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Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu~ – Suren



Suren is a military commander of the Nasra military force. Regarding first impression, he’s probably the worst out of them all? Still, I played him first b/c he was my favorite character in the PC version. I thought of leaving him for later on, but then I got curious about the after story. Did I mention that the PSP version has an after story at the end of their good end? So yeah, I ended up playing his route first (゚ω゚).

suren_001Suren was already a douche the moment he appeared aha. He’s pretty smart and keen, so he already suspected that Nara was no ordinary woman from the start. He suggests if he should rape one of the Luz women and put her in dishonor or crumble the Luz women’s sanity by raping her instead. Since after all, he believes that all women are to be protected by men and must obey them. Apparently, the men that Nara fought when saving her friends were from Suren’s division. Therefore, he was curious to see the woman that was able to stand against his men. He suggests to Nara that if she’s going to be taken as a wife, she must prefer someone strong, which he is referring to himself. The king of Nasra, Tooya stops Suren’s forceful approach and threaten his head will go if he doesn’t stop his barbarous actions.

Tooya apologizes for Suren’s misbehavior and reassures her that not all people of Nasra are like Suren. He mentions how Suren should get his act together or he’ll never get a wife this way, but it seems that Suren has already chosen Nara to be his future wife (^ω^). Tooya explains to Nara and the women of Luz that there are certain rules/rights: ① A women is to choose a husband, ② The man has to let the women choose, and ③ If the men are to rape a woman, they will be given a death penalty. Tooya tells them that he can’t return them back to their homes, but at least hope that they won’t be hurt anymore. He tells them that they’re going to need to be in a group of three. Just when he was about to explain why, Suren stops him and suggest to explain another time. That day, the women of Luz swore to themselves that they’re not going to let the men of Nasra into their hearts.

However, things started to change three days later…(눈_눈).

One day, Salana gets sick. At first, one of the doctors suspect that she has caught the disease (refer to intro post). The doctors try to get Nara away from her, so she tries to tell them that Salana isn’t infected. Just when Tooya walks by, he checks himself and agrees that she isn’t infected. He says this from his long-held research on the disease, so he’s sure she isn’t infected. He sends a different and better doctor named Lugi, since his palace doctors obviously sucks ( ಠ_ಠ ). Lugi agrees as well that it’s not the disease, but due to stress. Lugi has brown hazeled color hair, which resembles a trait of the people of Luz. Apparently, he inherited his hair color from his mother, which is a Luz woman. Therefore, it makes it easier for Nara to talk to him normally since its as if he’s not from Nasra.

During her stay at Nasra, she sees how Tooya feels guilty about capturing the women, but he claims that he can’t disobey the previous king’s laws. On the other hand, she learns some kind of fear towards Nole. It seems that he suspects that Nara might just be from the royal family of Luz. However, he doesn’t plan to reveal the truth since he wants her to end up with Tooya. He believes that Tooya will avoid his interests toward her if he finds out the truth. Basically, he wants her to end up Tooya, so Nasra can use her for their benefit. Knowing Tooya, he doesn’t have the ruthlessness to use her in that way. Therefore, he tells her to tell that “Nara” to choose Tooya or he’ll throw her with the ruthless bastards that will actually be willing to mess her up. She claims that he says some nasty shit for someone with a pretty face, so she believes he must be into those kind of sick behaviors as well. He responds to her that he’s not interested in women, so she suspects if he’s into men ahaha. Based on what I remember from the PC version, I thought he was pretty much into that shit since had a rough time especially with his route. I believe I skipped a lot when it got to “those scenes” (´・д・`).

Nara goes to the market that goes on twice a year. She sees a kid crying saying that he has gotten lost from his mother. Just when she is about to help find his mother, Suren shows up. He came just in time to save her from being a noble’s toy. Apparently, there are kids who trick women and hand them to the nobles to earn some cash. One of Suren’s job is to watch out for those actions for events like this. Even though she hates him, she thanks him for saving her. Just when she tries to leave, he tells her to look around with him as a thanks for saving her since he claims that he saved her while he was on break. PSHHH, sure he was… aha. Then comes a refreshing young man calling for Suren. Suren introduces Nara as his bride even though she hasn’t become his bride yet. The young man tries to introduce himself , but Suren insists on doing that when she comes to their house, as his bride.

