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The Beginning of a New Year ♪ ~

Happy New Year!

First post of the year! ♬ ♪ ヽ( ˘ ⌔ ˘ )ノ ♪ ♬
I was planning on posting this on New Years, but I obviously didn’t make it…orz

It’s actually been 1 year+ since I started blogging on wordpress. WordPress notified me that December 1st is my blog anniversary…so I guess this can be an anniversary post too. (✿◉◡◉)…a one month late anniversary post…(✿≖︿≖)

So… I played 7 otome games in total from December 2012-December 2013.

Otome Games Reviewed 2013:

  • Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai!: I would have to say that this was my #1 favorite game of 2013. Actually, this game was a bit of a troll since the CGs were super hard to find. I definitely had to use walkthroughs, but still had fun. Normally, I would be complaining about these types of games, but not for this one. Also, Eiji senpai~ (/ω\*)
  • Wand of Fortune 2 Series: This series  probably took me the longest b/c of the whole stone collecting in WOF2. I remember lagging the game b/c that was troublesome. Eventually, I got used to it. However, I got to admit the story was a bit long for my little head. (>ω<) Still, this was a nice game. Everyone looked so handsome in the fandisk too. (*`ω´*)
  • Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~: Disappointment…I liked the prequel, so I was really looking forward to it. They totally ruined Tohno’s route and way too much NTR. (눈_눈)
  • Glass Heart Princess: Adorable! Everyone was so cute in the game, especially everyone at the Himeno household. If only Shinnosuke had some tsun in him like his shota days…(๑•́ω•̀) (since I like tsuns lols)
  • Butterfly Lip: Honestly, I was a bit disappointed b/c there was no “story” to it whatsoever. I guess it’s mainly NTR…I admit some parts are cute, but it wasn’t enough for me to be satisfied. I don’t think it would hurt not to play the game though. ┐(・へ・ )┌
  • Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope-: I was most likely sure I was never going to play a rejet game until bws. This game actually changed my thoughts about rejet; I only thought they release  troll games b/c of Gekka, Diabolik, and etc. Then again, maybe it’s b/c it’s technically otomate x rejet collab. I personally prefer Bloody Nightmare’s route structure, which only consisted of rejet. The plot and music was (゚ω゚)b

I also reviewed some Drama CDs, magazines, and etc. However, I haven’t been able to review light novels yet. I want to and plan to, but I need to finish reading them first. I wish I had the power to stop time, then I would read them as much as I want. (´ヘ`;) Since this blog is mainly an otome gaming blog, I always prioritize gaming rather than reading light novels. Also, I personally think gaming is easier to do since I can still multi-task. When I read, I can’t do anything else, but read…orz


As for now, I might take a break on reviewing for a bit? I don’t know for how long since life is full of surprises. Who knows? I might start reviewing again right after this post. ┐(・へ・ )┌ haha Well, whatever I decide to review next, I’ll let my readers know on the side bar where I usually put them~ Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just talk about otome games that I am/were planning to play:

