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Jewelic Nightmare Review Part 2

Jewelic Nightmare Review Part Two!

eme_004Sensui Takuma/Emeru (C.V. Yoshino Hiroyuki).
I’m actually surprised that he turned out to be my second favorite in the game since I was getting me a case of Yocchin annoyance syndrome. Anyways, Emeru seemed like a reasonable person at first, but NO IT’S A TRAP! lol. Emeru represents the jewel emerald. Apparently, he thinks it’s better to act “good” on the surface and hide their true colors. He’s definitely the type that’s hard to read. On the other hand, Takuma in the real world is a bit of a 天然 (an airhead). He’s the student council president of the school and is the intelligent senpai character. However, he seems like he’s spaced out most of the time that people can’t read his thoughts anyway. Also, he’s a regular at Felice.

eme_005When Michiru was allowed to go into Emeru’s room, he was seriously angry about it. After all, he doesn’t like showing his true self, so what makes anyone think that he’ll be glad to show his personal space. Emeru’s room looks like an office library and his bookshelves are filled with books. Michiru wants to get to know him more, but he tells her not to get so chummy with her. He uses the phrase, “Curiosity Killed the Cat,” so I guess he’s trying to say that nothing good will come upon her by trying to “get to know him.” Surprisingly though, he’s the one that’s getting comfortable with her that he almost gives himself away to her. Therefore, that’s what scares him about Michiru.

As Michiru looks at Takuma’s past, it is clear that he has some problems with his father especially since his father kicked Takuma’s grandfather out of the family company and home. Takuma wasn’t happy about his father’s actions. He disposed everything of his grandfather’s possessions. I mean isn’t that a bit too harsh? (・ェ・) The glasses that Takuma wears is actually his grandfather’s keepsake, so he wears them even though he has perfect vision. However, this incident wasn’t the only thing. Takuma used to have a friend in which they promised to wish each other’s dreams good luck. The friend wanted be a police officer and Takuma wanted to be a mineral researcher. As a token of their friendship, the friend gives Takuma a watch that was given by his father and Takuma gives the friend his grandfather’s fountain pen. He was so happy that he told his father about it. Still, the only thing he asked was if the relationship is beneficial. He just tells Takuma to obey to him and he’ll soon understand what he’s talking about.

One day, Takuma is notified by his father’s secretary that one of the firms of the family company has gone bankrupt. Apparently, he told the secretary to notify him if something was ever to happen to the family company, but he couldn’t recall doing such a thing. Also, it seems that Takuma father’s health isn’t so great either. Takuma feels as if he’s missing some important memories. Therefore, he’s worried, but at the same time he’s scared whether he’ll feel the same way when all his memories come back.

Michiru has another vision of Takuma and his friend. Apparently, his friend has to transfer schools b/c his dad got laid off  by Takuma’s father. Takuma tries to confront his father about it, but doesn’t go well. He lectures Takuma that people who are on top has to think how to use people at their advantage. Then on, Takuma just stops trying his hardest in everything to avoid being as calculative as his father. Suddenly, this dude barges in blaming Takuma that he might not be able to go to college b/c of his father, so basically the dude’s father got laid off by Takuma’s father. Then, he sees his father at the school, which probably meant that he has done something once again. This does it for Takuma, which leads him to run to the library all sad. Michiru runs after him, warping the two to Calmina.

eme_002After the unification, Takuma confesses to Michiru that he has always wanted to kill the Emeru (personality) inside him since he’s just like his father that kicked out his grandfather and burdened his friend. He tells her that he’s glad she is there for him. He decides to carry out his dream as a mineral researcher. He asks Michiru on a date and tells her to call him by his name from now on. During their date, Takuma gets a call from his father’s secretary that his father collapsed and is hospitalized. Therefore, they have to cut their date short. Now that Takuma’s father is sick, his father will have to rest. Takuma takes this opportunity and makes a bet with him. Knowing his father, he’s not going to just let Takuma follow his dream since he would want him to succeed the company. The bet is that Takuma is going to be in charge of the company while his father is hospitalized. If he’s able to maintain the company profit for a month, he’ll earn the permission to follow his dream. However, he’s not planning to just do what he’s told. He says this with Emeru’s facial expression, which was kinda creepy (・ェ・). Anyways, it turns out the company was one step away from falling into deficits, but Takuma turns it around. This scares his father since Takuma might just be more capable than him and that means it’s possible for him to be kicked out at any moment like how Takuma’s father kicked his own father out. Since Takuma was able to keep his promise, he can follow his dream now. He tells Michiru that it’s a bit early to say, but wants to be with her for yet to come. He mentions FYI he meant it as being a couple with Michiru ofc, which is practically a proposal (*`ω´*).