Eventually, one of the women of Luz comes to tell her that she’s planning to become a bride of a Nasra man. Even though Nara feels meh about the woman’s decision, she congratulates her. She feels that it’s the woman’s choice and she doesn’t have the right to stop her. On the other hand, Shal is super furious. She even points out that Nara is starting to let her guard down towards the men of Nasra. Therefore, Shal is worried that she might be taken as someone’s wife one day, which makes Shal become mentally broken. She doesn’t want Nara to be anyone’s. If so, she rather… obviously she’s planning to do something about this situation…Ever since then, Shal starts interacting with this one man. Apparently, he’s someone she once rejected and is from a family that was involved in the construction of the palace… DUN DUN DUN. She claims that she’s only going out with him only once due to his persistence. Even Nara has a bad feeling about her sudden change of attitude, but thinks she’s probably thinking too much.

One night, Shal disappears, so Nara looks for her. When she finds her, it seems she was trying to run and Suren has captured her. The thing is that when a woman tries to run, their rights get taken away and is to be taken as someone’s bride regardless of their will. Shal claims that she just wanted to protect Nara since she knew that Nara won’t run as long as the other women are here. Therefore, she was trying to run with the blueprint of the palace, which she obtained from that one man she’s been with recently to give to Ollie, so they’ll come to save them. Suren says that he’s going to take Shal now. He claims that he captured her, so he’s her prey now. However, Suren suggests a way to save her. If you recall Tooya telling the women to be in a group of three and Suren stopping him from explaining the reason, the group of three method is actually used in situations like this. In case a woman is to run, one of the other two from the group is to take responsible for their consequence. In other words, if Nara or Salana is to take responsible for Shal’s mistake, she would be saved. If not, Shal is to be taken as someone’s wife. In this case, Shal would be taken as Suren’s wife since he was the one that caught her. Ofc Nara doesn’t want that to happen, so she decides to take the responsibility for Shal’s punishment. This is why Suren told Tooya to explain the rule another time, so he can set up this trap. He knew this was bound to happen and Shal fell for his plan nicely.

From that moment, Nara has officially become Suren’s wife. He makes her sign a document in case she tries to struggle herself out of it by telling Tooya. He takes her straight to his place now that she is his wife. When she takes her there, he actually already has a room for her. She’s surprised how he has no torture goods. Well, if I were her, I guess I would think that too aha. Well, he tells her that he doesn’t have a fetish for hurting his wife. Thank Goodness… (´-ω-`) The surprising thing is that the room he had ready for Nara had all these things that a woman might need or use, as if it was already prepared beforehand. Usually when a woman is to be taken by someone’s bride as a punishment, there needs to be a supervisor to prove that the punishment has been served. In other words, someone needs to watch them have sex. However, Suren tells the supervisor that he doesn’t need it and sends his subordinate away. Suren tells her to undress, saying that she should be able to have at least 5 children easy. Suren is a child of a commoner. When a commoner becomes a military commander, he can be a noble by having a child with his formal wife. Nara suggests that he can just get a prostitute, but he prefers someone that fits his taste, untouched, and is healthy as his wife. He mentions how there is no problem with her in those aspects. Then comes the sexy time. It confuses Nara that Suren is actually trying to be gentle, which is unexpected of him. 

suren_002I think their sex scene was replaced with a recollection of Nara’s mother telling her that anger makes it harder for people to see the truth in others. She’s half awake and hears a voice calling her name as if its apologizing or desiring her. Suren calls her name, tampering with her hair, as if he loves her. She hears a voice saying, “You might have chosen this path to save your friend, but I’m grateful. Thanks for choosing this path. Nara, from now on, I will protect you. That’s my duty as your husband.” She hears him saying that, but doesn’t want to believe or accept that Suren might just be different from what she has expected.  

