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Butterfly Gloss – Kohsaki Chisa & Iseya Arata


Sorry for taking a lifetime to finish this review. The game was way too long, if only I knew…orz aha.

December 24th, Christmas Eve. The game starts with a memory when Riko told Chisa about her job acceptance. They were both part-timing at the same cafe at the time.  She tells him how she got a job at an editing production for a cooking magazine. Chisa is happy for her since she’s able to be another step forward to her dream. Suddenly, Chisa asks to live with him. It seems he has been thinking about it since before. He feels that he wants to support her by taking care of her since he knows she tends to overwork herself. Ofc, Riko accepts his suggestion. She remembers the time when he confessed to her. They met when Chisa came to the cafe for a job opening. He was actually better at the job than Riko since she was bit of a clutz. At first, Riko didn’t really think he liked her very much since she would always cause trouble. But then, on Christmas Eve, he confessed to her.

It happens to be that she was actually dreaming about their past memories together. It’s the evening of September. Chisa lets Riko sleep in b/c she’s dead tired from pulling an all nighter for work. They’ve been living together after Riko graduated from college. Right now, Riko works at the editing company and Chisa is a college student in his 3rd year. Just when Riko was going to fall back asleep, she jumps awake since they actually had plans to go on a date that day. She feels really bad since she has done something like this in the past, but Chisa acts like he doesn’t remember and pets her head. He tells her that he’s fine as long as they can spend time with each other. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Chisa_001Soon after, Arata comes into the picture since his company is moving into the upper floor above Riko’s company floor. Around the same time, the three of them meet Hana. She’s been looking for this cafe that is known for their omurice. Turns out that the cafe she was talking about was the cafe Chisa currently part-times. When she tries out the omurice, she falls in love with it so much that she decides to part-time there as well. Due to this encounter, the four of them start to get along pretty well. Hana even comes up with nicknames for them. She calls Arata Ebi-niichan since his surname is Iseya, so she gets that from Ise-ebi. She calls Chisa Watage-kun (meaning cotton-kun) since his hair looks all soft and fluffy. She just calls Riko onee-san. Riko wanted a nickname and so she came up with osumou-san, as in sumo wrestler. She says that she came up with that since she eats a lot ahaha. Ofc, Riko is all pouty due to the name while everyone is laughing, so she just calls her onee-san throughout the game. I probably won’t be able to hold my laughter if she was to call Riko osumou-san throughout the whole game. (※థэథ)∵.*.∵

At first, Riko avoids Arata excessively due to the “incident” that happened in high school. Those who read the short story for Arata should know what I’m talking about. Well, he didn’t know what happened since Riko was the one that suddenly started avoiding him. Chisa asks Riko what’s on her mind since it’s obvious something is bothering her, so he tells her about Arata. Obviously, Chisa is a bit meh b/c his instincts are telling him that Arata is going to be a future threat. Riko suddenly suggests to play this game they used to play. They play rock, paper, scissors, with an addition of あっち向いてホイ. If Riko wins, Chisa is to tell her why he came to like her. If he wins, she’ll do whatever he tells her to do. Btw, she has never won against him, so she loses this time as well. He tells her to do the dishes for losing, mumbling not to meet that Arata guy too much. But ofc, she doesn’t hear him. Well, someone is jealous~ (๑•́ω•̀)

After all the avoiding from Riko, Arata can’t take it anymore and asks her why she’s acting like the way she is, avoiding and ignoring him. She finally comes clean about her friend that used to like him in high school. But then, she was unhappy about how Riko and Arata were really close to each other, since they practically told each other everything. Even though Riko told her that she was rooting for her, she just had to be a bitch telling her not to be so close to Arata. She claims that she was bullied a bit for that reason too. Well, that was…kind of a stupid reason, so I thought ( ◉ _ ◉) lol. Riko agrees with me b/c she says it might sound stupid too. Still, it was a big deal to her at the time. I guess it’s somewhat understandable since everything is a big deal when they’re in high school, to some people? I don’t know, I wasn’t like that, but my sister is kinda like that so I guess it makes sense? lol BUT I feel bad for Arata since he thought it was his fault and all…(・へ・ )

Now that the issue is cleared up, he wants to be her friend again, but she’s kinda troubled and wants to sort out her feelings. Eventually, she claims that it’s all troublesome now, so she’ll just be his friend again since the issue has been distracting her from a lot of things.

