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Butterfly Gloss – Iseya Arata Short Story


I just noticed…did they release the heroine’s name? Oh well, I guess I’ll find out later? I’ll just call her “the heroine” for now.  ┐(‘~`;)┌ I went to their website and found out that there’s an extra female character in Gloss too. I’m not sure what her role is for this game, but I hope she actually has a meaningful role, unlike Michiru from Lip.

Arata and the heroine are childhood friends. He’s like a big brother to her. They’re so close that they even know each other’s first love and the number of people they dated.

gloss3Iseya Arata Short Story Translation:

The architect design office that I’ve been working at since college has decided to transfer it’s location elsewhere.

The place is at a neighboring town, Agehachou.

The town consists a lot of green and is near the heart of the capital. Therefore, every year the town is always in top ranking for most popular city to live in because of its comfortability. Coming from a person from the countryside, Agehachou is definitely a desirable town to live in. My feelings rose from the thought of being transferred there.

It’s not that I had any dissatisfaction towards the town I’ve been living in before. Actually, I consider myself as one of the blessed ones compared to the norm.

….Excluding one regret.

―In high school, there was a person I liked.

I’ve been attending the same school as her since elementary school, a 腐れ縁 (kusare-en – someone who has an inseparable relationship with another-). She was quite childish amongst the girls her age, but the brightest of them all. It was a given for me to be by her side at the time.

Family issues, friendships, first love, the number of people we were confessed from…we knew everything about each other. I was the first to listen to her worries.

Because she was the most congenial friend (that’s a girl), joking around at times, I decided to maintain a stable friendship with her.

However…I was in 3rd year of high school when I first realized that such feelings turned into “love.”

“You know, I…have a person I like!”

Like always, I listened to what she has to say. I felt an inexpressible perplexity and unexpected frustration that was rising inside. I had such feelings since before and now it has finally gushed out. Therefore, deep inside I was happy when that love didn’t go well for her. I’m sorry, but…I didn’t want anyone to take you away from me.

“It can’t be helped, I’ll treat you an ice cream today.”

From then on, I acted like everything was the same as usual and shortened the distance between us. Being able to be by her side, her voice, her smiles made me happier more than anything.

The voice that calls my name,
The smile that is faced toward me,
The gestures she makes when I touch her, everything.
My everyday was filled with happiness from her everything.

Still, I was unable to break the relationship of being a kusare-en. I was scared of breaking the trust I’ve built up all these years. Besides, I was already happy enough for being able to stay by her side……I made myself think that this was enough.

However, when I found out she was going to move out of town to attend a faraway college, my feelings changed.

Am I just going to let her go without telling my true feelings to her? I can’t do that.

“Hey…Can we go home together after school today? I have something I want to talk to you about.”

When I finally decided on my feelings, I gained the courage to step forward. To my reply, she responded with a “sorry,” with somewhat of a lonely expression on her face.

At first, I thought she refused because she had some errands to take care of or perhaps she wasn’t feeling well. However…it wasn’t.

On that day forwards, she began to avoid me.
She would put a fearful expression on her face when I talked to her.
When I tried to touch her, she would brush my hand aside.
Even when I smiled at her…she didn’t smile back.

I was troubled by her reactions, but I knew the reason. It’s me. Because she realized about my feelings toward her, she’s scared.

What was I misunderstanding.

Being light-hearted about love, trying to confess from feeling happiness all on my own…even though I knew that she might be hurting because of my feelings toward her.


Unable to say such words, just like that, graduation came. I thought, at least on the day of graduation I should tell her…but lost her from my sight while I was being confessed by another girl.

With the regret, not knowing the reason to why she started to avoid me, I entered college with such doubts and found my current job with that burden still in my heart.

It was fun learning at my new job. As a newbie, I was also able to take charge of important jobs since the company isn’t big. That was what supported my rotten heart. I still can’t forget my regret. Nevertheless, I feel that such feelings has come to contribute to my growth.

That day when our transfer was decided. I felt that this new departure just might be able to wash out such regrets.

On the day of the transfer, us employees started moving into the new building. When I realized, the sun was beginning to go down. The sky dyed in an orange color, a beautiful sunset spread across the sky.

I decided to explore the building since the majority of the move-in was completed. I opened the door that lead to the outside staircase. A gentle breeze of wind passed my forehead. Probably because it was the 5th floor, the wind had a nice breeze to it.

“I wonder what company is on the 4th floor?”

I took a peek out of curiosity, seeing a female employee at the staircase…She made a big stretch, feeling the wind with her whole body as she looked down on the sunset that filled the town. I swallow my breath as I look at her side view.

That’s not possible, but there’s no way I will mistaken that face. That side view…

She looked back, realizing my presence. Her face gradually changed to a surprised expression. She called out with her small lips, “Arata…..?”