The next morning, there is a knock on her door. It’s the refreshing young man she saw at the market that one time. He introduces himself as Naran. He praises Suren that he brought home a dazzling wife such as her. Apparently, he came to call her to eat with Suren. Naran finds this medicine in her room wondering if Suren got hurt. It seems that Naran was the one that picked it up at Lugi’s place b/c Suren told him that he’s going to need it when he brings his wife home. The medicine can be used for sensitive parts of the skin, which was probably used to avoid any inflammation especially since it was Nara’s first time.

At the table, Nara is giving Suren an attitude and says she doesn’t have an appetite. Suren is in a bad mood since she’s talking normally with Naran, but not him. Naran mentions that Tooya’s emissary wants a word with him. Suren claims that he’s busy, so he will another time and leaves. Naran senses that Suren really doesn’t want Nara to be taken away especially she isn’t looking so well right now. If Tooya sees her in this state, he’ll think that she was forced and might just annul the marriage so he’s stalling until she gets better. This makes Nara think that Suren must really want to become a noble since she thinks that the only reason he is keeping her is so that she can bear his child. Well anyways, Naran really idolizes Suren. He was saved by Suren when he was young. Later, Naran apologizes for being insensible towards her since he found out how Suren really got Nara to be his wife. He thought she became his wife by simply falling in love with him, so he feels bad about how he was praising him after what he had done to her. Nara forgives Naran since she knows he meant well. However, Naran mentions that despite Suren’s past actions, he too means well. He tells her how normally married couples are supposed to sleep in the same room, but he still gave her a room to herself. She says it’s probably b/c he doesn’t want to be killed in his sleep, but Naran believes that Suren wants to give her some space until she’s not afraid of him anymore.

suren_003Another morning breakfast, Nara still doesn’t have an appetite. Suren barges in. Naran tells him that she’s still not feeling well, but Suren doesn’t believe him. Therefore, he brings the breakfast table to her room. They bicker at each other like a married couple, which is kinda cute aha. That night, he tells her to serve him sake, but Nara isn’t feeling so willing to do so. Her response makes him feed her some sake by mouth to mouth, which leads to another one of their randy sessions. In the PSP version, Nara feels a presence that is moving away from her. Suren praises himself for the stuff that he has bought for the room in which he had prepared for her beforehand. He says, “I bought you, so relieve her stress.” He’s talking to a bottle of perfume hoping that it will be able to relieve at least some of Nara’s stress.

It’s been half a month since Nara became Suren’s wife. They sleep together now and Nara is even starting to sound like a wife too. She claims that she wants to go out more, but Suren isn’t really up for it. However, he tells her that he’ll think about it if she starts greeting him out like a wife that she should be. Just when he leaves, Nara notices his sword that is left next to his pillow. She can’t understand why he would leave it where it can put himself in danger. Nara remembers this one time when she actually put the sword in her hands. She even thought of killing him, but hesitates b/c she thought her action might put the other women in danger. Also, she was starting to think that Suren might not be such a bad guy. Due to her stubbornness, she doesn’t want to deliver his sword to him, but does anyways in case he might need it. When she does, Suren is extremely pleased and grants her permission to go out, but must have Naran with her. After Suren leaves for work, Naran comes to tell her that breakfast is ready. She tries to tell Naran that she has been granted permission to go out, but it seems like he was already informed about her outing. It’s like, since when did Suren plan to let her out? Is it really after she greeted him out or did he already plan this beforehand, like a surprise?

Nara and Naran go visit the other women of Luz who haven’t chosen a husband yet. Why is their names soo similar. I hope I don’t mistype their names later on throughout the reviews. Anyways, the women seem pretty acquainted with Naran. It seems that Suren has told Naran to keep Nara’s well-being updated to these women in case they get worried. Nara asks about Shal and Salana’s well-being. Shal has been keeping herself shut indoors. On the other hand, Salana has been getting along with one of the men. At the marketplace, Tooya planned an event for the women of Luz to relieve their worries, but the event is mostly for the single ladies. Therefore, that’s why Suren didn’t want her to come in case the other men gets the wrong idea.