On the other hand, Chisa starts acting strange as Riko and Arata becomes friends again. He feels out of place when Riko and Arata talk about their dreams/goals, but Chisa doesn’t have anything like that. Chisa is working hard for the civil service exam, but… that goal isn’t really a goal he’s trying to achieve for himself (´・へ・`). 

Chisa_002Meanwhile, Hana is doing some thinking on her own since she is actually a high school drop-out, so she’s a freeter that draws at the park during her free time. She works as a freeter, so she’ll be able to put her art in a gallery one day. She still hasn’t thought everything through since she just wants the people that love her art to see them, so she’s satisfied by the thought that she’ll be able to meet someone that would love her art one day. Chisa would once again feel meh b/c it seems like everyone has a dream, except for him.

When it gets into December, both Riko and Chisa seem to be busy with their own stuff. Riko is busy with her job and Chisa has been falling asleep before Riko even gets home. Riko is so busy that she even forgot Christmas is coming up. She feels really bad since it’s also their anniversary day. Still, Riko ends up staying overnight at work for Christmas Eve. She actually didn’t go home for 4days straight, so she texts Chisa when she has finally finished her work on Christmas Day. However, she’s a bit lonely as she walk home b/c she hadn’t gotten a reply. Suddenly, Riko hears someone calling her name, and it’s Chisa (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ~ Apparently, he ran all the way to her as soon as he saw her text b/c he wanted to see her right away. He thought she might feel lonely too, so yeah ( `◔ω◔).

Chisa_003They’re back at the apartment and Riko feels bad that she wasn’t able to do anything for Christmas. Still, Chisa is satisfied from seeing her at home and eating his food. He’s happy as long as he can see her smiling and pets her head. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Riko might have not gotten a present for Chisa, but he sure has something for her though. He got her a ring, saying that he’s still a student and can’t officially propose to her YET. However, he wants to be with her once he is capable of taking care of her. Therefore, the ring is like an expression of his determination of their future together, a reservation for her ring finger. It turns out that the reason Chisa was so busy recently was from the extra part-time jobs in order to buy the ring. 

For Valentine’s Day, Riko is all pumped since she epically failed for Christmas. She wanted to make up for it, so she plans to make a homemade chocolate for Chisa with the help of the cafe manager and Hana. The problem with this idea is that she is horrible at cooking. It took her some time, but finally succeeds in making a good batch of truffles for Valentine’s Day. The day before Valentine’s Day, Riko was supposed to go to the cafe to make the chocolate truffles. However, she sees Arata a bit down regarding his work. Like she could have just left work, but nooo… I mean she didn’t exactly bump into him by coincidence. Idk, I guess her Arata in distress signals were tingling? B/c she didn’t see him sad until she actually went to the staircase. Well, anyways, she calls the chocolate making off and go drinking with Arata to cheer him up.

The next morning, on Valentine’s Day, Riko wakes up at an unknown place. YES, guys, it is exactly where you guys are thinking right now lol. She hears someone on the sofa, which is Arata. It turns out that she got too drunk and her phone battery died as well. Arata tried asking where she lived, but all she said was, “The same place as Chisa~” and just knocked out. He didn’t know where she lived or Chisa’s number, so he ended up taking her to his place. When she returns home that morning, Chisa is sleeping at the table. Probably was waiting for her… (´・д・`) Poor baby… What sucks is that she lies to this poor baby that has been waiting up for her, until he finally fell asleep as he waits. It’s not like I don’t understand that she wants to cheer up a friend in times like that, but she should have told Chisa before she even goes. I mean I don’t even understand why she was drinking so much when she was supposed to be cheering him up, but ends up being taken care of instead. Also, she should already KNOW that she gets drunk easily since she also got drunk the the time Chisa was with them. Well, she chose to lie to Chisa anyways.

Riko goes to make Chisa’s Valentine chocolate at the cafe that night. They’re all ready now that Chisa have finished his shift and left. HOWEVER, they’re caught in the act since he comes back to get something. Well, he didn’t actually catch them in the act since he came back before they even started. It’s more like Riko revealed it to him, not noticing that he was there. Chisa actually had a feeling that she was preparing for Valentine’s since she would come home smelling like chocolate. Well, someone isn’t good at planning a surprise ( ◔㉦◔ ).

