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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Elza Clifford


Elza is Nesso’s subordinate, a  fellow knight. I played his route last since I was looking forward to his route the most; I was itching to play his route since Bloody Nightmare (◔౪◔ ) aha To be honest though… I thought it was pretty awkward playing his route. Even though it was his route, I thought he barely had any role in the game. I think the most important role he had was to save Fiona & co at Biales, but other than that…( ◉ ェ◉)

Elza basically supports the Gallands all the way, especially b/c his loyalty lies within Nesso. He claims that he has a favor to return teasingly, but admire as him as well. Still, Nesso feels bad for involving him. Elza teases him that who would suspect that the main reason they’re causing a riot is to save his little sister; the riot is to distract the Garibaldi twins, so Pearl & Richie can steal the research documents for the cure of Zodiva. He’s actually a bit envious toward his passion, whether it’s for a woman or family. Nesso suspects if Elza is being sarcastic, so Elza continues teasing him that Nesso is just being paranoid; he actually meant what he said though. Nevertheless, Elza tells Nesso not to worry about being guilty for involving him or the other guys that are assisting in his rebellion. Even though their true motives are different, their feelings against the Garibaldi twins are the same. Elza adds that Nesso’s division has their loyalty 100% with Nesso, no matter what the reason is anyways; Elza includes himself as well. Therefore, Nesso claims that he is blessed with trustworthy subordinates.

elza_002Basically, Elza’s route starts after Fiona gets better since she’s mostly sick in bed. When Fiona wakes up, Nesso is there and tells her that she has been cured. Elza knocks on her door to tell Nesso that they need to discuss about future positions to keep watch on the movements of the royal army. Fiona allows Elza to come in. When he sees Fiona awake, he’s like, “Oh, so you’re awake.” Nesso claims that Elza’s reaction is rather weak, expecting him to be more emotional. Nesso mentions to Fiona that they might have to leave the country after she recovers. Just then, Fiona’s stomach growls, so Elza teases her. Nesso tells Elza not to tease Fiona too much b/c he’s the only one that can tease her like that. Still, Fiona claims that she doesn’t want to be teased even though it’s Nesso. Then, Elza teases Nesso about Fiona’s comment (◔౪◔ ) aha. After Elza leaves, Fiona asks Nesso about Elza, which makes Nesso a bit suspicious. DUN DUN DUN ( ◔ д ◔ )

Fiona has gotten better after some days. She wants to get out of bed, but Zara claims that she should still stay in after a bit more. Even though she’s not allowed to go out, she does anyways. She goes on a little walk, but soon feel a bit dizzy. She tries to grab on a nearby tree, but turns out she grabbed on Elza instead. She tells him honestly that she snuck out, so tells him to keep it a secret. He claims that he can’t do that b/c he’s Nesso’s subordinate, but also says that he’s not Zara’s subordinate. If he’s asked by Nesso, he’ll have to tell him. Other than Nesso, he claims that he actually doesn’t have to say. (✿◉◡◉)b

elza_003Ever since then, Fiona sneaks out to see Elza. This one time, she sees Elza training. She talks about how she has never held a sword b/c Nesso have always told her that it’s too dangerous for her. Therefore, Elza gives her a wooden sword that she can try out. When she swings it, she loses balance by being swung with the sword and is catched by Elza. He teases her that she’s suppose to swing the sword, not be swung by the sword. She suspects that he did it on purpose to tease her again and he did.

She feels nostalgia seeing him train. She remembers the time when she asked Zara who he is b/c she has seen him a few times from her window when Nesso comes back home. He usually trains while he waits for Nesso to finish reporting on his status to Edgar. Fiona asks if he has any familiarity to what she was saying; Elza remembers too. He claims that they had eye contact and that she hid when they did, so she says it’s b/c she was embarrassed. He claims that he was a bit nervous too since he was like, “Ah, I’ve been seen!” (>ω<) ahaha. Elza tells Fiona that he’ll grant her one wish for teasing her since he might be snitched on and Nesso won’t leave him be, teasing her again. She claims that he won’t, but has one wish though. He says that as long as she’s holding his weakness, he’s her servant. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Fiona asks him to teach her to do some training with a lighter sword; they make a promise.

The next day, the day of their training, Elza mentions how he visualized a “caged princess;” that’s what Fiona was called by the people since she’s been living in the tower her whole life before Rath kidnapped her. He thought Fiona would be more fragile; he didn’t think she is someone who would do sword training. He claims that he likes the Fiona he sees better than the person he expected her to be, says she’s more interesting this way. However, Fiona sulks b/c she’s treated more like a sister than a woman, so Elza claims that he’ll be killed by Nesso if he did.

The following day, Fiona’s wish to take walks are granted, but sulks that she wasn’t able to talk to Elza b/c Zara is with her this time. Cockblocked ( `◔ω◔). When Nesso visits her room, she asks where Elza is. Still, Fiona doesn’t have the permission to walk around freely, so he tells her that he’ll tell Elza to visit her some time. Therefore, Nesso sulks that they’re getting way too friendly with each other these days. When Nesso tells Elza about how Fiona wants to see him, he kinda asks him some questions, as if he’s interrogating him. Nesso asks Elza if he doesn’t have to worry, so he says not for now. When Elza visits Fiona, she honestly says that she wants some alone time him with him b/c usually Zara is with her on walks. Elza let’s out a big sigh, so she asks if he’s mad. He tells her that he isn’t b/c she’s being cute by saying such things (◔౪◔ )エヘヘ. He tells her that he’ll let her follow him during one of his patrols.

