She guarantees that he’ll do just fine.

The night before Heita’s exam, Chitose is nervous for him. Chihaya suggests she contact him, so she texts him. She tells him to do his best, so he’s like “おう” lol. On the day after Heita’s exam, Chitose can’t concentrate and asked how he did as soon as he arrived. Heita says he did well, so she feels relieved.

On the day of the culture festival, they had some problems, but overall it was a success. The seishun club goes to the ocean side to celebrate. Chitose watches the others at the side, and so Heita goes to her. He came to scold her. The reason is b/c the seishun club actually had an incident during the festival period. They’re booth became popular than expected, so these guys wrecked their ingredients out of jealousy. Despite the interference, the seishun club was top on sales, so it’s like haha losers (to me). Chitose sees these guys talking about it and confronts them, so those guys almost hurt her. At the scene, Ouji and Heita comes to save her, so she was alright. Still, Heita is lecturing her for worrying him at the time. I like how he scolds her for being so careless. You can really tell how much he cares for his friends. Even though he scolds her, he praises her courage for facing those guys. Also, he has another announcement. He tells Chitose that he has passed his employment exam, so she tells the others and celebrate.

Everything was going so well, but that doesn’t last long. One day, Heita brings lunch using the vegetables they grew at school for the guys that helped him. Suddenly, Enmei sensei calls out to Heita, saying that they need to have a talk. It worries Chitose that something must have happened since Heita didn’t come back to class after that. Chitose asks sensei about Heita when she gets home (since he lodges at the Futaba twins’ place, along with Kuga). However, he doesn’t tell her since he’s in a position where he’s not allowed to do so. Chitose texts Heita, but there is no answer from him either. The next day, it seems Heita came to school. However, he’s arguing with Arisu. The other seishun members try to cut in, but tells them not to bother with him and leaves.

It turns out Arisu was confronting Heita on his sudden hold on his employment acceptance. Even after home room, Heita didn’t come back. Later, Ouji finds out the reason behind Heita’s acceptance hold. It seems that Heita had caused an incident involving the police when he was in middle school. The seishun members who don’t know his middle school years say that it must be a mistake, or maybe he was framed. It’s so nice to see them believing in Heita even though they just got to know him in their last year of high school (つд`) . Ouji tells him that it’s the truth though. However, it was b/c he was protecting a little girl. At the time, there were these high schoolers bullying an elementary school girl. Therefore, he fought with them to protect her, causing a big fight. The problem is that the people who accepted Heita’s employment had heard about the incident. Therefore, his acceptance went on hold. The members speculate that someone from middle school must have leaked the incident to the company. They wish to do something, but Chitose believes that they should hear Heita’s view first.

Chitose goes to his house, finding him there. She tells him everyone is worried and wants to catch the culprit who told on him. However, Heita doesn’t plan to deal with the issue, but just tells her to go home for today. The following day, Chitose tell the other members about her talk with Heita yesterday. She tells them how Heita told them not to look for the culprit. Still, Chitose wants to look for the guy, doesn’t want to give up. Therefore, the members start to look for the culprit. Meanwhile, the rumors about Heita are getting worse at school.

November. Chitose visits Heita’s place, but he’s not there. Instead, she finds his dad at home, and so he lets her in. When Chitose tries to leave, he stops her since he senses that she came b/c she worries about Heita. Also, his dad hasn’t heard about anything ever since Heita’s acceptance being put on hold, so he asks Chitose. The dad talks about the day of the incident. He got a phone call from the police. When he got there, Heita wasn’t crying or saying anything. Since the guys that bullied the girl was scared of Heita after fighting him, the police first thought he was the one who started the fight. The girl who was being bullied and some witnesses were the ones who proved his innocence. Therefore, his dad asked him on the way home, why he didn’t say anything. Heita replies, “No matter who I said it to or what I said, no one believed me.” Ever since then, he came into a habit of giving up. Heita realized that it’s easier to give up than fight, that’s about time he dyed his hair too. Chitose says that even if that’s the case, she doesn’t want him to give up so easily. When Heita finds something really important in his life, she doesn’t want him to be someone who would easily give those things up. The dad feels the same way. He claims that he intended to raise him as a kid who doesn’t lack from others even though he doesn’t have a mom. Still, there’s a limit in which he can do, so asks Chitose to help Heita fill in those holes. She tells his dad that she’ll be by his side as long as he doesn’t push her away.

