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[3DS] Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

I finished Zero Escape ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ. I didn’t think I was going to finish the game anytime soon, especially b/c I haven’t finished Fire Emblem: Awakening yet. Originally, I wasn’t even going to open the package until I finish Fire Emblem orz. I guess it’s b/c I went back to 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors (999) and restarted the whole game since last time I played I didn’t get all the endings. I did remember the good ending, but forgot the nitty gritty details, so I was like MIGHT AS WELL ┐(‘~`;)┌. Then, I went straight on playing the sequel BEFORE I FORGET again.

Anyways, I’m not going to include any spoilers in this review. I generally don’t write spoilers for games that aren’t otome games, so don’t worry. 

Yes yes yes, one of my favorite game company Spike Chunsoft that makes all the good mystery games. I’ve had a good impression of them ever since 999 and Danganronpa. Therefore, ofc I was really interested in this sequel b/c of the prequel. Now that I have a 3DS, it felt sooo weird playing on my DS for the prequel. The screen felt really tiny to me and was like, “Was the DS screen this small?” lol. Anyways, I recommend playing the prequel beforehand or this game is going to spoil it for you. Also, there might be a few parts that will confuse you especially since some of the characters from the prequel is going to be mentioned in the game. Well, it’s already been like 2 years since the game has been released, so yes I am slow orz. Maybe I should have bought my 3DS sooner, but I guess I’m glad I didn’t buy my 3DS or play the game sooner, which I will mention why later on in this post.

shibou_desu001In this game, there is the novel part and the escape part, just like the prequel. One of the exciting part of it was that they voiced the novel part! YAY! (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* From the left to right, we have Zero 3 (C.V. TARAKO), Luna (C.V. Noto Mamiko), K (C.V. Ono Daisuke), Quark (C.V. Kugimiya Rie), Tenmyouji (C.V. Naya Rokurou), Phi (C.V. Omigawa Chiaki), Sigma (main character so no voice, but Toriumi Kousuke voiced him in the promotion anime), Yotsuba (C.V. Tamura Yukari), Alice (C.V. Tanaka Atsuko), and Dio (C.V. Hosoya Yoshimasa).

zennin_001In this game, just like the prequel, 9 people are forced to play the Nonary Game in order to escape. However, the rules are different this time, the players are to play the Norary Game -ambidex edition-. In 999, the players had to go through numbered doors in order to obtain keys that will help them advance their way towards escape. In order to go through these numbered doors, the players were all given certain numbers on their bracelet as the one on the right. Depending on combinations of the players’ bracelets, there are certain doors they can enter. If the players break the rules and enter the doors with the wrong combination, the players will…?

zennin_004 zennin_003 zennin_005

On the other hand, in Zero Escape, there is only one numbered door, which is the door marked “9.” Instead of going through multiple numbered doors, this time the players are to go through colored doors. The combinations for which players to go through which door is determined by the the color of their numbers on their bracelet. For instance, if there is a purple door, you need a player with a red-colored bracelet points and another player with a blue-colored bracelet points. The bracelet points has nothing to do with which door the players can enter, but only the players who have a total of 9 points are able to go through the door marked “9.” In other words, they can escape once they obtain 9 points. However, each player starts with 3 points. This also means players will be able to obtain points throughout the game, but what’s the point of a game when players can just keep earning points without the risk of losing them? The thing is the players are able to lose their points as well. Once the players’ bracelet point drops to 0 or less, that player will…? Nevertheless, how are the players able to obtain or lose those points? When each group of players enter a colored door, they are to solve puzzles in order to escape the room and obtain a card to their participation in an ambidex game. Depending on the outcome of the game, players will obtain or lose their points. Think of the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

One of the exciting aspect of the game is the voiced novel part, so I was a bit disappointed when Zero 3 only appeared around the beginning of the game. Basically, the only thing he did was explain the rules. It’s not like Danganronpa where Monokuma appears throughout the whole game. I kinda like the idea how Spike Chunsoft uses those back in the day popular children anime character voices  and use them as the bad guys for these murder mystery games. Don’t know, are they trying to send us a message or are they trying to corrupt our brains (๏д๏)? Maybe both lols. Regarding the puzzle solving, I thought Zero Escape’s puzzles were harder than 999, but it’s not unsolvable. Oh, but I have to admit that I didn’t like how I absolutely had to use the stylus for the puzzle solving. Unlike 999, you can’t use the D-pad and the analog stick is too sensitive to search a specific object. Also, the game had a flow chat which made it easier to collect all the endings. In 999, we had to play the same puzzle solvings over and over again, but this time we’re allowed to jump and skip the scenes/puzzles we already saw. This saves A LOT of time since the game has 20+ endings.

In terms of plot, I can’t really decide YET. The thing is that the game doesn’t really give us a conclusive ending. They gave us an ending that clearly does not give enough explanations. When I finished the game, it left me hanging with all these questions. So did he do it? So who was that guy exactly? What did he/she have to do with anything? So on and so forth. At first, I was wondering if I missed one of those hidden routes or something, but nope. Therefore, this is why I’m saying that I don’t really regret that I bought the game so late or I would be waiting for the sequel to come out for even longer. Well, I’m not even sure if there is going to be a sequel especially since it’s been like 2 years already. I’ve READ that there was a survey or something asking if we would buy the next game if it did come out, so maybe they will? They better, or I’m totally going to regret buying this game ahaha. ALSO, I just hope they’ll come up with a good ending… I was happy with some of the scenarios/events that happened in Zero Escape, but I was also like, “what the…” at the same time. I’m actually kinda unsatisfied to how the story took its course as of now. I miss the previous characters though. I got to admit I liked them more. If they do make a sequel, I demand them to bring them back SOMEHOW ( >д<)/ lol.



3 thoughts on “[3DS] Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

  1. congrats on finishing the game! \o/
    did you play this in jap btw?
    I actually wanted this game before but so many games are in my priority list that I totally forgot about this and I haven’t finished 999 myself orz
    speaking of which do you have a PSN id? I’d like to add you if you don’t mind 😀


    1. Yep, I played it in Japanese since I have a JPN region 3DS. The thing that sucks about this is that I can’t earn nintendo club points :/
      Oh oh I recommend finishing the good ending for 999 at least if you’re thinking of playing Zero Escape. Also, you might wanna wait ’til they get a sequel to this one or it’s going to leave you with a lot of questions. I somewhat regret buying it esp b/c the game price didn’t drop too much even after 2 years…orz.

      PSN ID as in for Playstation? I don’t have one ><. Well, I don't think I do anyways lols. Aren't they usually for people who have a PS3/PS4 console or something like that? Sorry if I'm getting the wrong idea lols. Anyways, I don't own one at the time, but I do plan to own one some day, so I'll let you know when that day comes aha.


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