A ruckus occurs at the marketplace, words have it that a beast has escaped. Nara hears that the beast headed towards the plaza where the women of Luz are. She worries about them, so heads there. Suren fights the beast and supposedly defeats it. One of the women failed to escape, so he tries to reach out for her hand, but the beast that he supposedly defeated is right behind him. He feels that there isn’t enough time to take the woman and dodge its attack, so instead he puts the women into his arms to protect her at the least. However, he doesn’t feel any pain. Nara came just in time to save him with a bow and arrow. They fight together to defeat the beast. Their first joint work as a married couple? (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ lol. Nara sees his kindness in trying to protect the woman with his life. She feels a sense of fear that it might be a matter of time that she might start liking him. Nara doesn’t want to like Suren since that will only mean betrayal to her country.

The next morning, Naran tells Nara that she has a gift from Suren as a reward for yesterday’s togetherness of fighting the beast. Nara doesn’t know what to do with a fine kimono that he has given her since she isn’t the materialistic type of woman. She even complains that he should have given her a bow or a sword instead. Naran mentions that she probably shouldn’t say such things in front of Suren though. TOO LATE, Suren already heard, so he sarcastically and sulkingly apologizes for giving her something useless lol. Therefore, he gives her a bow instead. When she tells him that he’s happy for the gift, it makes him happy too. Cute cute (๑→ܫ←๑).

One rainy night, she hears rushing footsteps out her room. It turns out that Suren fell off a cliff and got hurt. This worries her, so she goes to see him. When she enters his room, he asks if she came to see if he’s dead. She asks him why he went to the cliff on a rainy day, but he just replies that it’s for work. Nara sees the fruits that she likes, with dirt on them, as if they were just outside. It’s the fruits that Nara likes. She would eat them even at times when she has no appetite. Nara remembers that she once heard that the fruits tend to grow at the cliffs. She realizes that it was Suren that was picking them all along. She gets all teary and feels conflicted at the same time b/c Suren is supposed to be this bad guy, but as she gets to know him…she sees these sides of him (´・д・`).

Few days later, Suren is starting to get better. Nara has been taking care of him and they’ve been getting to know each other even more. Suren claims that he’s craving for some sake. Nara has suspected that he was going to say that soon, so she got an OK from Lugi beforehand. He tells her to feed him some like the time he did for her. Suddenly, Suren gets all serious saying that she probably likes him. She denies it, but instead points at his tattoo saying that it’s pretty, so she likes it. She says this as if she’s actually saying that she likes him, not his tattoo.

Recently, the food storage supply has been missing. Nara is planning to go to the market with Naran, but sees Salana before they leave since she came to visit her. It appears that she is planning to marry this one guy she’s been seeing. Apparently, he’s a textile weaver, so he and Salana weaved Nara one as a wedding gift. Salana has been thinking that there might just be another way to help Luz. She claims that she’s going to have a child with her man so that she can help prevent Nasra from having to capture anymore women. Also, Salana mentions how she told Shal about it, which got her angry and mentally broken down again. She tries to tell herself that Salana is unable to make a reasonable decision b/c she’s tired, that there will be a savior soon. Obviously this is a warning sign, so she thought she should notify Nara about it.

When Nara and Naran go to the market, they separate that way they’re shopping is more efficient. Suddenly, Shal approaches Nara telling her that there’s a woman that’s bothered by these men, but that’s just an excuse to have Nara out from the public’s sight. Shal leads her to an alley, so Nara suspects that Shal might just be scheming something. She fesses up that her plan failed. She was able to get Ollie’s soldiers in the plaza so that they can save Nara. However, she did so by sleeping with some men, so basically she sold her body to save Nara. Also, she was the one that hired someone to push Suren off the cliff. As Shal and the soldiers of Luz are trying to get her to escape, there was something in Nara’s mind other than the women that will be left behind. It’s Suren that comes to mind even more than the other women. Eventually, Naran comes to the rescue. Shal begs Naran to convince her to leave, that she might listen to him since he’s been supporting Nara ever since Nara became Suren’s wife. Shal gets into her mental breakdown state again… She says thanks to him, but b/c he was by her side, it’s his fault too. THEN STABS Naran. Shal sees that Nara isn’t leaving still, so she decides to suicide (눈_눈). Naran tells Nara that he’ll be fine, and tells her to call Suren’s subordinates or this incident might bring danger to the Luz women. Since Shal, one of the Luz woman has caused such an incident, he thought there will be words of taking unnecessary measures to the other woman to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future. Therefore, he told Nara to tell Suren’s subordinate before things go out to the public.

