Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu~ · Otome Games

Koezaru wa Akai Hana ~Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu~

It took me a while to actually start the game when this game was chosen a while ago. It was a close match between Drama CDs, Shinobi Koi Utsutsu, and Koezaru. I didn’t expect this game  to win since it has a rather dark theme compared to the other games.

Summary: The heroine of this game is Nara. Thirteen years ago, Nara’s mother was taken away by the men of Nasra while they were visiting her father’s grave. Nara was able to avoid the capture b/c her mother was able to hide her before she is found. They were capturing women due to the scarcity of women from a disease with no cure. It usually outbreaks amongst women, rotting their entrails, and leading them to death.

In Luz, where Nara lives, she has a fiance named Olie. Olie’s father, the king of Luz was her father’s best friend, so he took Nara into the family after her mother got taken away. Nara doesn’t see Olie as anything more than family, but she doesn’t want to betray their kindness for taking care of her all these years.

One night, the Nasra forces attack Luz and start abducting the women, just like how her mother was captured. Since Nara knows how to fight, she goes to check on her friends even though Olie tries to stop her. She saves her two friends, Shal and Salana, but we find out later that they’re captured anyways. As Nara is fighting the Nasra warriors, she encounters the leader of the force and gets captured.

I was debating whether I should play this game when it first came out since I already played the PC version. I read some reviews that basically the routes of the characters that were in the PC version is the same, except that they omit R18 contents in the PSP version. However, they have added two more routes, Esta and Jigi. Well, Esta was in the PC version, but he had a half-assed route. SOOO, I’m basically playing the game ALL OVER for him b/c I really like his character. I was happy to hear that he got an actual ending for the PSP version. If I’d known that there was going to be a PSP version, I would have preferred to play the PSP version. Oh well, what’s done is done ╮(-▽-)╭ . Regarding Jigi, I have no idea who he is and didn’t really care for his route b/c he didn’t appear in the PC version. My first impression when I saw his character was that he looked like Tooya aha. Anyways, I haven’t decided whether I’m going to play the bad ends yet. In the PC version, I couldn’t play all the bad ends b/c it was kinda gruesome especially since there are R18 contents, which makes it worse. If the bad ends have CGs, then it’s likely that I’ll play them. If not, I’m just going to forget about it since I don’t really want bitter/depressing feelings when there is no need for it.


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