As March came, now Arata starts acting strange. He’s been spacing out a lot more. We can’t forget about Chisa just yet b/c he starts acting strange again too. Riko wants to ask Hana for advice, but she’s been acting strange too. EVERYONE IS ACTING STRANGE NOW _|☉⌓☉|_. Riko should just go to the cafe manager then, how can she forget him (゚ω゚). Well, it turns out that Hana was debating whether she should take a job as a storybook illustrator. She was scouted a while back, and she has decided to take it. 

Chisa_004Now that Hana has solved her worries, she listens to Riko’s worries. Riko talks about how she’s been worried recently due to Chisa’s studies. She notices that he has been working way too hard, so Hana suggests that maybe he’s studying way too hard that he have forgotten how to take a break. Therefore, Riko comes up with an idea to invite him to go cherryblossom watching. This time, she was actually able to keep it a secret. She invites Hana and Arata as well, thinking more the merrier.

BUT THEN…All hell breaks loose. It’s when Hana asks to collect some flowers pedals with Riko, leaving the two guys together. Chisa feels really awkward being alone with Arata. It makes him feel a bit meh when Arata talks about the past Riko since he doesn’t know such episodes of her during the time. Arata tells Chisa not to put such a scary face on himself. At some sense, this make Chisa feel even more uneasy, feeling a sense of defeat, feeling as if he’s childish. Arata suddenly gets serious with the conversation, saying that Riko planned this event for him because she was worried. Arata also points out that Chisa is really cautious when he’s around him. So, he asks, if Chisa is going to be cautious towards all the guys that are close to Riko. He asks if it doesn’t make Chisa exhausted at all. Chisa claims that it has nothing to do with him. Arata continues, saying that Chisa spoils Riko too much, prioritizing her way too much. Arata feels that his feelings toward her might turn into a burden for her one day, that Chisa will break down one day. Chisa asks if he’s implying that he can do a better job or something and tells him to mind his own business. Arata agrees, but drops an A-bomb about the day before Valentine’s, since Riko lied about spending a night at a friend’s place. Well, technically he is a friend, but you know what I mean ( ´བ` ).

When the girls come back, Riko asks what they were talking about, but say it’s a secret. After that incident, Chisa is even more spaced out now (´・д・`). There’s not much of a communication either since Chisa is studying hard for his civil service exam. There are times when Riko feels (´・へ・`), but don’t tell him since Chisa has a lot to deal with already. Still, her idea backfires since he has ultra senses tingling for Riko’s feelings, which leads her to spill her true feelings. Then, he also brings up the lie she told him about staying at a friend’s place the day before Valentine’s Day. He’s sad that she must not trust him even though she only did it to avoid misunderstandings. He apologizes to her for making her think that way, but he says he’s confused. He no longer knows what will make her happy anymore. 

This other day, Riko asks some advice from Arata about what happened with Chisa. Arata comes clean that it might have been his fault. He claims that he just poked at him a bit and this happened. He tells her that he was worried, that he might break down eventually. Therefore, he did what he did in order to make sure that Chisa is strong enough to make Riko happy. Arata admits that there must have been something wrong with him, but just couldn’t stand there and watch. Riko asks why, somewhat afraid of his gaze since it wasn’t pointed toward her as a friend anymore (ι´Д`)ノ.

Now both Chisa and Arata are avoiding her. Chisa even left their place to give each other some space for a while. Riko feels she needs to talk to them about their relationship issues. Riko originally planned on talking to Chisa first since he’s the current boyfriend, but avoids her. Then, she tries to talk to Arata, but he’s not answering her texts either. For some reason, she gets a “wonderful”  idea to go to his place ( ಠ_ಠ ). He tells him straight up that they need to talk, so he takes her out to this place. She feels hesitant, but tells her that he wants to do “this” at a special place. He takes her to a park near the harbor, where they can see a ferris wheel. He tells her that he would come to this place whenever he has something on his mind. Riko claims that it’s Arata’s fault for what happened between Chisa and her. Still, Arata claims that it was bound to happen since Chisa collapsed from just a mere nudge from him. 

