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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Bad Ends/Overall Thoughts

bws_001 OK, so the fun part begins… When I first finished playing Bloody Nightmare, I didn’t really think the bad ends were fun. Now that I look back at both Bloody Nightmare and Last Hope, they were actually pretty fun. I don’t know… At first, I pitied and felt sorry for them. Now, I just think it’s kind of funny b/c I would think some of the characters are just ridiculous and I just stopped feeling sorry for them. ( `◔ω◔)

bws_bad_009Rath Vogart
Remember how Rath and Fiona stabbed Mejojo in the throat and Auger went to LALALALA land dancing like a maniac? After that, the two run away. Still, they can’t go too far since Fiona is at her limit since she’s all weak and all. Her consciousness is starting to fade, so Rath tells her to wait so that he can get her some water. Fiona tells him that she doesn’t want any, just wants him to be by her side. He tells her not to say such selfish things since he wants her to live. Fiona doesn’t want Rath to leave her alone b/c she knows that she’s dying. He claims that she won’t die, but she just knows… Suddenly, they hear crazy Auger’s voice saying, “I FOUND YOU!” Auger stabs Rath’s eyes like multiple times and kills him. Then, he kills Fiona too. Psycho…_|☉⌓☉|_

I feel that Rath’s route in Last Hope made up for the emptiness of his route in BN. In BN, his good ending ended vaguely and his bad end wasn’t so sad either. I guess it was bit boring compared to everyone’s bad ends? It’s not that I like bad ends, but might as well make it as sad as everyone’s bad ends. Well, it might have “felt” like his bad end wasn’t so bad b/c the his route itself was bland, but…whatever aha ┐(‘~`;)┌

bws_bad_008Mejojo Von Garibaldi
Mejojo survives after the last battle with the wolves. However, his power as successor eventually gets taken away because he’s like full-out crazy. Before, he used to be crazy behind everyone’s back. He’s so nutso that he calls out to Auger even though he’s already dead. Therefore, he is soon after imprisoned in the castle’s underground prison cell all alone. Fiona goes see him. He’s like an abandoned kitty now, welcoming Fiona as Elvira. He acts like he’s still the future successor of the throne, ordering people to get “Elvira” some tea and flowers. Fiona pities him so bad that she cries. He tells her not to b/c he’ll be troubled if she does. Apparently, Fiona came to kill him with the knife she hid in her hand. He cut Mejojo’s throat, thinking he would at least be relieved from all this madness. Obviously, this girl isn’t mentally sane either. (・ェ・)

You know what? I just think Mejojo is absolutely cute when he is pitiful. I don’t like the arrogant Mejojo. In BN, I thought he was cute in his bad end too. ( `◔ω◔)

bws_bad_007Auger Von Garibaldi
The final battle took away the Gallands, Elza, and Mejojo. Auger goes cray wanting to burn and kill all species except for the Cathies; he claims that they’re the chosen species by God. He laughs like a psycho kitty that he wants Mejojo to watch him change the world, since he’s “the chosen one.” He became a corrupted king, even killed the CCKs. People who feared him soon called him the Minagoroshi no Auger. Now, Fiona is about to be killed. Auger calls out to Fiona to come out or she’ll be burned alive. She regrets saving him back then, I mean who wouldn’t?  (≖︿≖) He tells Fiona to come out and jump out of her window. Fiona pictures the Weblin that was once a peaceful kingdom. She remembers how she was known as the caged bird princess and believes she can fly like a birdie. Fiona says, “Thanks everyone” and jumps. Auger sees her body that hit the ground, saying that he might just be able to love her now.

