Drama CDs

YESxNO (C.V. Yoshino Hiroyuki)

Release Date: 2014/03/28
Cast: Yoshino Hiroyuki

So we meet again…Yocchin… (≖_≖✿) ahaha. Well, I was on a roll when I was starting to dislike EVERY role he has been playing recently. I was getting fed up with him and then a few things changed when I encountered his character in Jewelic Nightmare. I actually liked his character in the game since the nice senpai is the way to go… for me anyways ┐(‘~`;)┌. He was kinda cute b/c he was a 天然 (airhead?). Well, he’s been playing as a psycho kitty, mysterious (in a bad way) tengu, …actually that’s about it for the games I’ve been reviewing for this blog. I thought there was more… Those characters must have ticked me off real bad or why would I have such a bad impression of him? lol. I HOPE this Drama CD will become a rehabilitation for my Yocchin annoyance syndrome ( ´བ` ).

In this Drama CD, Yocchin plays a guy named Yanagi Hiroto. According to the character description, he’s a TSUNDERE~~ Yay for Tsundere lol (ノ-ヮ-)ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*. He has the personality to speak his mind bluntly. However, he’s totally different towards you, the girlfriend. He tries not to be disliked by you so much that he would end up having this awkward attitude towards you. He tries to keep in mind to put his concern towards you, but due to fact that he likes you so much and that you guys have started living together, he would act spoiled from time to time from wanting to be with you.

TRACK 1: Prologue
The Drama CD starts with you working on your laptop, but Hiroto wants to sleep. You tell him that he can sleep first, but claims that he can’t sleep with the lights on. You would tell him that he can just turn them off, but obviously that’s not what he really wants in this situation (*`ω´*). He actually wants you to sleep with him. He feels kinda lonely that you have been working until late these days and have even been coming home late. He feels that he’s living with you, but also feels as if you are far away. He tells you in a low and sad tone voice that he’s lonely (*ノ∀ノ)ヤダァ. This makes you stop doing what you were doing. I mean who wouldn’t, I WOULDN”T! ヽ(*´д`*)ノ. Just when you stop, he tries to take back what he had said, that he wasn’t serious and apologizes, but we all know he’s SERIOUS. He’s just worried that he might be disliked by you, that’s why he’s saying things like that. He’s happy that you agreed to sleep together, so he gives you kisses saying that he has been holding back. The reason he was holding back was b/c he was trying to be considerate since he figured you might be tired from all the late work. Truthfully, he actually wants to do more than sleep, wants to kiss you more and… wink wink lol (´ω`*). So he asks, will it be a Yes or a No.

Track 2&3: “If it’s a Yes” and “Bathing Together”
If it’s a yes, Hiroto tells you that he’s happy. He wants you to say it again b/c you were really cute. Then, he asks if you want to sleep now. However, you want to bathe first since you started working as soon as you got home. Hiroto suggests he bathe with you even though he already did, saying that he can’t wait until you finish anyways. It seems that you have said okay, so he’s all up for it. When the two of you get to the bathroom, he tells you to take of your clothes and that gets you all shy.

However, he’s like, “We’ve done more embarrassing things than this countless times.”
Haha I wonder what that is~? (* ´艸`)クスッ♪.

He tells you to go in first, so you do. When you get into the bath tub, he comes in. He asks if the bath tub water is warm enough. Apparently, he prepared the bath for you when he got out. He gets in the bath tub with you and mentions how it’s been a while since he and you bathed together. Hiroto says that you seem to be relaxed and tells you that you should take the time to bathe more especially when you’re tired. Hiroto tells you that he’ll wash your hair while you relax some more. It seems to be his first time washing your hair. For some reason, he feels a bit nervous. After applying the conditioner, he says that he’ll wash your body before rinsing it out. He tells you to sit and boast about how he’s a pro at bubbling body soap. As he’s scrubbing you up, he mentions how you have nice skin and asks why they’re so soft. He says it makes him want to kiss it, but can’t b/c you’re all soapy and bubbly. He hesitates a bit b/c he was thinking that he should wash the other area, but claims that if he continues like this… So yeah, he tells you to wash the rest on your own and will wait for you in the room while you finish up.

