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My 3DS FINALLY Arrived!



SO I thought I would do a little review on the sites I used now that my 3DS shopping spree is completely over.  My 3DS finally came 2days ago, so I’ve been playing a lot on it, kind of. I’m kinda really into this one game, so I’ve been playing that game especially.

What I used is Nippon yasan and HMV. Originally, I was only going to use Nippon yasan, but they terribly screwed over my order and sent me some other dude’s 3DS that was sent for fixing. I kinda feel bad for that person since I would be devastated if I found out someone else got my 3Ds, since that means it will take longer to fix and stranger germs on their 3DS lol. I guess it won’t be that bad if it got sent to someone that’s relatively clean with their things. BUT THINK ABOUT IT, not everyone is like that. (๏㉨๏)

I bought the stuff posted on my previous 3DS post at Nippon yasan on March 5 and arrived on the 25th. Then, I had to send only the 3DS back, which arrived at Japan on April 1o. They told me they are “planning” to send my stuff on the 14th and contact me when they do, but actually took them until the 18th. I have a feeling they kinda forgot about my order since they sent my stuff AFTER I sent them another message asking about it, unless it’s a coincidence…but I don’t think so (、ン、).


So basically, I had my 3DS games for a long time WITHOUT A 3DS OTL. It was sad since I would see my games just sitting there. I didn’t see the point of opening them if I didn’t have the console ┐(・へ・ )┌. Then, I don’t know what got into me, but did some more shopping on HMV. I guess I got curious since one of my followers was telling me about the site. I liked how they were really fast with the shipping. I bought these two games (↑). I’ve always wanted a dog, but can’t own one in real life, so this is how I’m going to fulfill my wish lol. Another is fire emblem, this is the game I’m like addicted with these days. It’s kinda funny how these two are the games I opened so far…I have a feeling that I might not be opening the others until I finish Fire Emblem ( ◔ д ◔ ).

Overall, I would say Nippon yasan is pretty decent with their price. Well, I feel that mine was a bit too expensive, but the other 3DS seem relatively cheaper than other places. If you go to YesAsia, oh gosh they definitely overprice their stuff. Also, Nippon yasan has a variety of 3DS consoles compared to the other sites as well. According to the website, they’ll help you get other stuff that’s not on their site as well. The interesting thing is that they keep the currency updated, so the price would change like everyday. They’re pretty quick on answering your messages if you have any question or trouble with their products too.

THE PROBLEM is that they’re not so good with keeping their shit together. I guess they’re not really organized with their methods, so problems like mine would happen. I was disappointed how they didn’t give me additional service (such as a discount for future purchases) after creating such a mistake. They apologized in the messages and hope to use their service again, but honestly… I’m leaning to a no. If I had a discount, I would consider. Since I don’t, I don’t see a reason to shop there again either (・ェ・) .

I feel like I was too nice when I think about it now. Maybe if I was more of an angry customer, I might have gotten something aha. However, I feel like I shouldn’t have to either. I think it’s just common courtesy to make up for their faults or they’re just going to lose more customers ┐(・へ・ )┌.

On the other hand, I had no problems with HMV whatsoever. I was really satisfied with their methods. I like how they notify you of the current situation with your orders on your account. I’m considering to use this site in the future (゚ω゚)b.

Well, that’s about it. If anyone has any other website to recommend, please do. It’s pretty hard to find places to buy imported consoles and games, so it would help me a ton if you guys can recommend some useful places. I do plan to buy a Vita, PS3, and maybe a PS4 in the far future (hopefully not too far), so it would be nice to find good deals before then.

Also, I do plan to write a short review on the games I play for my 3DS, like I did for Time Travelers. I’ll try to work on my otome games too. After all, this is a blog site for otome games lol. Well, Butterfly Gloss’s review should be coming up some time at the end of this week or beginning of next week? I’m a bit busy besides playing with my 3DS, but I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible.




4 thoughts on “My 3DS FINALLY Arrived!

  1. congrats you finally got your 3DS! and it’s nice to have another person sharing HMV as shopping site XD they’re quick with their notifs actually that’s what I like about them. they also notifies you if your shopping cart is heavier than 300 gram (900 yen shipping cost) and calculated the new one 😀 although I don’t think you can cancel your order by then?

    and oh don’t worry, I also have my vita games for a few months til I actually got my own PSVITA! so you’re not alone in this case xD

    anyway have fun with your new 3DS~


    1. I was wondering about the 900 yen shipping cost. Do you get a cheaper price depending on what membership stage you have or do you live in Japan? For out of country, they had a list of approximate prices already. So I actually had to pay some more. Well, I wasn’t that disappointed about shipping price since they cost around the same for every site I use anyway ┐(・へ・ )┌

      Where did you buy your Vita, I remember you saying that you usually buy games on hmv, but not the consoles?

      Thanks! I’m having a lot of fun so far, but the problem is that I can’t stop playing! orz lol


      1. 900 yen is the normal price if you have <300gr weight on your stuffs. if it's heavier than that, they will notify you about shipping cost changes.

        and since HMV uses EMS shipping, I'm sure there's a table listed there somewhere on the internet about EMS shipping list. Asia region is the cheapest being 900 yen < 300 gr package, which is my normal prize

        yes I only use HMV or CDJapan to buy the games. I usually buy the consoles inside my country. as for VITA itself I actually bought it in a local gameshop because they were having a promo so it's cheaper than the usual price


        1. I see I see. I usually end up buying imports most of the time since I’m a bit picky on the consoles. You can probab tell from how I spent quite an amount on my 3DS. I have this, I rather get something I really want if I’m going to spend the money anyway. Since consoles are pretty pricey, I rather spend more for something I really want than spending a lot on something that isn’t my top choice. B/c then at the end, I’ll start regretting it due to the lack of satisfaction I have for anything other than my top choice orz.


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