Heita comes back and his dad tells him to walk her back, so he does. As they walk back, Heita mentions that he heard that everyone is searching for the culprit. He tells her that it’s a waste of time. He feels that it’s better if he just finds another job, and the rumors wwill soon disappear anywyas. However, Chitose claims that this issue might be forgotten by others, but Heita is the one that will be in more pain. He says that it can’t be helped, so Chitose gets mad. She tells him that she knows how hard he worked for it. She knows his kindness. Therefore, she doesn’t want to leave everything as a misunderstanding, as if nothing ever happened. She asks if he’s going to give up like this for the rest of his life, if it’s fine for people to misunderstand about him. Heita says it’s fine b/c he’s used to it. Poor babyyy. No no dear, it’s not fineeee (つд`) .

The next morning, it seems that they found the culprit. Apparently, the guy who told was from a different school that applied for the same spot. The guy failed the exam, and so he leaked the incident about Heita from resentment. The others wanted to tell Enmei sensei, but Chitose asks them to wait and so they let her handle it. Chitose does some thinking at the school garden. She sees Hanagiri, and he asks about Heita since he hasn’t been coming to the garden lately. Chitose explains about the situation, and like always, Hanagiri is admiring him for saving someone. She brings up the topic on how Hanagiri mentioned once about being saved by Heita. Hanagiri suggests that she should fix the misunderstanding. He says he’ll help out too. Therefore, Chitose talk to the other members about jacking the school announcement room to let the other students know what kind of person Heita really is. Times like this, Ouji is very leader-like. When Heita gets angry at Chitose, he takes the fall for it and says that he was the one that directed everyone. But before he gets mad, Ouji tells Heita and Chitose to talk it out.

Heita calls Chitose an idiot. He worries about causing such a ruckus can harm her in terms of college acceptance. Chitose points out how he is worrying about others before himself. He says it’s only natural to worry about others before himself, so Chitose agrees that Heita is more important than herself too. Heita talks about how he was actually really down about the hold on his acceptance, but was trying to give up. He acted like he didn’t have the acceptance in the first place, that way it’s easier. But then, when he saw everyone happy for him, he didn’t know how to deal with his feelings. When he saw the straightforward Chitose, he came to realize that he’s just been running away from his problems. Therefore, he decides to face his problems now. Chitose starts crying b/c she feels relieved, and so he holds her hand until she finishes. When they’re about to head home, Chitose feels wobbly from using too much energy on crying and by feeling relieved, so Heita carries her on his back.

The two head back home in silence. Suddenly, Chitose remembers the reason from overcoming her fear of sunflowers. Heita carried her the same way, the day they fought about sunflowers when they were kids. Chitose mentions that he has always been thinking about the people around him, and says that that’s what she likes about him ドキ(✱°⌂°✱)ドキ. I really like how Chitose (C.V.  Horie Yui) talks in a calm tone, her voice sounds really nice. This is one of my favorite lines coming from her in the game so far. I would recommend actually playing the game for this reason too. From nowhere, Hanagiri comes and ruins the mood, BUT it turns out Chitose fell asleep, so Hanagiri actually didn’t ruin the mood. Chitose had that covered already (゚ω゚)b.

Afterwards, the seishun members met with Enmei sensei about the school announcement room jack incident. Also, sensei tells them that he’ll be negotiating with the company who put Heita’s acceptance on hold. Later, Heita tells Chitose that there’s something he’s been thinking about regarding his acceptance, but says he’ll tell her after he sorts out his thoughts. At this moment, she realizes that she has feelings for him.