eme_001In the ending, it’s Michiru’s graduation day. She decides to go to the same university as Takuma. When Takuma comes to the school to get her, he congratulates and carries her like a princess. He jokes around asking her when they’re going to get married since apparently they’re going to live together and Takuma has already greeted her parents. Man, they move fast! ( ̄□ ̄;)  He tells her to show him both her good and bad sides. He wants to have fights too, and every time they can make up, laugh, and be happy together.

ruby_006Togari Kou/Rue (C.V. Kakihara Tetsuya).
For the majority of the time, I was like, “yeah yeah yeah shoo Rue don’t bother me”  ┐(‘~`;)┌ . Rue is  an ore-sama, so he is very confident in himself so he tries to hit on Michiru right off the bat. He represents the jewel ruby. On the other hand, Togari Kou in the real world is nothing like Rue. He’s one of the employees that applied for the job at Felice when Michiru and Masaki did. He goes to a different school and is really really shy with girls. However, Kou does still show a resemblance to Rue when he gets annoyed/ jealous when guys are especially friendly with Michiru.

In Kou’s case, he seems to be the extremely worried type. When the Machura incident happened and overslept, the first thing he texted Masaki was to ask if Michiru was alive. They have a shift together that day, so Masaki was texting him about it. Nevertheless, his mind was too occupied regarding Michiru that he totally ignored the content of her text. Eventually, he and Michiru gets close enough that he’s actually able to ask her out. They even have matching cell phone straps since he bought himself a matching pair when he was buying a new strap for Michiru to apologize for accidentally stepping on her previous one. Am I the only one that thinks that’s a bit much? The buying a matching pair part, especially since they weren’t dating or anything like that at the time (・ェ・). During their date, she sees a vision about a promise to go to Nationals for track, which explains the good luck bracelet that Kou always has on. At the time, he seemed to be the captain of the club. The odd thing is that he told Michiru that he wasn’t in any clubs when she asked, so there must be something behind that right?

ruby_007Kou starts getting anonymous calls from someone, but he can’t recognize the voice. Ofc he didn’t recognize the voice since the call wasn’t from someone he knew. Kou tells the dude to stop calling, but the dude starts getting mad asking what his problem is. Apparently, the dude was calling Kou on behalf of someone else. The dude’s friend has been trying to contact Kou, so the dude was mad that he’s not listening to what his friend has to say. I was thinking that oh maybe something happened to his friend since he was overly worried about Michiru most of the time, but that something happened to Kou instead. Kou was the one that got hurt in the past, which made it unable for him to continue his club activities. The friend that has been trying to contact him tried to cheer Kou up, but it made him feel even worse. During the vision, Michiru is about to get hit by a truck, so Kou runs to her. Just when there’s a crash sound, the two warp into Calmina. Just then, Machura appears and try to attack them, so Rue protects them. After all the ruckus, Kou remembers that the friend is from middle school. He and the team was supposed to participate in the Nationals together, but that didn’t happen b/c of his injury. Eventually, he felt meh and just deleted all their numbers. The unification of Kou and Rue succeeded and seemed that they didn’t actually get hit.

ruby_002Since the real world guys gain the jewel’s memories after the unification, Kou is kinda jealous of Rue, saying that he wants to call her by her name as well and then confesses to her. Ever since then, he’s been working at the counter to learn some latte art until his leg gets better due to the car accident. Kou’s friend that has been trying to contact him has come to see him since he heard about the accident. However, Kou isn’t happy to see him though. The friend tells him to come see him run. He tells him that he’s going to run with the good luck bracelet. Michiru and Kou call each other that night making plans on the day of his friend’s track race. When they do go out, it’s obvious that Kou is out of it b/c he’s clearly thinking about the race. Anyways, they do end up going to the race and see that his friend is hurt. This makes Kou mad b/c he knows how it feels to be unable to run due to an injury, so he doesn’t want his friend to turn out the way he did. Still, the friend wants to run, so Kou does the taping for him. After the competition, the two stop by at the park to talk a bit. It seems that he and his friend was able to make up. Kou talks about how he didn’t want to admit that he couldn’t run anymore, so he tried finding something that can replace it. He admits that he was using Felice and Michiru as that replacement. Therefore, he says he wants to take back his love confession towards her AND wants to start over again, confessing to Michiru once again.