  • Butterfly Gloss: Well, I was already planning to play this game ever since I read the short stories. Also, I like the CVs; they’re my favorite. Even though I’m taking a break on reviews, I plan to start reviewing Gloss once I get it since the game itself is pretty short.
  • Seishun Hajimemashita!: WHY IS THERE SO MANY BUGS!? Didn’t they delay it too? Aside from that, I’ve actually played one of the routes and loved it. In fact, I’m having trouble playing the other characters B/C I loved that pair so much. It surprised me that I liked his character so much since his past characters were… (⑅ -`д-´) lols Well, I haven’t encountered major bugs yet. I’m just afraid that once I officially decide to review the game and hit a bug….I will die. ヽ(。_゜)ノ You know how there’s a lot of characters, so it would be a drag. Oh yeah, actually…. I did HAVE a ROUGH TIME with the skip system and couldn’t see one of the endings for the character I completed…soooo…I don’t know, Ill think about it. ( ◔ д ◔ )
  • Glass Heart Princess Platinum: I’m looking forward to this one b/c I liked the prequel. I’m planning to play this one as well, but there seems to be a lot of story modes that I’m not ready for…at the moment. ( ˘﹃˘ )
  • Ken ga Kimi: Ever since Black Wolves Saga, I’m starting to think that Rejet’s games have good music. Is it just their PC games? I never really thought that the PSP collabs with otomate were that great. Actually, it never caught my attention? Anyways, I like the music for Ken ga Kimi. The game seems to have two types of endings (剣か君 -sword or you-), two endings in each. One of the types of ending is where the guy character ends up with the heroine, the 君 route. The other ending is where he would follow his life as a samurai, the 剣 route. I’m a bit hesitant to play the sword route b/c it’s supposed to be the sadder one… (´・д・`)
  • Koibana Days: I still really want to play this game… but the damn flower gardening. I might continue this game again during my break time to maybe try and figure out how the flower gardening works. I tried during my first play and I failed miserably… ( ; °ж°)
  • Snow Bound Land: I don’t know much about this one yet, but I guess I still want to play this since I’m looking forward to Kimura Ryouhei’s character. Also, I kinda wanna see how everyone’s curse plays out in the game. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
  • Dot Kareshi: I’m considering to review this series since it’s short and fun. I actually understand some of the points they bring up in the game b/c I’ve played RPG games too. (>ω<)ノ
  • Shinobi Koi Utsutsu: I’m still looking forward to this one here, but I was a bit disappointed in the drama CD? or maybe the characters? Well, it might have been my mood at the time, but yeah…Oh, but I think I liked Sasuke. I think it was b/c he was a tsun ahaha. I’m still planning to play the game though.
  • Houkago colorful step: After Seishun Hajimemashita’s bug problem, I don’t know if I trust this game that much…since it’s from the same company. Also, I don’t know much about the characters other than the track team since I stopped buying the magazine issues as well. I might check what other reviewers say about this one?
  • Gakuen K ~Wonderful School Days~: Unexpected? I didn’t know they do these types of things. Well, I have two absolute fave characters in this series. However, I somewhat prefer the anime art than the art for this game. (・へ・ ) As of now, there’s not much info on the site since they barely opened the site recently. I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Depending on the CGs and what-not, I might play it.
  • Brothers Conflict Series: I’m kind of sick of this one now. At first, I was excited about it. I like the CGs and have a few characters I’m interested in… However, they delayed the Passion Pink for one thing and then took them over a year to release Brilliant Blue. I started to care less and less about this one over time. Honestly, I’m a bit glad that Brocon didn’t win the polls I once had…phew ε =(・д・`*) haha. I guess it let me down even more after finding about the novel’s story? I’m completely okay with the otome game story of choosing whomever you want the heroine to end up with, that’s how all otome games are…it’s just goes to show that that’s one of the possibilities. However, I just didn’t like the idea in the novel that too many of the brothers developed romantic feelings for Ema, as the official story. I’m assuming the novel is the official plot/story of the series and it just seemed like a real mess to me. I’ve heard from somewhere that now it’s just between two guys, Natsume and Subaru. Is that volume out already? At this point, I’m just curious who she’ll end up with, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Otometeki Renai Kakumei Love Revolution: I actually play this still sometimes in between games. I completed two routes a while ago and played another after Black Wolves Saga, so I might keep doing that until one day I’m done with the game.

