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B’s LOG MAY ・ JUNE ・ JULY Issue 2014 – RE:VICE[D]

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I didn’t pay too much attention to this game until one of the article illustration grasped my attention. When I open my magazines I take a quick glance at the character designs on the illustration. I went right passt RE:VICE[D] the first time. When I looked more carefully, something about the illustration and then the story caught my attention. Also, the heroine didn’t seem like a doormat, so that was also a plus lol.

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Brief Summary: The 四天王 (The Great Fours?) of the demon world goes to the human world to find the next demon king. Is that how it works? I mean, why can’t they just go find someone at the demon world? The Great Fours disguise themselves as regular humans and each will find a candidate . The heroine, Aika disguises as a high school student in order to find the next demon king.

It’s interesting how there is a meaning for the [D] in RE:VICE[D]. The [D] stands for the fate of the guy characters’ love in the story.

 photo 25cd228fedac904320e7aec0c1f8bdbb_zps5880115e.jpg

Candidate #1 Yukine (C.V. Okamoto Nobuhiko): Aika finds him to be a candidate. Yukine is a mysterious fella  mainly b/c his occupation, address, and phone number is unknown. Also, he likes to tease people. Yukine’s [D] stands for [Dearly], which means love from the bottom of the heart. The route will be on the love Yukine and the heroine have for each other. The fate and the secrets they both carry, and their forbidden love. Ahead of them awaits a bitter, but sweet decision to their love.

Candidate #2 Iroha (C.V. Kimura Ryouhei): Iroha goes to the same high school as Aika. He is a second year, which have been chosen as a candidate by one of  The Great Fours that is disguised as a teacher. He’s good at sports, sharp minded, and have the looks. However, he lacks in cooperativeness and has the worst personality. Iroha’s [D] stands for [Differ], which means differences. The theme of the route will be on the love between two different species, demon and human. They both have different values, but begin to understand each other more as the story proceeds.

 photo a33a5a73dbe74c3f37299e0ff3be4af2_zps10cd0820.jpg

Candidate #3 Ryouga (C.V. Maeno Tomoaki): Ryouga works as a host at a club called “MAOH.” He was chosen as a candidate by one of  The Great Fours that disguised as a fellow host at MAOH. He has popularity due to his friendly and sociable personality that doesn’t suit his pretty face. Ryouga’s [D] stands for [Depend], which means dependency. The route will be on dependent love. The heroine is the first that ever relieved his sense of insecurity. He doesn’t care if he become the demon king or not, but feel that he has to become demon king in order to stay by her side. The feeling is so strong that it starts to change him…

Candidate #4 Hinatsu (C.V. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu): Hinatsu has been weak in terms of illnesses since he was a child, so he has been hospitalized countless times. He has a shy and quiet personality. At times, he would tend to shut himself  in b/c of such personality. He like to read and that’s how he obtains his knowledge. He was chosen by one of The Great Fours that lives a the park as if its some survival test. Hinatsu’s [D] stands for [Desire]. In his route, their love gives him the will to live, gives him a purpose to live.

 photo flw05w_zps5f09c494.gif photo flw05w_zps5f09c494.gif

I think the game is out already, but I doubt I’ll be able to play it anytime soon especially b/c I don’t own a PS Vita (´-ι_-`). I’m especially interested in Yukine and Iroha’s route. I’m probably leaning more towards Iroha’s character since he seems to be a tsundere lol. I was somewhat interested in Ryouga since he’s voiced by Maeno, but I don’t really like those dependent guy characters. Regarding Hinatsu…is he a shota? I’m not really into shotas…ahaha. Apparently, there’s one more character that is playable, but I have no info on him. I just know that he’s the landowner of where Aika lives and IS VOICED BY SUWABE, but that’s about it ┐(‘~`;)┌.


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