One year later, they’re both 3rd years in high school and still working at Felice. Kou is studying to be a sports trainer. On the other hand, Michiru is a bit envious that he has a dream, but she doesn’t yet. Also, he’s planning to live on his own when he graduates high school, so he wants to work as much as he can now. Michiru asks if he’s planning to go to a faraway university, but nope. He wasn’t going to tell her until later, but he wants his own place so they can see each other more. He wants to spend their time together relaxing, cooking, watch movies together, and etc….but I don’t think that’s the only thing he has in mind (「・ω・)「 aha. In addition, he tells her that if Michiru doesn’t have anything planned about her future, she can be his bride then.

saph_005Sumihara Aoshi/Saphie (C.V. Suzuki Yuuto).
The first impression I had for Saphie was that he’s a brat lol. He represents the jewel sapphire. On the other hand, Aoshi is seems really calm and mature for his age. In Aoshi’s route, Michiru has a vision of a happy family. However, it gradually changes when his father gets busy with work. Eventually, her mom starts working, which leaves Aoshi alone at home by himself. Also, she sees that he seems to have a father that is a photographer. Aoshi tells his father that he’s cool with his camera, which makes him want one too. On his birthday, his father buys him a camera. Usually, he takes pictures with his camera during his free time. However, eventually, he considers to quit photography.

saph_007Saphie’s room is filled with frames, but none of them contain any photos in it. He’s definitely one of the characters who doesn’t want to anticipate. He says, “Everyone wants to believe that they understand another, that way they can feel relieved. They imagine something beautiful at one’s own convenience, but once reality becomes into something against their expectations, they become disappointed at one’s own convenience as well.” Still, he feels troubled that Michiru’s eyes are always sparkling. When Michiru is about to wake up to her real world, he tells her that he’ll be waiting as if he hasn’t completely given up, still anticipating.

saph_004One day, Aoshi’s mother comes to Felice with her coworkers. She notices that Aoshi hasn’t been carrying his camera recently, so he tells her that he might just not take pictures anymore. She apologizes for that, so Aoshi asks why she would say so. She says it’s b/c she doesn’t have a positive feeling towards him taking photos. He denies it, but his mother still apologizes. He doesn’t know how to react to her apology and runs away. The Felice owner asks her to take care of him. Michiru goes after Aoshi and is in this little emo corner, which somewhat reminds her of Saphie. Michiru sees a vision when his mom came back from work this one day. She talks about how she doesn’t understand the fun of taking photos and tells Aoshi not to be like his father. Apparently, Aoshi’s father left him and his mother. Aoshi always wanted to ask, but felt like he shouldn’t and is scared at the same time. He thinks what if his father never loved them. Michiru wants to deny and say he’s wrong, but couldn’t. Once again, he runs away, but this time to the park. When she finds him, he tells her that he’s going to throw away his camera. He feels sad that his mother looks real sad whenever she sees him take a photo. He likes taking a photos, but he doesn’t want his mother to have a rough time either. Suddenly, they’re warped into Calmina.

After the unification, Aoshi decides to tell his mother how he truly feels about taking photos. He talks about how Saphie was a part of him that he’s been always hiding, but feels he doesn’t need to do that anymore. When they return to Felice, his mother was waiting for him, so he tells her that there’s something he wants to talk about when they get home.

From then on, Michiru and Aoshi has been meeting up after school. One day, he asks to spend some time with her since she doesn’t have any shifts at Felice that day. Also, he has something to tell her. He talks about what he and his mother talked about. He asked her about his father, but she didn’t say anything. She just gave him a photo of her holding baby Aoshi, which was taken by his father. Aoshi feels that he felt stupid for thinking that his father didn’t love him b/c the photo tells it all. He hopes that he can take pictures like his father one day. In addition, there’s one more thing he wants to tell her. He confesses to Michiru and they’re a couple now wheeeee (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ .

saph_001One year has passed and it’s been a while since they last met since Aoshi has work. Aoshi became a photographer just like his dad, as an assistant in training. She mentions how he got taller again and seems more mature, which leads to some teasing. They’re so cute together (๑→ܫ←๑). Aoshi tells Michiru to close her eyes, so she kinda hesitates a bit since they’re out in public. Then, he asks if it’s okay to steal a kiss from her. He kisses her saying that he likes her b/c who can say no to this angel ( >д<)/.