Well, this one nasty kitty has been a troll since forever. He was just being a troll マジ1000% of the time for no reason… In his bad end in BN, Mejojo died. Fiona gives birth to either Mejojo or Auger’s child. However,  Auger stabs her soon after since he no longer finds her useful after giving birth, so I guess the child is Mejojo’s replacement for Auger. ( ◉皿◉)

bws_bad_004Arles V. Felnoir
Boo Hoo Auger survived ( ◉ ‸ ◉) Auger became the king of Weblin, so he imprisoned Fiona in the tower, claiming that she’s a witch. Fiona has gone nuts just like how Mejojo was in his bad end. She talks to Nesso, Zara, Pearl/Richie, and Edgar as if they’re still alive, but no one answers b/c they’re all dead now. On the other hand, the wolves are still attacking the towns. One night, she hears glass breaking; it’s Arles who came to kill her. Fiona is happy claiming hat she has been waiting for him all along, Arles chomping on her. She tells him not to leave leftovers and eat her whole. Arles says at last, “…Fiona. We are finally one.”

bws_bad_006Nesso Galland
After the royal army charged into the hideout near Biales, Nesso & Fiona escape together. However, they’re found by Mejojo and Auger. Unlike the good end, Nesso completely gives up on himself, so he can save Fiona. Therefore, he didn’t pick up his sword to fight back and lets himself get killed instead. Mejojo pierces him countless times. It’s annoying b/c Auger would tell Mejojo in the background that he should pierce Nesso more with his swords. When they notice that Nesso is still alive, Auger suggest Mejojo to behead him too. When Nesso is beheaded, they make Fiona hold his head and leaves his body, saying that it’s trash.

I was actually surprised with his bad end. I thought he had the potential of going as nutso as the Cathies. I feel that the writers had to kill Nesso in almost every route IN ORDER TO prevent him from being a psycho maniac. I feel that there’s no way he was going to let anyone have Fiona as long as he’s alive. The only routes he was still alive was in Zara and Pearl/Richie’s route. At first, I felt bad for him, but it just got ridiculous. I didn’t really understand which part changed Fiona to start liking him as a man. She’s been seeing him as a brother for 16 years…how can she just like him that way in such a short period of time…Whatever, everyone is crazy in this game anyways.

bws_bad_005Zara Skeens
Zara didn’t make it in time to save Fiona. One year after, Zara is still at Weblin like he originally planned. However, Nesso’s yandere-ness rubbed off on him. He claims the world that took Fiona away from him should just end, so she won’t be lonely. He feels that he doesn’t need anyone else other than Fiona and that he’ll be by her side soon, that he only has her.

Basically, I think he became a yandere mad scientist type of person, spreading a different disease? I’m just kidding about how Nesso’s yandere-ness rubbed off, but it’s kinda funny b/c his bad end wasn’t like this in Bloody Nightmare. In BN, the game actually showed that Fiona & co were trying to escape from Weblin. When the royal army chased them, one of the “poisonous” arrows hit Zara and yeah…he dies. Then after, Fiona lived forever alone by herself b/c she feared that she might spread her Zodiva to the others. Yeah…that’s why I thought Nesso was going to get hit by a poisonous arrow instead of hitting his head on a rock and getting amnesia. (※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Pearl & Richie’s bad end is really similar. If you’re in Pearl’s route, Pearl will stay to fight the CCKs. One day, both Fiona and Richie felt that they heard Pearl’s voice, so they go looking for him. They find Pearl near their hideout at the forest near Biales. He was so close to returning, but not quite; he didn’t make it…  ( U・A・) Same goes for Richie’s bad end.

Elza Clifford
Fiona lies to Nesso that she doesn’t like Elza, so he yells and tells her not to lie. He tries to take her away by force and she accepts him. They both left the hideout and live together. Well, at least he didn’t kill anyone, but… He would always locks the door when he is out, so Fiona can’t escape while he’s gone. Nesso comes running in one day asking if someone came. The door seemed to be crooked or something, so he freaks out asking if she was trying to escape. He claims that he won’t let her. This dude… (⑅ -`д-´)

Guillan Guinor/Julian
Well, I just decided to add these two because I played Bloody Nightmare when I was still blogging on tumblr; I think the post is on my tumblr archive somewhere haha. I won’t be reviewing Bloody Nightmare, I just thought I would add them at least in the bad end section b/c those two are lovable characters as well.

