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A Little Something on Future Activities~


Here’s a little sneak peek of some future reviews and what-not that I’m planning to post on the site…and current status~

First things first, I’ve been less active because life is full of slaps, kicks, punches and even explosions. I will most likely be free after this week, so here’s a preview of what I’ll be doing when life finally gives me a break…

EDIT: I decided not to do most of the reviews b/c most of the games I was interested in was on Vita for one thing, which I don’t have yet. Also, I’m still behind with the game reviews as is, so I’ll probably do those brief reviews like always, before I start reviewing the individual routes. Well, if I decide to play the game that is…

 photo k01mc_zpsd21ee628.gifBased on the PASH! May Issue magazine poll, most people voted for me to just do whatever I wanted lol. Sooooo… I will just do that haha. Therefore, I will make a tiny post on it since there were some who wanted to see it. I think it will be more compact compared to the regular magazine reviews though. I’ll probably add a few pics with my opinion on the articles, like always.

 photo k01mf_zps028c2eec.gifIf you guys remember the time I talked about reviewing some magazine articles on future game releases in the B’s LOG May Issue? I will be doing that too since I did get my hands on the June Issue.

Some articles I plan to cover:

  • Code: Realize [PS Vita]
  • Reine des fleurs [PS Vita]
  • Shinigami Kareshi Series [PC]
  • Ayakashi Gohan [PC]
  • ヴァルプルガの詩 (Walpurgisgedichte) [PC]
  • Senjou no Waltz [PS Vita]
  • RE:VICE[D] [PS Vita]

Look at that…why is there so many PS Vita… It’s starting…the horror…orz 

 photo k01mh_zps3dc45f85.gifAlso, I got the Dengeki Girl’s Style June Issue as well, so I guess I’ll be reviewing this one too. I might be pretty concise with the DGS issue, depending on what articles I see, but you know how DGS doesn’t really cover much games.

 photo k01mb_zps2022658c.gifI’ll bring up the poll regarding the next game I’m going to play (in the I’m wondering… post) one last time. As of now, this is how the result looks like:

poll result


At this rate, I will be either playing Shinobi Koi Utsutsu, Koezaru wa Akai Hana, or be reviewing Drama CDs + a game… As an inside story, I was about to write that Koezaru was winning, but not anymore I guess lol. Well, I will leave the poll up until I finish my gameplay of Jewelic Nightmare. Therefore, once when the Now Playing banner of Jewelic Nightmare disappears (roughly by next week?), that means the decision has been made~ SO, if anyone isn’t happy with the results you see there (↑), go vote now!  photo doggie_005_zps2243b3d7.gif

Reminder: I’m only playing one game from the poll for sure. If the Drama CDs win, I’ll be reviewing the Drama CDs first, and then the winning game in addition. 


LAST TOPIC! BAM BAM BAM!  photo doggie_003_zps20889886.gif
↑ Sorry about that, there must be something wrong with my mood when I wrote the draft  photo kittie_002_zpse6e46156.gif

 photo k01ma_zpsa1bbd30a.gifAbout my current status with Jewelic Nightmare, I am on the 2nd to the last character route, half-way. Therefore, I don’t think I’ll be taking too long to finish my gameplay? Unless… the story changes a whole lot for the castle master lol.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll see you guys in a week~   photo kittie_wave_zps9b60938e.gif


3 thoughts on “A Little Something on Future Activities~

    1. I was supposed to be done last week, but it didn’t happen. I ended up watching the world cup and suffered from nosebleeds due to the heat. Thanks for the luck. I want a PS Vita too, but i doubt I’ll be able to buy one soon since I bought a 3ds not too long ago…I might buy a Vita when Reine des fleurs is released, unless the game ends up sucking lol. Well, I hope it doesn’t since I’m a fan of the Wand of Fortune series and the art is just too beautiful, which will be a waste if the game was to actually suck (´・д・`).


      1. Well I’m saving up since my parents aren’t buying for me and I’m having grade problems so I’m gonna take awhile before I finish my other games….
        (T^T tests)
        Let’s hope none of the new games sucks XD XD XD


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