alex_006Ayase Nanami/Allen (C.V. Hatano Wataru).
ONE WORD FOR THIS GUY. CRAZY (๏д๏). Just kidding aha…kinda? Well, Allen is the one that is crazy, actually, more like super duper ultra to the MAX emotionally unstable. He represents the jewel Alexandrite. I thought he was a nice guy b/c he would take Michiru’s side in the beginning, BUT THEN he starts YELLING at her out of NOWHERE. THAT’S NOT IT THOUGH. HE STARTS CRYING TOO (゚、。). The real world version of him isn’t emotionally unstable, so thank goodness for that. He gives off a mature and gentle air with a bit of mysteriousness in him. When Michiru obtains a key for Allen’s room, he was actually pretty welcoming. He might be the only one that was okay with Michiru entering their room. In his room, there’s a portrait, a silhouette of a little girl. However, he tells Michiru that he doesn’t know who the girl is in the portrait. Michiru tries to ask a bit further regarding it, which leads him to yell at her. He claims that he’s worthless and doesn’t want her to know that side of him, so tells her not to ask any more questions. Yes, he has a lot of issues going on in his head… (´-ι_-`) He even tells her that he’s happy when she’s with him, but gets scared at the same time. The happier he is, he thinks of the “what ifs” of losing them. He would say to the extent that he should have never gotten to know her if he knew it was going to be this way.

After the Machura incident, Michiru is finally able to go back to Calmina and looks for him. When she finds Allen, he’s totally out of it. When he finally realizes that Michiru is there, he yells not to touch him. He starts saying stuff like she’s going to disappear just like “that person.”  Suddenly, he starts crying that he’s lonely, but then gets angry again… ugh (⑅ -`д-´)

alex_007In the real world, Michiru goes to Nanami’s salon, but he seems to be absent that day. She sees a vision where he’s is invited to go to a mixer, but passes on the invite. He always passes b/c there’s a someone who he needs to see that’s sick, which worries his coworkers since he never prioritizes himself. Later that day, she bumps into Nanami. Apparently, he was at the hospital that day from anemia, which worries Michiru. She promises to make him something, so it will be easier on him and as a thanks for the headband he have bought her last time. Nanami talks about how it was odd when he was at the hospital. It felt as if he was there before. At first, I thought that was so weird b/c how can he possibly not have gone to the hospital even once for the past 24years that he’s been living. SO OFC YOU’VE BEEN THERE BEFORE! That was my first thought when I got to that part, but maybe he never went to that hospital ever since he stopped visiting that one person? idk lol. At Calmina, we have Allen stomping on flowers in the garden. He’s laughing like a mad man, telling them to wither and disappear. He claims to be breaking everything now that Calmina is going to end soon anyways.

The day has come for Michiru to make food for Nanami, so they go buy some ingredients before they go to his place. During their grocery shopping, they encounter Nanami’s aunt asking about whether he’s going to visit “her grave.” Just when the aunt was going to reveal whose grave, she gets cut off by a phone call and tells him that her husband will contact him another day. Michiru sees another vision, but this time it’s about Nanami telling his aunt/uncle that he’ll be taking care of Minami even though they’ve insisted to take care of her. It’s his sister! However, Nanami can’t seem to remember who this “Minami” is. The next time they meet, Michiru asks about Minami saying that there’s a person she knows that is worried about her. The problem is that he doesn’t know who she is either, so they try to find some clues at his house since it seems that he must have known this “Mianami” person. After some searching, they find a box full of girl clothes that belongs to Minami, which helps him remember. Minami likes to draw and would always draw a princess dress. They lost their parents early, so they weren’t so fortunate with stuff. She would always draw pictures instead of asking Nanami for them. Therefore, he wanted to give her something nice to wear at the least, so he would always sew nice clothes for her. Half of the reason he became a hairdresser was b/c Minami would always be happy when he set up her hair. The other half of the reason is that he was always happy to see her smiling face. However, she passed away. Nanami only had his sister after his parents passed away. People were worried for them, but never permitted when the other relatives insisted on taking custody of her. At one point, he stopped visiting her at the hospital b/c she was growing up and thought she wouldn’t want his big brother there all the time. Still, they never forgot to call and text each other. Minami was always energetic and full of smiles, so he underestimated her condition. One day, he got a call at his work, from the hospital. By the time he got there, it was too late. He had realized that Minami was telling a lie this whole time. She didn’t want to bind Nanami and wanted him to live for himself. Nanami regrets ’til this day that he should have been by her side no matter what she says. He says that even though he was the closest to her, he wasn’t able to see through her kind lie.

