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Butterfly Gloss – Kohsaki Chisa Short Story


I’m sorry if any of you guys were looking forward to updates on the B’s LOG magazines, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to have a review post for December and January’s issue. I’ll discuss this in more detail at the end of the post. Nevertheless, I was able to find the Dousei Kareshi series Butterfly Gloss Kohsaki Chisa’s short story, so yayyyy~ ٩(๑′∀ ‵๑)۶•*¨*•.¸¸♪ Before I go on further details about it, the Butterfly Rouge character voices are released. The boyfriend will be Sena Kyouhei (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) and the other guy will be Akutsu Subaru (CV: Taniyama Kishou).

Moving on… Kohsaki Chisa is the tsundere younger boyfriend that always speaks his mind toward the heroine. He may talk in a cold manner, but really cares for the heroine. 

※The scans were a bit hard to read, so I’ll try to translate the best I can ><

ButterflyGloss2Kohsaki Chisa Short Story Translation:

“Why don’t you live with me?”

The moment I suggested that, her eyes widened. It was the day she was accepted by a company to which she applied for…also, the day that marked our one year anniversary, on Christmas Eve.

“If you live with me, I’ll be able to take care of you even when you’re busy.”

It’s the truth. If I don’t watch out for her, she might get into trouble. Therefore, I better be by her side when that happens, such feelings arise inside me.

She says, “That’s not something you say to someone older than you” to my words with discontent, but instantly showed a smile on her face.

She didn’t refuse. I let out a sigh of relief. To be honest, I was scared. What if she rejects me, at times, thinking such thoughts at my part-time job. However… I’m glad that such thoughts ended as one of my unnecessary worries.

As I draw a long breath of relief, she faces me with a smile and say, “I’ll be in your care from now on.” I see, I guess everything is apparent to her, feeling a bit vexed. But still, I’m happy that she understands me more than anyone.

Even though I can’t be honest with my feelings, she’ll follow-up with me. Instead of expressing my feelings with words, I kissed her.

―Few  months later…

My girlfriend that graduated from the university have officially moved in with me today. From today onward, our cohabitation together has started, feeling a bit of nervousness in me. Still…

“Why didn’t you organize as you packed everything in the boxes. It’s all packed in scrambles that there’s no way to tell what is in which box.”

As I get scold her, she makes some excuses in an incoherent manner as she organizes her things. It’s our first day living together and we’re already in a stormy situation. I walk toward her as I sigh.

“Do you need help?”

She shakes her head side to side saying, “it’s fine” toward my offer, with a smile. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be good to spoil her so much on the first day. I decided to believe her words and just watch over her productivity. But…Her method of tidying up still continued even after the room was tinged with orange. She probably has her own method, but to me, it just seemed like she was all over the place. If I continue to leave her like this, who knows when she’ll finish.

“Hey, I’ll help.”

I call out to her again, but still shakes her head side to side. She’s probably being stubborn now. It made me worry, but she says with a smile, “I’ll try a little more on my own.” I guess it would be rude of me to intrude when she is determined to do it on her own…

I nod and go to the kitchen, hearing her making a ruckus in the background. I take out some ingredients from the fridge as I smile wryly.

As I chop the onions, I think to myself. I’ll probably hear her as I cook, making a ruckus in the background from now on. Surprisingly, I feel somewhat of a ticklish and comforting feeling.

I pour the beaten egg in the frying pan, and her face appears beside me. Being lured by the smell, she’s sniffing the food with a cheerful expression on her face. Rather than a girlfriend, it appeared more as if she’s a pet.

“Food is ready.”

As I present the food on the plate, she’s like, “It’s Omelette Rice!” rushing to him with joy. She likes to eat, so the reason she part-timed at a cafe when she was still a university student was so that she’ll be able to eat some tasty food there.

Amongst her favorites, she speaks highly of my cooking. She likes whatever I cook, but loves my omelette rice the most. So…I was planning on making an omelette rice as our first dinner living together.

…For my reputation, I’m not one of those romanticists that cherishes anniversaries and what-not. It’s just that I wanted to make her happy.

“Here, this one is mine. Top the egg with ketchup.”

As I give her the omelette rice and the ketchup, I notice that she’s writing something. I take a peek at her as I make her plate and see her drawing a big heart.

“You…Don’t do such バカップル-like things,” mumbling followed by a sigh. However, she smiles saying with triumph that it’s cute. A kid. So childish, and she’s two years older than me, which is really dumbfounding. Still…

“I see.”

I act like it’s nothing and look the other way, dumbfounded at myself as well. Just seeing her smile makes me forgive her indulgently.

“Here, let’s eat already.”

She draws another heart for her omelette rice. I leave her be, not even trying to stop her anymore. She takes a bite without messing up the heart she drew. Immediately, her expression changes into an expression full of happiness with a “So good!” filled with satisfaction.

“…Well, that’s good.”

Seeing her happy with that smile disables me from saying any complaints toward her. Feeling a strange sense of defeat, I fan out my heated face with my hand.

After dinner, I check to see her progress to see that she hasn’t even finished tidying  1/3 of her mess. “As expected, you’re slow as always. First of all, you’re too tactless.”

She lets out a groan and recoil herself in response to my indication. I guess she acknowledges it. I wonder why she doesn’t depend on me more knowing that this was bound to happen. She apologizes as I look at her, “Sorry for troubling you.” Oh, I get it now.

“Hey, I understand that you don’t want to cause trouble for me, but the whole reason why I suggested that we live together is so that I can support you. So…from now on, depend on me if something is troubling you.”