Riko doesn’t understand why he’s being so harsh, so Arata confesses to her… Arata was really supportive towards Riko’s relationship with Chisa. He had no intention of telling his true feelings. He was satisfied as long as they can be friends again. However, he started doubting himself if he can just leave Riko to Chisa from listening to her worries. He doesn’t want to see her collapse while he’s with Chisa. If so, he wants to save her before such a thing happens. Arata claims that he still lacks as a man, but is confident of being more capable than Chisa. Arata tells her he’ll retreat for now, but tell her to keep in mind of what he said that night.

Meanwhile, it’s almost time when Chisa is going to take his civil service exam. Riko calls him to wish him luck. He says that he’s happy to hear her voice as well. When he finishes his exam period, he finally comes back home. Riko truthfully tells Chisa about Arata’s confession this time. They have some randy time and Riko is happy that there’s less space on the bed now that Chisa is back.

One weekend in the afternoon, she wakes up and Chisa isn’t at home. She has a bad feeling about this, so goes out to find him. She goes to the cafe to look for Chisa, but he’s not there. Hana tells her that he went to the park on his break, with this scary expression on his face. When Riko finds Chisa, she sees him with Arata. A showdown perhaps? (・_・)Well, anyways, she’s eavesdropping to their conversation. Chisa admits that he can’t function without Riko. He says he can’t gain the confidence toward himself or his future without her. Like Arata said, he agrees that it might be true that he might become a burden to Riko one day. Arata confesses that he’s not exactly confident toward himself, but he feels that reuniting with Riko is the most fortunate thing that has happened to him. He just doesn’t want to waste this last chance he’s got. It’s not confidence, he just doesn’t want to make the same mistake and regret about it again. 

Arata then asks why Chisa came to like her. He likes the Riko that has a dream, a goal. Also, he just can’t leave her alone, and like seeing her always trying her best with everything. He likes the Riko that smiles whenever she eats his food. Riko hears his reason for the first time since she would always lose in their little game. He wanted to support the Riko that moves toward her goal. He’s barely able to keep up with her, so he began thinking, maybe Riko needs someone who can stand beside her, on the same level. Someone like Arata. Arata asks if he’s implying that he’s going to give Riko up to him, but just says Riko is the one to make that call. Therefore, Arata asks if he’s just gonna let her go if she chooses him. Just when he is about to answer, out comes Riko interrupting them. Nevertheless, Chisa tells Riko to think things over and then choose who she really wants be with. So again, Chisa leaves the house to give her some thinking time on her own.

It’s July now and it’s been a few days after Chisa left. One of the characters I really like in the game is Hana. She’s definitely the better friend than Michiru from Lip since she seems more supportive towards the heroine. She’s not really the middle man or anything, but she sticks by Riko’s side when she’s in need and looks after her even though she’s way younger than her. It’s really nice when she says she’ll be by her side and will support her all the way. I totally ship them (゚ω゚)~

~Kohsaki Chisa~
After doing some thinking, she calls Chisa to talk to him. He comes back, so she can talk about her decisions. Poor boy seem like he slimmed down a bit (´・д・`). Chisa asks her if she made a decision, and she chooses Chisa. Riko mentions all these things about him. He can cook (funny how she mentioned that first aha) and is straightforward. There are times when he may seem like a cold person, but his smile is cute. He has this cool attitude, but has a nice side too. Even if he feels inconfident, Riko is determined to fill it up with her love until he comes to like himself. She will continue liking him more even if he has come to like himself as well.

Chisa answers by saying how he has always envied Arata and Riko’s relationship. To him, they were both too dazzling for him. Both had dreams, which made him look pitiful since he didn’t have anything like that. Therefore, he ran away b/c he was scared of facing it. It made him want a dream, but he had something else more important. He wanted to make Riko happy and can’t do that without her. He says he’s still dependent on her, but can’t think of a future without her. He tell her he’ll protect her from now on and won’t collapse before her, so wants her by his side. He notices that she took off the ring he gave her, so puts it on once again.

Next day, Riko jumps out of bed b/c Chisa isn’t there by her side. Thank goodness, he was in the kitchen making her food. Throwing tables wouldn’t be enough if he were to be gone again ( ಠ_ಠ ). Instead of eating, they have some sexy time. 