One day, Nanami suggest that he cuts Michiru’s hair since she wasn’t able to the last time she went to his salon. For some reason, they are both warped into Calmina. When Michiru gains consciousness, she sees Nanami and Allen fighting, telling one another to back off. Apparently, Allen changes his mind that he doesn’t want to disappear anymore and wants to be by Michiru’s side. Finally, he is willing to accept the fragments Michiru collected now that he wants to be with her. Therefore, Nanami and Allen is able to unify. Michiru and Nanami have returned to their world. When they return, Nanami’s uncle comes looking for him at the salon. The uncle has been trying to contact him, but he didn’t pick up. Also, the uncle is a bit meh b/c Nanami hasn’t been visiting his sister’s grave, but has the time to meet a girl. He claims that it was a mistake for leaving Minami in Nanami’s care, which gets Nanami mad, showing a resemblance to Allen. Therefore, Michiru calms the situation. Nanami tells the uncle that he’ll contact him, so he wants him to leave for today. Nanami talks about Allen, saying that he’s like a kid, but also admits that its a personality that was created inside him, the weakness he was trying to hide. He says that him and Allen are different, but they’re feelings are the same. Nanami asks Michiru a favor…

alex_002Nanami plans to make a wedding dress for his sister, Minami. On the day of Minami’s 2nd year memorial service, Nanami asks to talk a bit before they start. He apologizes about never visiting and thanks his uncle and aunt for doing the memorial service in his place. He talks about how he hasn’t been able to face his sister’s death. Therefore, he hasn’t been able to wear a mourning attire even ’til this day. However, he came in order to properly say goodbye to her. He wants to grant her last wish, so tells Michiru to come in with the wedding dress he has made for Minami. He apologizes for making her wait for so long. He talks about how she used to draw wedding dresses in her sketchbook and tell Nanami how she’s going to wear one when she becomes a bride. He promised to make one for her when the day comes, but couldn’t. He tells her that he wasn’t able to accept her death, but is gradually able to move on. He made the dress for her since he wasn’t able to two years ago. He mentions how Minami wanted him to live for himself, so tells her that she doesn’t need to worry anymore. They stopped by at the park after the memorial service. He feels like maybe he had it all wrong. It wasn’t him that was supporting Minami, but her that was supporting him. Therefore, that’s why Minami tried to put a distance between them when she felt her death was drawing near so that Nanami will be okay when she passes on. He tells Michiru about the jynx when a woman wears a wedding dress before her marriage, their marriage will come late. Therefore, he tells her that she probably doesn’t have to worry too much because he’ll volunteer to become a candidate as her future husband. Then, he says he better volunteer to be her boyfriend first though.

alex_001Two years later, Nanami graduates designer school. As of now, he’s a designer/hair dresser. He’s been busy with work lately, so Michiru tells him that she probably shouldn’t come to his place so often for a while. He tells her that she has to come b/c her smile relieves almost anything. Suddenly, he asks her a favor. He asks if she’ll live with him after his work calms down a bit. He tells her that he’ll ask her parent’s permission and won’t give up until they allow it. Michiru hesitates a bit, so he says that he wants to give her a good morning kiss, a kiss to see each other off, a welcoming home kiss, and a good night kiss. And what kind of crazy person would say no to that! 😛

sele_008Castle Master (C.V. Tsuda Kenjirou).
In his route, he still got stabbed by loco Machura. Right before he disappears, he gives Michiru a key to his room. She notices a portrait of her grandmother and see a vision of her grandmother and this guy. Soon, she starts seeing hallucinations of the castle master in the real world, which is bizarre (・ェ・) . Eventually, it becomes clear that the reality world castle master is the owner at Felice. He talks about how he used to practice latte art in order to impress a girl, which is Michiru’s grandmother. Michiru’s grandmother was the owner’s first love. He’s happy to hear that she was able to have a nice a family, meaning it was an unrequited love. Michiru feels sad for him since there is no way the castle master can fulfill his love for her grandmother since she already passed away.

