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Jewelic Nightmare Review Part 1


Woooow…feels like it’s been forever since I wrote a review on a game. Well, it has been forever…orz. I just couldn’t sit here and write a review when it’s soooo hot everyday. The heat makes me feel dead lazy. I need to get my shit together b/c I’m starting to feel like a bum…ahaha. I feel like I had more fun with this series in the beginning more than the end. I was starting to die off due to some of the character routes? Let’s say I had the most fun in the prologue. At one point I’m like, “You’re soo mean hmph (。•́︿•̀。).” So I’m like, “It’s okay I have this other guy, so I’m good (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥.” Then, I’m like, “NOOOOOO I DON’T WANT HIM ANYMORE! COME BACK MEAN GUY!!” lol orz. Well, anyways…to the review~

Note: This post will consist of Sumeragi Seiichirou and the general plot flow.

sumeragi_012Sumeragi Seiichirou/Adamas (C.V. KENN). In the beginning of the game, Michiru basically meets the jewels in a dream world (Calmina) before she meets the actual guys in her reality world. Therefore, when I said I went back and forth about a character’s first impression, they were from the impression of the jewels. Adamas represents the jewel diamond. He’s like the ultimate tsundere of this game, a bit emo though. At first, he’s like I’m not interested in you whatsoever and tells Michiru to leave. Due to his ultimate tsun-ness, I was like fine I will go to some other character. Who would have thought that he was the most decent jewel in the group lol. According to the castle master, she is to choose a jewel by the time of the full moon, a ritual in which she chooses a jewel right for her.

sumeragi_010On the other hand, Michiru actually starts encountering the guys in her reality world after the dream at Calmina. She has a friend named Masaki, in which they share a hobby in cake eating lol. They decide to go to a different cafe for a change and arrive at Felice, but has a long line due to its popularity. They have this GREAT IDEA that they should work there so there would be a higher chance for them to eat their cakes (゚ω゚). I personally can’t believe their plan actually worked. On the same day, she also encounters the other guys, but I’ll just focus on Seiichirou/Adamas for his route. There, she meets Sumeragi Seiichirou, a patissier at Felice. Unlike Adamas, he has a nice personality. It seems that everyone is opposite of the jewels at Calmina ┐(‘~`;)┌. 

That night, she goes to Calmina again, waking up to see Adamas watching her sleep. He tells her that she shouldn’t have woken up for eternity (・へ・ ). For a while, Michiru would go back and forth. During the daytime, she would live her life  in the real world. At night, she would wake up at Calmina with the jewels. One night, she encounters this suspicious dude in a cloak at Calmina. He asks her if she’s the girl that will be choosing one of the jewels. Typical heroines, they tell the truth and gets them into trouble. He starts questioning her about why she would choose the jewels, but why won’t he be chosen. Adamas comes to the rescue and fights mystery dude. During their fight, she’s gradually loses consciousness. She can hear Adamas in the background calling her name as if he’s worried. The next time she gets back to Calmina, castle master is there. He tells her about the guy that attacked the last time she was there. He’s part of the scrap rocks, nothing like the jewels. Apparently, they’re born from the shadows and see the jewels as enemies. If the jewels are touched by the scrap rocks, they’ll lose their shine and die as a jewel. The guys start bickering about who should protect Michiru, so they make her decide. Michiru chooses Adamas.

sumeragi_011In the real world, Seiichirou takes her to a cafe other than Felice. He invited her to go with him, so it won’t seem like he’s observing the cafes as his competition. He insists that she orders anything she wants as an apology for this rude interviewer that visited the cafe. He’s been a pain in the ass to Seiichirou and has been to her the last time he came to the cafe. He tells her that she doesn’t have to deal with him and just tells her to call him if mister rude visits again. For a moment, she saw him with a cold expression on his face, resembling Adamas. He gets caught up in work mode that he asks Michiru to try his tart WITH HIS FORK (* ´艸`)クスッ♪. He continues talking about the taste and stuff. After a moment, he realizes what he has done and apologizes since he can’t think properly when it comes to cakes. He blushes now that he thinks about it from embarrassment. As she is returning home, she thinks about the similarities and differences she sees between Seiichirou and Adamas.

Another night at Calmina, Michiru encounters Machura, the scrap rock that attacked her and the jewels that one time. She feels that his eyes are similar to Adamas. She tries to be friendly towards him, but he’s all obsessed about why he’s not good enough to be chosen by her. He asks if it’s b/c he’s not a jewel blah blah blah lol. Then comes Adamas and another fight starts. Eventually, castle master stops the fight and says he’ll take care of it.

sumeragi_008The castle master tells Michiru to choose one special key out of the five keys after winning a game of cards. She chooses Adamas’s key. He tells her that she has the key to his room now. Since they don’t actually have “locks” on their doors, he says the is key unlocks the jewels’ willingness to escort her to their rooms. When Michiru is taken to his room, she notices that his room is pretty empty. She sees a trophy on the table and tries to ask about it, but Adamas speaks up first. He asks why she comes to Calmina when she gets into so much trouble here. Well, in this case, I don’t think she really has a choice since she just ends up at Calmina regardless of if she wants to or not. Michiru doesn’t know why, but wants to believe that there is a reason for her coming to Calmina. Therefore, Adamas tells her not to say things that will confuse/mislead him. Well, it’s time for Michiru to wake up, but this time she catches a glimpse of Adamas with a soft expression. 