Few days later, Arata comes to the cafe and Riko officially rejects him since she chose Chisa after all. He tells her to be happy and is about to leave. Then, Chisa brings an omurice for Arata since he did once say he was a fan. Although this time, Arata had this vexing look. After he finishes eating, Arata leaves and Riko tries to go after him. Chisa stops her, but she just tells him that she’s going to have one last talk with him. Riko thanks him for liking her, for cherishing her, and for his kindness. Arata asks how can she say that to him after almost breaking her relationship with Chisa, but that’s what he likes about her. He tries to leave again, but tell her not to go after him anymore b/c he might just cry. POOR BABY, LET ME LOVE YOU !ヽ(★´д`)ノ lol.

Another few days later, Riko thanks Hana for being so supportive of her. She tells her everything is resolved now, so Hana feels relieved.

It’s almost fall now and Chisa has gotten his results for the exam. He passed, so Riko goes home early to congratulate him. She even buys him a tie as a congratulatory gift.

Chisa_007December 24th, she goes to the cafe to meet Chisa and see Hana talking with her mouth full. Arata is also there, sharing a cake with her. He jokes that he’s alone for x’mas since a certain someone rejected him. After she goes for Chisa, they go to eat at an Italian restaurant. Afterwards, Chisa takes her somewhere, to a fir tree in town. He wanted to come see the illumination after hearing from the cafe manager about it. He couldn’t go by himself since it’s more of a date spot. Suddenly, Riko suggest to play their game again, but changes the rules a bit since she knows why he came to like her now. This time, the loser has to tell the other how they honestly feel about them. Well, Riko wins this time, so Chisa starts talking. He probably lost on purpose, even Riko suspects that. He tells her that he’s happy to be able to spend x’mas this year with her. He wants to build up this “happiness” with her for yet to come. 

Chisa_008In the happy wedding ending, Riko and Chisa have their wedding at the cafe. Not only Hana and cafe manager is there, but Arata is there as well. They even asked him to do the interior design (*´ー`). On the other hand, Hana did the welcoming board drawing. Hana asks if Chisa commented on how Riko looks with her wedding dress on, but seems like he’s a bit embarrassed. Therefore, Hana and Arata gives him a little push, telling her that it suits her. He just couldn’t say it straight at her b/c she’s really pretty, too embarrassed. In This Feeling Once Again ending, it’s been 3 years since Chisa has been working at city hall. It’s almost x’mas and they’re planning to go on a date on that day. Hana  has plans to eat some cake with Arata again. Riko asks if they have a little something going on, but nope. However, she actually doesn’t mind considering if he’s able to get over Riko. Well, she doesn’t say Riko exactly, but implies it. In fact, I think they would become a good pair, so I ship them haha. When Riko returns home, Chisa isn’t there. He has actually never gotten back later than her, so she’s a bit sad. She’s like roaming around their room, and finds a little box. It’s a ring! When he gets back, he’s like oh shit lol. He wanted to give her a legit ring since he has a stable job now. It was actually for x’mas, so he can propose, BUT Riko ruins the surprise. Poor bb (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) . He has actually asked some advice from Arata. It seems like they’re a little bit friendlier to each other now (✿◉ω◉). Well, anyways, he proposes to Riko and then sexy time. In the Graduation ending, Riko is waiting for Chisa to come back home from his graduation. She’s worried about how he must be popular, so suspect he’ll receive many confessions. He actually came back pretty early for Riko even though he went drinking with his friends. Also, he was suspecting that she’s probably thinking of useless things, which she was btw. The funny thing is that almost everyone knows he only has eyes for Riko. They still confess to him, but more like a one last memory kind of thing, as a commemoration. Basically, the confessions were just for fun lol. Well, he’s just happy that he can now stand on the same level as her now that he’s not a student anymore. 

~Iseya Arata~
In his route, Riko worries more about Arata, like the day before Valentine’s Day. She mostly got drunk instead of cheering him up, feeling bad about it. She also gives him a Valentine friend chocolate, which he gave Hana and manager as well.

