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B’s LOG – November Issue 2014

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Didn’t think Clock Zero was ever coming back. I think it was originally for PS2? and then ported to PSP, so I played the latter version. Tbh, I bought this issue mainly b/c I saw Clock Zero on the front cover ( ◔㉦◔ ).

For this post, I’m only going to talk about the goodies that came with it. As for now, I don’t plan to write about the articles.

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The issue came with a booklet on the games that will be ported for Vita.

 photo 94d384f8-fc4e-4022-b626-b8325b73fc0b_zpsaa5bdc60.jpg

First up is Shinobi Koi Utsutsu! I am soooo glad I didn’t play Shinobi Koi Utsutsu on PSP yet. I think a few people recommended this game? Also, I was really excited about the game when it was first publicized. Maybe my senses were unconsciously telling me not to play this game. Because if I did, it would have been Starry Sky Winter all over again. I had to play the whole  Starry Sky Winter twice b/c they added Ooshirou in the PSP port orz. Well, if I do play, I will definitely be playing it on Vita.

From left to right:
Toyotomi Hidetora (C.V. Sugita Tomokazu)
Normal: “I’ll let you be a candidate of being my concubine.”
Love: “My fated person, may I burn your graceful appearance into my memory?”
Hattori Hanzou (C.V. Ishikawa Kaito)
Normal: “That is…Baka-tono…Hidetora is my master, I believe…”
Love: “I… -sniff- I! will be with you.”
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From left to right:
Ukita Yoshiie (C.V. Kaji Yuuki)
Normal: “……Today……the weather……is nice……”
Love: “But I think you’re the cutest of them all.”
Kirigakure Tadahito (C.V. Eguchi Takuya)
Normal: “…Senpai. Me or my brother, who will you choose?”
Love: “I won’t ever let you go. My only princess.”

Anyways, they’re adding 4 more characters! The only character I’m familiar with out of these four is Cloud’s little brother. I was wondering why the little bro has recently been on article covers and in the Drama CDs, so I guess this answers my question ┐(‘~`;)┌. I’m actually happy to see that some of my favorite seiyuus are joining this series. I’m not sure if the other three were in the original PSP port, but I’m excited to play b/c they seem very interesting and fun (* ´艸`)クスッ♪.

Here’s some info on the characters:

 photo heart01f_zpse7494aef.gif Toyotomi Hidetora (C.V. Sugita Tomokazu) – Troublemaker and the DQN of the game. According to the director comment, she noticed how there’s no yankee character in the game, so there he is now. Hidetora is often thought to be a scary person, but he’s not! It’s just his behavior that’s bad, but has a soft side too.

 photo heart01e__zpse5f14d47.gif Hattori Hanzou (C.V. Ishikawa Kaito) – Super Duper Ultra to the Max Tsundere of the game. Apparently, he has the biggest gap out of the four additional characters, in terms of personality. I’m usually not interested in types like him based on the character appearance, but I like them tsunderes, so I’m pretty excited. Hanzou’s duty  is to supervise Hidetora’s actions, so I guess Hanzou would be the one to always clean up after Hidetora’s mess. He has a harsh way of saying things, so it is best advised not to go near him if you’re someone with a glass heart. HOWEVER, he turns into a crybaby when he’s in love mode ahaha.

 photo heart01b_zps98862ed8.gif Ukita Yoshiie (C.V. Kaji Yuuki) – Super senior of the shinobi academy. He talks slowly (hoping he doesn’t talk like Takumi from Storm Lovers) and even moves slowly too. Probably why he has been held behind for three years lol. Apparently, he spends his days laying around wherever and whenever. His eye sight isn’t so good either.

 photo heart01d_zps06d15705.gif Kirigakure Tadahito (C.V. Eguchi Takuya) – Cloud’s little brother. He grew up to be a bit naive due to Cloud constantly spoiling him. He is too honest and a real airhead that he can be an idiot at times. He like his brother a lot too. Apparently, there were a lot of voices saying that they wanted Tadahito as a route that they’ve decided to add him for the Vita port. In the original PSP port, they weren’t able to show his cool side, so there will be some in the Vita port.


Moving on…

 photo b7923e5e-a9a6-4fb3-9e02-0c5121d48f76_zpsf9c91bd7.jpg

Clock Zero!! I remember liking this game a lot. I think it’s mainly b/c the story started when they were kids. Everyone is sooo cute (๑→ܫ←๑). However, I remember being traumatized by one of them…aha..ha…


 photo 395b759c-e791-40d9-9d57-739ba40c51d6_zps8f0b4347.jpg

Yayyyy~ ٩(๑′∀ ‵๑)۶•*¨*•.¸¸♪ They’re adding a route for Nakaba! I didn’t think this was ever going to happen. It appears that there were a lot of fans who wanted a route for him, so they’re adding him in the Vita port. I guess I will be experiencing another set of Starry Sky Winter moment, but I actually don’t mind playing this one all over again. In addition, there seems to be an after story that will be unlocked after each character. Also, there will be an additional episode for a certain character. I’m hoping this would be for Rain. Even though he had some issues, I wanted him to be happy too. Other than the additional route/episode, there will be character comments added to the CGs. The other characters will call the heroine by their name if you play the game with the default name, which wasn’t a feature in the PS2/PSP ports. Lastly, the assignment parts will have some changes too.



Another goodie is this Hana Awase booklet that I have flipped through in 5seconds and probably will never open again ahaha. Other than the articles I mentioned in this post, there was an article on Hanayaka nari, Wa ga Ichizoku and Hakuouki. Apparently, Hakuouki is adding three new characters too. I wonder how long they’re gonna keep this series going (-_-;). Also, they’re going to release a new color Light Pink/White for the PS Vita.

That’s it for now. See you guys in the next post!  (*´ー`*)ノシ


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