The full moon is coming up and Michiru needs to choose one of the jewels soon. Meanwhile, mister rude comes to the cafe again. This time, he pisses off Seiichirou enough to get kicked out. Well, the owner did most of the kicking out, sooo Good JOB OWNER (◔౪◔ )b. The night has come for Michiru to choose a jewel. She’s already dressed up when she wakes up at Calmina. Who the hell dressed her? DON’T KNOW, but it’s sure not her lol. Just when they’re about to start the ritual, all hell breaks loose with Machura surprise attacking them. Due to the ruckus, castle master gets stabbed by emotionally unstable Machura and leaves Michiru a key before he disappears. The other jewels disappear as well. Then, she wakes up.

Michiru wakes up in her room extremely worried and notices that she has the key inside her hand. However, the key has the diamond stone that represents Adamas with a crack. Just then, she gets a call from Felice’s owner whether she got a call from Seiichirou. It seems that Seiichirou hasn’t shown up at work yet. Now she worries that something might have happened since the jewels at Calmina disappeared as well. She tries to contact some of them, but no answer. It turns out that all the real world guys that resemble the jewels have overslept. The interesting thing is that they all had the same dream. Technically, they don’t remember specific details in the dream, but they all felt that something might have happened to Michiru. Therefore, everyone was worried about Michiru as well (๑→ܫ←๑). She was able to make sure that everyone is fine at the real world, but now she’s worried about the jewels since she hasn’t been able to return to Calmina ever since the incident.

sumeragi_002After Michiru’s shift at Felice, she gets ready to leave. She sees a patissier scarf on the ground. When she picks it up, she sees a vision. She’s basically able to see the guys’ pasts when she touches their memorable possession.  When she finally is able to go back to Calmina, she sees the other jewels safe and sound. However, the world has been extremely unstable ever since the incident. Also, Adamas is missing. For some reason when the other jewels roam around the castle, they would always end back at the hall room. Therefore, Michiru tries looking for Adamas alone and finds him. Apparently, Adamas is damaged as a jewel due to the crack on the stone of the key the castle master has given her. She needs to find all the fragments in order to restore Adamas’s original state. To find the fragments, she has to find them at the real world. The fragments are collected from seeing the “visions” of the guys’ pasts. Since Michiru has collected one of the fragment from the vision of Seiichirou’s patissier scarf, Adamas gains back consciousness. He’s angry that she came back, but that’s all an act. The truth is that he actually cares for and is worried about her. Also, he didn’t want to be given false hope since he knew she was going to disappear eventually anyways. Poor baby…( U・A・). 

Adamas has been less tsun and more dere. Meanwhile, Seiichirou has been in a good mood due to Michiru’s presence. He’s been making treats for her while thinking of her (* ´艸`)クスッ♪. As she sees more of the visions about his past, it’s clear that Seiichirou seems to have problems with his twin brother. I think it was his twin, I forgot since it’s been so long (*´-ω-`)There’s that typical situation where they’ve always been compared to one another just b/c they’re brothers. They were both aiming to be a patissier just like their father, but Seiichirou was always the “better” patissier in other people’s eyes. On the other hand, Seiichirou always considered his brother and himself as a team. He’s been able to think of ideas due to his brother’s suggestions. However, his brother’s motivation has been gradually falling as he’s being compared by others. Seiichirou’s brother knows that Seiichirou means it when he says he’s been able to grow as a patissier and was able to win the patissier contest from the help of his brother. Still, b/c of that praise from the “better brother,” it makes it even more suffocating for the brother. He claims that it would have been easier if Seiichirou was a bad guy, but he’s not. Now he’s tired to continue as a patissier. Therefore, Seiichirou has always regretted winning the contest that time. He regrets not being able to realize his brother’s hardships. 

sumeragi_013Seiichirou calls Michiru to the cafe and talks about the first time he saw Michiru. He was really happy when he saw her smile from eating his cake. He was starting to feel lost whether he should continue as a patissier. He felt as if he was saved by her smile, that it was alright for him to continue as long as there is a someone who will feel happiness from eating his cake. He claims that he might not have been here still if she didn’t come for the job interview that day. He tells her that there’s so much that he wants to talk to her about with her. Seiichirou goes into the kitchen to get some tea. Just when Michiru follows him into the kitchen, she gets warped into Calmina (・ェ・). Adamas is there when she wakes up, followed by an attack from Machura AGAIN lol. Geez someone is being persistent (*´-ω-`). Adamas gains his full power due to Michiru’s effort of collecting all the fragments.

