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Dengeki Girl’s Style – February Issue 2014


I didn’t think the day would come for me to buy another Dengeki Girl’s Style magazine. I did buy one in the past, but decided not to buy them anymore b/c they lack varieties in articles. Then, why did I buy this month’s issue? The answer is pretty simple…the goodies. ( >д<)/ Also, I thought I’d give it another try since I haven’t bought it for a long time. This month’s issue came with Amnesia pins, PS Vita Princess Arthur demo product code, and various item codes for otome game apps.


Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen ~Eden with roses and phantasm~
Fujieda Neri lived a peaceful life with her father, just the two of them. However, one day, her father disappears all of a sudden. Her father left her a letter telling her that she’ll be transferring to a school where kids from special lineages are raised to lead the future Japan, but what Neri saw is a caste system. What is the reason for her transfer? What will she find in her new life at the school…

There is a hierarchy in the school, in which the queen is on the top. Under the queen is the privileged class aka the roses, the highest class if you exclude the queen. They’re allowed to serve the queen by her side. The next is the middle class aka the Mitsubachi, with the most people. These are the students who lives a normal life as a student. The lowest class is the slave class aka the pebbles. From the upper classes, they’re treated like trash and have many restrictions. Lastly, there’s the resistance that are against this caste system. Most of the members are from the pebbles, but some are from the other classes as well.

Some interesting info includes that Neri is their first transfer student. The heroine is going to start as a mitsubachi and this will change throughout the game. It will also be an obstacle for the two with different classes to end up dating, so I assume there will be a little clash regarding that? In the game, there will be 5 playable routes. The casts are revealed in the DGS March Issue:

zettai kaikyuuzettai kaikyuu2

  • Takamine Riku: Namikawa Daisuke
    Known as the Red Rose. In my opinion, he is an oresama and a potential tsundere. He looks down on people, but I’m looking forward for him to change by interacting with the heroine.
  • Saginomiya Rei: Kimura Ryohei
    Known as the White Rose. He seems like the elegant, nice senpai. However, I don’t trust him too much aha. He’s pretty popular, but I have a feeling he’s hiding something behind that mask. It even says in the character description that he rarely show his true face to people.
  • Nanase Tooya: Maeno Tomoaki
    A Pebble/Leader of the resistance group. He has a strong sense of justice and is outgoing. However, he can be short-tempered at times. Hmmm, he seems like those athletic senpais, but he’s a 2nd year. No idea what year the heroine is in, probably 2nd year as well?
  • Igarashi Haru: Ishikawa Kaito
    A Pebble. He seems like an introvert, a bit anti-social. He doesn’t really speak out and just does whatever he’s told. Therefore, he’s easily chosen as a target to bully. Based on what I read on his character comments, he’s super negative lol. He might be a tsundere too. UNLESS his personality is more like those gloomy depressed dudes. I don’t know since the voice samples aren’t out yet, but I feel a similar vibe as Est from Wand of Fortune from this kid xD
  • Kaji Ichiha: Kakihara Tetsuya
    A Mitsubachi. Ok, so he is the playboy of this group. I had a feeling he was since almost every game has one in the series aha. Apparently, he has made many girls cry. tsk tsk tsk. (´-ω-`) He seems really outgoing too. And he’s one of those that says “koneko-chan.” Now where have I heard that from…or was that kohitsuji-chan? Same difference lols. Well, I’m expecting that he’ll show his serious side somewhere in the route, so I guess I won’t push him aside just yet aha. ┐(‘~`;)┌

I’m actually looking forward to this game since the plot seems pretty interesting. At this point…I guess I’m most interested in Riku and Haru. Is it just me or is Namikawa starting to play those oresama characters more now? Before, I only had an impression that he voiced the nice or odd guys. Well, it’s good news for me since I like his deep voice (*´ー`*)b. As of Maeno’s character, I would have been interested if he didn’t sound so nekketsu lol. Regarding Haru, it depends on his character voice? If he’s not emo, but more of those tsundere negative types like Est, then maybe…It’s just that I don’t know this seiyuu, so we’ll see, we’ll see~


Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days-
The characters should be familiar for those who watched the anime and read the novel. In this issue, they introduce the character routes that are playable:  Yatogami Kuroh (CV: Ono Daisuke),  Munakata Reishi (CV: Sugita Tomokazu),  Fushimi Saruhiko (CV: Miyano Mamoru), Suoh Mikoto (CV: Tsuda Kenjiro), Kusanagi Izumo (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), Yata Misaki (CV: Fukuyama Jun), and Totsuka Tatara (CV: Kaji Yuuki). Well, I’m hoping Otomate won’t butcher this series, but…yeah. I was really surprised that this one turned into an otome game. I had the impression that K was more like a target for the opposite, if you know what I mean? I don’t know if tumblr or pixiv have warped my senses or something, but I already see a few pairs just by looking at this article illustration. ┌(┌^o^)┐ Are they sure the heroine is a “heroine,” but perhaps a sub character? Ahaha Just kidding. Also, Yashiro is a sub character, so he doesn’t have a route.


Norn 9 Last Era
Norn Fandisk! The fandisk will consist of an after story, guy character’s viewpoint in the main story, and an “if” story that contains guy characters in their chibi form. The article on the fandisk is making me want to play this series. I like the art too. I think I’ve said this for some time, but there’s so many characters. (。-_-。) I just don’t have the confidence to complete so many character routes… I guess it depends on how much each route changes, but…aha. I haven’t read any reviews either b/c I haven’t completely decided not to play. For me, spoilers are a very deadly thing when it comes to games. (⑅ -`д-´) Well, I’ll slowly think about this series…even though it’s been some time already (._.


Hakuouki SSL ~sweet school life~
I probably won’t play this anytime soon after this is released since I finally bought a 3DS. I kinda regret it, but what is done is done. I even bought the one that cost slightly more than the others because…I fell in love with it. -facepalm- (´-ι_-`) I swear I was like stalking the currency rates these couple of days. Anyways, the issue consisted some new years messages from the guy characters. I went straight to Chikage and Okita’s message since they’re my fave. (´ºωº`) It seems like there’s a route for the sub characters: Sannan, Shinpachi, Kaoru, and Yamazaki. I’m not sure how much of a route they will give them though, but I don’t expect much since the past games didn’t give them much either. Even I wasn’t satisfied with Chikage’s route in most of them. ┐(・へ・ )┌


It’s a trap! ahaha DGS Feb issues says that this is already released, but the site says April. Dang, I almost put false info. I had a feeling, so I was like LET ME MAKE SURE since we all know Otomate’s habits by now right? This is what happens when I’m away from otome games, especially since most of my info comes from the magazines. (´-ω-`)

The heroine of this series is Lucia. Apparently, she experienced amnesia when she was a kid, and now lives with her uncle. It was thought that her peaceful life helping out at her uncle’s cafe would continue, but… 

The setting is taken place in a world where its time have been taken by an unknown somebody. In this world, they treat time like money and is exchanged at a bank. They only have 99 days until the end of the world. In this series, each of the characters have a trauma associated with “time.” Perhaps the guys will gradually overcome their trauma by interacting with the heroine.

By the way, the playable character routes are the guys on the left side. The character description is in order from left to right, except Kyougo, that’s in the previous page.
  • Kyougo Nagi: Osaka Ryouta. He’s the childhood friend of Lucia.
  • Teo: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. He’s a painter that’s only able to hold a memory capacity of a day.
  • Krive Neil: Midorikawa Hikaru. He’s a strict policeman and like sweets.
  • Holic Sol: Fujiwara Keiji. Lucia and her uncle has been living together for 10 years. I somewhat find him suspicious. (๏ェ๏)
  • Eva: Abe Atsushi. Weirdo magician from a circus group. 