naran_001Soon after bringing back Naran, Nara is able to see him. When she apologizes, he tells her not to since it’s not her fault. Instead, he apologizes for stopping her from leaving. He asks Suren to borrow her for a bit, and Suren allows it b/c he’s probably going to… (´・д・`). He kisses her saying that he has always liked her. Naran thanks Suren for putting him by his side. He thanks the both of them.

Ever since Naran’s death, Nara has been super depressed. Suren talks about the first time he laid his eyes on her. He decided to make Nara his wife at that moment. Love at first sight? Even in despair, Nara’s eyes didn’t lose faith. She still had the will to fight. He thought her eyes were pretty, as if they were saying that she will protect everyone. He asks, “What will it take for your eyes to gain back that liveliness.” Nara unconsciously reaches out for him as well, saying that she too doesn’t dislike his eyes. Nevertheless, Nara still asks why he doesn’t blame her. Suren doesn’t blame her b/c it wasn’t her fault to begin with. He believes that this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t forcefully take her as his wife, causing two deaths. Still, she claims that she deserves to be punished and bashed. Still, he tells her that she’s already punishing herself as it is. Therefore, he will continuing denying the blame that she is putting upon herself, that she is not responsible for Naran’s death.

Few days later, Nara is gradually starting to regain her appetite. Suren has been checking up on her to make sure she’s eating since he’s worried. She finds him drinking alone on night. She serves him the sake, so he tells her to drink with him. He mentions how its as if it’s a marriage ceremony, so she jokes that they’ve only had the ceremony for the first night as wife and husband. Suren apologizes sulkily that he was being hasty, so she teases him even people like him have times like that. He responds that he too is human, so it’s only natural. She mentions how she thought he might not be human since he’s too strong to be human. Therefore, he tells her how this strength is the only talent he has, but Nara points out that knowing him, he probably worked hard to get where he is right now (*`ω´*).

As they have their moment, Suren feels that he doesn’t want to break the bond they have now. He tells Nara how there is a rule in which women are supposed to be taken by a different man after giving birth. However, there’s an exception for nobles. They didn’t mention this b/c they thought the women would cause a riot. Apparently, Tooya tried to tell them, but Suren was the one that suggested to keep it hidden. He tells her that she can reveal the truth to the women if she wants since he doubts such a law too. He says that it must be more painful than to be cut by a knife to break the bond between a husband and wife. Actually the majority of the reason he wants to be a noble is b/c of that rule. Suren’s mother was captured just like the Luz women. She met his father, fell in love, and gave birth to him. Since his father was a commoner, his mother was handed down to another man after giving birth to Suren. Still, she didn’t want be with another man, so she ran away. On top of that, she was accidentally killed by one of the guards. As a result, he and his father was blamed as a household that couldn’t follow the law. His father became indignant and started beating Suren, bashed at him that he lost his honor b/c of his mother. Due to the reason that he was raised by such a father, deep inside, he came to dislike women. Nevertheless, he now understands how his mother must have felt at that time. He feels that it would be worse than death to be separated by Nara. Awwwww (*´ー`*).