Track 4: “Lovey Dovey in Bed”
When you finish showering, Hiroto is waiting for you watching television. His yawn tells it all that he’s sleepy, but denies it. He says there’s no way that he’s going to sleep first when he can sleep with you. He tells you that you smell good, but seems like your hair is still wet. He wonders if you rushed thinking that he’s waiting for you. When you tell him it is so, he’s really happy. It’s been a while since you guys have talked in bed. You agree in a carefree way, which makes him sulk that you’ve been leaving him alone recently, making it sound like he was the only one that was feeling that way. You don’t hear what he had said, so he’s like, “nevermind” once again with a sulky attitude.

“I’m going to ぎゅううぅぅ~(hug) you a lot tonight,” he says.
Sorry Yocchin, but you can’t beat Kimura Ryouhei’s ぎゅうううぅぅぅぅぅ~. Plus Yocchin said it in a low tone voice, so it’s not that cute or a manly thing to say lol. 

Anyways, Hiroto is starting to feel nervous since it’s been a while. He says it’s not enough as he kisses you. He kisses you, but wants a kiss from you too. He asks whether being kissed makes you happy, the feeling of being wanted from the other person. It makes him happy as much as when he’s told that he is liked. He sulks again since you said that you rather say that you like him rather than giving him a kiss. He admits that he said they’re the same, but that’s not the case here. He claims that even though he said that both makes him happy, he meant to say that he wants both likes and kisses. He’s a bit meh as he agrees that you prefer to say that you like him. Therefore, in exchange, he’s going to return a kiss in response to your love confession towards him. However, it’s not that he doesn’t want to say that he likes you, but is too embarrassed to do so.

“I don’t mind if it’s a like or a kiss, but I want you to desire me more.”

Then comes his randy dandy whispers. It was a bit too erotic that I didn’t know how to put it in translation ahaha. Reminder, this is not an R-18 Drama CD lol. 

Track 5: “Pillow Talk”
Hiroto worries about your body b/c he might have gone over the limit. He tells you to come closer, so he can spoil you. He asks why you’re so quiet all of a sudden, so you tell him that it’s embarrassing. Usually, Hiroto is the one being spoiled, so he’s happy since he feels that you’re relying on him.

“After clinging on together a lot, doesn’t it make you want to just go ぎゅううぅぅ~. You feel like you like the other person more than usual. It feels like a waste to just sleep when I’m feeling so happy.”
Nope, his ぎゅううぅぅ~ still doesn’t do it for me. If it was Ryou-chan, I’ll be like, “HELL YEAHH! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و “

Well, something turns on his buttons and asks you that he wants to have sexy time once again. He asks, “Am I the only one that feels this way?” AND apparently you feel the same way. Then, he kisses you countless times telling you that you’re cute.

“I wish this night will last forever. This way we wouldn’t have to worry about the next day and I can keep you to myself more.”

He tells you not think of anything other than him for now.

“I want your mind and body to be filled with me.”

Track 6: “If it’s a No”
Hiroto sounds all sad when he gets a no, but he’s being understanding b/c you must be tired from working. Still, he’s a bit sulky, so you pet his head. He’s still meh that he was rejected and claims that he’s not happy even if you pet his head. He tells you to go take a bath and kinda suggests that maybe he’ll bathe with you, but you tell him there’s no need for that since he already did. Instead of bathing with you this time, he tells you to hurry up and that he’ll be waiting.

