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PASH! May Issue 2014


I thought I would buy a PASH! magazine since I liked the Mekakucity Actors poster and shitajiki. It’s like the end of June and I’m finally writing this review for the May Issue…orz  Well, I’m going to keep this short so I can post this soon.

 photo 7a1464f6-3e3c-49c6-88a5-bc8ff5f1062d_zps8c6ec7f9.jpg

 photo a475a6a2-3ddf-4ab9-bdf5-bfcb6ab5eeb7_zpsf77fd1f7.jpg

Mekakucity Actors
One of the interesting article was on Mekakucity Actors. I’m somewhat avoiding the anime because I actually already purchased the light novels for it, which I haven’t read yet. Well, I think I read one chapter, but stopped because I got busy with life. Also, I have this problem with sitting still reading for a long time. Well, I can go for an hour, but I think that’s my limit. I would have to take a break after the hour, especially b/c I have this tendency to read aloud when it comes to light novels ┐(‘~`;)┌. Oh, but actually, I watched the first episode for the anime though, just to see how it turned out. It’s actually pretty good and I like the opening/ending theme too. Anyways, the article gave some background on the characters, which was really useful. I actually started with the vocaloid songs that were on Nico Nico Douga, so I was really curious to what stories were behind the music videos. Also, i found out that Kido was actually a girl aha. I’m really interested in the story and mysteries behind the characters, so hopefully I’ll find some time to read it soon? I’m satisfied with the the poster and shitajiki, but one problem… the poster is so humongo! If it were smaller, I would totally put it on my wall, but… Maybe I’ll put the shitajiki up then haha. I never use the shitajiki to put under my paper since they get scratched eventually. Too beautiful for it to get scratched (ι´Д`)ノ.


 photo 48f5e2e6-9fcb-4f3b-83ba-cbfc3bcb1d7c_zps9ba6d1d3.jpg

I remember my friend talking about this one, but  haven’t really given a try until the anime came out. I just couldn’t help not watching the anime when my dashboard was filled with Haikyuu!! reblogs lol. Every characters have their charms and are so adorkable too. The article shows the opposite and similar traits of Hinata and Kageyama. So this is how Ishikawa Kaito sounds like…I was wondering how he sounded like since I saw his name on Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen. I wonder if they’re going to do the senpai are graduating and there are going to be new teammates kind of thing. I don’t read the manga, so I don’t know much. However, a lot of the mangas are doing that now and it’s painful. Just when I’m starting to love the characters, they go bye bye (´・д・`).


 photo 01a44eed-e4f4-4c27-997d-196d761bf558_zps1ac3183d.jpg
Yowamushi Pedal
This is another one with the whole 3rd years are graduating kind of thing. At first, I wasn’t really into this one b/c I thought the characters looked kinda creepy? ESPECIALLY Midousuji… he keeps calling people kimoi, but in my opinion, he’s the one that’s kimoi…no offense (・ェ・). The article talks about the will of winning the inter-high competition  from different character’s perspectives. The anime first grasped my attention when Onoda and Tadokoro was singing this anime song as they they climb the hill, such an adorkable moment. I ended up reading the manga because the anime was too slow and I wanted to know what was going to happen, especially the outcome of the inter-high competition. As of now, I stopped right where the inter-high has ended and a new captain has been chosen for the club. It’s so hard for me to start loving new characters when I’m like NOOOOO, bring the 3rd years backkk ahaha. I probably would have the hardest time for Haikyuu!! b/c they’re the most adorkable in my book right now (*´д`*).

 photo 3938d8f8-b20e-4ea7-ab22-f853737e8cff_zpsc1b12302.jpg
Kuroko no Basuke
I totally haven’t really read or watch this anime, but I kind of googled quite a lot about the characters? Well, I think I got all the basics down. I officially only watched one episode b/c I saw my dad watching it in the living room computer, so I was like what the hay, I’ll watch too. Since I was watching from the middle, I didn’t really know what was going on. I remember I was like OH OH it’s GRANRODEO and like OH OH SUWABE, ONO-D, SUZU, and etc. Thus, my journey on google searching up on KnB started. As of now, I just hear my friends talking about some new happenings on it and that’s about it? The article talks about the bonds and its development between teammates and rivals. I really like the Tetsu and 2-gou pair. Also, the end cards are really pretty~ (✿◉◡◉)

 photo 06d95254-ec7b-4fa4-9b7b-6bc142d7dc84_zps1b479e3a.jpg

Daiya no Ace
ANOTHER 3rd year going bye bye anime. I actually thought the original 3rd years had more impact than the current new teammates, so I was like oh that’s weird. Well, maybe b/c the new guys are mostly 1st years? Sorry I don’t really know the nitty-gritty stuff b/c I kinda skimmed through the second half of the manga. No offense, but they kinda look a bit mob-ish. Perhaps, this is in order to bring a better spotlight to the characters that were there before? OH, but I was actually glad to see that one guy that helped Eijun study to be included in the team. He seems a bit mob-ish too, but something about him that made me wanna see more of him. Other than him, I’m like bring the 3rd years back, who needs new guys lols. Well, I’ll probably like them if I “actually” read the second half, but…at the moment, I can’t accept them ( ◔ д ◔ ). Also, manga reading is kinda time consuming…orz.

