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Butterfly Gloss

I’m back again! Who would have thought I would get sick just when I was about to start blogging again. ┐(・へ・ )┌

Well, as of now, I’m only probably 1/3 through the first route? This is only b/c I was kinda taking my time, only played when I felt like it. That’s why I kinda stayed up late to get through that 1/3. I have to play when I feel like it or I won’t get anything done aha. However, I think I’m going to finish sometime soon since I’m pretty interested on what will happen next. After the first route, the rest of the game should go by pretty fast. Therefore, I don’t think there would be a problem? I’m not sure if this is how I want to spend my birthday, but whatever. DON’T JUDGE ME(°言°)lol

So far the game is going well. I actually like it better than Butterfly Lip. Well, no one is acting like a stalker in this one, so maybe that’s why? Like I wouldn’t say Arata’s encounters with the heroine is 100% by coincidence, but it is definitely more natural than Lip’s creeper lol. I guess it’s a good thing that he works in the same building, which helps it look more natural? aha

At first, I really didn’t want Arata to appear since Riko and Chisa are really cute together. (Oh yeah, the heroine’s name is Riko. I think I’m reading it right? lol) I actually thought Chisa was mostly tsun, but he’s actually pretty dere too. He can cook, do chores, and is a tsundere. What more can you want in a boyfriend? Hah, that’s all I need anyways (っ˘ω˘c ). I like how he’s mature normally, but also has his cute sides as well (>ω<).

On the other hand, Arata is cute with Riko too…I guess… I don’t know I’m kinda scared that he might be a bit…mehhh like Hime-chan from Lip. I think their relationship is cute, but I don’t want him to break Chisa and Riko’s relationship…yes, I think I’ll be heartbroken at the end of this game…(´д`) Oh well, nothing I can do about it.

Oh oh oh, I like the sub character. She’s kinda odd, but I like her friendship with Riko. I’m just hoping she won’t be like Michiru from Lip. I just want the friend to be the heroine’s friend. Like they don’t have to be on the heroine’s side 24/7, but just don’t want the situation to be even more bitter by the friend falling in love with the guy the heroine likes or is about to like.

That’s about it for now? I hope I survive through all the heartbreaks (。•́︿•̀。)
Peace out. ( •ω•ฅ)


7 thoughts on “Butterfly Gloss

  1. Good luck on surviving this game without a complete heartbreak… Ahahaha….
    Well, this time you have a hard time with your lovely boyfriend and a childhood friend. You cannot have a WORSER choice than that… Really, this betrayal is really hurtful, because you know both characters very well…

    I’m still wondering if I should really play Hime’s route in Butterfly Lip… I think I’ll just drop it. LOL


      1. Ahahaha, whut!? You should finish it! Isn’t there like extra stuff that unlocks after finishing both characters? I forgot, but yeah. Also, I think the title screen is nicer looking with both guys (the image on my Butterfly Lip post). Did you get to see the scene where Michiru and Hime actually met up and talked about the issue? I don’t remember if that scene was in both routes or not.

        Regarding Jewelic Nightmare, it’s fun. I like most of the characters actually, so that was one of the surprises. I’m kinda meh about one of the characters, but yeahhhh I won’t reveal who I’m talking about just yet lol. I just posted an intro on it not too long ago, so additional thoughts are there. 😀



          Well, there is a SS Vol. 1 for Kei for finishing all of his endings, but I wonder if there’s also Vol. 2? xDD
          Yep. I already got that scene in Kei’s route. Well, Michiru was in love with Kei, but held back… That’s at least something. LOL But not stopping Hime is you know… wrong? As a friend, she should beat sense into him instead of just watching from the sidelines… But that’s just my opinion.


          1. yeahhh I wanted her to do at least something, but I understand that it’s better not to get involved too. i dont know lol. You know how Hina leaves early at the drinking party after they broke up bc Kei comes and Michiru stayed. I couldn’t help thinking if Michiru was going to take the situation as an advantage for her to go after him now. Cuz alcohol + break up doesn’t really do any good hah. This is why I didn’t them put her as a friend that likes the bf. And bc she didn’t do anything, I didn’t think they needed her as that… ><


          2. ^^ I haven’t got this ending yet, but I think that even Michiru isn’t that low to take the “chance” to woo Kei. Because if she was like that… She’d probably prolly sabotated the relationship, before it even fell apart. ^^ But that’s just interpretation I guess… Still, not setting a foot onto Hime’s route. LOLOL


          3. I don’t necessarily think she would take the “chance,” but things happen unexpectedly. Also, idk about Michiru, but Kei gets really drunk when he’s drunk lol. Who knows what will happen ahaha. And I was thinking they added Michiru’s setting in the first place, as the someone to sabotage the relationship. I don’t see why they added the setting unless there was some kind of motive to it. Well, I guess I’m being a bit too pessimistic aha. Probably it’s b/c I’ve had some experiences in my life where the friend is generally a good person, but when it comes to romance, she’s not that great?


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