She seemed surprised for a moment, but soon put a big smile on her face with a nod. She has the tendency to be stubborn at the weirdest times. So, I have to watch over her by her side.

Finally, I was thinking that we’ll finally be able to settle down. Then, she says proudly, “If you have something that’s troubling you, depend on me too.” Where does she get such confidence? As I’m taken by amusement, she’s smiling. I’ve lost. She completely spoiled my start.

Even though she’s older than me, her childishness, her smile always so bright, never discouraged by anything. To obtain her dreams, she continues to positively move forward to grant it. She can be bit of an airhead also, but I’m proud that she’s my girlfriend.

Of course, I won’t tell her in person.

“Here, you can start by depending on me right now.”

I push her on the bed as I tell her. Her hair spreads on the bed, the scent of her shampoo tickling my nose. The smell I like, her scent.

She’s surprised with her eyes opened wide from my sudden action. Even my feeling would naturally go up with her looking at me like that. I move my face closer to hers and overlaps.

“Let’s take of each other for yet to come.”

I said to her as I kiss her. She seems to be happy followed by a nod. Then, this time she kisses me. We continue to kiss. Sweetness spread to our lips, our minds melting from the heat. Hearing her sweet voice from time to time, making my whole body tingle.

Living together will probably be difficult. However, with her, I believe that we can do well. With such feelings, our first day living together come closer to the end as our heat dissipates into the night.

I was actually planning to post this short story earlier, but I kept lagging it >< At least I posted it before the release date of Butterfly Gloss, which is in 2 days? I actually didn’t except Chisa to be so dere behind the heroine’s back, which is cute. It’ll probably be even harder for me to make the heroine cheat on him. I read Arata’s short story, so I feel for him too. I will be posting his soon? I hope…(-へ-)

Anyways, like I said, I won’t be writing reviews for B’s LOG anymore unless I really want the goodies or if I find something that grasps my interest? I usually read the previews on their site, so I’ll decide depending on what I see there. Therefore, I won’t be reviewing/translating the B’s LOG scans unless I find them somehow. Like the ones I’m using for this post, I did get permission from the owner of the scans; I will be doing so in the future if I am to use them on my posts. Just letting you guys know that I’m not stealing this from a random source. Also, I won’t be reviewing Houkago colorful step and Shinobi Koi Utsutsu anymore unless I so happen to find them. It’s just that when I look back to my last review, I was starting to find most of the things uninteresting b/c they seemed really repetitive in terms of articles, especially b/c most seemed like they were sample scenarios. I know it’s been like a monthly thing for a while now. However, I don’t want to buy the issues just b/c of a couple of the articles. Again, I’m sorry if I disappointed some of you guys. ( U・A・)


4 thoughts on “Butterfly Gloss – Kohsaki Chisa Short Story

  1. Awwww! Thank you for translating the short story! wwww It sounds so cute! Well, I’m pretty sad for Arata because he’s either Mr. friend-zoned or well… Osananajimi-jerk. orz I actually don’t like this cheating theme, but I’m do-M, so I want to get frustrated by playing this kind of NTR games. LOLOLOLOL

    I don’t like Arata’s design that much, but Hinocchi as Chisa is so tempting. LOL I started playing Butterfly Lip, but even though I love megane boys, the megane option actually kind of disappointed me. Hahahaha. xD Kei doesn’t look that good with his glasses… Buhu… Or maybe it’s just Kei’s creepy eyes? Dunno, it’s giving me creeepy feels sometimes.. ;w;


    1. It does sound cute! That’s why it’s going to be so painful when we have to make the heroine cheat on him. (๑•́ω•̀) I think it’s actually pretty sad for Arata from what I’ve read from his short story. I don’t like the cheating theme in this series either, but I actually think it’s more forgivable that Arata goes for the heroine in Gloss than Himeno from Lip. I’m not a do-M, so I was kinda complaining as I play Lip. ahaha

      I didn’t like Arata’s design either, but as soon as I found out Shimonnu is playing his role, I got excited. And yeah, I got excited that Hinocchi is playing as Chisa too. Ah, the megane option. I decided not to use that b/c I couldn’t turn it on and off in the configs, I don’t think. Well, I couldn’t…( ◔ д ◔ )


      1. Yeah… Arata going after the heroine is kind of more legit, because of harbouring feelings. Though… Actually it’s legit for everyone to intrude a relationship, because in fact love is war! ^^ It’s just a matter of moral if you do or not… And probably karma. I heard so many stories about a guy snatching away a girl and then the girl betrayed him with another guy. orz orz

        Oh… I think you really CAN’T switch the Megane function on or off as you like… Either your guys ARE Megane or not… ^^ Though I would have preferred a choice like WHO will wear megane… I’d like Kei without and Himeno with… xDD

        Ah, let’s see, what going to happen. I guess I’ll throw tables, when Hina cheats on Kei. (°w°) I’m totally against cheating… One should ALWAYS treasure his/her partner and BREAK UP or SAY SOMETHING before things go out of control… It’s difficult, but not impossible. ^^


        1. Love is war! Ahaha, I like that comment. I would prefer it to be a little more peaceful war though xD

          So I was right, the glasses thing can’t be changed. Idk, I didn’t really care about the mode too much. I do like guys with megane. Then again, I’m more of the type that likes people who usually don’t wear megane, but wear them when they read or something. So…I probably would have liked it if Hime did that since he looked good in them. And yah Kei…he didn’t look so good in them, doesn’t look like the type that will anyways lols.

          Hope you don’t throw too much tables. I think I was more depressed than throwing tables though. ε=(・д・`*)ハァ…


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