The plot seemed pretty interesting, but when I checked out the voice samples…I don’t know. I wasn’t so excited from the voices. I would have been happier if Matsuoka’s voice was similar to the 18yr old Gai from GHP. The voice in this series reminds me of the shota version, so I just can’t…lol I’m happy to see that Osaka Ryota is appearing in more stuff since I liked his character in this one drama cd. I was interested in Abe Atsushi at one point. I forgot why, but yeah. I don’t know though… HIS CHARACTER SEEMS SOOO WEIRD! I don’t know, all the characters seems either weird or suspicious. I don’t know what to think of this, so maybe I’ll wait until the reviews come out aha.



Photograph Journey
I was always wondering what this was~ I saw this on the honeybee site, but I think they didn’t have much info on it at the time. Apparently, it’s a collab between honeybee and DGS. It’s a drama cd and is also going to be an otome game. The heroine have moved a few times in the past and each time she would meet a guy. One day, she receives a letter with a photograph attached from one of the guys.

In this series, there are 12 guys. Honeybee seriously likes the number 12 or something lols. The issue released some character info and a slight preview of the tracks for the first five guys.

I’m not really sure how they’re going to set this up as a game. I’m a bit confused? Like I was wondering if she’s getting a letter from all 12 guys, but that’s just chaos and what are the odds that everyone will send her something at the same time lol! Wait…to think of it how are they going to…they all live all over the place. SOOOOoooo…is it going to be like a trip down on memory lane? LOL I DON’T KNOW. They should add a route for Richard too, the navigator position of the series ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و  ahaha


Amnesia World
I don’t know if this is necessary…It’s kinda like Hakuouki Yuugiroku, with the chibi-ness and mini games. Well, it seems like it from what I see in the articles. I actually haven’t played after the first one. I did play part of Later, but don’t really remember how far I went. Seriously, I was looking through the CGs to see how far I got, but didn’t remember them. I was going to start all over b/c it seems I’ve got amnesia of my own from the game, but was too lazy to start over. And I just kinda forgot it existed…I should go finish it one day…orz Anyways, the issue included some scenes and system screenshots and a short story for Shin.

Once again, not playing this since I can’t afford a Vita anytime soon. Also, I need to finish the other ones, but I doubt it would have a connection, so technically…I don’t, but I like to go in order aha. Well, I’m hoping this is the last of the series since they’re hung over this one for too long. ><


Yoiyomori no Hime
The heroine is Irza, who ran away from the bad guys that burnt her town. She becomes lost in the forest, encountering these seven guys, and lives with them in this mansion. In this issue, DGS introduce 4 characters. They’re releasing 4 more characters in the next issue, but I doubt that I’ll buy it.

The theme of the game is the seven deadly sins. Each character is tied with one of the sins. I’ll also add the other 4 since they’re on the website.


  • Klaus: Maeno Tomoaki. 25 years old. He’s the leader of the guys that are living in the mansion.  He doesn’t trust others since he’s very capable on his own. He seems to be calm, but has a strong feeling of vengeance against the Stahls.
    Deadly Sin: Pride
  • Lambert: Sugita Tomokazu. 24 years old. He’s blunt and is bad-mouthed. He even looks scary, so many people would misunderstand that he’s a cold person. However, he’s actually pretty caring, so tends to be involved in troublesome situations.
    Deadly Sin: Sloth
  • Lutz: Kishio Daisuke. 18 years old. He’s always bright and energetic. He can get lonesome and a bit selfish at times, but can’t be hated. He used to live at Stahl, but lost his family due to the war.
    Deadly Sin: Greed
  • Harold: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu. 17 years old. He’s normally irritable and short-tempered. He tends to act on impulse, so he would be lectured on that from time to time. He has a complex that he’s a bit childish, so he admires adults.
    Deadly Sin: Wrath
  • Miriam: Hirakawa Daisuke. 22 years old. He’s nice to the ladies. He’s loose and passive towards everything. He may seem kind and friendly, but is actually pretty timid.
    Deadly Sin: Lust
  • Ulrich: Okamoto Nobuhiko. 16 years old. He lives in a hidden village of Stahl. Usually, he’s quiet and doesn’t talk much. He would try to stay in, so he wouldn’t have to interact with others.
    Deadly Sin: Gluttony
  • Julian: Miyata Kouki. 20 years old. He’s knowledgeable regarding plants and animals, a suave gentleman. Taking care of the garden is his daily routine. He talks to plants and animals, and claims that he understands what the animals are saying. At times, he can be keen and say things that only the person himself would know.
    Deadly Sin: Envy
  • Ehenfried: Suzuki Chihiro. 21 years old. The prince of the Stahl lineage. He has a charming appearance and talks in a gentle tone, but is actually cold-hearted. He would say cruel things with a gentle tone, and would do just about anything to obtain his goal.