Top 5 Favorite Seiyuus of 2013:

  1. Kimura Ryouhei (Drama CD KareIcha)
  2. Terashima Takuma (Sakaki Eiji – Koishiba!)
  3. Shimono Hiro (Drama CD Futari de Issho)
  4. KENN (Masaki Shinnosuke – Glass Heart Princess)
  5. Suzumura Kenichi ( Alvaro – Wand of Fortune 2 Series)

Am I the only one that thinks the year passed by way too fast? I wouldn’t mind if time takes it a little bit slower, so I have more time to do many things…  (๑•́ω•̀)

Like I said earlier, I’ll be taking a little break on the otome game reviewing. I think I’ll be playing a few games during my break, but I won’t be reviewing them unless I make it official and notify my readers on the sidebar. The reason for this is b/c I highly doubt I’ll finish them at that moment anyways. I’ll definitely still be reading comments for sure. If there’s a game that you want to discuss or something, just leave a comment on the discussion page. I might not be reviewing otome games for a bit, but I’ll try to keep my blog active as much as I can with posts other than otome game reviews. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


11 thoughts on “The Beginning of a New Year ♪ ~

  1. Happy New Year~~~~~~!!! And Happy Anniversary!! ^3^ I just started recently stalking you, I hope you don’t mind~~

    I loved Glass Heart Princess. I thought it was going to be another miss of a game by otomate but it really took me by surprise and I just adored it~ As for the brocon games, I love brocon (i have a serious like bias for brocons DON’T ASK ME WHY I DON’T KNOW EITHER WWWW) but the system with the calendar in that game and the like stat raising and stuff was kind of annoying xD sometimes I just want to play a straight VN with choices and plot haha but when I’m feeling up to it i’ll go back to playing brocon~ I haven’t bothered with Brilliant Blue yet tbh xD I got pretty pissed though too when they kept delaying it. I think it was cause they wanted to time it with the anime (to make more moolah `-`) so I guess it was a smart marketing move but it was pretty annoying for the fans who had been waiting forever for the game :<

    I wanna play Seishun Hajimemashita! too but DEM BUGS DDD: has prevented me from buying it. My friend couldn't even do one guy's route because of how buggy the game was, it just wouldn't even start that route if I recall so I think I'm going to pass or just wait for a review. It's a shame cause she said the characters were fun and the story was cute but oh well qqq

    Ken ga Kimi looks so good ;_; everywhere is sold out of the game right meow so I'm waiting for it to get restocked online otherwise I'll resort to a proxy because I really really want it xD wwww I really like rejet games haha even though BWS destroyed my life and their SEVENTH HEAVEN drama CD series turned me into a crying do-m I JUST KEEP GOING BACK FOR MORE WWWWW

    Anyways sorry for the long comment 8D hope you have a good new year and a happy anniversary to your blog~ and I think it's always good to take a break from reviewing, you don't want to get burnt out~ :3


    1. Thank you! And ofc I don’t mind~ (>ω<)

      I was really into Brocon too, but I guess I lost my patience after the delays, the game system, and what-not. I probably still would have loved the game if they didn't have such issues, especially since my #1 fave was in Brilliant Blue… I don't know, I usually don't bother with the otome game animes b/c they don't really have conclusive endings.

      Yeah, Seishun Hajimemashita! has too much bugs. I actually wouldn't blame people if they asked for refunds since they're not small problems; people literally have trouble getting into the routes.

      I actually used to complain about Rejet's games, but now that I think about it they were all collabs with Otomate, so I kinda blame Otomate for making me think that Rejet were awful with their games…lol

      No worries, I enjoyed reading your opinion about the games~ I hope you have a good year too!


      1. Yeah I’m in the same boat with the otome game anime adaptations www I tend to stay away from them because they always end up somehow derping up the character designs LOL

        Yeah I’m surprised they delayed it and it still had so many bugs. They really should have tested it better, honestly pushing it back further would have been a smarter idea than just releasing it with so many bugs! I think people would have appreciated that more. >o<

        wwww maybe Otomate's "hit or miss" style bleeds into their collabs too LOL xDDDD


  2. Happy Anniversary!! I can’t believe it’s been a year for you >_< and I'm actually completely still new in terms of running your blog!! I read quite a bit of your reviews already (but minimal as possible not to spoil myself XDD) and thanks to your review I decided to try out Glass Heart Princess.