The day of their rendezvous together, Fiona is so excited when that she is kind of disappointed that when Nesso visited her since she was thinking it was Elza. When Elza finally comes, he claims that he felt like going back when he saw Nesso coming back from her room. He claims that it’s as if he’s a 間男(maotoko); the term signifies a man that is having an affair with a woman who has a  husband, behind his back. Since Fiona doesn’t know what the term is, she keeps bugging him about the meaning (※థэథ)∵.*. bwahaha. Fiona is rather serious about how she wants to be with Elza, but he just tells her that he might have proposed to her if she wasn’t from the Gallands, but…obviously he is hung up on the fact that Nesso adores her way too much. He knows that they’re relationship wouldn’t be accepted by him.

elza_006At night, Fiona wakes up from feeling a presence in her room, which turned out to be Nesso. Such a creeper… (「・ω・)「  He asks her if she likes Elza suddenly and tells her to be honest. When she tells Nesso that she does like Elza, he kinda loses it a little. He’s kinda angry, asking why it has to be Elza and not him. He claims that he’s been watching her way longer than Elza. He adds that Fiona said she was going to be his bride (assuming when they were kids), so why did she choose another man. He grabs her wrist so hard that she couldn’t even shove his hand away. Then, he kinda forces her on the bed…saying that he likes her. He wants to take her away, so that they can live together outside Weblin. When Fiona tries to tell him that she wants to be with Elza, Nesso tells her not to speak of his name. He tell her not reject him b/c he doesn’t want to use force. 0_0 Just when Nesso tries to take her away, Elza comes to the rescue. Elza asks Nesso if he chose today, knowing that it’s his day to go on patrol. Elza gets angry that Nesso shouldn’t be making Fiona cry if he likes her, if she’s important to him. He tells Nesso to get out of the room for now. Nesso apologizes to Fiona for scaring her and leaves. She tries to stop him, so Elza tells her not to go if she can’t return Nesso’s feelings. Elza asks Fiona if she likes him since she did call his name, which makes her blush. He claims that he’ll have to work harder until Nesso acknowledges their relationship.

Few days later, the hide-out is surrounded by the royal army. Elza tries to take the role to stall the army while Fiona escapes, but Nesso takes the role instead. Nesso claims that the one Fiona needs from now on is Elza, but not him. He tells Fiona that he can’t wish her happiness as a man, but will as a brother.

elza_007Elza and Fiona were able to escape and are suppose to meet Zara and the others at a town; also, they find out both Mejojo and Auger are dead. The misunderstandings against the Gallands were relieved; Zara’s Zodiva cure helped the situation. Fiona lives in the tower like before, but is allowed to go out more freely. Therefore, Elza picks her b/c there’s this place he wants to take her; it’s Nesso’s grave. Apparently, Nesso died when he was stalling the army at the hide-out, prepared to die. Elza claims that he will protect Fiona with his own will now, not b/c she’s Nesso’s sister and that he’ll take well care of Fiona, so tell Nesso to forgive him. Elza proposes to Fiona, telling her that he’ll protect her for Nesso as well.


Elza is my favorite character in the whole Black Wolves Saga Series, personality-wise. To me, it felt like everyone was either emo or mad. I thought it’s cute how Elza would tease Fiona. He seemed like the most normal in the whole series…ahaha I was actually expecting something more for his character and thought they would go in detail on why he feels that he owes Nesso. I know that Nesso took the fall for Elza’s mistake. Thus, Elza was the reason for Nesso’s transfer to Biales, but I don’t know what exactly happened. I expected a scenario of when that happened, but I guess not…unless I missed it ( `◔ω◔) derp.

Also, I  thought it was a bit awkward for Fiona to fall in love with Elza. I didn’t understand when she actually started liking him. While she’s in bed from the contraction of Zodiva, she would have these dreams and since I was in Elza’s route I would have to choose him…BUT I was like, “Why would she dream about him though? They barely knew each other… I guess they talked more than any other route, but I didn’t see any bond between until AFTER she was better and started to have some ACTUAL bonding time with him. Does that mean she started liking him later on, but I thought she was already starting to before she got better? I don’t know, so confusing aha.


2 thoughts on “Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Elza Clifford

  1. You know after reading all your human route posts I was pretty convinced that Nesso is yandere towards Fiona, really. Either way Elza seems pretty nice!! I’m actually looking forward to playing this game soon thanks your reviews!!

    And also, good job on finishing the game!!


    1. Yes, Nesso has some issues… I’ve been done with this game for some time now, but I was kinda lagging the reviews b/c laziness hit me real hard…( ◔㉦◔ ) I’m also planning to do an extra post on the bad ends, which I haven’t started since I just barely finished typing up Elza’s review not too long ago. The bad ends should be a fun one. (◉౪◉ ) I don’t know, after seeing so much madness in the game, you start to think the bad ends are pretty funny. Well, I thought it was…haha


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