When Riko goes to talk to Chisa, she rejects him by saying that he’s too nice. She thanks him for everything he has done for her, but wants him to live for himself from now on. Chisa apologizes for being weak, unable to make her happy. Riko returns the spare key and ring. Poor bb, he’s all teary. DAMN IT, LET ME LOVE YOU TOO!  ヽ(★´д`)ノ lolGosh Riko…how could you…(´◕﹏◕` ). Well, Riko is the one to leave, so I guess their place was his to begin with? She left, but the thing is she doesn’t have anywhere to go. She’s about to call Arata, which makes her think, “wtf am I doing!?” Well, she should be since that would be a shitty thing to do right after she broke up with Chisa. Then, Arata comes to the rescue lol. Well, ofc he’ll find her at times like this. Still, Riko says that she doesn’t want to see him or get touched by him. Basically, she’s throwing a tantrum at him for something she chose to do… She has this sweet guy looking for her from being worried, and she yells at him… (눈_눈) . I liked how he yelled back at her, saying, “Then why did you call me!!” I’m like, I KNOW RIGHT! Btw, it was kinda weird b/c I’m not used to a manly Shimonnu, so I felt a little ドキッ from it ahaha. It seems like he was worried b/c he saw a missed call from her. When he tried to call back, she didn’t pick up either, so it made him worry even more. Therefore, he called Chisa, finding out that they have broken up. When the hell did they exchange numbers. Last time I remember, she stayed over at his place b/c he didn’t have Chisa’s number (・ェ・) . Riko continues blaming him, but Arata is like, “I don’t mind being your stepping stone to heal your heartbreak, so just shut up and be embraced by me.” 

Obviously, Arata takes Riko to his place since she has no where to go. A part of me thinks that she should just go to Hana’s place, but you know how these games flow (・へ・ ). Riko does some crying, and some unnecessary sexy time in order to make her stop crying and to make her forget about the sadness inside her. Also, me thinking, “Wouldn’t that make the feeling worse by the next day( ಠ_ಠ ).” After all that, they decide to live together, so their cohabitation can aid in healing Riko’s heartbreak. GREAT PLAN ( ಠ_ಠ ).

Ever since Riko and Arata’s decision to live together, she notices her feeling toward him is gradually changing. Arata has her figured out that she doesn’t want to forget about Chisa. She wants to stay being hurt, so she can punish herself for the things she did to Chisa. Arata is alright that she doesn’t forget about Chisa, but just don’t want her to hurt herself on purpose. He wants Riko to be happy for Chisa and him.

Arata_004Soon after, Arata confesses to her once again at that ferris wheel place, where he confessed to her the first time. He asks her where her heart lies, but changes the subject seeing that Riko is a bit troubled. She has admitted her feelings toward him, but just can’t put them into words yet. But then, she kinda throws herself at him? I somewhat don’t remember the exact details, but… Ever since then, they’ve done it countless times, but haven’t exactly confessed her feelings to him.

It’s December again. I swear…how many Decembers have this game gone through? Two? so 2 years? Hana asks if she made any plans with Arata, but anyways, tell her to come to the cafe on x’mas day. Apparently, she hasn’t gone to the cafe after the break-up? Chisa is there too, and gives her a white box. It’s a x’mas cake, which he made himself. He made it for her, the very first that he has made for someone. Also, he tells her that he decided not to become a civil service worker anymore. Instead, he’s going to be a permanent employee at the cafe. One day, he wants to own his own place, so tell her not to worry about him anymore. Hana gives Riko a present as well, the storybook she illustrated for.

Riko returns home, finding Arata home already. She decides not to run away from him anymore and confess her true feelings toward him. He embraces her at that moment, saying his answer has never changed. Then, they have some sexy time. The next day, Arata gives her a necklace as a x’mas present. He actually bought it before x’mas day since he was planning to give it to her after she has accepted his feelings, for picking him.

Arata_005In the Our Wedding ending, Riko and Arata weren’t planning to have a wedding originally. The person who convinced her to have one was no other than Chisa. Therefore, they have a little wedding,  just the two of them near that special place where Arata had confessed to her. In the Proposal ending, Arata asks her out to eat. He picked a restaurant that has the view of the ferris wheel. He proposes to her and gives her a ring that he has designed himself. Lastly, in the Ordinary Daily Happiness ending, they have a stroll together at the park, having lunch and coffee.

