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Butterfly Rouge – Sena Kyohei Short Story


DUN DUN DUN I’m back!…kinda? not really? ahaha But I have another Dousei Kareshi Series Short Story Translation~

To be honest, I haven’t been doing much? I do still play some stuff here and there (mostly puzzles & dragons though, totally not an otome game…(´-ω-`)), but I’m taking it slow. I’m still debating whether I should review this one game I really wanted to play, but it’s taking me a long time now that I finished one route. When I worked my ass off, it still took me 3 days to finish a route. Well, I guess it’s also b/c it was my first route, but that was one of the best and most suffering days of my otome gaming experience… I’m definitely am not going to be doing that again! ヽ(。_゜)ノ  If I end up reviewing it, I’ll probably continue taking it slow or I won’t survive… (๏д๏)


Sena Kyohei is the chief manager of a  project planning section at a sweets company. After being confessed by the heroine several times, Sena finally accepts her. Usually he’s a cool guy, but may joke around at times.

rouge_003Sena Kyohei’s Short Story Translation:

“Chief manager, I like you.”

I wasn’t surprised when she confessed to me since it was somewhat predictable. Feeling a bit sorry, I opened my mouth with a rejection that I prepared since I had no intentions of accepting her feelings.

“I’m thankful, but I don’t see you any more than a kouhai. Therefore, I can’t accept your feelings.”

Knowing that these words would hurt the other person’s feelings, I still can’t get used to it no matter how many times I’ve said it in the past. Based on my past experiences, I could predict the words that will continue after such response…that’s what I thought.

Therefore, I was surprised.

“That’s what I thought, but I’m not going to give up.”

She smiled as she said that. It wasn’t a forced smile, but a full smile. Then, she continued talking about work like always.

She didn’t seem like a person who just confessed and got rejected. An unchanged attitude…

I was the one whose attention was taken away. I didn’t notice until she pointed it out.
From then on, she continued to confess to me countless times.

I would spell out the same response every time, as always. Still, her response didn’t seem to change from the first time she confessed. Therefore, I came to misunderstand, that she has a strong mentality…

I found out this wasn’t true from Akutsu, another kouhai’s words.

“It seems like she cries in the restroom sometimes. Chief manager, aren’t you tormenting her a bit too much?”


“Yes. In fact, I’ve seen it before.”


Akutsu’s response and the day she confessed to me perfectly match up.

She was hurt without anyone knowing, crying too. When I found out that her regular attitude towards me is made from her effort, I began t0 pay attention to her for the first time.

Even though I knew, I acted like I didn’t.

She’s probably acting the way she is, so I wouldn’t find out…She probably thought that she wouldn’t be able to act normally if I knew.

She is an important kouhai to me. She has the enthusiasm and is outgoing, eager and bright. She’s also the department’s moodmaker. Isn’t discouraged even though she messes up, reflects on her mistakes, and tries her best not to make anymore. I found such work ethics favorable.

However, I didn’t see her as a woman. That doesn’t mean she’s unattractive.

It’s my problem.

As proof, she’s actually pretty popular amongst the guys. From her attitude that has charm, the guys from the same & different department, even our clients have some kind of positive feeling toward her, according to Akutsu.

Nevertheless, I’m busy with work. Also, due to my past failures, I just can’t bring myself to be aggressive towards romance.

I admit that I lack in expressing my feelings, tend to be inconsiderate, and unable to understand women’s feelings. I’ve put countless efforts, but still rejected by similar reasons with no improvements.

“It’s not fun being with you”

They would all say such words; it was unanimous.

Amongst those women, there was one person that I’ve actually considered having a future with, but it was when I first started to work. From the pleasure in working, I didn’t have the extra time to pay attention to her.

She never complained about being lonely, but always smiled gently when we met.

I wasn’t able to notice her patience, and continued being effortless. Therefore, an important love has ended. If I’m going to make the same mistake, I shouldn’t fall in love anymore.

That’s what I decided…

Even so, she didn’t let me escape.

She continued to confess to me countless times without giving up.

However, it seems like she also had a limit .