It’s December, and the seishun club is having a Christmas party in the club room. After they finish eating, Arisu suggest to go see the illuminations. It’s cute how Arisu is pulling the string from behind for Chitose and Heita. The others all notice that there’s something going on except one person…Ouji (⑅ -`д-´). He’s clueless ahaha. As they look at the illuminations, the others sneak away, leaving Chitose and Heita alone together. Chitose suggest they look for them, but Heita tells her that there’s this place he wants to show her.

Heita_004Heita takes her to a park where they can see the view. Apparently, he found the place in middle school and wanted to show her if she was ever to come back. He suggest that she comes closer, since it’s cold. He wonders if Chitose is avoiding him b/c she is obviously hesitating to go near him. Clearly, she’s just nervous, but Heita doesn’t know that. He’s glad that he’s just worried for nothing when Chitose that it’s impossible for her to dislike him. They stand closer to each other, and Heita speaks up. He brings up the topic about the conversation they had after the fight about the sunflower when they were kids. He tells her he came to like sunflowers b/c of what his mother used to say. Chitose remembers listening up until this part. Therefore, he continues, “I would be happy if Chitose would like the things I like because I like Chitose. I want the person I like to like the same things I do.” Basically, Heita is confessing to her. She panics, clueless as to why he came to like her. He talks about how he always admired the way Chitose always smiles. The Chitose that returned didn’t change one bit, still the same as before. Eventually, the incident about his employment happened. After seeing Chitose trying so hard for him, it became unsatisfying to just admire her. He wants to be her equal and keep the Chitose that thinks about him all to himself (*´д`*).

Just when things were getting good, stupid Yamada (student council president/seishun member) ruins it. He calls Heita a coward for not kissing her. Then, Arisu appears and calls Yamada stupid for ruining their moment b/c she claims Heita would have if he didn’t appear. Kuga agrees that he would have in 3 seconds. It turns out the seishun members were watching them this whole time. Finally, Ouji gets it too. Took him long enough lol.

Heita_005In January, on Heita’s birthday, Chitose and Heita has a study date. She wanted to do something for his birthday, but he tells her to focus on her entry exam studying. When she gets to his place, his dad is home too. Heita’s dad mentions how they seem more fun than before, like their atmosphere together changed. It seems that Heita hasn’t told his dad that they’re dating now. Heita confesses that they’re dating, which surprises and makes his dad happy. Soon, Heita’s dad leaves for work and they’re left alone together. Chitose announces to Heita that she knows what she wants to do after college. She wants to be a teacher. She tells him that she had a lot of fun as Heita taught her a lot of things, so she wants to share that same experience with others. On the other hand, Heita announces to her that he rejected the employment offer even after sensei succeeded in negotiating with the company. He talks about the adults who barely listened to him just because of his appearance. Therefore, he got the habit of giving up. However, Chitose and the seishun members were the only ones that believed him and looked at him for who he is, not the rumors. He decides that he wants to be a police officer, and reach out his hand for people like him. They pinky promise to do their best for their dreams. Chitose wishes him a happy birthday and thanks him for being born. Just when they were about to…THE CATSSSS!!! Ahaha so close…(´-ω-`)

Winter break is over and the next day is exam day. Arisu tells Heita to encourage her, so he tells her that he was planning to do so even without her directions. Chitose and Heita walk home together. He gives her a handmade charm to wish her good luck for the next day. He pulled an all-nighter to make the charm (*´ー`*). He put sunflower seeds inside, saying that it resembles her. Another sweet mood, but then Hanagiri successfully interrupts, unintentionally ofc. It’s cute how Heita mumbles that EVERYONE keeps interrupting their moments (๑´ڡ`๑).