    Well I have caught on to being a Rejet fan cuz their games are reaallly nice unlike Otomate who makes doormat heroines/bad plot/plain weird/too many titles games. Yep I really like Rejet after some games compared to Otoamte totally. I'm staying clear of Honeybee since their games were so bad. When I heard about the lags and bugs from their games (I actually saw it while playing starry sky) and I decided to steer clear of them.

    Hokaugo colourful has a nice concept though, but it's still in the considering list for me.Well I just hope you get back into the otome game feel again soon. I'm pretty muh busy with school now, so I'm going to slow down as well xDDD


    1. Thank You~ I can’t believe it’s been a year for me either! ( >д<)/

      Yeahhh, I'm becoming a Rejet fan as well thanks to the other otome brands screwing up these days. I kinda liked Quinrose's heroines, but then they usually ruin the fandisk. Honeybee…I didn't really see any MAJOR bugs in starry sky, so I guess I'm fine. But then, Seishun Hajimemashita!'s bugs are too oh gosh. So I guess this pretty much means that Rejet is on the top of my fave list of otome gaming brands right now haha.


  3. Happy belated anniversary!!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

    One year just flies by like well… a mosquito. xD Well… Rejet has so far been very consistent with its stories and their background music is WONDERFUL. Otomate has very nice games too, but DEM story holes and their delays can be rather upsetting. There are actually some new game companies popping out of nowhere and Eterire totally catched my interest with their new tragic mystery game with like all my biases in that game. xDD I’m still waiting for 2 more biases though. LMAO

    Brothers Conflict actually ended and the winner is 昴. ^^ When that became official the whole fandom was throwing tables. LOL I don’t mind that, but somehow I’m a bit disappointed, because they made 棗 canon in season 1 and totally punched him in the face in the 2nd one. LOL I haven’t read the novels yet, but from browsing through the books…. There are much more scenarios with 昴.

    Ken ga Kimi is actually on my game radar, but since I have so many games… I’m postponing buying that one… I actually don’t want to trudge through another 和風game. My collection is full of them and they are kind of dragging my otoge mood, because all dem KANJI. WHY?!

    Have fun with Dot Kareshi, that game is so much fun I can’t even… Too much crack to be honest. xDD I wonder how Gakuen K will turn out though, because OTOMATE and such. ^^ But dem SEXY GUYS. YEAH! ( /)u(\ )

    Well… I’m looking forward to your Butterfly Gloss review! wwww


    1. THANK YOU~~ (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

      Are you talking about Yoiyomori no Hime? I think I saw that somewhere, but I haven’t really paid attention to it since there weren’t much info on it yet. I like some of the CVs so far though haha. (゚ω゚)

      Ohhh, so Subaru is the winner. Congrats for him~ I guess everyone was rooting for Natsume then. I was thinking that it might be Natsume, but I guess I was kinda rooting for Subaru more? I personally liked Natsume more, but felt that it would be more fitting if Subaru was the guy. I didn’t read the novel b/c there was so many brothers liking Ema that I thought it was too much of a mess. I’m like thinking she’s only going to end up with one person, so why do you need so many guys going after her. Oh, but Yusuke is an exception for me since his was love at first sight and knew her from before already. From what I’ve heard now, I’m kinda of curious about the scenarios for Subaru now. To me, the other scenarios with the other bros are irrelevant. (>ω<) Oh yah, I'm curious about this though…Is Iori yandere? I thought I saw something somewhere that made me think he was ahah.