As Adamas is facing Machura, Michiru hears Seiichirou’s voice from a mirror. She reaches her hand toward his voice, warping Seiichirou into Calmina as well ( o_o). He recognizes the place actually, vaguely remembering from his dreams. Also, he claims to know Machura as well. It turns out scrap rock Machura represents Seiichirou’s brother, just like how Adamas represents as Seiichirou. This explains why Michiru was also resembling Machura’s features as similar to Adamas. Seiichirou confronts Machura with what he should have done back when his brother was suffering alone. He tells him it’s okay that he’s the way he is right now, because that’s what makes him, him. Michiru tells Machura that he has his own way of shining, just like each jewel has their own kind of shine. This does it for Machura, feeling resolved and disappears. I HOPE I’m getting this right b/c it’s been sooo long… ><.

Now that the whole Machura problem is solved and the fragments of the key has returned, they use that key to open this one door only Michiru and the castle master was able to see. At the other side of the door, the castle master is there waiting for them. It seems that the key he has given to Michiru was actually a key to Seiichirou’s heart, the truth that he has shut from the inside. The jewels that existed in Calmina also represented as the hidden truth that reflected the guys’ in the reality world. On the day of the full moon, Michiru was supposed to choose a jewel and the key was supposed to unravel their true colors. Once that has happened, the jewels were supposed to unify with the actual person in the real world. However, due to the Machura incident, the jewels lost their opportunity to disappear, forming a will of their own as they interacted more than needed with Michiru. Therefore, the castle master has been saving his left over power in order to unify the jewels with the guys in the real world, before he disappears for good.

The unification of Seiichirou and Adamas succeeds, having memories of the events that occurred between Adamas and Michiru as well. He plans to forgive the past him and acknowledge the him now and move forward. He wants to find a new path and wants her to be beside him for yet to come. He basically confesses to her, but tells her that she doesn’t have to respond right away. It’s b/c he also wants to figure out what he’s going to do from now on. He wants to figure out if he wants to continue as a patissier not for his dad or brother, but for himself. When he finds the answer to his path, he’ll confess to her once again. During his thinking time, it shows that Seiichirou has been considering a different option other than sweets. He tells Michiru that he thinks of quitting Felice and even asks her to try a Panini that he had made, which makes Michiru feel sad that he just might give up on sweets. Furthermore, owner closes Felice in the meantime, so Seiichirou can take some time off to think about this possible turning point in his life.

sumeragi_007As Michiru worries about Seiichirou, she receives an invitation to Felice from him. She wonders what’s going on since Felice is clearly still closed. Apparently, he got permission from the owner to use the cafe. He tells her to choose anything from the menu. However, Michiru can’t choose, so he brings them all out. He also brings out a cake that he made especially for her. She notices that the cream tasted different than usual. He used the cake recipe idea notebook that he once made with his brother. He always knew that the cream he made with his brother was the best, but never used it b/c he was scared and felt like he had no right. He has been working hard until now in order to become a patissier that won’t humiliate his father and brother. However, by seeing Michiru’s smile, he remembered that he became  a patissier in the first place b/c he was happy to see his brother and father happy from his cake. He remembers that he was able to become what he wanted to be, a patissier. Seiichirou decides that he’s going to start fresh with this cream at Felice. He wants Michiru to be  by his side when he does. He wants to be able to create a smile on people’s faces with his cake, but he wants to create a smile on her face the most because he likes her (≧∇≦). Apparently, he invited the employees and some regulars, but invited Michiru a bit earlier so he can confess. Seiichirou made a proposal to add some new dishes in the menu. He’s not going to quit as a patissier, but doesn’t want to be bounded by his patissier occupation.

One month later, Felice restarts their business with some changes in the menu. Michiru spots a customer who kinda looks like Seiichirou. She goes to the back to notify him and it seems like he has noticed as well. He’s really nervous, so Michiru encourages him to go to his brother. She pets his head to give him some courage and then he gives her a kiss on the forehead in return.


I was originally going to review the game in one post since the game didn’t really get into the actual character route until the second half of a route. Therefore, I didn’t think there would be too much to talk about in each route. However, I thought I should include the general plot flow at least for one of the character reviews since the game does contain an unique plot. I used Seiichirou’s route for reference since Machura isn’t even that important in the other characters especially since he’s represented as Seiichirou’s brother. The only role he really has in the other character’s routes that actually matters is that he stabs the castle master┐(・へ・ )┌ . The second part of this review will be on the rest of the characters, following the same general plot flow. Also, I’ll go in details on my overall thoughts on the game in Part 2.


2 thoughts on “Jewelic Nightmare Review Part 1

  1. Hiii I have a question. I played uptill chapter 3 and Machura came in on the day we have to choose the stone. And then he grabbed on to the girl and it says GAME OVER. I am so confused. Do I have to start all over again?? I dont know what I did wrong… 😦 please help.


    1. Honestly, I couldn’t remember since I played this way too long ago. I looked into it and it seems like your love parameter for the character wasn’t high enough that it lead to the bad end. You can use the walkthrough on my side bar. I think choro and モモ缶 should have a walkthrough for it. If you don’t want to use a walkthrough, you can try selecting different choices in the route. Hope this helps!!!


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