Anyways, I remember being really excited when the anime came out since I’m more of an anime watcher than a manga reader, especially for long-run manga. Also, I prefer to enjoy the characters’ personalities with the voice included. Yeah, there are times when I think the voices don’t quite fit, but I’m satisfied overall.  The article covered Miyuki’s ironclad rules on a game, to have a confident lead, to support no matter what, maintain the pitcher’s physical condition, and to read pitching combinations. And apparently, there are rumors that you can’t recognize him when he takes off his glasses. Does that make his glasses his main symbol? lol Reminds me of this one anime that identifies a person by his glasses or sunglasses aha. If you know what I mean… ( •ω•ฅ)

 photo c4b82366-35f0-4495-8378-a73fbe4a840d_zps66822d87.jpg
I never really watched this anime either. Yeah, I haven’t been watching anime since they’re really time consuming, but I know quite a lot about this anime as well. The article is on some kind of collection divided into categories, such as the Smile, Tsun & Dere, Back in the Day, and Tears collection. If we were to think smiles, Mako and Nagisa would would definitely be the first two to pop up in my head since their smiles are so precious~ In terms of Tsundere, Haru and Rin. They’re usually just tsun and tsun, but sometimes they’re dere-ness takes a little peek. The article mentions Rei and I understand, but after he joined Haru & co, he’s just an adorkable fool in my eyes (゚ω゚). Back in the day, omgosh Haru & co were so cuteee -dies-. In the Tears collection, there is no other than Rin’s tears, best moe moment ever I swear. That’s about it, but there’s going to be a 2nd season for the anime? I don’t know the airing details, but I know that there’s going to be a new character! He looks like the cool type, but feels like he has a similar kind of feel that Rin had in the beginning of the 1st season. Idk, but his eyes makes him look a bit angry. According to wiki, he’s understanding and he doesn’t get irritated by anything.  His image picture and the personality description does not matchhhh ahaha.


 photo 3190f693-3808-474a-9a1c-339eb330b230_zps07c76972.jpg

Shingeki no Kyojin
The article talks about how there’s going to be a movie for this manga/anime. Well, honestly…I don’t see the point of that since you’re just basically seeing what we saw in the anime. Well, there’s going to be more BAM for the movie since it will be showing in a movie theater, but would it really be a good product when it becomes a DVD? Idk, but I guess there will be some polishes here and there?

 photo e1e5beeb-67db-4381-a1dd-3cd5bd1b95bc_zps644aa42b.jpg
This comic was actually pretty interesting, reminded me of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and Gintama, how they’re full of ridiculous things.  For this issue, the friend of the protagonist is a mahou shoujo making him dress like one too. With one more member in their mahou shoujo group (a teacher), they try to fight their friend’s humongo pet bird. In the end, they have this cliche climax with their last attack, but turns out the attack is self-destruction. In addition, the happening actually turns out to be the protagonist’s dream ┐(‘~`;)┌.


 photo flowers_zps3eb55d89.gif photo flowers_zps3eb55d89.gif photo flowers_zps3eb55d89.gif

Sorry for the late update! I should just stop saying when I might be able to post my reviews since I just can’t keep them. They always tend to be late…orz. Well anyways, I think I kept it pretty concise using only the main articles? Well, these are pretty much the articles that grasped my attention and the ones that I keep track of. I can’t keep my promises on when I’ll post the remaining reviews, but I’ll try to finish them as soon as I can (>ω<)ノシ.

Mekakucity Actors shitajiki


11 thoughts on “PASH! May Issue 2014

  1. I think it’s really funny, how this year is the year of sports anime! Pffffft. I mean, we had basketball and swimming and now we got volleyball, bicycling and baseball too. LOOOOOL

    I haven’t checked out Yoshimushi or Haikyuu, but I’m totally hooked to Daiya no Ace… I’m kind of afraid of jumping onto the other series’ though… LOL I do want to check out Haikyuu, because I always had a thing for volleyball and it would be the first sport genre, I actually really know the game rules without looking it up on the net.

    I actually hate basketball, because I suck at it, but KnB always put me under a spell, when I was watching it… xD Though I never looked up the specific terms and game rules, as I’m really NOT interested in Basketball at all. Daiya no Ace made me watch real baseball battles though. xDD I even looked up the rules and special game moves… Man, I should go watch the Nationals next year, when I fly to Japan again. wwwww

    Thank you for your hard working as always! (°w°)/


    1. You’re right…it is the year of the sports anime! lol Well, I think it’s a good thing b/c I tend to like sports anime. It’s just too bad that I don’t really spend time watching anime anymore :P. Still, I’m interested in all sorts of sports anime. I don’t necessarily understand the nitty-gritty rules, but it’s still enjoyable. Like Eyeshield 21, I liked the anime, but never got into the actual sport. Like everything in the anime made sense, but for some reason the real thing doesn’t and is a bit boring lol. I’m especially into baseball though. My first baseball anime/manga was Ookiku Furikabutte and then I later got into Daiya no Ace hah. I’ve been watching the World Baseball Classics ever since then. Right now, I’m beginning to be interested in volleyball. In my opinion, I think sports anime are good starters for people to begin liking sports :D.