      Ahaha I tend to avoid the 和風 games (assuming they're historical related) b/c they tend to drag with all the vocabularies. I get drowsy when I'm exposed too much history. I guess Ken ga Kimi is an exception b/c I like their music and I don't think it's too heavy on history compared to the others? I think…lol

      I'll definitely have fun with Dot Kareshi~ I hope they don't ruin Gakuen K, but then I wouldn't be surprised if they did. ┐(‘~`;)┌


      1. Yeah… I’m talking about Yoiyo Mori no Hime… DAT GAME PREMISE THOUGH… It will contain lots of political issues. I’m already crying at the characterization. orz Too many Kanji I don’t know. ;w; But the CV’s are AWESOME…. wwww

        BroCon was really a mess… It was also very hard to not get sad, because you actually come to love every brother in this household and knowing that Ema can only pick one was just. UGH. /cries into a pillow
        Well, Natsume is the most popular guy in BroCon after all, but yeah, he still got the short stick in the end. xDD But yeah, that’s how love sometimes flows… not into your hands. ^^ I think Iori is pretty much a yandere, he’s very possessive, but only because he lost his former lover (I think that was mentioned in the game, but not in the novels) and that left a scar in his heart.

        Yuusuke was a poor baby, because he was totally gotten run over by his brothers and bad LUCK. I’d be crying, if my first love would become my sister… HOW UGLY IS THAT??!!! ;w; I had been waiting for Juli to turn into a squirrel prince or something, but that (unfortunately?) didn’t happen… xDDDD

        …………Okay……. uhm… Moving on. xDDD
        Dunno? Well, if it’s only one 和風 game, then it should be okay. 😉 So just plunge into the Ken ga Kimi world! wwwww I’m going to stalk you for your reviews. wwwwwww


        1. Yoiyomori seems interesting, but I get this extra dark vibe from what I see on the website. And Maeno’s character description kinda scares me, “quietly waiting for the opportunity for revenge.” LOL

          Yeah, I like each and every brother individually too. Maybe it would have been better if I had never looked at the novel, but it’s kinda hard to miss it aha. Oh, poor Iori. I didn’t play the game b/c my excitement for it just died down after seeing how the novel was like. I feel that it would have been best if it was like maybe Subaru, Natsume, Yusuke going after her instead of all those bros. Well, honestly I wouldn’t have mind if she ended up with Masaomi. I think the Ema, Masaomi, Wataru trio is pretty cute. lols I was thinking Juli was going to do that too b/c I think he was in human form for one of the character song cover, but guess not~ haha

          I’ll see how it goes… (¦3[▓▓]


  4. Happy anniversary!

    I know it it might be weird for me to just pop up like this, but I have to say that I do enjoying stalking your reviews and translation posts very much (>///<).

    I'm currently playing Butterfly Gloss and like what you said about the Butterfly Lip, the story is kinda flat and sometimes it feels like nothing is going on = =, but I'm keeping up with it since the characters are actually kinda cute and they are way more interesting than the story itself.

    Ken ga kimi! I have heard so many good things about this game, but the fact that it's one of the more difficult games to play because of the kanji is somewhat discouraging. Let us know when you do decide to conquer ken ga kimi! I absolutely I love 和風 games (like Hanasaku manimani) since they tend to have better story plots than those set in the present time.

    I'm looking forward to the Houkago colorful step series as well. From what I read from the Japanese bloggers who have already played the first release, it was apparently very cute and easy.

    Sorry if I rambled (I think I just did) and congratulation again on your 1st anniversary!


    1. Aw thanks~ (* ´艸`)クスッ♪
      It’s not weird, comments are always welcome for everyone~ ( •ω•ฅ)

      Aw…so Gloss is like that too huh? Oh well, I saw it coming. I’ll still play the game for the CVs and just for the heck of it. ( ◔ д ◔ ) Don’t know if I will play Rouge though. There’s a part of me that’s not too excited for the characters in particular. The other part is saying that I should just do it, so I can complete the series. I’ll see how the short stories go for Rouge I guess.

      So Houkago colorful step doesn’t consist any bugs? If not, then I just might play it ahaha xD I’ll let you guys know once I decide to review a game. I’m always glad to hear other gamers’ opinions~ ٩(๑•̀ω•́๑)۶


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