Regarding the deadly sins for the other three should be right? I think the silhouette on the second pic match accordingly. If not, my bad. Well, this series seems to have a bit of a dark theme to it. Well, maybe a lot more than bit lol. The article says that this series will contain some dark, bittersweet, and sad stories, but will ALSO contain some sweet scenes so FEAR NOT! Hopefully, they’re not lying to us… ahaha. In terms of seiyuus, I’m looking forward to the first four. Also, it seems that Matsuoka is going to be in this one too~ I think he’s been appearing more recently too. Well, he’s the short-tempered one in this series, so I guess we’ll be hearing a manlier version thank goodness.


Satomi Hakkenden -Hachitama no Ki-
The heroine has been raised as a boy since it is said that the child would grow healthy that way. Due to the village chief’s conspiracy in order to obtain the demon sword Murasame-maru, Shino is framed. To protect herself and the sword, she goes on a journey to to carry out her deceased father’s wishes. On her arm, a strange bruise appears…

  • Inukawa Sousuke (cv. Suzumura Kenichi)
  • Inuyama Dousetsu (cv.Hoshi Souichirou)
  • Inukai Genpachi (cv. Kishio Daisuke)
  • Inuta Kobungo (cv. Namikawa Daisuke)
  • Inusaka Keno (cv. Tachibana Shinnosuke)
  • Chudai Houshi (cv. Kuroda Takaya)

Quinrose. I was interested in this series b/c of the “dogs” part. However, I’m not brave enough to play another Quinrose game. Well, they have a tendency to trip on their fandisks more, but… I don’t want to play and run into the fandisk, knowing that it will suck ( ಠ_ಠ ). Also, they’re like in a rather fast-pace in releasing their games recently. Maybe that’s why they’re not doing a good job…Well, this is probably going to be on my pending list as well. I mean, I like the seiyuus, but if the story is shit…the CV isn’t really going to help. ( U・A・)


Fantasy Kareshi -Dive into Fairy Story-
I remember this drama CD series since I reblogged this on tumblr when they were still collecting polls in order to choose the casts of the characters, and the results are finally out.

  • Peter Pan (cv. Shimono Hiro)
  • Captain Hook (cv. Suwabe Junichi)
  • Werewolf (cv. Taniyama Kishou)
  • Hunter (cv. Ono Yuuki)
  • Henzel (cv. Osaka Ryouta)
  • Sorcerer (cv. Toriumi Kousuke)

Yes, if you notice… I started getting lazy on the character description on some parts. Well, there’s plenty of otome game info sites, so it should be fine right? ( ◔ д ◔ ) This issue was actually pretty interesting since it contained a lot of new info, so that was nice. To be honest, I didn’t even read what the articles were in this issue LOL. Well, I did think the issue’s illustration cover of Norn9 was nice, but the #1 attention grabber was definitely the pins ahaha. Yeah, so this is probably how I’m going to buy magazines for yet to come. I might review a few games from what I covered in this post in the future? I think the highest chance that I’ll review is the ones that I went into detail? since that obviously means I’m interested. Well, most aren’t even released, so I’ll just wait slowly, forget gradually, and play other games in the meantime. By the time I remember again, hopefully the release dates to the games will be given. I just hope there won’t be any delays since they REALLY tend to bust my motivation bubble. However, the ones that I’m most interested in aren’t from Otomate, so I’m hoping for the best? ( ◔㉦◔ )ノシ


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