I’m finally free from this review!!! WHOOOO~ ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ┌┛)`Д゚)・;’ガッ Now I can just focus on Jewelic Nightmare. Thank Goodness! Anyways, my overall thoughts…

In the beginning, I really didn’t want Arata to interrupt Riko and Chisa’s little love bubble since they seemed really happy. Ofc, I like Shimonnu, but I didn’t want any drama that can possibly ruin their relationship. I got to admit the story flow and encounter of the “other guy” was more natural compared to Lip. However, I felt that it got dragged out way too long, somewhat felt repetitive after a while. I would have to say that I liked Hana and the manager the most in the game. The other three are like ajskjalkjslkajlsj to me lol.

Also, I wasn’t satisfied with Chisa’s happy ends. Why the hell did he end up being a civil service worker? I guess it’s b/c Riko is more important than finding his own dream/goal, so he decided to get a job that would help support her. This may also be due to the fact that she’s older than him, since he’s been hung up on that since the beginning. He’s the younger one, but as a man, I suppose he wants to be able to support her. Therefore, he decided the only way he can do so is to support her financially? After all, in Lip, they had that whole “he needs to get a stable job instead of going after his dream for their future.” Idk, but I thought it would have been more natural if he became a chef or something because they kinda emphasized on the idea that he’s a really good cook and Riko loved his food as well. Well, that was the end I was expecting before I finished the game ┐(・へ・ )┌.

After a while, both Arata and Chisa was getting a bit annoying. In Chisa’s route, it was a bit frustrating seeing how he would go back and forth about their relationship. The first time he did and then came back, I was glad that was over and done. Then, he did the same shit the second time (눈_눈). Also, it felt like he was dependent on his feelings toward Riko until the end (unable to find his own dream/goal and decides to work for her for life), which was a bit ehhh. In Arata’s route, he was a bit too passive with her. He would apologize for hurting her feelings WHEN he’s the one that’s actually hurting. I know Riko was hurting too, but she was kinda of a bitch at times (´・_・`). Another thing, IDK, it felt like they were elopers or something b/c they didn’t even have their parents at the wedding. I mean, they’re childhood friends and Riko’s mom thought they were going to end up together before being with Chisa, so I thought the parents would at least be at their wedding…unless they’re like really unhappy for what they did to Chisa…lol. Well, I wanted a little interaction with the parents especially b/c the mom mentioned Arata. Also, I liked the relationship her parents have with Chisa, so I was expecting an interaction with Arata as well.

Like Butterfly Lip, I’m not going to talk about the 4th ending since I’m assuming it’s the same pattern as Lip? The end where Riko ends up neither of the guys. I haven’t played it, so idk, but I plan to play it after I finish this review so I can get the last movie of the game aha.  Oh yeah, would anyone be interested in Butterfly Rouge? If not, I’m not going to even consider playing it. If some of you guys are, leave a comment to the post or something? Then, I might consider playing it? The reason I’m saying this is b/c I might play even though I went through a shit road for 2volumes of this series since I somewhat want to complete the series since there’s only one more, but isn’t willing to torture myself if no one is interested lol. Did anyone play Butterfly Rouge yet? If so, how was it and how long is it?

I’m still a bit meh that this post took so long and the review itself is long too. Believe me, I chopped off a lot of things I originally planned to write. And my overall thoughts turned out to be a rant lol. Well, I guess this game was a little more worth it than Butterfly Lip, but I probably have dodged this one if I knew what I was in for aha. Well, that’s it for now. I might be busy for the rest of this week, but plan to finish Jewelic Nightmare as soon as possible~

One last thing, those who haven’t voted for what I’m going to do next (in the I’m wondering… post), it would help if you guys vote. ( >д<)ノシ


10 thoughts on “Butterfly Gloss – Kohsaki Chisa & Iseya Arata

  1. Thanks for your hard work! Wow. I was screaming at my screen while I read your review. LOLOLOLOL Reminds me of Butterfly Lip. NO WONDER, I haven’t finished it yet and I’m not willing to even go near Gloss. ^^ I pointing out the drinking cheering part on Valentines, where Riko gets drunk and ends up in Arata’s room. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Or the smexy time after the break up scene. WTF. NO. THIS IS WRONG. The scenario writers are extremely good at making me angry and irritated. LOL But I guess I’m not the only one with that feelings.