Suren tells Nara that he’ll be busy soon and it’s probably regarding the same reason Nara came to him that night. He has a feeling that Nara was going to start taking some action once she’s back on her feet again. He claims that he knows what she’s thinking b/c he’s her husband (*^ー^*). Apparently, Suren called Tooya and Nole to discuss about forming an alliance with Luz. For instance, instead of capturing women, Tooya suggests that they obtain consent from the women. Then, they can live in Nasra due to their own will and then Nasra can give Luz an honorarium. Likewise, if a man from Nasra is to desire to live in Luz, Nasra wants Luz to accept. They think it’s not a bad idea since Luz is short in men and Nasra is short in women, so it will be a good compromise. Therefore, Tooya wants Nara to be the mediator between Luz and Nasra, but Suren is against it b/c it’s possible that she will be hated by the people of Luz. So Suren knew she was the Luz king’s sister from the start. He claims that it’s not like he wanted the royal princess, he didn’t care about her status. Therefore, Suren proposes that he’ll go by himself, but Nara isn’t someone who just sits and waits. Besides, if Suren goes alone that’s just simply going to be a suicide mission.

Nara and Suren go travel to Luz. They have to get moving before the opposing parties find out about the mission. When they get there, Nara is able to reunite with Ollie. It seems that Ollie is furious asking if Suren was the one that put her in dishonor. Therefore, Nara tells Ollie that Suren is her husband. They explain about the situation, why they’ve come to Luz. It appears that Ollie and Suren has fought once, that night Nasra was capturing the Luz women. Ollie talks about how in Luz, they’re taught to cherish their wife as if its their own life. Therefore, he claims that since Suren has taken away his life, he shouldn’t be blamed if his life is taken as an exchange. Nara tries to step in, so Suren stops her. Suren tells Ollie to kill him if that is going to satisfy him, but Nara’s heart won’t come back to him. Suren claims that he and Nara’s hearts are already one. He says he has given Nara a hard time, so he wants to create a future that she can live in happiness. His life is not cheap that he can simply throw away, but it is an offering. Due to his response, Ollie decides to spare his life, saying that he doesn’t like smart mouths like him. Ollie tells them that he will make a decision by tomorrow. In the meanwhile, Ollie separates Nara from Suren until permission granted.

suren_009That night, Nara is pacing, worrying about Suren. Ollie sees this and tells her not to worry so much. He asks her if she’s aware of how she looked at him when he pointed his sword at Suren. He felt a bit envious that there is a man that was able to obtain her heart. After he had said that, he gives her the permission to see Suren. Nara feels relieved now that she was able to see that he’s okay. Suren thinks Ollie is pretty amazing b/c he wouldn’t be able to let the man who took his fiancé to live. Ollie took the nation’s interest over his own personal interest. Suren was even jealous when he hugged Nara out of relief. After moment of randy dandiness, you see more dere from Nara, which shows how much she has come to love Suren. She even says that she wishes they’re body would stick together and never separate, but Suren claims that would be a problem b/c they won’t be able to embrace each other anymore. Also, it would be a problem when they have a child since kids tend to be a handful, especially since Suren doesn’t plan to just end with one child. He even thought of some names already, but says that he won’t tell her until he/she is born. They talk about what their future children will be like. They predict that they’ll probably be like each other, joking about what if they were twins. Suddenly, a red petal flows in between them from the window. It’s as if it’s symbolizing the large river that separates as a border between Luz and Nasra.

The next day, Ollie announce that he will agree to Nasra’s term in one condition. Suren has to leave Nara at Luz. If they become allies, he foresees that this decision may cause a riot at Nasra. Therefore, Ollie doesn’t want to leave his sister in such a place. He’s not trying to separate them for life, but temporarily until Nasra’s situation calms down. Nara and Suren bid their farewells at the borderline that separates the two countries.

suren_012Three years later, Nara is a teacher on sword skills. She has this one student who admires her and carries the swords back for her. However, he accidentally takes hers as well. She sees these two guys fighting over a girl. She tries to stop the fight, but doesn’t have her sword. One of the the guy’s sword flings towards Nara’s direction. Just in time her knight in shining armor appears, SURENNNNNN! He apologizes that he took so long to come for her. The situation took longer than expected to calm down. Since they haven’t kept in touch for 3 years, she says that she thought that he might have died already, with a pouty attitude aha. On the other hand, Suren asks if she’s still single b/c he obviously came to hit on her. He tells her that he loves her, but this time he plans to start as lovers.