sele_004The next time Michiru goes back to Calmina after the Machura incident, she goes to look for the castle master in his room. She sees him in his sleep, which scares her since it reminds her of her grandmother when she passed away. When he wakes up, she’s relieved to see that he’s alive. He tells Michiru that Calmina is coming to end, so he needs to tell her the truth. Apparently, the whole Calmina ritual of Michiru choosing a jewel was for her to obtain true love. It was her grandmother’s wish since she also had an unrequited love. Therefore, this means the owner’s love actually wasn’t one-sided. However, eventually Michiru’s grandmother came to accept a different love. The pendant was given to Michiru to wish her a happy and fortunate love. The castle master wanted to grant her grandmother’s wish, that’s why he created Calmina. The jewels are a part of the actual guys that exist in the real world that Michiru might possibly fall in love with. Castle master tells her that he must unify the jewels with the real world guys before Calmina disappears for good. But before that, he tells her that he’ll tell her his name.

sele_001Michiru returns to the real world, only able to remember up to where the castle master was about to tell her his name. She recalls the time she and the castle master first met, “If you’re able to call me by my name, I shall specially answer to your call. Until then, call me castle master.” At school, she drops by the library to study. She remembers that the library had a book on jewels. As she opens the book, she encounters a jewel called moon stone also known as Selenites. When she calls out the name, a flash of light shines and warps her to Calmina. Even though Calmina has supposedly disappeared, she finds the castle master at Calmina. Michiru knows that the castle master is only looking at her grandmother through her, but wants him to look at her now. However, castle master tells her not to since he’s clearly not human, so she shouldn’t face such emotions toward him. Still, Michiru confesses her feelings and tell him not to disappear. She claims that she doesn’t want to simply give up by saying that it wasn’t meant to be. He tells her that she should be choosing someone among the jewels, so she tells him that she has already chosen someone. She chose Selenites. She wants him to be her jewel. There on, she would go to Calmina and talk to him about her day (・ェ・) .

JEWEL Good Endsjewelic
I couldn’t get myself to play the good end for the jewel ends…I did play the good end for Adamas, but gave me a bitter feeling about it. At that point, I was determined to play those ends at the very end, but…I just couldn’t. I tried playing their ends after castle master’s end, but…I had that whole Dousei Kareshi feeling all over again, except that I had to deal with more characters. Thus, I was like eh forget it orz. Basically, the jewel end is that when your route’s real world and jewel guys unify, the jewel is the one that remains in the real world with Michiru WITH the real guys’ appearance. I would have played it if the guys were to have split personalities or something and have the both of them live in one body. Yes, I know that’s kind of creepy and a bit messed up, but it beats the ending where the original guy kinda just disappear. I say this b/c even though the jewels have memories of the real world guys interacting with Michiru, the person itself isn’t actually there. It’s just the memory and the personality that exists. Like all the real world guys’ good ends, the jewels don’t come out from time to time, just that their personalities show. However, that’s just the hidden selves that the real guys were hiding, but not the jewels itself. Don’t get me wrong. I like the jewels too, but I think it’s just unfair and sad that the real guys have to disappear.

This ]ewelic Nightmare review took forever for me to write. I learned a valuable lesson. Start writing game reviews as soon as you finish your games. Well, in my case, if I don’t, I’ll end up lagging my reviews even more. I would have to rank my favorites in the order of Seiichirou>Takuma>Aoshi>Kou>>>Nanami>>>>>>>>Castle Master. Well, I don’t remember why exactly I liked Seiichirou most since I finished his route in March. OH gosh has it been that long? Wow… Anyways, I remember that it was the first that his voice made me go (≧ω≦)ノシ 萌ええええぇぇぇ. I liked Takuma b/c of his airhead-ness and that he was a nice senpai. I was surprisingly fond of Aoshi b/c he was kinda mature for his age. Personally, I would like him as a little brother more though. I would probably spoil him crazy if I did (* ´艸`)クスッ♪. I thought Kou was cute when he’s shy towards Michiru, but I just thought he was a bit too thick-headed toward his friend. Nanami is a bit distant from other characters b/c his route…it’s like HOW THE HECK DO YOU FORGET ABOUT YOUR SISTER. In terms of plot of his route was oh gosh terrible and Allen brought him down by a lot b/c he was kinda scary with his emotional instability. The castle master…well, Michiru went to LALAland and decides not to face reality, sooo that was a bit disappointing. I understand why they had to do that since it would be seriously wrong for her to end up with the owner in the real world, but yeah lol.

As of now, I’m only working on Koezaru wa Akai Hana. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to play another game beside Kozaru, so I guess I’ll see how my mood goes after I finish a route.


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