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Jewelic Nightmare

I actually don’t remember what attracted my attention to this game since I chose it a bit before I got sick. Soooooo I kinda feel like I got a minor amnesia from being sick lol. I remember that I had a lot of thoughts about this game though. I actually finished a route before I got sick, so I was thinking about the contents of this intro post, the order in which I play the other characters, how I’m going to update the reviews for this series…MANY THOUGHTS! Then, I got sick before I got to sort out what was inside my head…orz Therefore, I’m most likely putting them together as I write this? ┐(‘~`;)┌

First of all, I was really surprised how much I came to like this game. Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about the character designs and voices. Ofc, I know and like them CVs, but something was missing for me to actually be interested in this game. I think I was more interested in the plot since the guys all represent a certain jewel, which is pretty intriguing to me. I kinda tend to like those kind of themes I guess? aha

In the beginning, I was confused why there were 2 sets of characters too. Apparently, Michiru (heroine) lives a normal student life, but meets these unusual looking guys at a castle in Calmina. Supposedly, Michiru is to choose one out of the 5 guys that are referred to as “jewels” by the next full moon. She thinks it’s only a dream at first since she would arrive at the castle every time she has her goodnight’s rest. However, those events at Calmina are actually happening. In addition, she would meet the guys that resemble each jewel in the real world too. This explains why there were two sets of characters. (>ω<)

I was actually able to predict which character is which jewel except one. You know how there’s the diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby. If someone was to tell me to name some, I’m pretty sure those are the first ones that would pop up. The last jewel is Alexandrite, never knew this one existed lols. Each guy has two good ends, so after completing one of the character’s both good ends, the route for the castle master opens. He’s this dude Michiru first encounters when she arrives at the Calmina castle. He’s kinda like the secret character with many mysteries, that I don’t know about yet. I’ll probably play his route last. Oh yeah, I don’t think I’m going to play the bad ends since they don’t have CGs for them. (´-ω-`)

Regarding reviews, I’m still trying to decide how I’m going to write them. I’ll probably think of something once I finish the second route? The common route is kinda long, which goes for like five chapters? Honestly, the route felt really long because of those five chapters, but still was fun though. I WAS thinking of writing my first impression on each character in this post. However, they turned out to be longer than expected, so I guess I’ll be moving that into the review post.

Another thing… You know how I mentioned that each route has 2 ends? The first end was pretty predictable, but the second end…Honestly, I didn’t like it. I won’t state the reason in detail in this intro post, but yeah… In my opinion, the 2nd end kinda ruined the game for me. I was so satisfied after the 1st end until the 2nd one smacked me in the face. Well, depending on some people, it may be a good satisfying ending? It’s just my opinion that I didn’t like it. Yeah, so I’ll probably mash all the character’s 2nd end in one post? lol Well, it might just have been just that character’s end that I don’t like, but I don’t wanna risk it. I rather stay happy throughout all the character’s 1st ends than go back and forth being happy and then being meh (눈‸눈)

I think that’s about it?
I’m hoping I won’t be too distracted with my 3DS when it comes and forget about otome gaming. For some reason, I get distracted easily ( ◔ ω◔ ) hehe




5 thoughts on “Jewelic Nightmare

  1. It’s kind of sad, how the premise was so hyped, but no one actually had any thoughts on this game after it was released. LOL What happened? Well, I wasn’t really interested in this game, so yeah… But the premise is interesting. I’m kind of curious about why this castle exists and why those jewels exist. It would be cool, if they had a subtle message in this game. I like those hidden meanings in games. 8D

    If you need to get your otoge mood up… Play 私のリアルは充実しすぎている by Tetrascope. That game is free, but soooooo funny and you’ll get MOE cavities until your otoge mood is restored! 8D 8D


    1. Yeahhhh I was surprised no one reviewed this one yet, that I know of anyways. I guess that was one of the reasons why I chose this game. I was like, am I the only one loving this game!? ahaha Well, the truth regarding the mysteries probably has something to do with the castle master and maybe Michiru’s grandma too. (Wait… I just noticed her name is the same as…since I was replying to your other comment, I kinda got confused for a second lol). I’m playing the 2nd route right now and so far, there isn’t much differences from the 1st route. Therefore, I think the flow of the game doesn’t change until the castle master route.

      Ahaha so far I do have my otoge mood up, but when I get new stuff I tend to get distracted by them. And since I just opened my 3DS and have a few games already, I have a feeling that I’ll get distracted by them. And since my friends actually have the games, I might be even more into it. B/c otome games makes me feel like a loner sometimes (´-ω-`).

      Thanks for the heads up on that game. I’ll play it one day since it’s FREEEE lol. I wish more stuff was free. Is the game short?


      1. Ahahaha. Yeah… I’m looking forward for your review then… Seems like Jewelic Nightmare is actually pretty good.

        The free doujin game is not really short. It’s actually pretty long. And there are even omakes for each dateable character… I haven’t finished all endings yet, but I’m trying to finish it as soon as possible. It’s so CUTE and MOE that I’m literally puking rainbows. xDDD


  2. Hello! As you are or have played this game, I thought you may would be able to help me! The thing is I’m actually lost with the game system :C! I can’t figure out how to get at least the good ending with a character and avoid the bad one where the guy with “I’m not garbage” complex takes the heroine TTnTT!

    Please, I really need your guidance XD!


    1. Are you willing to use a walkthrough? If so, there’s a section on walkthroughs on my side bar. I think モモ缶 has it and choro has one for sure. Good Luck! (^ω^)


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