That voice, that expression, there’s no way I would get it wrong. The girl I liked.

But, why is she here? Is it even her? Many feelings arose inside me, but what filled my heart most was….

I’m happy that I was able to see her again.

That was all. We were able to meet again, I was happy to hear her call my name again. Such feelings filled my heart. My lifestyle that was going smoothly, the emotion that was somewhat missing, it feels as if a piece of the puzzle made a fit. That kind of feeling.

It was already a finished past. I don’t have such corny thoughts of confessing to her or anything. Still….if she is to call my name once again, if I’m allowed to touch her once again, then I want to be her “friend” once again.

I step forward one by one to the troubled  her. I hid my unstable heart with a smile…and called her name.

Just like that time, when I was happy with the feelings that filled my heart.

First of all… Merry Late Christmas! ♬ ♪ ヽ( ˘ ⌒ ˘ )ノ ♪ ♬

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything lately. Laziness gave me an awful slap on the face. ( ´བ` )

I think it’s been like 9 days since the Butterfly Gloss release? I’m a bit surprised that they released Butterfly Gloss so close to the Butterfly Lip release. Well, maybe because it’s a short game? I think I would have been able to finish Lip in one day if I wanted to aha. I’m just hoping that Gloss will be worth it… Depending on Gloss, I’ll probably decide whether I play Rouge. There’s a part of me that wishes Arata happiness, but ofc I don’t want the heroine to cheat on Chisa either. I have a feeling that I’ll be a bit more forgiving with Arata mainly because he is being voiced by Shimonnu ( `◔ω◔). Also, I tend to like the childhood friend guy characters. I’m thinking that both Arata and the heroine are misunderstanding something. (⑅ -`д-´) Nevertheless, I’m hoping that I’ll have more fun with Gloss than Lip or I’ll just (¦3[▓▓] <- super lazy me


6 thoughts on “Butterfly Gloss – Iseya Arata Short Story

  1. UH NO…… THIS SHORT STORY IS HEARTBREAKING… ;w; My poor Arata… /cries a river

    It seems like the heroine had feelings for him too, but also tried to not let them get the better of her? I guess she feared a change in their relationship or something… Just guessing how this story could turn out after Butterfly Lip. LOLOLOL But actually there would be no other GOOD reason for her to cheat on her boyfriend with her osanajimi… orz orz But then… OTP would be Arataxheroine, which would be uhm… weird. LOLOLOL

    I don’t know about this game anymore. It’s so messed up in various ways…


    1. Ahaha yeah, I can’t think of good reason for her to cheat on Chisa other than that either. After reading this short story, I came to like Arata more even though he’s going to be the “other guy.” So I think it’s going to be twice the heartbreak feeling I had for Butterfly Lip since I wasn’t really for Hime during Lip. Well, I guess I found both of them annoying at times, so maybe I didn’t really like the characters from Lip…but I actually really like the Gloss characters, unless they turn out to be annoying as well… (._.)

      Yeah, I guess the OTP would kinda be Arata and the heroine if you think about their past, but there’s those patterns when the osananajimi is just friend-zoned at the end. Like you know how they go I liked you that time, but it’s too late type of thing ahaha xD I don’t know… Well, for now, I just hope this game will be more worth it than Lip. If not, I don’t think I’ll be playing Rouge. ><


  2. After reading both short stories I was pretty much “You cant NTR Chisa!!” and “You should NTR Chisa and go with Arata!!” Looking at both I was pretty much like this cuz both of them are so adorable that cant T^T Butterfly Gloss looks like it’s going to be seriously heartbreaking.

    Also, I was wondering what you’re going to do after the short story translation. Are you to going to review butterfly gloss? Or something else?


    1. Sorry for the late reply >< I've been really slow with games and blogging recently. Well, I'm not really sure what I'm going to review yet. I mean I have been playing a few games behind this blog's back…ahaha Well, they're more like test plays, but I haven't chosen a game to review in particular yet. I do plan to review butterfly gloss for sure. I'm just scared bc once I choose a game, I kinda have to commit to it. However, I've been feeling a bit sluggish these days, hence, the black wolves saga bad end post that was originally supposed to be up before new years and the translations before the release date. Heck, I was planning to post something on new years, but I guess that's late now too. I haven't added a game under the Now playing for that reason. Butterfly Gloss isn't too long, so I feel that I can complete the game. I'm hoping I can recover enough soon so that I can play other games as well. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


      1. I do agree about the fact that sometime you can feel very lay to do things, and really, commitment is a bit tough thanks to real life. Do take your time though, I hope you feel much better to continue blogging. I really do understand you since sometimes I stare at wordpress, and wishing that I could stop blogging for a month.

        Anyways, hope you get back into the mood soon!!


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