I have to say Guillan was probably the cutest one out of all of them. He was indeed violent, but I just couldn’t hate him after his route. He was like an adorable puppy in front of Arles and Fiona, telling them to pet him. However, I don’t know…I have mixed feelings for his bad end. He’s in bad shape and is dying b/c of the battle with the Cathies. When Fiona finds him, he takes a chomp of her neck and kills her. He says that it’s so that Fiona won’t be forever alone without him, so he’s taking her with him. He asks her if she’s mad and she’s like no and they say good night to each other. I remember asking if this was supposed to be romantic. I didn’t think so back then and don’t think that now either. Well, I admit it’s very likely of Guillan to do that though. Well, at least they’re both happy? ┐(‘~`;)┌ ahah

I probably felt bad for Julian the most b/c he got killed a few times in Bloody Nightmare too. I liked his good end b/c it was real cute, but then his true end… It was sad that the twins mentally broke him. He might have seen like a really nice sweet normal Cathie, but nope. In his route, the Gallands take Julian with them to escape out of Weblin. However, Auger comes and puts him in the broken state again. Julian is unable to disobey, trying to take Fiona to Auger as they are on a bridge. In his good end, he was able to overcome his weakness against Auger. However, in his bad end, as Julian tried to take her to Auger, Fiona goes NO and she pushed him off ACCIDENTALLY… It wasn’t on purpose, ACCIDENTALLY! I said it twice bc it’s important. ( >д<)

I finally finished this bad end post for Black Wolves Saga. Honestly, it didn’t take as long as my regular reviews or the translations, but I just couldn’t. It was fun writing, but it took me a lot to actually continue writing. I have this problem where I sometimes just stop writing until I feel like doing so again. Especially since I finished the game, it’s like somewhat out of my head too. ( ˘﹃˘ ) I wanted to get rid of this before the end of the year, but oh gosh that didn’t happen. orz

Anyways…I would rank them in the order of Rath > Elza > (Guillan) > Arles > (Julian) > Zara >> Pearl/Richie >>> Nesso >> Mejojo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Auger. Btw, this is how I would rank them after playing both versions. I put the characters that aren’t playable in Last Hope in parentheses; they are playable in Bloody Nightmare.

Well, I think everyone can expect me to put Auger at the end right? ( ◔㉦◔ ) I would have put Mejojo in front of Nesso IF I was convinced that Mejojo actually loved Fiona at the end. After listening to their extra voices that you unlock after playing the endings, I’m still not convinced. I just felt like he was attached to obtain Fiona b/c of Elvira. He might change later on after that good ending since he even told her about his past and all; I thought there was potential that he will change. However, the way the good end ended, I wasn’t convinced b/c he still kinda had this lifeless expression on his face. In the extra voice, he just said that he was finally able to obtain…is it okay if I interpret that way? for his good end voice. If you complete both good & bad end for his route, you unlock another voice. He says what should I have done to obtain your whole. Well, he did claim that all he did was to love her. In my opinion, I feel that his words are more toward Elvira. Besides, he sounds too cold for a person who was loving someone. See, this is why the guy characters should say the heroine’s name or it’ll be too ambiguous. (⑅ -`д-´)

I put Pearl & Richie near the end b/c I couldn’t see them more than little kiddies, like a nephew rather than a love interest for Fiona. I liked Rath’s Last Hope route b/c I felt sorry for the poor boy; it was nice to see him happy and with a family in his ending. Honestly, I think he had the best good ending out of everyone even though it was sad that he completely lost his eyesight. ( U・A・) I liked Elza b/c he was the most normal out of everyone. All the characters were so depressing that I missed seeing normal lols.

I recommend people to play both Last Hope and Bloody Nightmare if you only played one or the other. Once you play either one, you’ll know the story to the majority of the characters, but still enjoyable. (•̀ᴗ•́)و


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