Track 7 & 8: “Before we Sleep…” and “Until You Fall Asleep”
Hiroto has been waiting for you to finish bathing. He dries your hair, gives you a massage, and sulks here and there. You guys are in bed, about to go to sleep. Hiroto asks what’s wrong, so you tell him that you’re not sleepy yet. Therefore, Hiroto suggests to talk a little bit, until you get sleepy. He tells you to come closer, so you can sleep on his arm. He asks if anything good happened today, so it would be easier for you to fall asleep talking about the good things rather than the bad. You ask him if anything good happened to him even though he asked first, since you couldn’t think of anything. He mentions how he went to school and part-time job, so it was pretty normal. He tells you about what happened at his part-time job, but the both of you get into the topic that Hiroto suddenly realizes that you’re the one that was supposed to talk. When he asks you about your day, you start talking about work. Therefore, Hiroto stops you and tries to think of a topic for you since you still can’t think of anything. Suddenly, you stop sleeping on his arm thinking that it might numb it if you do so for too long. He tells you not to worry about such things since he’s doing so b/c he wants to. He agrees that it does happen sometimes, but he likes that feeling in the morning since it proves your existence. He continues to let you sleep on his arm and mentions how you’ve been really busy recently. He asks if your workload will calm down anytime soon, but you tell him you don’t know. He wonders what he can say at times like this. He talks about how it’s difficult to think of the right thing to say since it’s different for everyone, words that make him happy might be hard on someone else.

“If I were to say what I think right now, it would be that you should depend on me more. You might be like what are you saying when you’re the one that’s acting spoiled most of the time, but isn’t it natural to want your lover to depend on you? It’s not pleasant when I’m the only one acting spoiled. If there’s anything I can do to help you, I want to be there for you.”

“When you’re tired, don’t overwork yourself. When you’re having a hard time, say that you’re having a hard time. Like tonight, if there are nights where you can’t sleep, I’ll be by your side until you fall asleep. If you’re having a hard time, I’ll hug you tight like this. I’ll be by your side no matter what. I want to be by your side.”

Track 9: “Good Night”
Both of you are starting to feel sleepy. Hiroto says it’s nice to see this side of you. He talks about the time when you two weren’t living together yet. He mentions how the both of you were busy most of the time, so it would be hard to meet. Even if the two of you were to meet, you guys would have to say goodbye when night time came. Even if he wanted to hear your voice before he goes to sleep, he couldn’t call you since he would think of the what ifs, what if you’re busy or what if it’s too late to call at this time. Therefore, he’s happy that he can see and hug you to sleep now. You’re kinda surprised that he’s being so honest with his feelings. He feels that it’s embarrassing to do so normally and the dark makes it easier for him since he can’t see your face. He gets embarrassed, so wants to stop talking about it. He tells you to sleep, but you’re fine with not sleeping. He teases you, asking whether if that means he can do “something” that will make you not sleep. You says it’s fine, but he tells you it’s okay since he knows you’re tired and claims that he won’t be able to concentrate when you look so sleepy aha. He says that we can do that “something” when they both have free time. When that time comes, he claims that he won’t listen to you even if you say no (「・ω・)「 rawr.

“Close your eyes. Sleep tight. Get rid of your fatigue. Hoping that you continue trying your hardest again the next day.”

He kisses you and says, “Good Night.”

How should I say this… it was an okay Drama CD? Yocchin’s character once again did not fail to annoy me. I DON’T KNOW WHY! Actually, I think it’s the way he talks? I somewhat think his character is inconsistent in this Drama CD. At first, I was really enjoying this CD with his calm voice tone, but then there are times when he kinda sounds a bit dumb, like the way he talks I mean. Also, his character wasn’t much of a tsundere, but more of a sulker. And the ぎゅううぅぅ~ part wasn’t as cute since his voice was on the deeper side. I probably would have enjoyed it more if he simply just said that he wanted to hug you, that way it sounds cool. I guess I’ll continue to look forward to Yocchin’s work and hope that my Yocchin annoyance syndrome does not worsen (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ.


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