Hanagiri was just about to go to their school to wish the members good luck, but is told they probably went home already. Chitose tells him that she’ll tell the others for him. He talks about how he had fun hanging out with the seishun club even though he’s still in middle school, so he plans to admit into their school and join their club. Heita tells him to buy his own clothes when he does since he always sneaks into the school with someone else’s uniform. Hanagiri wonders if the school’s SKIRT will look good on HIM(!?). Both of them are clueless of why a boy would want to wear a skirt. On the other hand, Hanagiri doesn’t understand their reaction to his statement. When he says he’s a girl, they’re both surprised. Yes, EVERYONE thought he was a guy! Well, I assume everyone did especially b/c Kanade always bickered with her. I don’t think he would have if he knew she was a girl? Chitose has a feeling that maybe Hanagiri is the little girl that Heita saved during middle school, and he, I MEAN SHE IS! Hanagiri claims that she was too focused on her admiration towards Heita that she forgot about the details of the incident. She claims that when she joins the seishun club, she’s going to be a combination of cool (Heita) and earnest (Chitose) seishun member.

In February, all the seishun members + Hanagiri gather up at the seishun club, except for Kanade. The school has an optional event for the seniors to thank the undergraduates. Therefore, the members make a plan to appeal to the other students so that Kanade and Hanagiri won’t be the only ones in the club next year. Yukihiko (childhood friend/seishun member) suggest to do a play on their club, using Kanade as a model. The event is on Kanade’s birthday too, so they plan to celebrate it on that day as well. Damn, I’m really curious about Kanade’s route since there must be a cute scene for his route on that day aha. I must endure…I plan to play his route second to last. Still got a long way to go orz. They plan to keep both the event and the birthday party a surprise. Yukihiko suggest everyone to play as themselves and have Hanagiri play Kanade’s part.

Kanade has been feeling suspicious about everyone’s attitude. Also, he’s a tsundere, so he’s all prickly when they apologize to him for not being able to meet as a club, since they will be using the club room as a “study room.” He’s actually feeling pretty lonesome since he’s the only 2nd yr and everyone else is a 3rd yr. At night, Kanade comes into the the club room while the others were discussing about the play. It appears that he came to get something he forgot. Everyone loses their words, trying to think of an excuse. Kanade wonders why Hanagiri is there. Heita says he called Hanagiri since he needs to study for their school’s entry exam too. Poor baby, Kanade must feel left out especially since Hanagiri is there. It’s like why is he invited and I’m not (´・д・`).

The day of the play has come. The play is a success. As always, Kanade isn’t honest with his feelings, but is pointed out that his eyes are getting teary. They bring out the other surprise. They prepared a birthday cake for him. Also, Ouji hands down a notebook, a seishun note with the records of the events from the club. Kanade is still harsh with his words, but everyone knows his “dislikes” means “likes.” In addition, some students visited the club room to join.

seishun_001On the day of graduation, the seishun club members meet up. They’re planning to bury a time capsule at the school. Even though Kanade is prickly with his words again, there’s some dere. He says he’ll do his best since the seishun club is important to him too. Is it just me or is this starting to sound like a Kanade review? lol. They take a group photo, and Ouji tell the members to run towards the sunset.

OK, finally back to Heita’s route…

Heita_006Chitose is going in her 3rd year of college. She goes to Heita’s place to help pack for his dorm at the police school. It seems Heita is going to be away for 10 months, but says they can see still each other during the weekends. Still, Chitose feels a bit lonely and worried. He tells her that after they overcome this, they’ll be together so much that they’ll grow tired of each other, so there’s really nothing to worry about. Sounds like a plan to me (`・ω・´)ゞ. They have this lovey mood, but Heita breaks it by saying he’ll make some food. Surprisingly, Chitose stops him since she’s a bit worried that they haven’t done anything couple-ish for the 2yrs + that they’ve been going out. Wow, how did Heita hold out for so long ( ゚д゚). The reason is b/c it’s either always Chitose being embarrassed or someone interrupts them. And so, Chitose worries that this situation might lead to a break-up one day. On top of that, he’s going to be gone for a while, so she’s finally determined to move a step forward. Chitose ends up jumping him as she says she likes him. Apparently, she head-butted his teeth? Well, something bumped him on his teeth since he said he thought his teeth was going to break off ahaha. Chitose says she’ll do it right next time, so she wants to do it again. I assume she was trying to kiss him? He says it’s enough that she feels that way, so Chitose claims that it’s not enough for her. Just when they were going to…IT TURNS OUT HIS DAD WAS THEREE. NOOOOOO!!! Dad says he’ll leave, so they can continue, but who can actually continue after that. Plus, they would be continuing it in front his mom, which Chitose totally forgot about lol.