    AND WTF. Arata… You just wanted to ruin a relationship, because you thought Chisa isn’t good enough for Riko. Okay, as a friend I wouldn’t want my friend to end up with a shitty guy, BUT that doesn’t gives him the right to NTR Riko. You can give her advice, but trying to break them apart and claim her YOURS is the shittiest thing you could ever do. Period. *grrrrr*

    Honey, you don’t have to torture yourself with Rouge. Really. Because NO. Just play some other nice games. There are enough good games out there, that won’t make you scream at your screen. ^^


    1. Yep, it irritated me too. Like Lip was shorter, so it was easier for me to endure. However, Gloss was way too long for that. Makes me wanna ask the makers what they were thinking lol.

      Regarding Arata, at least he wasn’t plotting what he did like an evil villain lol. I guess we can say that he was half-assed with his actions. There’s this scene where Hana and Riko are talking and mentions how they’re too nice. It’s like one or the other can just steal her away, but they both don’t b/c they aren’t just thinking about themselves. Well, I feel Chisa can steal her away since he was the bf and Riko was never Arata’s to begin with. It’s just I think Arata’s case, he just can’t be a bad guy full out, that’s why he was avoiding her at some point too. I think that’s why he didn’t confess to her until she went to his place since he couldn’t avoid it anymore. He did say he was busy with work, but I don’t think that’s entirely true either. Also, I think he did what he did is bc he never got the chance to get over her since she completely disappeared from him after graduation, which is pretty sad. :/

      Yeahh, true…there are many games better than Rouge, or should I say the whole Dousei Kareshi series. It’s just disappointing that the series turned out this way. I can’t believe I was excited for it back in the day. Now, I just have to choose the right game for the next series I play lol.


  2. I played through the whole game except the third end for both Chisa and Arata so it was interesting to hear everything from your viewpoint! ^^

    I absolutely laughed when you asked how many Decembers there were since as I was playing, I thought this game was stretched out so much more than Lip and by the time I got to November or something I was thinking “am I near the end yet?!?!”

    Chisa leaving the house once was enough but when he did it the second time I was just (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ And when it came to Chisa or Arata choosing time it feels so bad to pick Arata since Chisa just seemed so happy to be called back home (ಥ_ಥ)

    What happens when Riko picks Arata’s route is just a big WTF moment for me considering she’s crying and all and Arata just decides to do it (ಠ_ಠ) If you do decide to play Rouge I’ll definitely read it! I think I’ll play it just to finish the series. I did skip through it really quickly (I’m weird like that) and I swear there is a scene where they’re on the ground doing it in the office o_o there’s even a cg for it somewhat, really shocked me


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it (゚ω゚). It was really a table throwing moment since they had some smexy time after he came back the first time, so I was like WHY DID YOU… when he left the 2nd time. I wasn’t expecting Chisa doing stuff like that, so that part was like ehhh (´・д・`). Regarding Arata, I guess I know what you mean. Idk, I also feel that Riko kinda wanted that unconsciously since she did call him. I thought she was being contradicting more like.

      Yeah, there is indeed a part of me that wants to finish the series, but going through what I went with Gloss is… orz. It’s just that I have a feeling that Rouge will be the most meh volume of the series since Akutsu seems like a real troll. Which guy was she having smexy time with on the office floor? lol. I don’t get why they have so many CGs like that when it’s not even a R18 game. I prefer cute moment CGs instead (´-ω-`) … Well, I’ll think about it, depending on what game I end up playing next.


  3. wow thanks for your hard work.yeah this one did get long.but i guess rouge will be good.if you have time will you play rouge?its okay if you dont want to though.thanks again.


    1. No problem. You know what? I actually did start on rouge, but I don’t think I’m going to post that up anytime soon especially since I didn’t get too far the last time I played. As much as I was planning to stay away from the Dousei Kareshi series, I ended up giving in. I was like, “I just need one more volume though! Eh, might as well finish it. ( ノ◔ д ◔ )ノ 彡┻━┻ ” Also, it’s last on my game review priority list. I just play whenever I feel like playing something else other than the ones I’m focusing on. So far, it’s not so bad, but that’s only b/c the messy shit hasn’t happened yet lol. I can’t wait…(눈_눈)…


  4. haha no problem take as much time as you want.yeah im like that too when i start a game series i just have to finish all the volumes.i dont know how its gonna turn out but from the op i guess its gonna turn out preety mature and complicated…in a good way…maybe


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