        1. I want to, but I can’t stand sitting still watching anime anymore. I wonder why…lol. Maybe if the season isn’t too long, I’ll watch? Idk if Haikyuu!! is going to be like KnB and separate into little seasons or be like Daiya no Ace and continue for a while. Even I couldn’t watch Daiya no Ace even though I was really excited about the anime. I just watched a bit of my fave scenes from the manga, but even then I skimmed to the specific scenes so…I highly doubt I’m going to watch? I was supposed to watch the 2nd season of Ookiku Furikabutte, but that never happened…I have many other anime I wanted to watch, but never happened as well…lol orz. So as a solution, I tried to watch it on NicoNico Douga, so I can engage myself with the comments, but I don’t live in the region, sooooo it still didn’t happen 😛


      1. Ahahaha. IKR. I actually want to try out all those fun sports… Well, I guess team sports are always kind of appealing in many ways. You always meet a lot of nice people as well! I’d like to try out baseball though!! Why is there no baseball club in my university… ;;;;;;

        I wonder if it’s not actually better to DO sports instead of watching though. LOL I tend of have this “I need to go out right NOW and do sports” and kind of drag my dorm neighbors into my sport fever state. xDD


        1. For some reason all my friends aren’t the sports type (-へ-). I’m not really the sports type either, but I really get into it once I start. I like to beat my last record and stuff. The problem is…it takes me a lot get to that state. If only I had a buddy to go with me… (´-ω-`). When I decide to go alone, I tend to postpone. Also, it’s fun to have more people. I think it’s better to play sports ofc, but I don’t tend to consider a sport to be fun until I see an anime. I even started playing tennis b/c it seemed interesting from watching Prince of Tennis, not that I expect myself to make explosive shots or anything _|☉⌓☉|_ lol.


          1. Hehe. You can always try to make explosive shots. xDD Well, I failed horribly at them in Lacrosse though. LMAO
            But you’re right… Having a friend to tag along is the method to not procastinate and give up half way. ^^

            Tennis sounds fun! I actually played badminton before, but when I wanted to take tennis lessons, they were already booked out! ;w;


  2. I’m a fan of kagepro since the ages of the music pv actually and I was excited about the anime. unfortunately the quality isn’t as high as I or we, the fans, some of it, expected. maybe because the hype was too high or maybe because it was shaft. if you see any news, many japanese people actually told it was shaft’s fault for making kagepro bad lmao. I can accept it pretty well although the hype was down for me though…

    that aside, so many sports anime yeah. kurobas is on my watchlist because I read the manga, and already finished both seasons. my fever is actually on haikyuu! that anime is really gooooooddddd.

    also as much as I wanna watch free, I’m just hoping it didn’t have so many homovibescough because that would be a hindrance for me to watch ):


    1. Yeahhh, I was a bit disappointed about the quality of Makakucity Actors since I thought it would be better, but I was like oh well w/e I like the opening/ending songs lol :P. I really like Haikyuu too since all the characters are rly lovable. I’m kinda waiting for more eps to come out and then decide to watch it or not. Do you know if the 3rd years are going to leave? If they are, more the reason to not watch…Just kidding, idk I really don’t watch much anime anymore. Someone create a machine in which I can watch anime without actually sitting there to watch it orz. It might be better if I watched with a friend, but I just can’t sit still watching anime anymore lol. And all my friends are individual watchers (๑•́ω•̀).

      No offense, but there are 3 animes right now that gives me homovibes: Free!, KnB, and K project. It’s probab b/c of all the fangirls and my tumblr that are making me think that, but I guess Free! especially b/c of all the NagiRei, RinHaru, and MakoHaru ships lol. I don’t think the anime itself gives off homovibes though? Well, I got a sense more on the side of friendship, but then again I didn’t really watch it, so maybe I should take that back aha. For some reason, I think I got more homovibes from K project aha ┐(‘~`;)┌.


      1. I just started watching the anime myself so I’m unsure coz I’m not reading the manga. I’m just going with the flow of how the authors wanna write the story XD

        yeah right. I’m still ok with KnB coz in the anime I get the more, friendships and bros vibes, not homos everywhere. but K is idk…. along with free as well. both anime tend to give homo vibes on purpose, or maybe it’s just me


        1. Ahaha part of the reason why I was pretty surprised when I heard that there was going to be an otome game on K. It gave off too much homovibes that I found it unbelievable, it just felt sooo odd. I was like, something isn’t right….lol. ┐(‘~`;)┌


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