Treasure Hunt!

 photo 6fc6fbc4-27ac-4357-8d3f-2d412d420bf0_zps0e60a57b.jpg

I have been working on Koezaru and actually finished the first route a while ago, but the heat has been killing my mood to write the review, sooo… here’s a random post! (✿◉◡◉)

Sooo I went on a treasure hunt!…To be precise, I was only cleaning my room (´-ω-`) . I found all my goodies from my otome game magazines that I’ve bought in the past. As you guys can tell, they’re still in their clear packages. Usually, the first thing I do when buying these magazines is open these clear packages and look at the stuff inside. Then, I carefully put them back in the packages orz. There are some exceptions in which I actually use them, but most of them I don’t use. Well, I don’t use the utapri notebooks bc they’re too cute. However, I don’t know what to do with the cards and posters aha. Those who buy these magazines… Do you leave them in the clear packages like me? Do you give them away? Do you put them on your walls? What do you guys do with them?

 photo a769e86a-2ac2-4dad-9f24-d63a04899213_zpsa85a9fbc.jpg

I mean some of these posters are humongo. I guess I’m one of those people who only can put a few things on the wall. I like to keep things clean. So far, I have this Ouran High School Host Club and Naruto (that does not consist Naruto in it ahaha) posters that’s been there since forever. Also, they’re the better quality posters, so they feel special lol. I’m pretty sure those two will stay there for life (maybe) since idk it’s been too long that it won’t feel the same if they’re gone. I’ve taken down a poster and added two artist alley posters (Shingeki no Kyojin and Mekakucity Actors) that I’ve bought at anime expo this year. In addition, I put up the freebie calendar from the expo, which I don’t look at it at all. I mean I have to squint to look at the dates, so honestly it’s like another poster. I actually want to put two more that I’ve bought from the artist alley, but I don’t have those clear files to put them in. I wonder what they’re called and where they sell them…(゚、。)

 photo a9d16686-26b3-42bb-9d05-46c09aeb1495_zps1b0cb325.jpg

Last but not least, what do you guys especially do when you don’t want something inside your magazine goodies? Throw them out the window? ( `◔ω◔) I glanced and flipped through the pages, but never really read them. There was a time when someone asked me via tumblr if I can ship my stuff to them, but I was a bit conflicted on doing so especially bc I didn’t know that person. If only my close-by friends were interested I would give them up in a heart beat. I wouldn’t mind giving my other posters away either. I’m probably the type who can never throw away stuff like these…ε=(・д・`*)ハァ…


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