※FYI, Nara and Suren do end up having twins, a boy and a girl. They name their son Naran and their daughter Uren. I recommend listening to the Drama CD b/c their children are cute. You know the typical child-parent conversation when they’re young? Uren was like she’ll marry Suren when she grows up, and he’s all up for it. But then when Naran was like he’ll marry Nara, Suren was like no she’s mine so you go find someone else lol (via Koezaru Drama CD). I’m hoping they release another after story Drama CD for the PSP version since they didn’t have Jigi’s after story in the CD. Tbh, I’m only saying this b/c I want to hear another track of Suren and Esta’s after story ( `◔ω◔) ahah.

In the after story, Nara and Suren are married now. Also, Nasra is in war with some other country, but then Nasra doesn’t seem to be doing so well. Nara asks Ollie to help them, but he’s not really up for it since their alliance is a countermeasure on the issue of the disease rather than for wartime purposes. Still, Nara is worried about Suren, so she goes to help them instead. Nara arrives, and Suren is in trouble. It seems that he ordered his men to retreat for their family’s sake since they were soon-to-be fathers, leaving himself with the enemy. Therefore, Nara looks for him on her horse and saves him just in time. The two are able to retreat and Suren gets mad for putting herself in danger, but Nara claims that she doesn’t plan to leave either. He hugs her tightly, trembling, saying that there is no man that would be happy for putting their wife in danger. Nara senses that such a person trembling like that must be a big deal, so she apologizes. They start bickering at each other like always aha. He says jokingly if she can’t live without him if he dies, which makes her cry b/c it’s true. Suren apologizes and doesn’t tell her to leave anymore, but want her to stay as his wife until the last moment.

The battle begins again and Nasra is still overwhelmed by the enemies’ attacks. Just when they feel its the end, Ollie and his forces come to assist in the fight. Ollie claims that one of the previous king’s teachings is to protect their family. Since Suren is Nara’s husband, he’s a family member that must be protected as well. They call each other brothers now. Yayyyy~ ٩(๑′∀ ‵๑)۶ In addition, they were able to win the battle. I actually really like Ollie’s character too, but as a brother though. I would like to see some more brotherly bonding between Suren and Ollie. I request they add a little bit of Ollie in the next Drama CD (if they have another, that is) lol. 


BAD END: A Sinner
Nara follows Shal at the market. She is knocked out and is taken by the Luz force. After Nara disappeared, the other women were forcibly handed to a man. Suren takes the lead in the plot of invading Luz.

BAD END: Hidden Confession
Nara decides to go with the Luz forces with her own will. After she escaped, war between Luz and Nasra has been initiated. One year later, Suren comes to see her at the Luz palace. It seems that Suren has killed Ollie. He claims that he has come to get Nara, but she tells him that he better leave before the palace crumbles into rubble. She plans to die with the rest of Luz. However, Suren doesn’t hate her for leaving, but just wants her back. Nara claims that Suren is too forgiving when it comes to his wife. Nevertheless, Nara chooses to suicide. Suren claims that he didn’t wish for such an ending. He just wanted to be with Nara, and that he loves her.

BAD END: Red Sea
If you choose to protect Suren when Ollie points his sword at him, Ollie will kill Suren.

suren-013BAD END: Broken Bird
Basically Nara ends up liking Naran instead. In the PC version, I believe this ended as a 3P ending. If I remember correctly, I think Suren forced Nara and Naran into a 3P with him. In the PSP version, Suren executes Naran, making love to Nara where Naran can see them. It’s not really clear if Suren really executed him because there’s a transition into the future where Suren tells Nara to tell him that he loves her. However, there’s no sign of emotion in Nara anymore. Nara just says that she loves him as if she’s a doll. He gets angry, saying that he can’t forgive her especially bc she lied to him about loving him. He’s referring to the time when he was starting to suspect that Nara likes someone else and asked her if she loves him, but then she lied that she does. In the very end, there’s a CG of  Suren in tears hugging Nara, telling her to tell him that she loves him.