“I don’t know how I can express my feelings anymore. I feel like I can still do so, but also feel that I might not be able to…”

She spoke in a low voice after the same confessions we’ve been having, speaking her honest feelings best as she can.

I unconsciously embraced her.
She cried in a low voice in my arms.

From that day, She and I became a couple.

Few years after, we’re engaged now. At the same time, we started living together planning to marry in the future.

The move-in took up a whole day. Now that it’s night time, we’re relaxing.

She begins to doze off after dinner, perhaps from fatigue. I told her, “You should sleep early today.”

“If I sleep, our fortunate day is going to come to an end. That would be a waste, so I won’t sleep yet.” She wouldn’t give in.

She’s always like this. When she’s happy, she would express it in words. When she’s sad, she would express her sadness in words too. Since she always expressed her words straightforwardly, there was no need in me to sense her feelings.

Still, when I think about how she was crying alone when I rejected her confession, I feel like I should be more sensible towards her.

I want to cherish her. I want to make her happy with my hands. Since I feel that way, I feel that I should put an effort not to lose her.

If that’s going to keep her beside me, I felt like I can do just about anything.

She smiles and pushes me down as I kissed her gently on her lip from feeling endearment toward her.

I feel ashamed that she’s always the one pushing me down.

Still, there’s a part of me that is happy, so it makes me laugh as I think that I’m probably going to be henpecked in the future.

She looks at me with a wondering expression, so I reached out to her face and kissed her. Our sweet time together has begun.

Mixed with feelings of love and desire, we sought solely for each other. I felt such actions to be precious.
It makes me feel relaxed as I hear her gentle snooze beside me.

When I gently reach out to her, there’s this irreplaceable warmth.

She squeezes me as she notices the presence of my hand. It’s probably from reflex, therefore, I feel happy from feeling her love toward me.

I squeeze her back and gently pet her, watching her sleeping face.

I felt that I didn’t want to lose this cherishable existence in front of me, from the bottom of my heart.

 Finally finished this translation! YAY! ٩(๑′∀ ‵๑)۶•*¨*•.¸¸♪

I swear… I lagged this way too long orz… I was supposed to be done with this who knows when… I was starting to feel bad since I said I was going to keep the blog alive, but it was like dead for a bit more than a month. Well, I wasn’t completely effortless since I have a few drafts here and there…just not motivated enough to actually finish them… _(._._

Well, fear not! I plan to start a game review real soon~
I think……… (・ェ・)
Gosh… I hope I won’t fail in doing this. ( ; °ж°)


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Rouge – Sena Kyohei Short Story

  1. Ohhhh Sena’s like this reallly cool senpai that you wanna date but he’s bad with his words…..until he realises that he did something wrong xDDDDD That’s pretty cute in a way seriously.

    Welcome back!! Yeah I see how laziness is currently kicking in, and for me its literal studies so much that I can only touch my PSP on weekends nowadays! Just take things slow, and you don’t have to feel so guilty for not keeping the blog alive for a while. A few months isnt really any harm. Although, I was wondering….whats the next game you’re playing?? :3


    1. Hmmmmm, I really don’t know how to look at Rouge. Honestly…I’m not that interested? Well, since Lip was kinda disappointing, I don’t really have a positive feeling for the Dousei Kareshi series anymore. At this point, the only thing that is keeping my interest alive are the CVs and the character settings. That’s why I was planning to play Gloss for the CVs and the existence of a tsundere and childhood friend character. I think I tend to actually like senpai characters and all, but I’m not that into Morikawa lols He has a good voice, but it’s not enough for me to have to play the game? I actually do like Taniyama’s voice, but like always, his character is those playboy type of guys, so I don’t really find that part favorable? (I don’t even know if he ever played a serious character haha) So yeah, the only thing that haven’t made me completely lose interest in Rouge is that if I review 2 of them, might as well play the last one ahaha Therefore, I’m still debating on it. (´-ω-`)

      I’m planning to play Butterfly Gloss next. Also, planning to start soon? Hopefully anyways. I might start reviewing some other games at the same time OR maybe after? since Gloss shouldn’t take long. Nothings really official except for the next game I’m playing. (>A<)


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