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I’m Wondering…

Hey guys! As some of you guys might know, I’ve been paying A LOT of attention to my 3DS recently. Therefore, I wasn’t playing otome games too much. Well, I gotta say Fire Emblem is a bit like an otome game though haha xD Anyways, I have played enough for me to balance myself between 3DS and PSP now, so I’ve been wondering…

As a matter of fact, I’ve been playing more on my PSP now. I’m getting more of Jewelic Nightmare done too, so I hope I’ll be done with that soon >< Even though I wasn’t game playing on my PSP, I was still on wordpress due to the B’s LOG review I recently posted and the Butterfly Gloss review that I was supposed to be done with last week. Also, some comment replying here and there. Usually I answer them pretty fast since I receive notifications via phone, unless I’m out though. Answering comments on phone can be an obstacle, so yah orz.

So if you guys have a rant about an otome game, go for it in the Discussions page lol xD. I don’t think I’m unapproachable? HOPEFULLY. But I’m always open to talk about games, seiyuus, what-not (*´ー`*) hehe. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be a rant, it can be about pretty much anything? There’s just more freedom with topics on the discussion page I guess? ┐(‘~`;)┌ If you have questions or discussions on games I already reviewed, go ahead and leave a comment on the corresponding game post. If you’re lazy, you can leave it on the discussion page if you want to since they’re just a click away. I guess it would be easier for me to answer them if they were in the corresponding game posts, if you guys were to leave comments on the ones I’ve already reviewed. Just so everything won’t be jumbled up, a way to keep the comments organized I guess? Well, I’ll just leave that decision to you guys ( •ω•ฅ).  

ANYWAYS, SUPER SORRY FOR THE SIDE-TRACKS. I’ll get to the main point of this post now… I seriously always do that. OTL (Bolded in case readers want to just cut to the chase).

So I’m wondering… What would you guys want me to play next? So basically, this is a poll post. I usually do polls in my side-bar, but wanted to put it on a post since the additional details I want to mention will just be a mess in the side-bar. 

These are the five games that are put into consideration: Glass Heart Princess Platinum, Snow Bound Land, Shinobi Koi Utsutsu, Kimi Kare, and Koezaru wa Akai Hana

glassHeart snowBound shinobi kimiKare koezaru

So you guys can choose one out of the five games, OR to review the Drama CDs instead. If one of the games is to win, I’ll get on it right after I finish the review for Jewelic Nightmare. I might play another game beside the most voted game, but I haven’t decided yet. I won’t know until I actually start playing the game. Also, the second game can be from the five games above, but it’s not guaranteed. It depends on my mood at the time.

The other option is the Drama CDs. Some may have noticed, but I usually put the Drama CD banners that I PLAN to review. So once they turn into the smaller banners, it means that I’ve finished reviewing them. So right now I have Ubu Kare (CV. Shimono Hiro), YESxNO (CV. Yoshino Hiroyuki), and Lip on my Prince Vol.1 Seiya (CV. Namikawa Daisuke). I don’t have time to do both, so I always prioritize the otome gamings. I would do both if I can, but I can’t really multi-task when it comes to Drama CD listening (´-ω-`). However, I still plan to review the Drama CDs even if it’s not chosen, but just can’t guarantee WHEN they will be up. Especially since Ubu Kare has been up for some time now?

You know what? I just thought of this as I’m writing this… I’ll allow two choices at most for everyone. People who prefer the Drama CDs can choose  the Drama CD choice and a game of their choice. The others who don’t really care about Drama CDs can vote for one game only. I say this because it doesn’t really matter if you choose two games b/c at the end I’ll only be playing one game from the poll, so there’s really no point of choosing two games. I won’t be playing the second game from the choices in the poll UNLESS I feel like it. If I were to play the second most voted game in the poll alongside the most voted game, that would only be a coincidence. If the Drama CD choice is to gain the most votes, I will focus on the Drama CDs until I’m done with the three CDs I listed above. THEN, I’ll play the second most voted choice as the game to play for after the Drama CD reviews are finished. On the other hand, if a game is chosen as the most voted choice, I’ll just get straight on the game after I finish my current reviews I’m working on.

Well, I hope everything is clear. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I would appreciate it if you guys vote, it will help me out. After all, there’s no point of making polls if people don’t vote right? aha. I understand if some aren’t up for voting, but I wanted to do something to interact with you guys more and wanted to post things you guys might like. If you guys absolutely don’t want to vote, that’s fine too. I just won’t make polls anymore if I feel that it’s not necessary. Like I said, if people don’t vote, there’s no point of a poll lol.


Edit: Outcome of the Poll

poll result

Again, sorry for the delayed reviews. As I’ve been struggling on how to write the Butterfly Gloss review, I started getting busy with life. Now that things have calmed down at the moment, I’m planning to get more stuff done as much as possible. Regarding my status, I’ve gotten a view of how to write the Butterfly Gloss review. Just need to get my thoughts onto the post? As for Jewelic Nightmare, I’m currently on my 4th route. I know I have been posting each character separately for my past reviews, but I just might just try out something new this time? and see how that goes. That’s it for now~ (。・ω・。)ノシ


5 thoughts on “I’m Wondering…

  1. I haven’t played Shinobi Koi myself, but I heard loads of good things about it. So maybe you should go for Shinobi? Just to have your load of MOE and laughing? 😀 😀


  2. idk what game do you want to play next but avoid Kimi Kare. I mean I tried to play it once and at the beginning I felt bored already coz it was really bland. typical story and typical set up, it’s just not pulling me to continue lol


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