I was especially in pain and filled with bitter feelings in this ending. Also, this end took FOREVER, so I was like, “IS IT DONE YET!?” throughout this end. The reason why I also say that it’s not clear if he really killed Naran is bc he really did love the both of them. He suspected that they liked each other, but I guess the fact that they were hiding that and lying to him made him break down even more. Also, in the main route, you can tell how he gets really jealous to the extent that he wants to kill the guy that would try to take Nara away from him. Suren has a monologue in this route where he says that he wants to kill Naran, but he can’t b/c he’s family. He loves Nara so much that he can’t simply tell her that he loves her b/c he’s afraid that he’ll be rejected. He believes that it’s not their fault, but it’s his fault for not confessing his love for her. It really hurt when he wondered if things would have been different if he had told Nara that he loved her from the start. Also, even if it was a lie that Nara said she loved him, he was still happy. He was trying to restrain himself from hurting the two of them the whole time. But then, when he saw Naran heading towards Nara’s room one night, something inside him just broke. Hence, the painful bitter ending.  Now that I think about it, Suren probably didn’t want to introduce her to Naran the first time b/c at that point they weren’t husband and wife yet. He was probably worried that it’s possible for them to fall in love, but then in this ending the two ended up liking each other anyways…


First of all, sorry about being late with my reviews. I was done with the post for some time, but didn’t have the time to proofread. I’ll probably be slow with my blogging, but I’ll try to keep it going as much as I can (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑.

And forgive me for the tl;dr…I have this impression that a lot of people disliked Suren based on the reviews I read after playing the PC version. So here I am, I’m like writing everything possible to show his good sides ahaha. I was like, “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE SURENNNN” when reading their reviews, for the people who disliked him. Also, he’s voiced by Miyashita Eiji. I just wish he would voice more for otome games. He’s the guy that played Fujiyama Arashi in Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd story. (I’m considering to review that game…maybe). Damn, I side-tracked again orz. 

Anyways, based on what I saw in Suren’s ending, the PSP version is much better in showing their love towards each other. I felt really unsatisfied towards Nara’s lack of デレ (dere) in the PC version. It felt like the Chizuru – Chikage relationship all over again (✿・谷・)〴. So I think they did a good job with the additional scenes. I really like the Nara – Suren pair b/c they were really alike, in terms of personality. They’re both stubborn, so it was cute when they bickered at each other like a lover’s quarrel. It’s even cuter to see the strong, almighty, douchey Suren to become such a softy when it comes to Nara. I liked his character in terms of appearance the most, so I was a bit bummed out that he was a such a douche in the beginning. Who would have thought that he was such a devoted husband ahaha. But, I got to admit his love for Nara is a bit to the extreme. I felt really bad for him in the Broken Bird ending, but the fact that he can go that far is pretty scary. He even claims that he’ll kill whoever that tries to steal her away, so… yep. Still…Tbh, I kinda blame Naran for that bad end b/c I felt like he was playing dirty…not that Suren doesn’t play dirty either, but… Yeah, I admit I’m a bit biased ┐(‘~`;)┌ aha.


8 thoughts on “Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu~ – Suren

  1. Yatta! Thanks for the summaries of the after story and sort of the drama cd of the game!! I’ve been looking everywhere for them, cause I wasn’t able to understand what was really going on in the CDs :S And I wasn’t able to comprehend exactly what was going on in the after story ever. Since I wasnt able to find translations anywhere, your summaries made me happy. Thank youuuuu ❤


  2. I love Suren since I had played PC version 🙂
    If you can, then review Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd too. I haven’t finished it even I love that game to death >___<. I want to know your thoughts 😀


    1. OH HELLO AGAIN! I just replied to your other comment lol. Yay, another Suren fan~ Actually, I do have a post planned for Tokimemo GS3, currently still writing. I wish Miyashita-san would do more otome games ahah.


    1. No problem! Also, I’ve noticed that you’ve asked me recently on where you can find the link for the drama cd. What did you mean by link? Are you asking where you can purchase or a download link? If you’re asking for a download link, please refer to my updated FAQ regarding those questions. I deleted the previous comment due to the assumption that you were asking for a download link. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry about that!


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