Chitose is in college and Heita is studying to become a policeman. They go on dates, but they haven’t really done anything couple-ish. Chitose asks Arisu for some advice, so she gives her an instruction to kiss Heita on their next date. On their next date, they’re going to check out the school garden at the high school. Arisu is disappointed that they would chose such a place as their date spot, but wishes her good luck anyways. On the day of their date, there comes a chance for Chitose to accomplish her mission, but successfully ruins the moment. Arisu couldn’t handle it anymore and comes out with the others (Chihaya, Ouji, Yukihiko, and Kanade). Heita mumbles, “Again with this pattern…” Kanade was actually at the garden when they visited, but Arisu texted him to leave. She was the one that plotted all the “incidents” so that Chitose can make a move. Arisu called the others to help her for Chitose, but she realizes something as they see them together. She points out Chitose’s airhead-ness is the one at fault. She claims that Chitose just needs to close her eyes and wait three seconds. Chitose apologizes, so Heita says it’s fine b/c he’s not in a rush and that she has her own pace. Suddenly, Chitose hugs Heita. She says this is all she can do for now, but she doesn’t want him to misunderstand b/c she likes him a lot. And she doesn’t notice how these actions are what’s killing him inside.

Damn, I feel bad for him. If you recall ED1, he waited 2+ years. On top of that, they were interrupted by his dad + his mom (kinda), so I assume nothing happened that day. That’s 2+ years + another 10 months. Well, unless something happens during the weekend he visits her, but I doubt it since Chitose will probably be all nervous from not seeing him much ┐(‘~`;)┌. I thought it was cute how they were always interrupted… But seriously, I wanted some form of kiss between them. Like a peck on the cheek would have been just fine (´-_-`). It’s probably b/c I’m not satisfied that some characters get to have such scenes, but he doesn’t. RAWR RAWR RAWR (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) ブーブーI demand a fandisk to see more of their moments! Yeah I know that’s not going to happen, but I think Chitose and Heita are so cute together ( ≧ᗜ≦)੭ु⁾⁾バンバン. I can actually imagine them as parents though. They make a real good couple, there’s a nice balance.

I probably wished Heita’s happiness the most out of the three guys I’ve played so far. It’s so sweet how he really cares for his friends. I was like GOOD JOB when Chitose suggested that she’ll help him with the garden. I guess Heita can be the lone wolf kind of type, so it’s nice to see someone by his side. I took a pretty long break after his route since I just couldn’t accept Chitose with anyone else ahaha. I actually skimmed through his route for this review since it’s been so long ago, compared to the other two routes I played. Also, I remembered loving his route, so I was like I must play his route again lol. Because I played his route again, I came to like Kanade… which I should probably mention in his review since I tend to ramble on sometimes. I liked Kuga too, but I like him especially in the 3rd route I played.


2 thoughts on “Seishun Hajimemashita! – Heita

  1. Some people don’t like this game but I still really like it (b/c of music, art, childhood friends…) I had played it since it came out (but haven’t finished all routes >_<) so I don't remember much (Only some parts of Ouji's and Rihito's :D).
    Please review more 😀


    1. Oh rly? I had an impression that a lot of ppl liked it, just that some ppl might be annoyed about the amount of game bugs it has. Is that why they don’t like it lol? Before the update, I practically gave up aha. Nevertheless, I do plan to finish the game, but it might take a while for me to finish the others since my priority is to finish Koezaru first. However, there is a high chance I’ll review the other two routes for Seishun before Koezaru, since I already finished those a while back :D.


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