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My 3DS is FINALLY HEREEE!…and now gone again ( ̄□ ̄;)


Well, technically my 3DS was here 6 days ago. I just couldn’t pick it up until today. I wanted to pick it up yesterday since it was my birthday, but nope. I even had a dream about opening my package last night lol. I can’t believe I actually bought this…I miss my moneyy ( ̄□ ̄;)  It’s like I could have bought a cheaper one, but noooooo. I had to buy the one I liked. ( ´བ` )

SOOooo…. I was writing this as I open my stuff, but GUESS WHAT!? Some stuff are missing… ( ಠ_ಠ ) To be specific, it’s missing the AR cards and the warranty. What the heck…It says what it includes on the box and yeah that’s what I’m missing… I sent the store a claim about this. I’m scared to get a reply b/c I don’t really want to send it back + another few days to get what I should have gotten. I wouldn’t say I really blame the store b/c I got everything except the stuff in the actual 3DS console box. It says new too, so I should get everything in there. My friends claim that the AR cards are useless and I know you can get a pdf on the nintendo website, but I just can’t let it go since I feel like I got ripped off. I should get what I paid for… Sigh…such a letdown. ε=(・д・`*)ハァ…

Well, I was going to take all kinds of pictures as I try out my new 3DS, but…I’m totally not in the mood anymore. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to play with it now that there’s a possibility that I have to send it back… I can actually play the used game I bought, which is the Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover. But then, I’m like sooo bummed I don’t even want to look at them anymore, especially if I consider how much I spent and b/c  it’s supposed to be like a birthday present for myself.

Nonetheless… I plan to write a brief review on the games like I did with Time Travelers. One day… ( U・A・)

Edit: They sent me the wrong 3DS…Apparently, they sent me the 3DS that was supposed to be sent for fixing. Now I have to wait another month or so b/c it takes time to be sent back and then sent to me. UGh…seriously…my luck…щ(ಥДಥщ)


11 thoughts on “My 3DS is FINALLY HEREEE!…and now gone again ( ̄□ ̄;)

  1. ah you got the monhun ver? its nice to see phoenix x layton along with zero escape there! bad yeah too bad you need to wait for the AR cards :/ where did you buy it btw?


    1. Yeah I got the monster hunter version. I’ve always liked the airous from the series, but never played the game. I was always interested, but not enough to actually buy the game. So I guess this special edition gave me an excuse to play.

      I bought it at Nippon-yasan. They actually replied pretty fast telling me how they don’t open packages, so it’s probably the maker’s problem. They didn’t tell me anything else, so I was kinda like wth I think they should at least give me some options of what I can do. It’s probably just my luck I guess.


      1. oh nippon yasan. that store has some expensive stuffs o.o although famitsu dx packs are sometimes available there i believe… well have fun with your 3DS! im just gonna sit, in the no3DScorner lawl.

        one more thing, can we exchange link on my rpg games website as well? thanks in advance \o/


        1. Well. I thought the 3DS I bought was pretty expensive, but I actually think the regular ones aren’t so bad. I was about to buy the regular one, but I just had to find the one I bought >< If I didn't use my bday as an excuse, I wouldn't have bought it probably lol. Also, It's my first time buying there, so I don't really know much. But it was pretty sad how they messed up my order. I sent the 3DS back today, so I'll probably have to wait another few weeks? So technically I can't play anymore until I get "MY 3DS." Do you know any other places where I can get a good deal on consoles and games? Nippon yasan seemed the best, esp bc they're the only ones that had the ones I wanted. My friend sent me a link from yesasia, but they cost A LOT more (that time I still wanted the mint x white 3DS) aha.

          I wanted to stay in the no3DS corner too, but I guess I couldn't take it anymore…Also, I wanted to play a game that my friends have, so I can actually have people to play with LOL. And yeah, we can exchange links. Do you mind putting the link in the reply, so I can put it in my blogroll?


          1. well I guess people usually buy from play-asia but I dont really recommend it because its pretty much the same as yesasia, prolly slightly cheaper. I usually use cdjapan or HMV (more on HMV though) to get games but idk bout consoles. how much did you pay for shipping? what i like about HMV is it gives 10% discount for members (online delivery) and in addition, online coupons were given so you van use them for a year.

            the link is
            thanks again!


          2. Are you referring to I have no idea how to use this lol orz. Is it like a local store only, or does it have online shopping as well? Are items all english? ahaha so many questions~

            I paid about $20+ for the 8-10days shipping method w/ insurance. Oh yeah, Nippon yasan also keep their currency up to date, so the prices practically change everyday.

            Is that why you’ve been gone from your other website. I was starting to wonder what happened to you since you weren’t showing up on my reader anymore lols.


          3. nah, the ones. english language is also available though. but if you want to check novelty (pre-order bonus availability or such) usually you need to go to the jap language.

            ah that’s quite expensive, then again you’re buying a lot lol

            actually I’ve been inactive with both blogs but I still play RPG time to time, instead of otoge coz apparently I’m in otoge slump. I’ve actually finished NORN9 but I’m too lazy to write the last part. specially now I’m too busy with uni assignments and activities ==


          4. Ohhh ok No wonder I was confused. I always buy the Japanese products anyways. My friend was telling me to get english games and etc (since they are relatively cheaper), but I’m always like NOOOO i need my seiyuus ahaha. Idk I think shipping is usually $20+ if you want a decent shipping method and esp if you want insurance. How is the shipping costs on hmv?

            I know that feeling. Also, sometimes I get tired of otome games since there’s so much reading and want some action at times. That’s why I want a PS3 since I have a lot of games I want to play that’s not really otome, but can’t in the environment I’m in right now. Typing reviews can be a pain as well for me, b/c then I have to deal with more reading and words. I get headaches when I stare at words too much, esp english. Even though where I live uses english as its main language… sigh lol.


          5. HMV uses EMS shipping with 900 yen costs for stuffs less than 300 gram. there’s always EMS table shipping. so if you have 10% discount for 9000 yen stuffs, its like I have free shipping costs lol.

            i bought PS3 because most games I want are there actually. first is because Tales of, which I really like it. other games started to go there so yeah its worth it. specially P5 which is announced for PS3


          6. How long does the EMS take to deliver your package? Is there insurance? Also, how much is 300 grams lol Like a couple of games?

            I preferred a PS3 as well, but it’s been years since I wanted one and I know I’m not getting it anytime soon. So I guess that’s why I went to the 3DS. I never got into that series. But I really want to play Uncharted haha


          7. hmmm I guess it only makes it longer because of the departure, as in going out from the warehouse. it took 1 week the most. and you can track it unlike airmail. as for insurance I’m unsure but you can check EMS shipping since it’s available in most countries. also HMV lets you to return items if it’s broken

            I’m more of JRPG person so the games you find in my places are 100% made by japanese companies. I only buy western games if it’s dual voiced or the voices don’t really matter to me. honestly the only games that’s english voiced (no dual audio) is Catherine. the rests are total japanese or dual audio XD


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